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Current directory: [] / pkgsrc / lang

Current tag: netbsd-8-0-RELEASE

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[DIR] Cg-compiler/
[DIR] LuaJIT2/
[DIR] R-codetools/
[DIR] R-sourcetools/
[DIR] RScheme/
[DIR] STk/
[DIR] SmartEiffel/
[DIR] a60/
[DIR] abcl/
[DIR] adoptopenjdk11-bin/
[DIR] algol68g/
[DIR] asn1c/
[DIR] awka/
[DIR] baci/
[DIR] basic256/
[DIR] blackdown-jdk12/
[DIR] blackdown-jdk13/
[DIR] blackdown-jre12/
[DIR] blackdown-jre13/
[DIR] boomerang/
[DIR] brandybasic/
[DIR] bwbasic/
[DIR] caml-light/
[DIR] camlp4/
[DIR] camlp5/
[DIR] cbindgen/
[DIR] cbmbasic/
[DIR] ccsh/
[DIR] cdl3/
[DIR] chibi-scheme/
[DIR] chicken/
[DIR] chicken5/
[DIR] cilk/
[DIR] cim/
[DIR] cint/
[DIR] clang/
[DIR] clang-static-analyzer/
[DIR] clang-tools-extra/
[DIR] classpath/
[DIR] classpath-gui/
[DIR] clisp/
[DIR] clojure/
[DIR] compiler-rt/
[DIR] coq/
[DIR] coreclr/
[DIR] cparser/
[DIR] cu-prolog/
[DIR] drscheme/
[DIR] duktape/
[DIR] dylan-compiler/
[DIR] dylan-interpreter/
[DIR] eag/
[DIR] ecl/
[DIR] egcs/
[DIR] egcs-current/
[DIR] eieio/
[DIR] elisp-manual/
[DIR] elixir/
[DIR] elk/
[DIR] embryo/
[DIR] erlang/
[DIR] erlang-doc/
[DIR] erlang-luerl/
[DIR] erlang-man/
[DIR] execline/
[DIR] expect/
[DIR] ezm3/
[DIR] f2c/
[DIR] ficl/
[DIR] focal/
[DIR] fort77/
[DIR] forth-retro/
[DIR] g95/
[DIR] gambc/
[DIR] gauche/
[DIR] gawk/
[DIR] gb/
[DIR] gcc/
[DIR] gcc-3.4/
[DIR] gcc-aux/
[DIR] gcc-ssp/
[DIR] gcc10/
[DIR] gcc10-libs/
[DIR] gcc2/
[DIR] gcc3/
[DIR] gcc3-ada/
[DIR] gcc3-c/
[DIR] gcc3-c++/
[DIR] gcc3-f77/
[DIR] gcc3-java/
[DIR] gcc3-objc/
[DIR] gcc34/
[DIR] gcc34-ada/
[DIR] gcc44/
[DIR] gcc45/
[DIR] gcc46/
[DIR] gcc46-libs/
[DIR] gcc47/
[DIR] gcc47-libs/
[DIR] gcc48/
[DIR] gcc48-cc++/
[DIR] gcc48-fortran/
[DIR] gcc48-libs/
[DIR] gcc48-objc/
[DIR] gcc49/
[DIR] gcc49-libs/
[DIR] gcc5/
[DIR] gcc5-aux/
[DIR] gcc5-libs/
[DIR] gcc6/
[DIR] gcc6-aux/
[DIR] gcc6-libs/
[DIR] gcc7/
[DIR] gcc7-libs/
[DIR] gcc8/
[DIR] gcc8-libs/
[DIR] gcc9/
[DIR] gcc9-libs/
[DIR] gccAda-3.4/
[DIR] gforth/
[DIR] gfortran/
[DIR] ghc/
[DIR] ghc-bootstrap/
[DIR] ghc7/
[DIR] ghc80/
[DIR] ghc84/
[DIR] ghc88/
[DIR] gjs/
[DIR] gnat-aux/
[DIR] gnat_util/
[DIR] gnucobol/
[DIR] go/
[DIR] go-bin/
[DIR] go-hcl/
[DIR] go110/
[DIR] go111/
[DIR] go112/
[DIR] go113/
[DIR] go114/
[DIR] go115/
[DIR] go14/
[DIR] go19/
[DIR] gpc/
[DIR] gprolog/
[DIR] guavac/
[DIR] guile/
[DIR] guile14/
[DIR] guile16/
[DIR] guile20/
[DIR] guile22/
[DIR] gwydion-dylan/
[DIR] heirloom-awk/
[DIR] hs-hslua/
[DIR] hugs/
[DIR] icc11/
[DIR] icon/
[DIR] idris/
[DIR] inform/
[DIR] intercal/
[DIR] ja-gawk/
[DIR] jamvm/
[DIR] janet/
[DIR] japhar/
[DIR] jasmin/
[DIR] java-lang-spec/
[DIR] java-vm-spec/
[DIR] java-wrapper/
[DIR] jbuilder-jit/
[DIR] jdk/
[DIR] jdk-openjit/
[DIR] jikes/
[DIR] jikes112/
[DIR] jimtcl/
[DIR] jini/
[DIR] joos/
[DIR] js/
[DIR] kaffe/
[DIR] kaffe-esound/
[DIR] kaffe-nox11/
[DIR] kaffe-x11/
[DIR] kali/
[DIR] konoha/
[DIR] ksi/
[DIR] libBlocksRuntime/
[DIR] libLLVM/
[DIR] libLLVM34/
[DIR] libLLVM4/
[DIR] libcxx/
[DIR] libcxxabi/
[DIR] libduktape/
[DIR] libobjc2/
[DIR] libperl/
[DIR] libperl-current/
[DIR] librep/
[DIR] libstatgrab/
[DIR] libtcl-nothread/
[DIR] libunwind/
[DIR] likepython/
[DIR] lldb/
[DIR] llvm/
[DIR] lua/
[DIR] lua-moonscript/
[DIR] lua4/
[DIR] lua51/
[DIR] lua52/
[DIR] lua53/
[DIR] lua54/
[DIR] lush/
[DIR] maude/
[DIR] mawk/
[DIR] mercury/
[DIR] micropython/
[DIR] minischeme/
[DIR] mit-scheme-bin/
[DIR] mono/
[DIR] mono-basic/
[DIR] mono2/
[DIR] mono6/
[DIR] monodoc/
[DIR] moscow_ml/
[DIR] mozjs60/
[DIR] mozjs68/
[DIR] mozjs78/
[DIR] mpd/
[DIR] mzscheme/
[DIR] nawk/
[DIR] neko/
[DIR] newlisp/
[DIR] newsqueak/
[DIR] nhc98/
[DIR] nim/
[DIR] nodejs/
[DIR] nodejs10/
[DIR] nodejs12/
[DIR] nodejs4/
[DIR] nodejs6/
[DIR] nodejs8/
[DIR] npm/
[DIR] nqp/
[DIR] nuitka/
[DIR] objc/
[DIR] ocaml/
[DIR] ocamlduce/
[DIR] onyx/
[DIR] oo2c/
[DIR] open-cobol-ce/
[DIR] openc++/
[DIR] opencobol/
[DIR] openjdk-bin/
[DIR] openjdk11/
[DIR] openjdk7/
[DIR] openjdk7-bin/
[DIR] openjdk8/
[DIR] opensource-cobol/
[DIR] oracle-jdk8/
[DIR] oracle-jre8/
[DIR] ossp-js/
[DIR] otcl/
[DIR] owl-lisp/
[DIR] p2c/
[DIR] p5-Switch/
[DIR] parrot/
[DIR] pc-lisp/
[DIR] pcc/
[DIR] pcc-current/
[DIR] pear/
[DIR] perl5/
[DIR] perl5-base/
[DIR] perl5-current/
[DIR] perl58/
[DIR] perl58-thread/
[DIR] pfe/
[DIR] pforth/
[DIR] pgcc/
[DIR] php/
[DIR] php5/
[DIR] php5-perl/
[DIR] php53/
[DIR] php54/
[DIR] php55/
[DIR] php56/
[DIR] php70/
[DIR] php71/
[DIR] php72/
[DIR] php73/
[DIR] php74/
[DIR] picoc/
[DIR] pict/
[DIR] pkg/
[DIR] pnet/
[DIR] pnetC/
[DIR] pnetlib/
[DIR] pnetlib-nox11/
[DIR] polyml/
[DIR] py-Numeric/
[DIR] py-asttokens/
[DIR] py-basicproperty/
[DIR] py-byterun/
[DIR] py-cmake-language-server/
[DIR] py-cxfreeze/
[DIR] py-execjs/
[DIR] py-extclass/
[DIR] py-funge/
[DIR] py-html-docs/
[DIR] py-hy/
[DIR] py-inflect/
[DIR] py-js2py/
[DIR] py-jsparser/
[DIR] py-mypy/
[DIR] py-mypy_extensions/
[DIR] py-parso/
[DIR] py-paver/
[DIR] py-psyco/
[DIR] py-py3c/
[DIR] py-pygls/
[DIR] py-pyrex/
[DIR] py-python-language-server/
[DIR] py-python-lua/
[DIR] py-pythonz/
[DIR] py-six/
[DIR] py-spark-parser/
[DIR] py-uncompyle6/
[DIR] py21-html-docs/
[DIR] py22-html-docs/
[DIR] py23-html-docs/
[DIR] py24-html-docs/
[DIR] py25-html-docs/
[DIR] py26-html-docs/
[DIR] py27-html-docs/
[DIR] py33-html-docs/
[DIR] py34-html-docs/
[DIR] py35-html-docs/
[DIR] py36-html-docs/
[DIR] py37-html-docs/
[DIR] py38-html-docs/
[DIR] py39-html-docs/
[DIR] python/
[DIR] python15/
[DIR] python20/
[DIR] python21/
[DIR] python21-pth/
[DIR] python22/
[DIR] python22-pth/
[DIR] python23/
[DIR] python23-nth/
[DIR] python23-pth/
[DIR] python24/
[DIR] python24-pth/
[DIR] python25/
[DIR] python26/
[DIR] python27/
[DIR] python31/
[DIR] python32/
[DIR] python33/
[DIR] python34/
[DIR] python35/
[DIR] python36/
[DIR] python37/
[DIR] python38/
[DIR] python39/
[DIR] qore/
[DIR] quickjs/
[DIR] racket/
[DIR] racket-textual/
[DIR] raduko-star/
[DIR] rakudo/
[DIR] rakudo-star/
[DIR] rcfunge/
[DIR] rexx-imc/
[DIR] rexx-regina/
[DIR] rubinius/
[DIR] ruby/
[DIR] ruby-base/
[DIR] ruby-coffee-script/
[DIR] ruby-coffee-script-source/
[DIR] ruby-cucumber-gherkin/
[DIR] ruby-doc-stdlib/
[DIR] ruby-execjs/
[DIR] ruby-gherkin/
[DIR] ruby-rkelly-remix/
[DIR] ruby14/
[DIR] ruby14-base/
[DIR] ruby16/
[DIR] ruby16-base/
[DIR] ruby18/
[DIR] ruby18-base/
[DIR] ruby19/
[DIR] ruby19-base/
[DIR] ruby193/
[DIR] ruby193-base/
[DIR] ruby200/
[DIR] ruby200-base/
[DIR] ruby21/
[DIR] ruby21-base/
[DIR] ruby22/
[DIR] ruby22-base/
[DIR] ruby23/
[DIR] ruby23-base/
[DIR] ruby24/
[DIR] ruby24-base/
[DIR] ruby25/
[DIR] ruby25-base/
[DIR] ruby26/
[DIR] ruby26-base/
[DIR] ruby27/
[DIR] ruby27-base/
[DIR] runawk/
[DIR] rust/
[DIR] rust-bin/
[DIR] sablevm/
[DIR] sablevm-classpath/
[DIR] sablevm-classpath-gui/
[DIR] sather/
[DIR] sbcl/
[DIR] scala/
[DIR] scala-sbt/
[DIR] scheme48/
[DIR] scm/
[DIR] scsl-jdk15/
[DIR] scsl-jre15/
[DIR] see/
[DIR] sigscheme/
[DIR] siod/
[DIR] smalleiffel/
[DIR] smalltalk/
[DIR] smarteiffel/
[DIR] sml-nj/
[DIR] smlnj/
[DIR] smlnj11072/
[DIR] snobol/
[DIR] spidermonkey/
[DIR] spidermonkey17/
[DIR] spidermonkey185/
[DIR] spidermonkey52/
[DIR] spl/
[DIR] squeak/
[DIR] squeak-vm/
[DIR] sr/
[DIR] sr-examples/
[DIR] stalin/
[DIR] sun-jdk13/
[DIR] sun-jdk14/
[DIR] sun-jdk15/
[DIR] sun-jdk6/
[DIR] sun-jdk7/
[DIR] sun-jre13/
[DIR] sun-jre14/
[DIR] sun-jre15/
[DIR] sun-jre6/
[DIR] sun-jre7/
[DIR] swi-prolog/
[DIR] swi-prolog-jpl/
[DIR] swi-prolog-lite/
[DIR] swi-prolog-packages/
[DIR] tcl/
[DIR] tcl-expect/
[DIR] tcl-itcl/
[DIR] tcl-itcl-current/
[DIR] tcl-otcl/
[DIR] tcl-tclX/
[DIR] tcl80/
[DIR] tcl83/
[DIR] tcl85/
[DIR] tclX80/
[DIR] tclman80/
[DIR] tcltutor/
[DIR] tinyscheme/
[DIR] tk-expect/
[DIR] tk-tclX/
[DIR] twelf/
[DIR] ucblogo/
[DIR] umb-scheme/
[DIR] utilisp/
[DIR] vala/
[DIR] vala012/
[DIR] vala014/
[DIR] vala016/
[DIR] vala018/
[DIR] vala020/
[DIR] vala024/
[DIR] vast_f90/
[DIR] vscm/
[DIR] vslisp/
[DIR] win32-jdk/
[DIR] wonka/
[DIR] wsbasic/
[DIR] yabasic/
[DIR] yap/
[DIR] zenlisp/
[DIR] zig/

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