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[TXT] DESCR  1.2   11 years  jlam   Update lang/perl5 to 5.8.8. Changes from version 5.8.7 include: * Updates o...
[TXT] Makefile  1.244   6 days  jperkin   perl5: Fix CFLAGS. We need to remove -std=c89 so that compilers which default t...
[TXT] Makefile.common  1.32   3 months  he   Update perl to version 5.26.1. Pkgsrc changes: * Remove patch which has been i...
[TXT] PLIST  1.6   5 years  sbd   Remove the dynamic plist additions and add the two files to the static PLIST
[TXT]  1.61   7 months  wiz   Actually bump perl requirement to 5.26 (different installation path for modules)...
[TXT]  1.2   6 years  abs   Allow sitebin to be overridden by PERL5_SITEBIN. No change to default build
[TXT] distinfo  1.149   3 days  jperkin   perl5: Don't add -ansi either.
[TXT]  1.19   14 months  dholland   Extend PR 48500 alpha gcc workaround to gcc5. From Rin Okuyama.
[TXT]  1.2   8 years  sno   adjust PERL5_LICENSE - enable both valid licenses
[TXT]  1.73   11 days  rillig   Improved documentation for "make help".
[TXT]  1.12   18 months  sevan   Build with DTrace support enabled on OS X Leopard and newer Reviewed by jperkin...
[TXT]  1.20   11 days  rillig   Improved documentation for "make help".
[TXT]  1.5   6 years  obache   Add print-PLIST support for perl modules without .packlist.
[TXT]  1.4   6 years  adam   Changes 5.14.1: * Several modules were updated to fix minor bugs. * Tests were f...

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