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Changes since 1.1: +16 -12 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

Update to 3.21.52 from 3.03, prepared in pkgsrc-wip by Makoto
Fujiwara, JA1XMS.  Committed during freeze to resolve build failures
of the old version, ok wiz@.

Upstream's NEWS covers only some versions, but:

= Fldigi 3.21 release notes =

== Modems ==

  * Weather Fax receive and transmit
  * RSID can be configured to open the decoder squelch
  * Added several new RSID modem codes
  * Video ID improvements
  * Added browser support for the PSK63F and PSK-nnn-R types
  * Improved CW prosign handling
  * Improved signal detection in PSK multiple decoder
  * The MT-63 modem can now receive and transmit on any frequency
  * Added support for multiple RTTY decoders

== Macros ==

  * Added REPEAT macro
  * Added LNW macro
  * Added CLEARLOG macro
  * Added QSY macro
  * Added RIGMOD and FILWID macros

== User interface ==

  * Added Italian and Spanish translations
  * Translations now also work on win32
  * Added second (optional) macro bar
  * Improved PSK/RTTY browser widget

== Other changes ==

  * RigCAT can use RTS and DTR PTT simultaneously
  * Added interface to Logbook server
  * Added support for ADIF 2.2.3 QSO_DATE_OFF field
  * Added support for CALLOOK (

== Bug fixes ==

  * Yes

= Fldigi 3.20 release notes =

== Modems ==

 * Added new PSK-500 mode
 * Added "robust PSK" modes: PSK-125R, PSK-250R, PSK-500R
 * Added PSK63F mode, compatible with MultiPsk PSK63FEC
 * Added Contestia support
 * Added SSB "modem" to simplify logging of SSB QSOs
 * Added MT63 modem preamble tones to aid signal acquisition
 * Added selectable filter widths for Hellschreiber modes
 * Added AGC and S/N detector for FM-HELL modes
 * Added Olivia noise estimator

 * Improved THOR and DominoEX squelch responsiveness
 * Improved Olivia squelch detection
 * Improved Feldhell AGC and S/N detector
 * Improved RTTY decoder

 * Removed THOR soft decoding
 * RSID now works at the same time as modem decoding
 * The HELL-80 tone spacing was changed to 300 Hz

== Macros ==

 * Added <LOCK:on|off|t> macro to enable/disable/toggle the transmit lock
 * Added <TUNE:nn> macro to transmit tuning tone for ''nn'' seconds
 * Added <RXRSID:on|off|t> and <TXRSID:on|off|t> macros
 * Added <WAIT:nn> macro to delay macro expansion by ''nn'' seconds
 * Added <SRCHUP>, <SRCHDN>, <GOHOME>, <GOFREQ:nnnn> macros to search for a
   signal up and down in frequency, go to the "sweet spot frequency", and
   set the current modem frequency to ''nnnn''
 * The <MODEM> macro syntax is now <MODEM:str>. The older <MODEM>str syntax is
   still supported.  Modem parameters may be specified when using the new
   syntax; currently for RTTY (shift, baud, bits), Olivia (bw, tones) and
   Contestia (bw, tones), e.g.: <MODEM:RTTY:170:45.45:5>, <MODEM:OLIVIA:500:16>,

== User interface ==

 * The main window's QSO and waterfall toolbar are now much more configurable
 * The QSO toolbar can now be set to Contest mode, Minimal mode, Full mode,
   and some combinations thereof
 * The docked digiscope can be hidden and shown without a restart
 * It is now possible to select the modes for which to transmit RSID, VideoID
   and CWID
 * The Op Modes menu can now be customised
 * Removed the floating rig control window
 * Removed various Alt-<key> shortcuts
 * Added a simple "wizard" for first-time users
 * Added a waterfall-only mode; enabled with --wfall-only
 * Removed option to use check buttons for AFC and SQL toggles

== Other changes ==

 * The XML-RPC server now supports HTTP/1.1 keep-alive connections
 * Added several new XML-RPC methods
 * Renamed various main.set_rig_NNN XML-RPC methods to rig.set_NNN
 * Removed obsolete command line switches: --twoscopes, --experimental
 * Improved support for PulseAudio, now also the default backend on Linux
 * The ^R string is no longer treated like ^r; it is now ignored unless at the
   end of the text to be transmitted
 * The Portaudio playback stream is no longer kept open in receive mode; this
   fixes a problem with certain rig interfaces that generate a PTT signal even
   when the audio is complete silence
 * Improved win32 serial port support

== Bug fixes ==

 * The MT63 transmit buffer is now correctly initialized
 * Fixed random exceptions-related crashes on win32
 * Stabilized AFC for all PSK baud rates
 * Improved sensitivity of RSID implementation

 Many more small (and a couple not so small) bug fixes all over the tree

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