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Revision 1.27, Wed Jul 9 20:00:01 2014 UTC (4 years, 11 months ago) by ryoon
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.26: +2 -10 lines

Update to 1.4.10

Release 1.4.10 (20 Jun 2014 -- compared to 1.4.9)
* Fix for portrait-orientation RAW image reads. (#878)
* maketx: Fix case typo for LatLong env map creation when in 'prman'
  mode (#877).
* New Strutil string comparison functions: starts_with, ends_with.
* Make 3.0 compatibility fixes on OSX.
* New Strutil simple parsing functions: skip_whitespace, parse_char,
  parse_until_char, parse_prefix, parse_int, parse_float, parse_string,
  parse_word, parse_identifier, parse_until.
* New Filesystem functions: create_directory, copy, remove, remove_all,
  temp_directory_path, unique_path.

Release 1.4.9 (6 Jun 2014 -- compared to 1.4.8)
* Allow in-source build (not recommended, but necessary for MacPorts). (#863)
* CPack improvements. (#863)
* Fixes to docs-building makefiles. (#873)
* Make ImageSpec::get_float_attribute correctly convert many integer types.
* Fixed some alloca calls that did not get the right amount of memory. (#866)
* OpenEXR: Improve the quality of lossy b44 compression by more correctly
  using the pLinear value of channels (we were incorrectly using the flag
  to indicate linear channels, but it's really for channels that are
  perceptually linear). (#867)
* More robust build when OpenEXR and IlmBase have installed their
  respective header files in different directories rather than the
  expected behavior of being installed together. (#861)
* Fix an off-by-one loop in IBA::resize that would not get the wrong
  image result, but might trigger debuggers to flag it as touching the
  wrong memory. (#868)
* Fix build break in DEBUG compiles for ustring internals. (#869)
* Fix warnings about potentially uninitialized variables. (#871)
* Make thread.h use more modern gcc intrinsics when gcc >= 4.8, this
  allows correct thread.h operations for PPC and MIPS platforms that
  were't working before. (#865)
* Fix Windows build when OIIO_STATIC_BUILD is used. (#872)
* Fixes to get a clean compile on Windows + MSVC 9. (#872)
* New filters available to direct users of filter.{h,cpp} and for
  ImageBufAlgo, oiiotoo, and maketx: "cubic", "keys", "simon", "rifman". (#874)
* OpenEXR: Fix potential build breaks due to incorrect use of
  Imf::isDeepData() which apparently was not intended to be an
  externally-visible function. (#875)
* JPEG: Fix broken recognition of .jfi extension. (#876)

Release 1.4.8 (23 May 2014 -- compared to 1.4.7)
* Fix several compiler warnings and build breakages for a variety of
  platforms and compiler versions. No new feature or true bug fixes.
  #857, #858, #859

Release 1.4 (19 May 2014) -- compared to 1.3.x
Major new features and improvements:
* The PNM reader now supports "PFM" files, which are the floating point
  extension to PNM. (1.4.1)
* Preliminary support for reading a wide variety of digital camera "RAW"
  files.  (1.4.1)
* New oiiotool commands:
    --cpow : raise pixel values to a power (1.4.1)
    --label : give a name to the top-of-stack image, can be referred
              to later in the command line (1.4.1)
    --cut : combine --crop, --origin +0+0, and --fullpixels. (1.4.3)
    --pdiff : perceptual diff (#815) (1.4.4)
    --polar, --unpolar : complex <-> polar conversion. (#831) (1.4.5)
* oiiotool --resize and --fit, and also maketx when using "good" filters
  for downsizing, have been significantly sped up. When downsizing
  with large filters, we have seen up to 3x improvement. (#808) (1.4.3)

Public API changes:
* New ImageBufAlgo functions:
  - pow() raises pixel values to a power. (1.4.1)
  - cut() cuts a region of pixels and moves it to the origin (combines
    crop, reset origin, and set full res = data resolution). (1.4.3)
  - complex_to_polar() and polar_to_complex() convert from (real,imag)
    to (amplitude,phase) and back. (#831) (1.4.5)
* New string_view class (in string_view.h) describes a non-owning
  reference to a string.  The string_view is now used in many places
  throughout OIIO's APIs that used to pass parameters or return values
  as char* or std::string&.  Read string_view.h for an explanation of why
  this is good. (1.4.2, 1.4.3) (N.B. this was called string_ref until 1.4.6,
  when it was renamed string_view to conform to C++17 draft nomenclature.)
* New array_view<>, array_view_strided<>, strided_ptr<>, and image_view<>
  templates are great utility for passing bounded and strided arrays. (1.4.3)
* Removed deprecated PT_* definitions from typedesc.h.
* Removed the quantization-related fields from ImageSpec. (1.4.3)
* Dither: If ImageOutput::open() is passed an ImageSpec containing the
  attribute "oiio:dither" and it is nonzero, then any write_*() calls
  that convert a floating point buffer to UINT8 output in the file will
  have a hashed dither added to the pixel values prior to quantization
  in order to prevent the appearance of visible banding. The specific
  nonzero value passed for the attribute will serve as a hash seed so
  that the pattern is repeatable (or not). (1.4.3)

Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
* Improved oiiotool features:
  * --stats on deep files now prints additional info, such as the minimum
    and maximum depth and on which pixels they were encountered, as well
    as which pixel had the maximum number of depth samples. (1.4.1)
  * --resize and --resample allow WIDTHx0 or 0xHEIGHT, where the '0'
    value will be interpreted as automatically computing the missing
    dimension to preserve the aspect ratio of the source image.
    (#797, #807) (1.4.3)
  * Fixed possible crash when using --origin with tiled, cached
    images. (1.3.12/1.4.2)
  * --pdiff does a perceptual diff (like 'idiff -p'). (#815) (1.4.4)
  * --dumpdata takes a noptional modifier empty=0 that will cause empty
    deep pixels to not produce any output. (#821) (1.4.5)
  * --polar, --unpolar convert from complex (real,imag) to polar
    (amplitude, phase) and vice versa. (#831) (1.4.5)
  * View wildcards: similar to frame range wildcards, "%V" is replaced by
    new names, "%v" by the first letter of each view. The view list is
    {"left","right"} by default, but may be set with the --views argument.
  * --over and --zover set the resulting display/full window to the union
    of those of the inputs; previously it set the display window to that
    of the foreground image, which is often a poor default. (1.4.7)
* ImageCache/TextureSystem:
  - The multi-point version of environment() was broken. (1.3.9/1.4.1)
  - Don't honor the SHA-1 fingerprint found in a file if the "Software"
    metadata doesn't indicate that the file was written by maketx or
    oiiotool. (1.4.3)
* OpenEXR:
  - Multi-part EXR (2.0) didn't write the required "name" attribute for
    each part. (1.3.10/1.4.1)
  - Fix crashing bug when reading stringvector attributes in the
    file. (1.3.11/1.4.2)
  - Add .sxr and .mxr as possible filename extensions (1.3.12/1.4.2)
  - Smarter channel ordering of input of files with ZBack, RA, GA, or BA
    channels (#822) (1.4.5).
  - Adhere to the misunderstood limitation that OpenEXR library doesn't
    allow random writes to scanline files. (1.4.6)
  - More robust with certain malformed metadata. (#841) (1.4.6)
* TIFF: Give a more explicit error message for unsupported tile sizes (1.4.4)
* GIF: Fixes to subimage generation; GIF frames are treated as sequential
  windows to be drawn on canvas rather than as independent images; respect
  "disposal" method; initial canvas is now transparent and all GIFs are
  presented as 4-channel images. (#828) (1.4.5)
* iconvert: properly handle multi-image files for formats that can't
  append subimages. (1.3.10/1.4.1)
* iv info window should print native file info, not translated
  ImageBuf/ImageCache info. (1.3.10/1.4.1)
* Fix ImageCache::get_pixels() for the chbegin != 0 case, when cache
  and output buffer types were not identical. (1.3.10/1.4.1)
* DPX:
  - Fixed several places in the where it could have had buffer
    overruns when processing certain malformed string fields. (1.4.1)
  - Fixed inappropriate use of "dpx_ImageDescriptor" could make invalid
    DPX files (especially when reading metadata from one DPX file,
    changing the number of channels, then writing out again as a DPX
    file). (1.3.10/1.4.1)
  - For output, honor the "Software" metadata attribute passed in.
  - Ignore negative image origin values, which are not allowed by the
    DPX spec which states they are unsigned. (#813) (1.4.4)
  - Fix improper handling of unsupported pixel data types. (#818) (1.4.5)
  - Accept pixel ratio (x/0) to mean 1.0, not NaN. (#834) (1.4.5/1.3.13)
  - Pad subimages to 8k boundaries, as suggested by the DPX spec (1.4.7)
  - Properly write "userdata" field to DPX files if set. (1.4.7)
* PNG:
  - add "png:compressionlevel" and "compression" strategy attributes.
  - output properly responds to "oiio:UnassociatedAlpha"=1 to indicate
    that the buffer is unassociated (not premultiplied) and therefore it
    should not automatically unpremultiply it. (1.4.5)
* Make ImageBuf iterators return valid black pixel data for missing
  tiles. (1.3.12/1.4.2)
* Make the ImageOutput implementations for all non-tiled file formats
  emulate tiles by accepting write_tile() calls and buffering the image
  until the close() call, at which point the scanlines will be output.
* All ImageBufAlgo functions, and oiiotool, strip any "oiio:SHA-1" hash
  values in the metadata in order not to confuse the TextureSystem. (1.4.3)
* IFF: accept write_scanline, even though IFF is tile only. (1.4.3)
* The implementation of the Lanczos filter (and any operations using it)
  have been sped up by using an approximate fast_sinpi instead of the
  more expensive sin() (1.4.3).
* Speed up iinfo --hash / oiiotool --hash by about 20%. (#809) (1.4.4)
* All format writer plugins: ensure that calling close() twice is safe.
  (#810) (1.4.4)
* oiiotool --info and iinfo output have been altered slightly to make them
  match and be consistent. Also, oiiotool didn't say that deep files were
  deep (1.4.4).
* Fixed bad bugs in IBA::flatten() and oiiotool --flatten. (#819) (1.4.5)
* Fix Parameter neglect of properly copying the m_interp field for assignment
  and copy construction. (#829) (1.4.5/1.3.13)
* Fix ImageBufAlgo::circular_shift (and oiiotool --cshift) that did not
  wrap correctly for negative shifts. (#832) (1.4.5/1.3.13)
* The "gaussian" flter incorrectly had default width 2 (correct = 3),
  and the "mitchell" filter incorrect had default width 3 (correct = 4).
  These were bugs/typos, the new way is correct. If you were using those
  filters in ways that used the default width value, appearance may change
  slightly. (1.4.6)

Build/test system improvements:
* libOpenImageIO_Util is now built that only has the utility functions
  in libutil (in addition to the libOpenImageIO, which contains everything).
  This is handy for apps that want to use OIIO's utility functions (such
  as ustring or Filesystem) but doesn't really need any of the image
  stuff.  A build flag BUILD_OIIOUTIL_ONLY=1 will cause only the util
  library to be built.  (1.4.1)
* New build option OIIO_THREAD_ALLOW_DCLP=0 will turn off an
  optimization in thread.h, resulting in possibly worse spin lock
  performance during heavy thread contention, but will no longer get
  false positive errors from Thread Sanitizer.  The default is the old
  way, with full optimization! (1.4.1)
* More robust detection of OpenEXR library filenames. (1.4.1)
* Always reference OpenEXR and Imath headers as <OpenEXR/foo.h> rather
  than <foo.h>. (1.4.1)
* Unit test strutil_test now comprehensively tests Strutil. (1.4.1)
* Fix broken build when EMBEDPLUGINS=0. (1.4.3/1.3.13)
* Fix broken build against OpenEXR 1.x. (1.4.3/1.3.13)
* version.h has been renamed oiioversion.h.  For back compatibility, there
  is still a version.h, but it merely includes oiioversion.h. (#811) (1.4.4)
* Moved all the public header files from src/include to
  src/include/OpenImageIO, so that the src/include area more closely
  matches the layout of an OIIO install area. (#817) (1.4.4)
* Fix compilation problems for PowerPC (#825). (1.4.5/1.3.13)
* Fixes for OpenBSD compilation. (#826/#830) (1.4.5/1.3.13)
* Fixes for Linux compilation when building with BUILDSTATIC=1. (1.4.6)
* Fixes for compilation against IlmBase/OpenEXR 2.1. (1.4.6)
* Improve finding of Freetype on some systems (1.4.6).
* Add to top level Makefile the option STOP_ON_WARNING=0 to let it cleanly
  compile code that generates compiler warnings, without stopping the build.

Developer goodies / internals:
* TBB has been removed completely. (1.4.2)
* Slightly faster timer queries in timer.h for OSX and Windows. (1.4.1)
* Strutil :
  - safe_strcpy() -- like strncpy, but copies the terminating 0 char. (1.4.1)
  - split() fixes bug when maxsplit is not the default value. (1.3.10/1.4.1)
* ParamValue/ParamValueList :
  - ParamValue now allows get/set of the internal 'interp' field. (1.3.9/1.4.1)
  - ParamValueList::push_back is not properly const-ified. (1.4.1)
  - New PVL::find() lets you search on the PVL. (1.4.6)
* fmath.h :
  - New fast_sin, fast_cos, fast_sinpi, fast_cospi are much faster
    polynomial approximations (with max absolute error of ~0.001). (1.4.3)
  - round_to_multiple_of_pow2 - a faster version of the existing
    round_to_multiple(), but only works when the multiple is known to be
    a power of 2. (1.4.6)
* TypeDesc now has operator<, which makes it easier to use STL data structures
  and algorithms that expect an ordering, using TypeDesc as a key. (1.4.6)
* thread.h
  - Slight thread.h portability tweaks. (1.4.1)
  - spin_rw_lock now has more standard lock()/unlock() as synonym for
    for exclusive/write lock, and lock_shared()/unlock_shared() as
    synonym for "read" locks. (1.4.6)
* ustring :
  - new ustringLess and ustringHashIsLess functors make it easier to use
    ustring as keys in STL data structures and algorithms that require
    an ordering function. (1.4.6)
  - improve thread performance significantly by using an
    unordered_map_concurrent internally for the ustring table. (1.4.6)
* unordered_map_concurrent.h :
  - Allow umc template to specify a different underlying map for the
    bins. (1.4.6)
  - Add retrieve() method that's slightly faster than find() when you just
    need a value, not an iterator. (1.4.6)
  - Align bins to cache lines for improved thread performance. (1.4.6)
* ImageBuf iterators have a new rerange() method that resets the iteration
  range, without changing images or constructing a new iterator. (1.4.6)

Release 1.3.14 (19 May 2014 -- compared to 1.3.13)
* OpenEXR output: More robust with certain malformed metadata. (#841) (1.4.6)
* Rename the string_ref class to string_view. (This is unused in OIIO, it
  is for compatibility with OSL.)
* Build fixes on Linux when using BUILDSTATIC=1.
* Add round_to_multiple_of_pow2 to fmath.h
* Add STOP_ON_WARNING option to the top level Makeile wrapper.
* Add documentation on the Python binding for IBA::cut.
* oiiotool --over and --zover now set the output image's display window to
  the union of the inputs' display window, rather than to the foreground.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.27 2014/07/09 20:00:01 ryoon Exp $

OIIOVER=	1.4.10
DISTNAME=	oiio-Release-${OIIOVER}
PKGNAME=	${DISTNAME:S/oiio-Release/openimageio/}
CATEGORIES=	graphics
MASTER_SITES=	-https://github.com/OpenImageIO/oiio/archive/Release-${OIIOVER}.tar.gz

MAINTAINER=	ryoon@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE=	https://sites.google.com/site/openimageio/
COMMENT=	OpenImageIO is a library for reading and writing images
LICENSE=	modified-bsd

USE_TOOLS+=		gmake

CXXFLAGS+=		-std=c++0x


# For redefinition of _rotl macro.

.include "../../mk/compiler.mk"
.if !empty(PKGSRC_COMPILER:Mclang)
CXXFLAGS+=	-Wno-deprecated-register

.include "../../devel/boost-libs/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/hdf5/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/freetype2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/glew/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/ilmbase/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/libwebp/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/opencv/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/openjpeg15/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/openexr/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/tiff/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/giflib/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/qt4-libs/buildlink3.mk"
BUILDLINK_DEPMETHOD.qt4-tools=	build
.include "../../x11/qt4-tools/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"