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Shorten. Note that this is the emacs21 manual and emacs22+ come with
the elisp manual in the base package.

Herein is found the programming manual for elisp (Emacs Lisp), the
dialect of Lisp used to extend (and write applications inside) GNU

Because Emacs Lisp is designed for use in an editor, it has special
features for scanning and parsing text as well as features for
handling files, buffers, displays, subprocesses, and so on. All Emacs
editing commands are available.

This manual attempts to be a full description of Emacs Lisp.  For a
beginner's introduction to Emacs Lisp, see ``An Introduction to Emacs
Lisp Programming,'' by Bob Chassell. Also see ``The GNU Emacs Manual''.

This package contains the manual corresponding to Emacs 21.x. For
Emacs 22 and up, the Lisp manual is included in the main Emacs
distribution and consequently in the main Emacs package.