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Revision 1.4 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Feb 23 11:30:03 2019 UTC (2 years, 1 month ago) by mef
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.3: +6 -6 lines
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Updated ham/fldigi 4.0.16 to 4.1.01

- (pkgsrc) drop  patch-src_rigcontrol_hamlib.cxx, it is now included)
- (upstream) below

=Version 4.1.01=

2019-02-18  David Freese  <>

	1d4798c: CW h/w ptt
	ca3e777: nanoIO
	a943ae3: NAVTEX abort
	ce586b8: dup-check
	57cc6ea: ADIF submode
	96e1f05: WF only bug fix
	06c56b3: LotW
	c5af7e0: Pedantic warnings
	892336b: SD counties
	aeed471: SV1GRB test report

=Version 4.1.0=

	39a76e8: po update
	79c67d3: WWV doc
	04e53b5: Winkeyer FSK
	b8ca88e: Contests
	b197c75: arq-override
	8572f35: flmsg-dir
	02c66eb: contest-docs
	9d85169: fldigi_def.xml
	20e2c02: socket_mods
	e1c2d80: Fltk 1.4 mod
	5ffd6f5: wefax
	fb1fd67: nanoIO
	7d604b8: CW SOM table
	4eec8f2: flrig: macro
	99b0a01: Audio adjust docs
	146bd7e: feldhell
	6b5c93a: C-11 fixes
	ccbd52f: nano FSK
	ed6a7db: Mint-19/Mate
	e9c0f2d: Signal Browser documentation
	fbb0654: flrig seg fault

=Version 4.0.18=

	2fef9cb: CPS testing
	aa757af: ipv6 addressing
	c62662c: MT63 centering
	9460c00: fsq mods
	5a7377f: IFKP/THOR greyscale image
	51e2829: Hamlib bug fix
	58c6362: Tooltip
	47d2c6c: nanoIO
	a253603: THROB adif
	f46cb9b: RigCAT dialog

=Version 4.0.17=

	a2b9172: flarq idtimer
	d58b0b7: Greek language update
	4c3ca8f: tmpfile
	87cb7e1: xmlrpc cat string
	4f72635: Modem start frequency
	dc68d02: Serial port discovery
	55aa627: Log entries
	2fea354: flarq appdir
	c480982: rx/tx
	56553fa: RTTY Quick pick
	79aa5d6: quick pick rtty baud
	d1f91ea: Documentation Update
	e4a5cec: CW/FSK I/O on start
	a9df13f: WinKey PTT
	6de7360: Navigator
	fa8e53e: nanoIO
	202ad12: Default Lighted Button
	dfd1b0b: ST/PR macro tags
	490f683: K2/K3/KX3 data modes
	c39a88b: Logbook read
	6cb1e5a: 8pskF
	89ff7c8: fsq/ifkp audit logs
	cd7e502: RTTY browser decode

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