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Revision 1.27, Wed Mar 15 14:07:12 2017 UTC (3 years, 10 months ago) by mef
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.26: +5 -5 lines

Updated ham/gnuradio from to 3.7.11
ChangeLog v3.7.11

This is a feature release of the 3.7 API series, and incorporates all
the bug fixes implemented in the maintenance release.

    (omitted in this commit log, sorry)


The GNU Radio project tracks changes via Github pull requests. You can
get details on each of the below by going to:


Note: Please see the release notes for for details on the bug
fixes included in this release.

    #1077 Support dynamically loaded gnuradio installs (Josh Blum)

    #1118 Support vector types in embedded Python blocks (Clayton Smith)

    #1051 Re-implemented defunct Windows audio source (Geof Gnieboer)
    #1052 Implemented block in Windows audio sink (Geof Gnieboer)

    #896 Added PDU block setters and GRC callbacks (Jacob Gilbert)
    #900 Exposed non-vector multiply const to GRC (Ron Economos)
    #903 Deprecated old-style message queue blocks (Johnathan Corgan)
    #1067 Deprecated blks2 namespace blocks (Johnathan Corgan)

    #910 Deprecated correlateandsync block 3.8 (Johnathan Corgan)
    #912 Deprecated modulation blocks for 3.8 (Sebastian Müller)
    #1069 Improved build memory usage with swig split (Michael Dickens)
    #1097 Deprecated mpskreceivercc block (Johnathan Corgan)
    #1099 Deprecated old-style OFDM receiver blocks (Martin Braun)

    #875 Added ability to cross-compile gr-dtv (Ron Economos)
    #876 Improved ATSC transmitter performance (Ron Economos)
    #894 Refactored DVB-T RS decoder to use gr-fec (Ron Economos)
    #898 Improved error handling and logging (Ron Economos)
    #900 Improved DVB-T performance (Ron Economos)
    #907 Updated examples to use QT (Ron Economos)
    #1025 Refactor DVB-T2 interleaver (Ron Economos)

    #885 Added set parameter msg port to fractional resampler (Sebastian Müller)

    #908 Updated examples to use QT (Martin Braun)

    #872 Added relative phase plots to uhd_fft (Martin Braun)
    #1032 Replace zero-timeout double-recv() with one recv() (Martin Braun)
    #1053 UHD apps may now specify multiple subdevs (Martin Braun)
    #1101 Support TwinRX LO sharing parameters (Andrej Rode)
    #1139 Use UHD internal normalized gain methods (Martin Braun)

    #897 Improved python docstring generation in gr_modtool

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.27 2017/03/15 14:07:12 mef Exp $

SHA1 (gnuradio-3.7.11.tar.gz) = 574df5079b02cfcd80f03930d90a20b2fa9cfcb8
RMD160 (gnuradio-3.7.11.tar.gz) = 72207c6c048f256cbd93a679c09345a5ca45f307
SHA512 (gnuradio-3.7.11.tar.gz) = a3b44e04e63056ad5238ddbda7967ebaf5802d2ed7e24649190bde67a533b50780ec1260dc7710c5388c966b71e153d3d21468bbfee4529c62ac5b89b589dd14
Size (gnuradio-3.7.11.tar.gz) = 4357123 bytes
SHA1 (patch-cmake_Modules_FindSphinx.cmake) = 1e42ad000962f4766810fbd322c80dad1f0b1c3c
SHA1 (patch-gnuradio_runtime_include_gnuradio_high__res__timer__h) = 59ad8192e7ac76b2ce35cda68c378bc2abad20a5
SHA1 (patch-gnuradio_runtime_lib_thread_thread_cc) = c05628aa88ac968928f9eabd8c56d4527e258767
SHA1 (patch-gr-audio_lib_CMakeLists.txt) = 00ff8c14658acd2d1dc8be18ea6a19ace8d12968
SHA1 (patch-gr-audio_lib_alsa_alsa__impl_h) = d61dcd31058c04a6050479a6e8c321ca15420d49