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Revision 1.51 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Sep 15 22:52:45 2021 UTC (10 days, 9 hours ago) by gdt
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ham/hamlib: Update to 4.3.1


  - Adjust upstream program testlibusb to have rigctl_ prefix to avoid

  - Note that sunos patch should be sent upstream.

Version 4.3.1
        * 2021-09-14
        * Bug fix release

Version 4.3
        * 2021-09-01
        * libusb-1.0.23 or greater is now required or use --without-libusb
        * Generating documentation now requires GNU source-highlighter.
        * Added IC-575
        * Less VFO swapping of newer Icom rigs -- zero swapping in WSJTX and JTDX
        * Dual rotator control in rotctl -R option
        * Started work on simulators -- very crude right now but usable to debug some things
        * Overhaul of rig split -- reverse split (VFOA=RX VFOB=TX) should work for rigs capable of it
          Starting VFO does not matter -- rig will end up on RX VFO
          S VFOA 1 VFOB
          S VFOB 1 VFOA
          S Main 1 Sub
          S Sub 1 Main

Version 4.2
        * 2021-05-17
        * New rig_get_mode_bandwidths -- returns token set for bandwidths for given mode
              Rig command: \get_mode_bandwidths CW
        * New rig_get_info  -- returns token set for all vfos where order does not matter
          This is a string return to allow for easy future expansion without changing the API
          New tokens may be introduced and can be skipped if not used by clients
              Rig command: \get_rig_info
              VFO=Main Freq=145000000 Mode=None Width=0 RX=1 TX=1
              VFO=VFOB Freq=145000000 Mode=FM Width=15000 RX=0 TX=0
              Split=0 SatMode=0
        * New rig_get_vfo_info
              Rig command: \get_vfo_info VFOA
              Freq: 145000000
              Mode: None
              Width: 0
              Split: 0
              SatMode: 0

        * FILPATHLEN has changed to HAMLIB_FILPATHLEN

        * USRP lib and gnuradio are deprecated and will be removed in 5.0
        * Added Radan rotator
        * Added Malachite SDR
        * Major rework for PRM80
        * Add twiddle_timeout and twiddle_rit --set-conf options
              rigctld --set-conf=twiddle_timeout=5,twiddle_rit=1
              This will set the twiddle timeout to 5 seconds and turn on twiddle_rit
              For twiddle timeout VFOB will not be polled for 5 seconds after VFO twiddling
	      is detected
        * rigctld --twiddle is deprecated and will be removed in 5.0 along with
          get_twiddle and set_twiddle
        * Rework Doxygen manual including default layout for Doxygen 1.9.1.  So far
          the amplifier, rotator, and utilities API sections have been updated.  The
          rig (radio) section remains to be updated.

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