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Revision 1.5 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed May 18 08:07:32 2022 UTC (10 months, 1 week ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2022Q4-base, pkgsrc-2022Q4, pkgsrc-2022Q3-base, pkgsrc-2022Q3, pkgsrc-2022Q2-base, pkgsrc-2022Q2, HEAD
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python39 py39-html-docs: updated to 3.9.13

Python 3.9.13

Core and Builtins

gh-92311: Fixed a bug where setting frame.f_lineno to jump over a list comprehension could misbehave or crash.
gh-92112: Fix crash triggered by an evil custom mro() on a metaclass.
gh-92036: Fix a crash in subinterpreters related to the garbage collector. When a subinterpreter is deleted, untrack all objects tracked by its GC. To prevent a crash in deallocator functions expecting objects to be tracked by the GC, leak a strong reference to these objects on purpose, so they are never deleted and their deallocator functions are not called. Patch by Victor Stinner.
gh-91421: Fix a potential integer overflow in _Py_DecodeUTF8Ex.
bpo-46775: Some Windows system error codes(>= 10000) are now mapped into the correct errno and may now raise a subclass of OSError. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
bpo-46962: Classes and functions that unconditionally declared their docstrings ignoring the --without-doc-strings compilation flag no longer do so.

The classes affected are pickle.PickleBuffer, testcapi.RecursingInfinitelyError, and types.GenericAlias.

The functions affected are 24 methods in ctypes.

Patch by Oleg Iarygin.
bpo-36819: Fix crashes in built-in encoders with error handlers that return position less or equal than the starting position of non-encodable characters.


gh-91581: utcfromtimestamp() no longer attempts to resolve fold in the pure Python implementation, since the fold is never 1 in UTC. In addition to being slightly faster in the common case, this also prevents some errors when the timestamp is close to datetime.min. Patch by Paul Ganssle.
gh-92530: Fix an issue that occurred after interrupting threading.Condition.notify().
gh-92049: Forbid pickling constants re._constants.SUCCESS etc. Previously, pickling did not fail, but the result could not be unpickled.
bpo-47029: Always close the read end of the pipe used by multiprocessing.Queue after the last write of buffered data to the write end of the pipe to avoid BrokenPipeError at garbage collection and at multiprocessing.Queue.close() calls. Patch by Géry Ogam.
gh-91910: Add missing f prefix to f-strings in error messages from the multiprocessing and asyncio modules.
gh-91810: ElementTree method write() and function tostring() now use the text file—‘ encoding („ŗ◊∂TF-8„ŗif not available) instead of locale encoding in XML declaration when encoding="unicode" is specified.
gh-91832: Add required attribute to argparse.Action repr output.
gh-91734: Fix OSS audio support on Solaris.
gh-91700: Compilation of regular expression containing a conditional expression (?(group)...) now raises an appropriate re.error if the group number refers to not defined group. Previously an internal RuntimeError was raised.
gh-91676: Fix unittest.IsolatedAsyncioTestCase to shutdown the per test event loop executor before returning from its run method so that a not yet stopped or garbage collected executor state does not persist beyond the test.
gh-90568: Parsing \N escapes of Unicode Named Character Sequences in a regular expression raises now re.error instead of TypeError.
gh-91595: Fix the comparison of character and integer inside Tools.gdb.libpython.write_repr(). Patch by Yu Liu.
gh-90622: Worker processes for concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor are no longer spawned on demand (a feature added in 3.9) when the multiprocessing context start method is "fork" as that can lead to deadlocks in the child processes due to a fork happening while threads are running.
gh-91575: Update case-insensitive matching in the re module to the latest Unicode version.
gh-91581: Remove an unhandled error case in the C implementation of calls to datetime.fromtimestamp with no time zone (i.e. getting a local time from an epoch timestamp). This should have no user-facing effect other than giving a possibly more accurate error message when called with timestamps that fall on 10000-01-01 in the local time. Patch by Paul Ganssle.
bpo-34480: Fix a bug where _markupbase raised an UnboundLocalError when an invalid keyword was found in marked section. Patch by Marek Suscak.
bpo-27929: Fix asyncio.loop.sock_connect() to only resolve names for socket.AF_INET or socket.AF_INET6 families. Resolution may not make sense for other families, like socket.AF_BLUETOOTH and socket.AF_UNIX.
bpo-43323: Fix errors in the email module if the charset itself contains undecodable/unencodable characters.
bpo-46787: Fix concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor exception memory leak
bpo-46415: Fix ipaddress.ip_{address,interface,network} raising TypeError instead of ValueError if given invalid tuple as address parameter.
bpo-44911: IsolatedAsyncioTestCase will no longer throw an exception while cancelling leaked tasks. Patch by Bar Harel.
bpo-44493: Add missing terminated NUL in sockaddr_un„ŗ—‘ length

This was potentially observable when using non-abstract AF_UNIX datagram sockets to processes written in another programming language.
bpo-42627: Fix incorrect parsing of Windows registry proxy settings
bpo-36073: Raise ProgrammingError instead of segfaulting on recursive usage of cursors in sqlite3 converters. Patch by Sergey Fedoseev.


gh-91888: Add a new gh role to the documentation to link to GitHub issues.
gh-91783: Document security issues concerning the use of the function shutil.unpack_archive()
gh-91547: Remove „ŗ◊∂ndocumented modules„ŗpage.
bpo-44347: Clarify the meaning of dirs_exist_ok, a kwarg of shutil.copytree().
bpo-38668: Update the introduction to documentation for os.path to remove warnings that became irrelevant after the implementations of PEP 383 and PEP 529.
bpo-47138: Pin Jinja to a version compatible with Sphinx version 2.4.4.
bpo-46962: All docstrings in code snippets are now wrapped into PyDoc_STR() to follow the guideline of PEP 7„ŗ—‘ Documentation Strings paragraph. Patch by Oleg Iarygin.
bpo-26792: Improve the docstrings of runpy.run_module() and runpy.run_path(). Original patch by Andrew Brezovsky.
bpo-45790: Adjust inaccurate phrasing in Defining Extension Types: Tutorial about the ob_base field and the macros used to access its contents.
bpo-42340: Document that in some circumstances KeyboardInterrupt may cause the code to enter an inconsistent state. Provided a sample workaround to avoid it if needed.
bpo-41233: Link the errnos referenced in Doc/library/exceptions.rst to their respective section in Doc/library/errno.rst, and vice versa. Previously this was only done for EINTR and InterruptedError. Patch by Yan „ŗ◊ŕyyyyyyan„ŗOrestes.
bpo-38056: Overhaul the Error Handlers documentation in codecs.
bpo-13553: Document tkinter.Tk args.


gh-91607: Fix test_concurrent_futures to test the correct multiprocessing start method context in several cases where the test logic mixed this up.
bpo-47205: Skip test for sched_getaffinity() and sched_setaffinity() error case on FreeBSD.
bpo-29890: Add tests for ipaddress.IPv4Interface and ipaddress.IPv6Interface construction with tuple arguments. Original patch and tests by louisom.


bpo-47103: Windows PGInstrument builds now copy a required DLL into the output directory, making it easier to run the profile stage of a PGO build.


bpo-47194: Update zlib to v1.2.12 to resolve CVE-2018-25032.
bpo-46785: Fix race condition between os.stat() and unlinking a file on Windows, by using errors codes returned by FindFirstFileW() when appropriate in win32_xstat_impl.
bpo-40859: Update Windows build to use xz-5.2.5


gh-91583: Fix regression in the code generated by Argument Clinic for functions with the defining_class parameter.

Revision 1.4 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Jan 15 16:21:26 2022 UTC (14 months, 1 week ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2022Q1-base, pkgsrc-2022Q1
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python39 py39-html-docs: updated to 3.9.10

Python 3.9.10 final

Core and Builtins

bpo-46070: Py_EndInterpreter() now explicitly untracks all objects currently tracked by the GC. Previously, if an object was used later by another interpreter, calling PyObject_GC_UnTrack() on the object crashed if the previous or the next object of the PyGC_Head structure became a dangling pointer. Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-46085: Fix iterator cache mechanism of OrderedDict.
bpo-46110: Add a maximum recursion check to the PEG parser to avoid stack overflow. Patch by Pablo Galindo
bpo-46000: Improve compatibility of the curses module with NetBSD curses.
bpo-45614: Fix traceback display for exceptions with invalid module name.
bpo-45806: Re-introduced fix that allows recovery from stack overflow without crashing the interpreter. The original fix as part of bpo-42500 was reverted (see release notes for Python 3.9.4) since it introduced an ABI change in a bugfix release which is not allowed. The new fix doesn„ŗ—’ introduce any ABI changes. Patch by Mark Shannon.
bpo-45822: Fixed a bug in the parser that was causing it to not respect PEP 263 coding cookies when no flags are provided. Patch by Pablo Galindo
bpo-45820: Fix a segfault when the parser fails without reading any input. Patch by Pablo Galindo
bpo-42540: Fix crash when os.fork() is called with an active non-default memory allocator.


bpo-40479: Fix hashlib usedforsecurity option to work correctly with OpenSSL 3.0.0 in FIPS mode.
bpo-46070: Fix possible segfault when importing the asyncio module from different sub-interpreters in parallel. Patch by Erlend E. Aasland.
bpo-46278: Reflect context argument in AbstractEventLoop.call_*() methods. Loop implementations already support it.
bpo-46239: Improve error message when importing asyncio.windows_events on non-Windows.
bpo-20369: concurrent.futures.wait() no longer blocks forever when given duplicate Futures. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
bpo-46105: Honor spec when generating requirement specs with urls and extras (importlib_metadata 4.8.3).
bpo-26952: argparse raises ValueError with clear message when trying to render usage for an empty mutually-exclusive group. Previously it raised a cryptic IndexError.
bpo-27718: Fix help for the signal module. Some functions (e.g. signal() and getsignal()) were omitted.
bpo-46032: The registry() method of functools.singledispatch() functions checks now the first argument or the first parameter annotation and raises a TypeError if it is not supported. Previously unsupported „ŗ◊’ypes„ŗwere ignored (e.g. typing.List[int]) or caused an error at calling time (e.g. list[int]).
bpo-46018: Ensure that math.expm1() does not raise on underflow.
bpo-27946: Fix possible crash when getting an attribute of class:xml.etree.ElementTree.Element simultaneously with replacing the attrib dict.
bpo-13236: unittest.TextTestResult and unittest.TextTestRunner flush now the output stream more often.
bpo-37658: Fix issue when on certain conditions asyncio.wait_for() may allow a coroutine to complete successfully, but fail to return the result, potentially causing memory leaks or other issues.
bpo-45831: faulthandler can now write ASCII-only strings (like filenames and function names) with a single write() syscall when dumping a traceback. It reduces the risk of getting an unreadable dump when two threads or two processes dump a traceback to the same file (like stderr) at the same time. Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-41735: Fix thread lock in zlib.Decompress.flush() method before PyObject_GetBuffer.
bpo-45664: Fix types.resolve_bases() and types.new_class() for types.GenericAlias instance as a base.
bpo-45663: Fix dataclasses.is_dataclass() for dataclasses which are subclasses of types.GenericAlias.
bpo-45662: Fix the repr of dataclasses.InitVar with a type alias to the built-in class, e.g. InitVar[list[int]].
bpo-43498: Avoid a possible „ŗ◊≥untimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration„ŗwhen adjusting the process count of ProcessPoolExecutor.
bpo-29620: assertWarns() no longer raises a RuntimeException when accessing a module„ŗ—‘ __warningregistry__ causes importation of a new module, or when a new module is imported in another thread. Patch by Kernc.


bpo-19737: Update the documentation for the globals() function.
bpo-45840: Improve cross-references in the documentation for the data model.
bpo-45788: Link doc for sys.prefix to sysconfig doc on installation paths.
bpo-25381: In the extending chapter of the extending doc, update a paragraph about the global variables containing exception information.
bpo-43905: Expanded astuple() and asdict() docs, warning about deepcopy being applied and providing a workaround.
bpo-41028: Language and version switchers, previously maintained in every cpython branches, are now handled by docsbuild-script.


bpo-46205: Fix hang in runtest_mp due to race condition
bpo-46263: Fix test_capi on FreeBSD 14-dev: instruct jemalloc to not fill freed memory with junk byte.
bpo-46150: Now fakename in test_pathlib.PosixPathTest.test_expanduser is checked to be non-existent.
bpo-46129: Rewrite asyncio.locks tests with unittest.IsolatedAsyncioTestCase usage.
bpo-23819: Fixed asyncio tests in python optimized mode. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
bpo-46114: Fix test case for OpenSSL 3.0.1 version. OpenSSL 3.0 uses 0xMNN00PP0L.
bpo-19460: Add new Test for email.mime.nonmultipart.MIMENonMultipart.
bpo-45835: Fix race condition in test_queue tests with multiple „ŗ◊«eeder„ŗthreads.


bpo-46263: configure no longer sets MULTIARCH on FreeBSD platforms.
bpo-46106: Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1m in Windows builds, macOS installer builds, and CI. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
bpo-44035: CI now verifies that autoconf files have been regenerated with a current and unpatched autoconf package.
bpo-33393: Update config.guess to 2021-06-03 and config.sub to 2021-08-14. Makefile now has an update-config target to make updating more convenient.
bpo-45866: make regen-all now produces the same output when run from a directory other than the source tree: when building Python out of the source tree. pegen now strips directory of the „ŗ◊»enerated by pygen from <FILENAME>„ŗheader Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-41498: Python now compiles on platforms without sigset_t. Several functions in signal are not available when sigset_t is missing.
bpo-45881: now uses CC from environment first to discover multiarch and cross compile paths.


bpo-45901: When installed through the Microsoft Store and set as the default app for *.py files, command line arguments will now be passed to Python when invoking a script without explicitly launching Python (that is, args rather than python args).


bpo-40477: The Python Launcher app for macOS now properly launches scripts and, if necessary, the Terminal app when running on recent macOS releases.
bpo-45732: Update macOS installer to use Tcl/Tk 8.6.12.


bpo-45838: Fix line number calculation when debugging Python with GDB.


bpo-39026: Fix Python.h to build C extensions with Xcode: remove a relative include from Include/cpython/pystate.h.

Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Sep 1 13:53:58 2021 UTC (18 months, 3 weeks ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2021Q4-base, pkgsrc-2021Q4, pkgsrc-2021Q3-base, pkgsrc-2021Q3
Changes since 1.2: +6 -3 lines
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python39: updated to 3.9.7

Python 3.9.7 final


bpo-42278: Replaced usage of tempfile.mktemp() with TemporaryDirectory to avoid a potential race condition.
bpo-41180: Add auditing events to the marshal module, and stop raising code.__init__ events for every unmarshalled code object. Directly instantiated code objects will continue to raise an event, and audit event handlers should inspect or collect the raw marshal data. This reduces a significant performance overhead when loading from .pyc files.
bpo-44394: Update the vendored copy of libexpat to 2.4.1 (from 2.2.8) to get the fix for the CVE-2013-0340 „ŗ◊£illion Laughs„ŗvulnerability. This copy is most used on Windows and macOS.
bpo-43124: Made the internal putcmd function in smtplib sanitize input for presence of \r and \n characters to avoid (unlikely) command injection.
Core and Builtins
bpo-45018: Fixed pickling of range iterators that iterated for over 2**32 times.
bpo-44962: Fix a race in WeakKeyDictionary, WeakValueDictionary and WeakSet when two threads attempt to commit the last pending removal. This fixes asyncio.create_task and fixes a data loss in where shutdown_asyncgens is not run
bpo-44954: Fixed a corner case bug where the result of float.fromhex('0x.8p-1074') was rounded the wrong way.
bpo-44947: Refine the syntax error for trailing commas in import statements. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-44698: Restore behaviour of complex exponentiation with integer-valued exponent of type float or complex.
bpo-44885: Correct the ast locations of f-strings with format specs and repeated expressions. Patch by Pablo Galindo
bpo-44872: Use new trashcan macros (Py_TRASHCAN_BEGIN/END) in frameobject.c instead of the old ones (Py_TRASHCAN_SAFE_BEGIN/END).
bpo-33930: Fix segmentation fault with deep recursion when cleaning method objects. Patch by Augusto Goulart and Pablo Galindo.
bpo-25782: Fix bug where PyErr_SetObject hangs when the current exception has a cycle in its context chain.
bpo-44856: Fix reference leaks in the error paths of update_bases() and __build_class__. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-44698: Fix undefined behaviour in complex object exponentiation.
bpo-44562: Remove uses of PyObject_GC_Del() in error path when initializing types.GenericAlias.
bpo-44523: Remove the pass-through for hash() of weakref.proxy objects to prevent unintended consequences when the original referred object dies while the proxy is part of a hashable object. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-44472: Fix ltrace functionality when exceptions are raised. Patch by Pablo Galindo
bpo-44184: Fix a crash at Python exit when a deallocator function removes the last strong reference to a heap type. Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-39091: Fix crash when using passing a non-exception to a generator„ŗ—‘ throw() method. Patch by Noah Oxer


bpo-41620: run() now always return a TestResult instance. Previously it returned None if the test class or method was decorated with a skipping decorator.
bpo-43913: Fix bugs in cleaning up classes and modules in unittest:

Functions registered with addModuleCleanup() were not called unless the user defines tearDownModule() in their test module.
Functions registered with addClassCleanup() were not called if tearDownClass is set to None.
Buffering in TestResult did not work with functions registered with addClassCleanup() and addModuleCleanup().
Errors in functions registered with addClassCleanup() and addModuleCleanup() were not handled correctly in buffered and debug modes.
Errors in setUpModule() and functions registered with addModuleCleanup() were reported in wrong order.
And several lesser bugs.
bpo-45001: Made email date parsing more robust against malformed input, namely a whitespace-only Date: header. Patch by Wouter Bolsterlee.
bpo-44449: Fix a crash in the signal handler of the faulthandler module: no longer modify the reference count of frame objects. Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-44955: Method stopTestRun() is now always called in pair with method startTestRun() for TestResult objects implicitly created in run(). Previously it was not called for test methods and classes decorated with a skipping decorator.
bpo-38956: argparse.BooleanOptionalAction„ŗ—‘ default value is no longer printed twice when used with argparse.ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter.
bpo-44581: Upgrade bundled pip to 21.2.3 and setuptools to 57.4.0
bpo-44849: Fix the os.set_inheritable() function on FreeBSD 14 for file descriptor opened with the O_PATH flag: ignore the EBADF error on ioctl(), fallback on the fcntl() implementation. Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-44605: The @functools.total_ordering() decorator now works with metaclasses.
bpo-44822: sqlite3 user-defined functions and aggregators returning strings with embedded NUL characters are no longer truncated. Patch by Erlend E. Aasland.
bpo-44815: Always show loop= arg deprecations in asyncio.gather() and asyncio.sleep()
bpo-44806: Non-protocol subclasses of typing.Protocol ignore now the __init__ method inherited from protocol base classes.
bpo-44667: The tokenize.tokenize() doesn„ŗ—’ incorrectly generate a NEWLINE token if the source doesn„ŗ—’ end with a new line character but the last line is a comment, as the function is already generating a NL token. Patch by Pablo Galindo
bpo-42853: Fix http.client.HTTPSConnection fails to download >2GiB data.
bpo-44752: rcompleter does not call getattr() on property objects to avoid the side-effect of evaluating the corresponding method.
bpo-44720: weakref.proxy objects referencing non-iterators now raise TypeError rather than dereferencing the null tp_iternext slot and crashing.
bpo-44704: The implementation of now matches that of frozenset.__hash__().
bpo-44666: Fixed issue in compileall.compile_file() when sys.stdout is redirected. Patch by Stefan Hölzl.
bpo-40897: Give priority to using the current class constructor in inspect.signature(). Patch by Weipeng Hong.
bpo-44608: Fix memory leak in _tkinter._flatten() if it is called with a sequence or set, but not list or tuple.
bpo-41928: Update shutil.copyfile() to raise FileNotFoundError instead of confusing IsADirectoryError when a path ending with a os.path.sep does not exist; shutil.copy() and shutil.copy2() are also affected.
bpo-44566: handle StopIteration subclass raised from @contextlib.contextmanager generator
bpo-44558: Make the implementation consistency of indexOf() between C and Python versions. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
bpo-41249: Fixes TypedDict to work with typing.get_type_hints() and postponed evaluation of annotations across modules.
bpo-44461: Fix bug with pdb—‘ handling of import error due to a package which does not have a __main__ module
bpo-42892: Fixed an exception thrown while parsing a malformed multipart email by email.message.EmailMessage.
bpo-27827: pathlib.PureWindowsPath.is_reserved() now identifies a greater range of reserved filenames, including those with trailing spaces or colons.
bpo-34266: Handle exceptions from parsing the arg of pdb„ŗ—‘ run/restart command.
bpo-27334: The sqlite3 context manager now performs a rollback (thus releasing the database lock) if commit failed. Patch by Luca Citi and Erlend E. Aasland.
bpo-43853: Improved string handling for sqlite3 user-defined functions and aggregates:

It is now possible to pass strings with embedded null characters to UDFs
Conversion failures now correctly raise MemoryError
Patch by Erlend E. Aasland.
bpo-43048: Handle RecursionError in TracebackException„ŗ—‘ constructor, so that long exceptions chains are truncated instead of causing traceback formatting to fail.
bpo-41402: Fix email.message.EmailMessage.set_content() when called with binary data and 7bit content transfer encoding.
bpo-32695: The compresslevel and preset keyword arguments of are now both documented and tested.
bpo-34990: Fixed a Y2k38 bug in the compileall module where it would fail to compile files with a modification time after the year 2038.
bpo-38840: Fix test___all__ on platforms lacking a shared memory implementation.
bpo-30256: Pass multiprocessing BaseProxy argument manager_owned through AutoProxy.
bpo-27513: email.utils.getaddresses() now accepts email.header.Header objects along with string values. Patch by Zackery Spytz.
bpo-33349: lib2to3 now recognizes async generators everywhere.
bpo-29298: Fix TypeError when required subparsers without dest do not receive arguments. Patch by Anthony Sottile.


bpo-44903: Removed the othergui.rst file, any references to it, and the list of GUI frameworks in the FAQ. In their place I„ŗ—◊e added links to the Python Wiki page on GUI frameworks.
bpo-44756: Reverted automated virtual environment creation on make html when building documentation. It turned out to be disruptive for downstream distributors.
bpo-44693: Update the definition of __future__ in the glossary by replacing the confusing word „ŗ◊—seudo-module„ŗwith a more accurate description.
bpo-35183: Add typical examples to os.path.splitext docs
bpo-30511: Clarify that shutil.make_archive() is not thread-safe due to reliance on changing the current working directory.
bpo-44561: Update of three expired hyperlinks in Doc/distributing/index.rst: „ŗ◊Īroject structure„ŗ „ŗ◊£uilding and packaging the project„ŗ and „ŗ◊∂ploading the project to the Python Packaging Index„ŗ
bpo-42958: Updated the docstring and docs of filecmp.cmp() to be more accurate and less confusing especially in respect to shallow arg.
bpo-44558: Match the docstring and python implementation of countOf() to the behavior of its c implementation.
bpo-44544: List all kwargs for textwrap.wrap(), textwrap.fill(), and textwrap.shorten(). Now, there are nav links to attributes of TextWrap, which makes navigation much easier while minimizing duplication in the documentation.
bpo-38062: Clarify that atexit uses equality comparisons internally.
bpo-43066: Added a warning to zipfile docs: filename arg with a leading slash may cause archive to be un-openable on Windows systems.
bpo-27752: Documentation of csv.Dialect is more descriptive.
bpo-44453: Fix documentation for the return type of sysconfig.get_path().
bpo-39498: Add a „ŗ◊īecurity Considerations„ŗindex which links to standard library modules that have explicitly documented security considerations.
bpo-33479: Remove the unqualified claim that tkinter is threadsafe. It has not been true for several years and likely never was. An explanation of what is true may be added later, after more discussion, and possibly after patching _tkinter.c,


bpo-25130: Add calls of gc.collect() in tests to support PyPy.
bpo-45011: Made tests relying on the _asyncio C extension module optional to allow running on alternative Python implementations. Patch by Serhiy Storchaka.
bpo-44949: Fix auto history tests of test_readline: sometimes, the newline character is not written at the end, so don„ŗ—’ expect it in the output.
bpo-44852: Add ability to wholesale silence DeprecationWarnings while running the regression test suite.
bpo-40928: Notify users running test_decimal regression tests on macOS of potential harmless „ŗ◊őalloc can„ŗ—’ allocate region„ŗmessages spewed by test_decimal.
bpo-44734: Fixed floating point precision issue in turtle tests.
bpo-44708: Regression tests, when run with -w, are now re-running only the affected test methods instead of re-running the entire test file.
bpo-30256: Add test for nested queues when using multiprocessing shared objects AutoProxy[Queue] inside ListProxy and DictProxy


bpo-44535: Enable building using a Visual Studio 2022 install on Windows.
bpo-43298: Improved error message when building without a Windows SDK installed.


bpo-45007: Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1l in Windows build
bpo-44572: Avoid consuming standard input in the platform module
bpo-40263: This is a follow-on bug from Once that is applied we run into an off-by-one assertion problem. The assert was not correct.


bpo-45007: Update macOS installer builds to use OpenSSL 1.1.1l.
bpo-44689: ctypes.util.find_library() now works correctly on macOS 11 Big Sur even if Python is built on an older version of macOS. Previously, when built on older macOS systems, find_library was not able to find macOS system libraries when running on Big Sur due to changes in how system libraries are stored.


bpo-44756: In the Makefile for documentation (Doc/Makefile), the build rule is dependent on the venv rule. Therefore, html, latex, and other build-dependent rules are also now dependent on venv. The venv rule only performs an action if $(VENVDIR) does not exist. Doc/README.rst was updated; most users now only need to type make html.

Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Jun 29 12:43:42 2021 UTC (20 months, 4 weeks ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +3 -1 lines
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python39: updated to 3.9.6

Python 3.9.6 final


bpo-44022: mod:http.client now avoids infinitely reading potential HTTP headers after a 100 Continue status response from the server.
Core and Builtins
bpo-44409: Fix error location information for tokenizer errors raised on initialization of the tokenizer. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-43667: Improve Unicode support in non-UTF locales on Oracle Solaris. This issue does not affect other Solaris systems.
bpo-44168: Fix error message in the parser involving keyword arguments with invalid expressions. Patch by Pablo Galindo
bpo-44114: Fix incorrect dictkeys_reversed and dictitems_reversed function signatures in C code, which broke webassembly builds.
bpo-44070: No longer eagerly makes import filenames absolute, except for extension modules, which was introduced in 3.9.5.
bpo-28146: Fix a confusing error message in str.format().
bpo-11105: When compiling ast.AST objects with recursive references through compile(), the interpreter doesn„ŗ—’ crash anymore instead it raises a RecursionError.


bpo-44516: Update vendored pip to 21.1.3
bpo-44482: Fix very unlikely resource leak in glob in alternate Python implementations.
bpo-44439: Fix in bz2.BZ2File.write() / lzma.LZMAFile.write() methods, when the input data is an object that supports the buffer protocol, the file length may be wrong.
bpo-44434: _thread.start_new_thread() no longer calls PyThread_exit_thread() explicitly at the thread exit, the call was redundant. On Linux with the glibc, pthread_exit() aborts the whole process if dlopen() fails to open file (ex: EMFILE error). Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-44422: The threading.enumerate() function now uses a reentrant lock to prevent a hang on reentrant call. Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-44395: Fix as_string() to pass unixfrom properly. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
bpo-44342: [Enum] Be more robust in searching for pickle support before making an enum class unpicklable.
bpo-44356: [Enum] Allow multiple data-type mixins if they are all the same.
bpo-44254: On Mac, give turtledemo button text a color that works on both light or dark background. Programmers cannot control the latter.
bpo-44145: hmac computations were not releasing the GIL while calling the OpenSSL HMAC_Update C API (a new feature in 3.9). This unintentionally prevented parallel computation as other hashlib algorithms support.
bpo-37788: Fix a reference leak when a Thread object is never joined.
bpo-44061: Fix regression in previous release when calling pkgutil.iter_modules() with a list of pathlib.Path objects
bpo-36515: The hashlib module no longer does unaligned memory accesses when compiled for ARM platforms.
bpo-44018: random.seed() no longer mutates bytearray inputs.
bpo-38352: Add IO, BinaryIO, TextIO, Match, and Pattern to typing.__all__. Patch by Jelle Zijlstra.
bpo-43972: When http.server.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler sends a 301 (Moved Permanently) for a directory path not ending with /, add a Content-Length: 0 header. This improves the behavior for certain clients.
bpo-28528: Fix a bug in pdb where checkline() raises AttributeError if it is called after reset().
bpo-43776: When subprocess.Popen args are provided as a string or as pathlib.Path, the Popen instance repr now shows the right thing.
bpo-43666: AIX: Lib/_aix_support.get_platform() may fail in an AIX WPAR. The fileset bos.rte appears to have a builddate in both LPAR and WPAR so this fileset is queried rather than bos.mp64. To prevent a similiar situation (no builddate in ODM) a value (9988) sufficient for completing a build is provided. Patch by M Felt.
bpo-43650: Fix MemoryError in shutil.unpack_archive() which fails inside shutil._unpack_zipfile() on large files. Patch by Igor Bolshakov.
bpo-43318: Fix a bug where pdb does not always echo cleared breakpoints.
bpo-43295: datetime.datetime.strptime() now raises ValueError instead of IndexError when matching 'z' with the %z format specifier.
bpo-37022: pdb now displays exceptions from repr() with its p and pp commands.
bpo-40620: Convert examples in tutorial controlflow.rst section 4.3 to be interpreter-demo style.
bpo-13814: In the Design FAQ, answer „ŗ◊łhy don„ŗ—’ generators support the with statement?„ŗbpo-44392: Added a new section in the C API documentation for types used in type hinting. Documented Py_GenericAlias and Py_GenericAliasType.
bpo-38291: Mark and as deprecated since Python 3.8 in the documentation. They were never properly supported by type checkers.
bpo-44322: Document that SyntaxError args have a details tuple and that details are adjusted for errors in f-string field replacement expressions.
bpo-44195: Corrected references to TraversableResources in docs. There is no TraversableReader.
bpo-41963: Document that ConfigParser strips off comments when reading configuration files.
bpo-44072: Correct where in the numeric ABC hierarchy ** support is added, i.e., in numbers.Complex, not numbers.Integral.
bpo-43558: Add the remark to dataclasses documentation that the __init__() of any base class has to be called in __post_init__(), along with a code example.
bpo-41621: Document that collections.defaultdict parameter default_factory defaults to None and is positional-only.


bpo-44287: Fix asyncio test_popen() of test_windows_utils by using a longer timeout. Use military grade battle-tested timeout rather than a hardcoded timeout of 10 seconds: it„ŗ—‘ 30 seconds by default, but it is made longer on slow buildbots. Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-44363: Account for address sanitizer in test_capi. test_capi now passes when run GCC address sanitizer.


bpo-44381: The Windows build now accepts EnableControlFlowGuard set to guard to enable CFG.
bpo-41299: Fix 16ms jitter when using timeouts in threading, such as with threading.Lock.acquire() or threading.Condition.wait().


bpo-43568: Relax unnecessarily restrictive MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET check when building extension modules for macOS. Patch by Joshua Root.
bpo-43109: Allow „ŗŇōith-lto configure option to work with Apple-supplied Xcode or Command Line Tools.


bpo-40128: Mostly fix completions on macOS when not using tcl/tk 8.6.11 (as with 3.9). The added update_idletask call should be harmless and possibly helpful otherwise.
bpo-33962: Move the indent space setting from the Font tab to the new Windows tab. Patch by Mark Roseman and Terry Jan Reedy.
bpo-40468: Split the settings dialog General tab into Windows and Shell/ED tabs. Move help sources, which extend the Help menu, to the Extensions tab. Make space for new options and shorten the dialog. The latter makes the dialog better fit small screens.
bpo-41611: Avoid uncaught exceptions in AutoCompleteWindow.winconfig_event().
bpo-41611: Fix IDLE sometimes freezing upon tab-completion on macOS.


bpo-44074: Make patchcheck automatically detect the correct base branch name (previously it was hardcoded to „ŗŌőaster„ŗ


bpo-44441: Py_RunMain() now resets PyImport_Inittab to its initial value at exit. It must be possible to call PyImport_AppendInittab() or PyImport_ExtendInittab() at each Python initialization. Patch by Victor Stinner.
bpo-42083: Fix crash in PyStructSequence_NewType() when passed NULL in the documentation string slot.

Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Oct 10 20:19:47 2020 UTC (2 years, 5 months ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2021Q2-base, pkgsrc-2021Q2, pkgsrc-2021Q1-base, pkgsrc-2021Q1, pkgsrc-2020Q4-base, pkgsrc-2020Q4

python39: added version 3.9.0

3.9.0 Release highlights

New syntax features:

PEP 584, union operators added to dict;
PEP 585, type hinting generics in standard collections;
PEP 614, relaxed grammar restrictions on decorators.

New built-in features:

PEP 616, string methods to remove prefixes and suffixes.

New features in the standard library:

PEP 593, flexible function and variable annotations;
os.pidfd_open() added that allows process management without races and signals.

Interpreter improvements:

PEP 573, fast access to module state from methods of C extension types;
PEP 617, CPython now uses a new parser based on PEG;
a number of Python builtins (range, tuple, set, frozenset, list, dict) are now sped up using PEP 590 vectorcall;
garbage collection does not block on resurrected objects;
a number of Python modules (_abc, audioop, _bz2, _codecs, _contextvars, _crypt, _functools, _json, _locale, math, operator, resource, time, _weakref) now use multiphase initialization as defined by PEP 489;
a number of standard library modules (audioop, ast, grp, _hashlib, pwd, _posixsubprocess, random, select, struct, termios, zlib) are now using the stable ABI defined by PEP 384.

New library modules:

PEP 615, the IANA Time Zone Database is now present in the standard library in the zoneinfo module;
an implementation of a topological sort of a graph is now provided in the new graphlib module.

Release process changes:

PEP 602, CPython adopts an annual release cycle.

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