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Revision 1.1, Mon Oct 13 12:51:10 2014 UTC (5 years ago) by mef
Branch: MAIN

Update GNU Radio 3.3.0 (2010-09-15) to 3.7.5
  See the thread for modularity issues etc:
See more info at recent  gnuradio-core/Makefile commit log, thanks.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.1 2014/10/13 12:51:10 mef Exp $

PKGNAME=	gnuradio-qtgui-${VERSION}
COMMENT=	Qt GUI module of GNU Radio

.include	"../../ham/gnuradio-core/Makefile.common"
.include	"../../ham/gnuradio-core/Nocore.mk"

CONF_FILES+=	${EGDIR}/gr-qtgui.conf	${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/gr-qtgui.conf


.include	"../../x11/qt4-libs/buildlink3.mk"
.include	"../../x11/qwt-qt4/buildlink3.mk"
.include	"../../x11/py-qt4/buildlink3.mk"

.include	"../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"