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Current directory: [] / pkgsrc / japanese

Current tag: pkgsrc-2012Q1

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[DIR] a2ps/
[DIR] ack/
[DIR] canna-lib/
[DIR] canna-server/
[DIR] canuum/
[DIR] chasen/
[DIR] chasen-base/
[DIR] freewnn-lib/
[DIR] freewnn-server/
[DIR] gawk/
[DIR] grep/
[DIR] groff/
[DIR] ipadic/
[DIR] ja-less/
[DIR] jhd/
[DIR] kakasi/
[DIR] kbanner/
[DIR] king/
[DIR] kinput2/
[DIR] less/
[DIR] magicpoint/
[DIR] man/
[DIR] mh/
[DIR] micq/
[DIR] mknmz-wwwoffle/
[DIR] namazu/
[DIR] namazu1/
[DIR] namazu2/
[DIR] nkf/
[DIR] p5-Jcode/
[DIR] p5-Text-ChaSen/
[DIR] p5-Text-Kakasi/
[DIR] p5-jcode/
[DIR] p5-nkf/
[DIR] pkg/
[DIR] qkc/
[DIR] ruby-romkan/
[DIR] ruby-uconv/
[DIR] samba/
[DIR] sed/
[DIR] sj3-lib/
[DIR] sj3-server/
[DIR] skkfep/
[DIR] skkinput/
[DIR] skkserv/
[DIR] texfamily/
[DIR] texfamily-share/
[DIR] vfghostscript5/
[DIR] vflib/
[DIR] vflib-lib/
[DIR] vflib-utils/
[DIR] vfxdvik/
[DIR] xjdic/
[DIR] xjman/

NOTE: There are 1 files, but none matches the current tag (pkgsrc-2012Q1).

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