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Revision 1.41, Thu Jul 14 07:17:14 2022 UTC (8 months, 1 week ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.40: +4 -4 lines

npm: updated to 8.14.0

v8.14.0 (2022-07-13)


feat: add npm audit signatures (@feelepxyz)
feat: Add web auth type (@jumoel)
feat(arborist): add support for dependencies script (@nlf)
feat: notify on adduser of upcoming cmds, login and register (@fritzy)
feat: warn on config --auth-type=sso/saml/oauth, undeprecate --auth-type (@fritzy)

Bug Fixes

fix: properly open package arg repo inside workspace (@wraithgar)


docs: typo in npm command (@crisanmm)
docs: update reference to deprecated spdx package (@kachick)
docs: naming of files in example code should be consistent (@xc1427)
docs: document dependencies script

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.41 2022/07/14 07:17:14 adam Exp $

BLAKE2s (npm-8.14.0.tar.gz) = 586f0e96b7ac21a6a50b5729cc6fb5561d9d31b2d8021373100f16d91bcbb2b7
SHA512 (npm-8.14.0.tar.gz) = 596e167f712fde7b172a8a91bd69c108dc4675e1cb08ae80783284b3b190ae478e790e149b8fea763b6f83e36603d481b4e72a42b020db7cb5ccdcad475cb8a1
Size (npm-8.14.0.tar.gz) = 92906478 bytes
SHA1 (patch-Makefile) = 07b3b31fc3171aa688242ced7ba9eeadd943aee3
SHA1 (patch-node__modules_@npmcli_config_lib_index.js) = 10565ad4a1eee79dc962e00d1c8d486fceb073cd
SHA1 (patch-node__modules_bin-links_lib_man-target.js) = ece52effb0d44a0fb5252bd67f8e503c1c6ea602
SHA1 (patch-node__modules_node-gyp_gyp_pylib_gyp_generator_make.py) = 291e079fb48caea7501ab864c19ef26672b76bc5
SHA1 (patch-node__modules_node-gyp_gyp_pylib_gyp_xcode__emulation.py) = 282ff62c368a0c6b73d6da83b76a20899a7cbb55
SHA1 (patch-node__modules_node-gyp_lib_configure.js) = 65e9e19fcf984bc7f5c100b2a280cc2a2406e30d
SHA1 (patch-scripts_resetdeps.sh) = e28eb3e3644cc73098ca60f0831d714eff6bc66f