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Update 2.1.3 to 2.2.1 (tested both with wxGTK28 and wxGTK30)
Following is not for explicit 2.2.1 release but for 2.2,
(attached to mail from Rick Murphy on 2015/12/31 as
Subject:  TrustedQSL 2.2 final release is available for download)
Trusted QSL V2.2 Release Notes

This version of Trusted QSL (TQSL) has corrections for defects found since
TQSL 2.1 was released (including the updates made for TQSL 2.1.1, 2.1.2,
and 2.1.3) as well as improvements to permit TQSL and Logbook of the World
to support the National Parks on the Air competition.

TQSL 2.2 can be installed to upgrade any older version of TQSL. Downgrade
to TQSL 2.1.3 can be seamlessly performed by uninstalling TQSL 2.2 and
reinstalling TQSL 2.1.3.

On all three supported platforms (Windows, MacOS, and Linux), installing
TQSL 2.2 will replace older versions of Trusted QSL while preserving your
Callsign Certificates, Station Locations, and preferences.  On Windows,
simply run the TQSL 2.2 installer, which will automatically uninstall
older versions of TQSL (and, if installed, TQSLCert). On Mac OS X, open
the disk image (.dmg) file and drag the "Trusted QSL" folder to your
Applications folder. Direct the installer to "Replace All", which will
uninstall old files. For Linux systems, unpack the tar file and read the
INSTALL file for directions.

The following list describes the major changes in the v2.2
release of Trusted QSL.

TQSL changes

Defects Corrected:

Fix a defect that could cause saving of Calllsign Certificate private keys
to be suppressed.

When renewing a Callsign Certificate, entering an invalid password would
display an incorrect "Invalid Argument" error versus displaying the proper
"Invalid password" error. Under some circumstances, this could cause the
related Callsign Certificate to be lost.

Accept C7 and 4Y as valid callsign prefixes.

When installing a Callsign Certificate fails, display the callsign and
serial number to facilitate troubleshooting.

When deleting Callsign Certificates and Station Locations, save a copy to
allow those to be restored.

Reject QSOs that do not specify at least mode, band, date, and time.

Correct the TQSL ADIF editor to not use the local decimal point separator
for frequencies, as ADIF requires a period(.).

Major feature Additions:

Use Portuguese (Portugal) translations contributed by Nuno, CT2IRY.

Allow multiple dependent fields on a station location screen. This allows
both a county and a park entry to be modified when the US state changes
for a US Station Location.

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