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Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Oct 14 00:42:13 2014 UTC (5 years, 7 months ago) by mef
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Update xnec2c 2.3-beta to 3.0
Version 2.4:
  I submitted xnec2c (and nec2c) for scanning to the Coverity source code
  audit website, which produced a list of no less than 57 issues to be
  fixed! Most of them were not bugs that affected calculations but possibly
  two, both in the Somnec code, one in function rom1() and one in gshank()
  likely could have caused errors in the relevant
  calculations. Unfortunately the Fortran source of Somnec (as well as that
  of the NEC2) is very difficult to read so I cannot say with certainty if
  this was so.

Version 2.5:
  After a bug report by Jean Collin, I made some changes to the input file
  parser code in input.c, to properly identify tabs in the input file.

Version 2.6:
  After a bug report by Lucjan SQ9VPA, I changed the case of the signal
  handler that deals with SIGCHLD so that it doesn't cause xnec2c to exit
  when the SIGCHLD signal does not originate from child processes created
  by xnec2c. It appears that in some Linux installations a SIGCHLD signal
  is sent to xnec2c even if it is not running forked, e.g. the -j option is
  not used in the command line.

Version 2.7:
  After a bug report by Tim, WJ5Q, I fixed a bug that was preventing the
  creation of an LD card of type 5 (LDTYP=5) when wire conductivity (S/m)
  was specified in the GW card (Wire) editor. The same bug was present in
  the GH (Helix) card editor and it was also fixed. I added code so that
  the wire conductivity for GW, GA and GH cards can be read from the
  relevant LD card and shown in the Conductivity (S/m) spin button.

  After all these changes I checked the xnec2c source code using the
  Coverity Scan service and I fixed an out-of-bounds read error that was
  reported by the scanner, in the plot_freqdat.c file.

Version 2.8:
  Fixed a bug in the GN card editor function which caused xnec2c to save
  the GN card parameters in the .nec antenna description file without
  clearing the number of radials to zero. This resulted in the GN card
  editor window to open with confusing and incorrect defaults for the
  radial screen, when the Reflection Coefficient Approximation method was
  selected for specifying ground parameters.

  Also fixed some bugs (missing variable initializations) in the Ground
  Parameters calculation functions which resulted in incorrect Radiation
  Pattern calculations. This would happen if a .nec file, with Perfect
  Ground (iperf = 1) specified in the GN card, was opened after a .nec
  file, with a Radial Ground Screen specified in the GN card, was

Version 2.9:
  After a request by the Debian maintainer of xnec2c, I added a rudimentary
  man page he sent me and corrected some spelling errors (arbitary to

Version 3.0:
  I have modified the NEC2 file parser so that it can read the file with
  both the '.' and ',' as decimal point characters. This is necessary to
  make xnec2c compatible with different locales. I also fixed a resource
  (memory) leak, reported by valgrind, in the xyz axes drawing routine.

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