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[TXT] DESCR  1.3   13 years  wiz   Rename librsvg2 to librsvg, to make upstream name.
[TXT] Makefile  1.127   8 weeks  joerg   Revert last change and just depend on properly specified dependencies.
[TXT] PLIST  1.20   16 months  ryoon   Update to 2.46.0 Changelog: Version 2.46.0 - The following are highlights comp...
[TXT]  1.4   8 weeks  nia   librsvg: Restore default of librsvg-c on ARM Avoid rust version in pbulk when C...
[TXT]  1.61   8 weeks  joerg   Fix librsvg dependency patterns. For the rust case, drop the redundant ancient ...
[TXT] distinfo  1.50   6 weeks  jperkin   librsvg: Fix illumos target.
[TXT]  1.1   20 months  leot   librsvg: Add and mk fragments Rename LIBRSVG_USE_RUST to L...

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