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Annotation of pkgsrc/lang/chicken/DESCR, Revision 1.2

1.1       agc         1: CHICKEN is a Scheme-to-C compiler supporting most of the language
                      2: features as defined in the Revised^5 Report on Scheme.  CHICKEN
                      3: generates quite portable C code, and files compiled by it (including
1.2     ! jmmv        4: itself) should work without any changes on most platforms.
1.1       agc         5:
                      6: The whole package is distributed under a BSD license and as such free
1.2     ! jmmv        7: to use and modify as long as you adhere to its terms (see the manual).
1.1       agc         8: Linkage to C modules and C-library functions is straightforward, so
                      9: it's easy to access C from Scheme.  Compiled code can be embedded into
                     10: existing C programs without problems.  The generated code supports
                     11: full tail-recursion, first-class continuations, multiple values and
1.2     ! jmmv       12: dynamic-wind.

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