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Revision 1.47, Sat Mar 15 05:37:03 2014 UTC (5 years, 3 months ago) by ryoon
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2014Q1-base, pkgsrc-2014Q1
Changes since 1.46: +2 -3 lines

Update to 14.03.1

* Remove FETCH_USING=curl
* Add some NetBSD support code
* Replace Linux specific get_nprocs() with sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN)

2014 Mar xx  v.14.03.1
+ Bugfix: Makefile references a file missing in the tarball.
+ Translation updates: French, Portuguese
+ Improve positioning of "no more images" notification.

2014 Mar 01  v.14.03
+ Gallery view: highlight the current image with a red frame.
+ Gallery thumbnail right-click menu: new entry to pop-up a large
  resizable movable image. View multiple images within the gallery.
+ Mosaic: new function to convert an image into a mosaic with tiles made
  from all available images. Click a tile to pop-up the underlying image.
+ Pattern: new function to add a semi-transparent pattern to an image
  background (e.g. make an image seem painted on canvas or a brick wall).
+ New slide show transition: Ken Burns effect (slow zoom-in).
+ Mashup transparencies can be adjusted instantly as well as gradually.
+ Several small user interface changes were made for convenience and
  consistency with common practices. Speed was also improved.
+ Keyboard shortcuts editing was simplified.
+ Leverage Edits was removed (this is more easily done with Paint Edits).
+ Edit Translations was removed (unused AFAIK, and slightly buggy).
+ Bugfix: Paint/Clone: ignore source pixels beyond image edge [crash risk].
+ Bugfix: Fix memory allocation thread contention [crash risk].
+ Bugfix: If a collection once contained images that are now deleted,
  copy/cut/paste operations could move the wrong images.

2014 Feb 05  v.14.02.2
+ Bugfix: fix memory corruption causing a crash.

2014 Feb 02  v.14.02.1
+ Bugfix: stop spurious "low memory" warning.

2014 Feb 01  v.14.02
+ Index Image Files (aka Synchronize) is faster. Intermixing image files
  with 100K other files under /home/user/... no longer causes a slowdown.
  Startup time is also faster for the normal case of few new image files.
+ Retouch Combo: sliders were added for fast adjustment of overall
  brightness and contrast. The curves can then be hand-tuned if needed.
+ Slide Show: a new transition type simulates turning a book page.
+ Slide Show: images are clipped to exactly fit the monitor if the
  difference in aspect ratio is less than an adjustable limit.
+ Slide Show: optionally show captions/comments at top of each image.
+ The batch Rename and Convert functions were combined for convenience.
+ Batch Convert has a new option to automatically sharpen images.
+ Paint/Clone: a "shadow" paintbrush tracks the source of copied pixels.
+ Retouch Combo, Trim/Rotate and Resize can recall prior settings
  for easier application to multiple images needing similar treatments.
+ Mashup: resizing/rotating an overlay image with the mouse is smoother.
+ Editing a selected area: edge blending was made a bit smoother.
+ Search Images: select gallery report or tabular report for metadata.
+ Block metadata edits for inappropriate image types (e.g. bmp, gif).
+ Bugfix: Texture function converted RGB 0/0/0 pixels to illegal values.
+ Bugfix: Bogus error message about exceeding geotag limits.
+ Bugfix: Trim function left temporary image remnants on the window.

2014 Jan 04  v.14.01.1
+ Russian translation updated.
+ Spanish and Catalan Quit Start documents updated.

2014 Jan 01  v.14.01
+ Adjustments for brightness, contrast, color, gamma, and white balance
  were combined into a single dialog function for faster workflow.
+ Select area: automatically finish areas selected by mouse painting and
  color matching (process "swiss cheese" selections faster and easier).
+ Select Area: follow-edge method can better follow edges when mouse
  edge-following is less than perfect.
+ New special effect: add textured surface to an image or selected area.
+ Kuwahara sharpen method added: very effective for some special cases.
+ All sharpen methods were made multithreaded (typical 2x speedup).
+ Slide Show transitions can optionally happen in random sequence.
+ Slide Show transition speeds can be adjusted for CPU/GPU performance.
+ Show RGB: update RGB values live as the mouse is moved over an image.
+ The user guide was audited and many minor corrections were made.
+ Bugfix: Mashup: preserve transparency when using saved cutout images.
+ Bugfix: Image edits were losing some special application XMP metadata.
+ Bugfix: HDR crash if input images are not exactly the same size.

2013 Dec 01  v.13.12
+ The user interface has better flexibility for faster workflow:
  + An edit function can be started without closing a prior function.
    The prior edit status is used and an undo/redo position is added.
  + Step through a series of new images with an open edit function.
    Apply the function to an image or pass over with the [next] button.
  + Brightness and color functions can recall prior settings for faster
    application to other photos made under the same lighting conditions.
+ RAW files now work like all other image files. Auto-copy to tiff-16
  is no longer done. Edit as usual and save in the desired format.
+ Add Text: new option: retrieve and edit metadata caption/comments.
+ Captions: new option: show metadata caption/comments above each image.
+ Move Collections more flexible: any pathname segment can be replaced.
+ Some intermediate files now use ramdisk for a small performance gain.
+ Mashup: layout images can be moved in 1-pixel steps with KB arrow keys.
+ Mashup: internal speedups, especially when painting transparency.
+ New Slide Show transition type: double doors open from the middle.
+ Log file output was made always current, like a terminal session.
+ Bugfix: unsaved edits lost if [next] button used beyond the last file.
+ Bugfix: curve nodes lost when reloading saved complex edit curves.
+ Bugfix: Mashup: sometimes erratic overlay image corner drag behavior.

2013 Nov 11  v.13.11.1
+ Bugfix: Flatten Brightness Distribution was not working for large images.

2013 Nov 01  v.13.11
+ File Sync: image navigation and viewing is now allowed, but not editing.
+ Batch Convert: upright "sideways" photos made with camera turned 90 deg.
+ Slide Show: improved capability for automatic pause at designated images.
+ Warp Linear: algorithm was revised to better approximate linearity.
+ New: Highlight darkest/brightest image areas with adjustable threshholds.
+ Select Area: expand or contract a finished area in 1-pixel steps.
  (can reduce edge effects when editing areas selected by color matching).
+ Mashup: interface improved to simplify and speed up image positioning.
+ Mashup: mouse can "paint" variable transparency on images in the layout.
+ User Settings: new option to include hidden files in the gallery pages.
+ Trim/Rotate: grid lines match the trim rectangle (rule of thirds works).
+ Zoom state is retained for Open Previous File, but reset otherwise.
+ Bugfix: Trim/Rotate removed black rotate margins that were intentional.
+ Bugfix: Trim/Rotate failed to reinstate its prior grid settings.
+ Bugfix: Auto-Trim caused an endless loop under certain circumstances.

2013 Oct 13  v.13.10.1
+ Workaround implemented for GDK changes first seen in Ubuntu 13.10:
  Right-click popup menus execute the entry under the mouse when the
  right mouse button is released. It is too easy to execute the first
  entry by accident.

2013 Oct 01  v.13.10
+ Mashup: move/resize/rotate layout images/text by dragging the mouse.
+ Trim/crop and Rotate were combined as one function to improve workflow.
+ Rotate: click image position to add vertical and horizontal guidelines.
+ Rotate: the automatic trim option was reinstated.
+ Flatten and Expand brightness distribution were combined as one function.
+ Paint/Clone: new option to paint/erase gradually or fully in one stroke.
+ Gallery thumbnail popup menu: rotate +/-90 degrees was added.
+ Gallery [Top] button: new option to choose a named collection.
+ World map zoom: use full-size/fit-window without intermediate steps.
+ Slide Show: allow pause and resume at a selected image position.
+ Slide Show: an image with "pause" tag will beep and pause until resumed.
+ View Metadata: menu to show captions and comments (e.g. for slide show).
+ Making a collection from search results (or any gallery) was simplified.
+ CMYK function: the user interface was simplified.
+ Warp Linear/Curved/Affine use multiple threads for faster response.
+ Bugfix: clickable tabular reports would not scroll with mouse wheel.
+ Bugfix: the interactive translation update function was broken.

2013 Sep 17  v.13.09.4
+ Bugfix: some composite functions were not showing progress and
   appeared to be "stuck" until they completed normally.

2013 Sep 14  v.13.09.3
+ Spanish and Catalan translations updated.
+ Bugfix: For some locales the gallery Zoom buttons did not work.

2013 Sep 08  v.13.09.2
+ Russian translation updated.
+ Crash in Edit Metadata was fixed.

2013 Sep 01  v.13.09.1
+ New function Mashup: arrange multiple images and text in a layout
  (move around via mouse, resize, rotate, transparency, font effects).
+ Metadata edit functions were combined: tags/ratings/captions/comments.
+ File save options: interface revised for clarity and error avoidance.
+ Window tabs have icons instead of "F/G/W" letters.
+ Menus and toolbars have visual feedback and popup descriptions.
+ Paste a selected area: adjust brightness to better match background.
+ Fix Stuck Pixels: user feedback and responsiveness was improved.
+ File Synch: output image file counts for each subdirectory processed.
+ Bugfix: crash if menus clicked during generation of a large gallery.
+ Bugfix: Gallery file selection: select low-high range was broken.
+ Bugfix: Deleted images were not being removed from collection lists.

2013 Aug 09  v.13.08.1
+ Italian, Portuguese and Russian translations updated.
+ Bugfix: crash in Fix Stuck Pixels function.

2013 Aug 01  v.13.08
+ White Balance: a direct adjustment for color temperature was added.
+ Search Images: apply criteria iteratively to expand/reduce results.
+ Date format (gallery, metadata reports) is world standard YYYY-MM-DD.
+ Default jpeg save quality was added to the user settings.
+ New function: Graduated Blur: emphasizes lower-contrast pixels
  (can make faces look younger, cartoon effect when taken to extremes)
+ Sketch: a 2nd algorithm is provided which works better for some images.
+ Sketch: responds much faster to changes in dialog controls.
+ Tools > Missing Translations: omit text deliberately left as English.
+ Manage Tags: new popup report of unused tags (potentially deletable).
+ Auto Trim was made much faster.
+ Trim/Crop and Rotate dialogs have minor UI improvements.
+ New demo videos are available on YouTube and the Fotoxx web site.
+ Bugfix: loss of correct KB Ctrl/Alt state if changed outside app focus.
+ Bugfix: right-click popup menu for main window could name a wrong file.
+ Bugfix: image rename function was not updating the gallery page.
+ Minor bugfixes: area finish, dots effect, prev/next file, KB shortcuts.

2013 Jul 15  v.13.07.1
+ Bugfix: Crash in Batch Convert RAW if default "JPEG" is never changed.
+ Bugfix: Crash in Manage Tags if used in an unexpected manner.

2013 Jul 01  v.13.07
+ Gallery navigation was made more flexible.
+ Effects > Drawing and Outline functions were combined.
+ New: Effects > Sketch: Transform a photo into a simulated sketch.
+ New: Tools > Missing Translations: report missing translations.
+ Batch Add Tags and Delete Tags were combined into a more flexible tool.
+ Edit Collections was made easier (add/delete/cut/copy/paste images).
+ New startup option: show newest image files added to the database.
+ Ascending/descending option was added to the gallery sort button.
+ Write Text: [apply] button goes to disk as well as memory image.
+ Gallery File Selection: [clear] button was added.
+ Flatten and Expand Brightness Range: new buttons for popup histogram.

2013 Jun 11  v.13.06.2
+ Bugfix: Expand Brightness: a zero brightness retention range and
          activating the brightness distribution graph >> crash.
+ Bugfix: edit metadata + cancel + open new image >> crash.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.47 2014/03/15 05:37:03 ryoon Exp $

DISTNAME=	fotoxx-14.03.1
CATEGORIES=	graphics
MASTER_SITES=	http://www.kornelix.com/uploads/1/3/0/3/13035936/

MAINTAINER=	pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE=	http://www.kornelix.com/fotoxx.html
COMMENT=	Program for editing image files from a digital camera
LICENSE=	gnu-gpl-v3



# XXX work around misc/xdg-utils being completely broken

OWN_DIRS+=	${PREFIX}/share/desktop-directories

DEPENDS+=	xdg-utils-[0-9]*:../../misc/xdg-utils
DEPENDS+=	p5-Image-ExifTool-[0-9]*:../../graphics/p5-Image-ExifTool
DEPENDS+=	dcraw-[0-9]*:../../graphics/dcraw
DEPENDS+=	gimp-ufraw-[0-9]*:../../graphics/gimp-ufraw

USE_TOOLS+=	pkg-config


.include "../../mk/bsd.prefs.mk"

SUBST_CLASSES+=			fix-paths
SUBST_STAGE.fix-paths=		pre-configure
SUBST_MESSAGE.fix-paths=	Fixing absolute paths.
SUBST_FILES.fix-paths=		desktop
SUBST_SED.fix-paths=		-e 's,=/usr,=${PREFIX},g'
SUBST_SED.fix-paths=		-e 's,=/usr,=${PREFIX},g'

# XXX work around misc/xdg-utils being completely broken
	${INSTALL_DATA_DIR} ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/share/desktop-directories

.include "../../devel/libexecinfo/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/lcms2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/tiff/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/gtk3/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../sysutils/desktop-file-utils/desktopdb.mk"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"