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Revision 1.2, Tue Nov 24 11:15:14 2009 UTC (12 years ago) by obache
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.1: +13 -21 lines

Update libtabe to 1.2.6.
While here, add DESTDIR support and relax bdb dependency from db3 to db2-4.

0.2.6: 2004/09/20
1. Remove the "-release" flag from libtool, such that the naming convention
   of libtabe/libbims is changed to be: libtabe.so.X.X.X/libbims.so.X.X.X.
   Add release number information into utilities.
   Thanks to Roger So <roger.so@sw-linux.com>.

2. Porting to DB3-3.3.11: DB->stat() only takes 3 arguements.
   Thanks to Pofeng Lee <informer@ns1.m2000.idv.tw>
	     Rui-Xiang Guo <rxg@ms25.url.com.tw>

3. Change the "rm $(PACKDB)" from "make clean" to "make distclean".
   Thanks to Kuang-che Wu <kcwu@ck.tp.edu.tw>.

4. Fix several memory leakage problem.
   Thanks to Kuang-che Wu <kcwu@ck.tp.edu.tw>.

5. Add util/tsiguess.c.
   Add API: tabeChunkInfoFree(), tabeChunkInfoNew(), tabeTsiInfoNew(),
   Thanks to Pofeng Lee <informer@ns1.m2000.idv.tw>.

6. Add bims facility: user add Tsi by hand and store to user DB files.
   Thanks to Eric Cheng <eric@fractal.myip.org>.

7. Add bims facility: simple algorithm to learn new phrase input by user.
   Thanks to Pofeng Lee <informer@ns1.m2000.idv.tw>.

8. A quick fix for segfault when there is no ~/.xcin/*.db
   Fixed by Geoffrey Lee <snailtalk@linux-mandrake.com>

9. Fixed the bug of signed/unsigned TsiInfo->refcount ( µüW 0 bug )
   Found by FixeShao-yu Cheng <eric@netgenes.org>
   Fixed by Kuang-che Wu <kcwu@ck.tp.edu.tw>

10. By <thhsieh@linux.org.tw>
    Fix a bug in libtabe/util/tsiguess: Do not always try to open
    $HOME/.xcin/newdb. But one can use the flag "-u" to specify the
    path of user defined DB file.

11. Fix bug in tabe_tsi.c: tabeChunkSegmentationComplex():
    the same floating point number precision problem found in bims.c.
    Speed up and clean up tsiguess.c and tabe_tsi.c
    By Kuang-che Wu <kcwu@ck.tp.edu.tw>

    tsidump, tsiguess, tsiyincheck, tsiyindump utilities when necessary.
    By Kuang-che Wu <kcwu@ck.tp.edu.tw>

13. Support Berkeley DB 4.
    Thansks to Cheng-Lung Sung <clsung@dragon2.net>.

14. Builds without libbims if configure --without-x
    Builds with specific BerkeleyDB lib name if configure --with-db-name
    tsipackdb.in try all db*_dump, don't check db version anymore

15. Add bimsToggleTsiGuess() and bimsToggleNoTsiGuess() functions.
    Update autotools files.

$NetBSD: patch-ad,v 1.2 2009/11/24 11:15:14 obache Exp $

--- script/configure.in.orig	2004-09-20 06:16:48.000000000 +0000
+++ script/configure.in
@@ -203,7 +203,9 @@ errno = db_open("foo.db", DB_BTREE, DB_C
 if(errno) return errno;
-#if DB_VERSION >= 303011
+#if DB_VERSION >= 403000
+errno = dbp->stat(dbp, NULL, &sp, 0);
+#elif DB_VERSION >= 303011
 errno = dbp->stat(dbp, &sp, 0); 
 errno = dbp->stat(dbp, &sp, NULL, 0);