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Revision 1.12, Wed May 11 01:27:03 2011 UTC (8 years, 1 month ago) by ryoon
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.11: +3 -4 lines

Update to 11.05.1

* On DragonFly, not works yet (like before).

fotoxx change log

2011.05.02  v.11.05.1
+ The new version of alien replaces text files in /usr/share/doc/appname
  with compressed (.gz) versions, making the menu Help > Change Log etc.
  fail. Program was revised to accept either normal or compressed files.
+ Context help (F1) for Remove Dust did not work.

2011.05.01  v.11.05
+ New function Erase Dust: erase dust spots on images from scanned slides.
+ Named image collections were made easier to create and revise. Images
  can be added, removed and rearranged using a thumbnail gallery.
+ The trim (crop) function better handles zoom and scroll. The desired
  image size can be input directly, in addition to the mouse drag method.
+ Smart Erase was made faster (noticeable on slow processors).
+ Create Blank Image: simplify UI and create new file automatically.
+ Minor UI improvement: inform user if the current search results or
  named collection must be abandoned to open a non-member image file.
+ Select Area: edge distance calculation for hairy edges is >2x faster.
+ Image tags with imbedded blanks are allowed.
+ Bugfix: Smart Erase was sometimes missing a few pixels.
+ The supplied .deb and .rpm packages are now built using Ubuntu 10.04
  instead of Ubuntu 8.10. These packages (using newer libraries) may
  not be installable on less current Linux releases.

2011.04.01  v.11.04
+ Vertical panorama was implemented (previously possible but clumsy).
+ Slide Show can optionally play a music file or play list.
+ A pre-planned slide show can be started from the command line.
+ Initialization for new installs was simplified and the user warning was
  strengthened (need fewer frustrated users who don't read user guides).
+ Smart Erase was made easier by combining the select and erase functions.
+ Select ellipse: keep the ellipse centered at the drag origin.
+ Select by color: the search range for matching pixels was limited to
  3x the mouse radius. This works better, allowing edges with varying
  color to be more easily followed and selected. The remaining interior
  areas can be selected with an extra click in the finish dialog.
+ Paste Area was made easier to use by automating the finish step.
+ Unbend was extended to fix more types of perspective problems.
+ Toolbar buttons were rearranged to reduce the risk of accidentally
  overwriting the original image.
+ The total image file limit of 100,000 was removed. The practical limit
  depends on how much main memory is available for the image search index.
  1 GB is enough for >1 million files, and only needed when searching.
+ Bugfix: possible crash in slide show with "ellipse" transitions.
+ Bugfix: HDF: first manual tweak caused an annoying random jump.
+ Bugfix: crash if initial warning message ignored and then open a file.

2011.03.13  v.11.03.1
+ Bugfix: possible crash if area select along bottom edge of image.
+ Bugfix: possible crash following a revision of lens parameters.
+ Bugfix: select area: edge of image can also be edge of area.

2011.03.01  v.11.03
+ Composite functions Pano, HDR, HDF and Stack run 2-3 times faster.
+ Printing: intermediate file was changed from .jpeg to .tiff to correct
  slight blurring of some color edges in high-resolution images.
+ New art function: create color outline drawings.
+ New function: adjust monitor gamma with live feedback.
+ Plugins: add external image editors to Fotoxx menu: Fotoxx edits may
  precede and follow, [undo] / [redo] buttons work, etc.
+ Smart Erase: can use a tighter area around the object to be erased.
+ Panorama: the math was simplified to a pure cylindrical projection.
+ Select Area: added select for rectangular and elliptical areas.
+ Notify user of delay for thumbnail creation when new images are found.
+ New slide show transition: ellipse expanding from the center.
+ Select Area: brighter outlines for freehand draw and follow edge.
+ Unbend: panorama curve is more accurately flattened.
+ bugfix: crash reading 4-channel tiff file in strip format.
+ bugfix: panorama crash if image overlap reaches zero during alignment.
+ bugfix: crash if trying to save to a .gif file (converts to .jpg).
+ bugfix: fixed small memory leak in metadata viewer.

2011.02.01  v.11.02
+ Retouch functions can be incrementally "painted" with the mouse, with
  variable radius and strength.
+ Area cut and paste: edge effects are more effectively suppressed and
  the pasted area/object can be rotated as well as resized.
+ Curve edit (used in image retouch functions): curve data can be saved
  to a file or loaded from a file as part of the curve edit dialog.
+ New function: Smart Erase: erase power lines and other small defects
  by replacing them with pixels from the neighborhood.
+ New functions: Make Image Collection and Open Image Collection. Images
  may be assigned to named collections. A collection can be recalled and
  used for a slide-show, export, etc.
+ New function: Combine photos of the same subject taken at different
  moments, remove tourists, cars, etc. that come and go.
+ Panorama pre-align was made a little easier (check the user guide).
+ Tag Edit and Tag Management were separated to simplify operation.
+ New 1-time function: Tools > Fix Tag Delimiters: make tags (keywords)
  compatible with Photoshop. Other photo managers may not be compatible.
  This is optional and can be done at any time without affecting Fotoxx.
+ Art > Dots: dot rows are offset by 1/2 dot pitch, which looks better.
+ Expand Brightness Range: use sliders and show brightness histogram.
+ 1-time function to rebuild thumbnails now has a fast incremental mode.
+ Obsolete functions removed: convert old tag and parameter formats.
  (if you have startup problems, delete /home/<user>/.fotoxx).
+ Bugfix: Edit Info function could not be canceled before using it.
+ Bugfix: Edit Info (metadata) limit raised from 100 to 1000 characters.
+ Bugfix: Stop meaningless EXIF diagnostic when a blank image is created.
+ Bugfix: Annotate crash if font set to tiny and then increased.
+ tags_index file was renamed to search_index

2011.01.07  v.11.01.2
+ Bugfix: select whole image was not working. What went wrong between
  testing and release is a mystery, but now it is fixed.

2011.01.06  v.11.01.1
+ Revise startup warnings about thumbnails and tag index file to make
  them less intrusive and perhaps easier to understand.
+ French translation was updated.

2011.01.01  v.11.01
+ Select Area: Select the whole image and use overall brightness or a
  single RGB color brightness to control the application of a retouch
  function. This allows tone mapping, noise reduction, etc. to apply
  in darker image areas but not brighter areas (or the inverse).
+ New art function: make a dot matrix image (à la Roy Lichtenstein).
+ Slide Show was given a few dubiously useful but cute image transition
  modes (fade-out/fade-in and various kinetic image replacement methods).
+ Open Recent File: the 100 most recent image files are presented in a
  gallery window to make it easier to go back to a desired image.
+ If grid lines are active when an image is printed, the grid lines will
  also appear on the printed image.
+ The status bar shows if a select-area is active or a function is busy.
+ A new blank image can be created and used as a basis for mashups
  using cutouts from other images plus annotation text.
+ After a first-time install, the user is now advised to run the 1-time
  indexing program so that image searches will function correctly.
+ Batch add and delete tags have a popup window to monitor progress.
+ Search Images output (gallery window) is sorted to follow the physical
  organization of the underlying files. Groupings and sequences implied
  by the file organization (directories and file names) are preserved
  in the generated window of thumbnail images. This was always a claimed
  fotoxx capability, but was not always working as advertised.
+ Bugfix: image was sometimes not being resized to fit window after a
  size change (trim, resize), possibly giving a false impression.
+ Bugfix: inverting a select area did not work with some edit functions.

2010.12.07  v.10.12.1
Three minor GUI improvements:
+ pixel edit: notify if select area is active to avoid user confusion.
+ fix inconsistent behavior of select area draw and follow edge.
+ bugfix: "Save As" with a name like "2010.12" resulted in "2010.jpg".

2010.12.01  v.10.12
This release has many small user interface improvements and bug fixes.
+ Switching the mouse between dialogs and main window was simplified,
  making it easier to zoom and pan when a dialog owns the mouse or to
  control two active dialogs alternating ownership of the mouse.
+ Select Area by color: in firewall mode, pixels within the mouse radius
  are unconditionally selected. Left drag now works as an un-select.
+ Select Area by freeform drawing: drawing lines along the edge of the
  image is no longer so tedious.
+ The HDF "paint" mode was made more responsive for slow CPUs.
+ Image captions (IPTC: Caption-Abstract) are now searchable (along
  with tags, dates, stars, comments, file names). Image captions are
  searched for given words. Run Tools > Rebuild Tags Index to update
  the search index (one-time conversion job).
+ Data functions (EXIF/IPTC/etc. tags, comments, captions) were moved
  into one menu. The "big text" functions (comments, captions) were
  made easier to view and edit with a conventional text edit interface.
+ Info > Search Images: searching file names works without wildcards,
  (e.g. search "rosi" matches /xxx/rosi/xxx.jpg and /xxx/Rosixxx.jpg).
+ Info > Search Images: date range default month/day is 01/01 for low
  limit and 12/31 for high limit, so "2009 to 2010" is two full years.
+ Info > Search Images: "match any" and "match all" can be specified
  separately for tags, comments/captions, and file names.
+ Rotated images are no longer automatically uprighted. Instead, use
  the R or L key to permanently fix as needed. This saves time for
  every image opened since the EXIF data need not be read.
+ File > Open Recent File: opens the combo box file list automatically.
+ File > Open Previous File: opens most recent file that still exists.
+ File > Save As with "new version" selected: the version naming was
  changed to reduce the risk of conflict with a user file naming system.
  Format: originalname.jpg >> *.v01.jpg >> *.v02.jpg >> etc.
+ Buttons [Prev] and [Next] more reliably find previous or next files
  even if files have been deleted or renamed outside Fotoxx.
+ Dialogs that need significant time now show an hourglass, even when
  the mouse cursor stays inside the dialog window.
+ Tools > Clone: screen is split 50/50 between the two instances.
+ Transform > Trim: dragging the margins is smoother for slow CPUs.
+ Zoom: limit was raised from 200% to 400%. This makes it easier
  to do a very precise area selection.
+ Annotate Image: text can be optionally outlined with a different color.
+ The user guide was audited and many small corrections were made.
+ Bugfix: quotes in EXIF/IPTC/etc. data were replaced with escaped
  quotes to prevent the exiftool command from failing.
+ Bugfix: Area copy and paste: fixed small edge defects that sometimes
  happened when the pasted area was reduced in size.

2010.11.08  v.10.11.2
+ Bugfix: Trashing an image deleted User Comments for other images in the
  tag index file, causing the Search function to fail for comments search.
  Run Tools > Rebuild Tags Index if you are using the comments feature.

2010.11.01  v.10.11.1
+ Bugfix: crash if fotoxx start and quit without opening an image file.

2010.11.01  v.10.11
+ Search Tags: a simpler alternative is provided for those not wanting to
  maintain an elaborate image tag system: search based on user comments
  and/or image folder and file names. Match on any or all search words
  entered, with optional wildcard matching for folder and file names.
  NOTE: Run Tools > Rebuild Tags Index for this feature to work.
+ Edit functions operating within a small area were made more responsive
  for slow CPUs: Warp Area, Paste Area, Annotate Image, Edit Pixels.
+ Annotate Image: both text and background color and transparency can be
  specified. Traditional-looking watermarks can be made. Annotation data
  can be saved as a file, so annotations can be kept and re-used.
+ Grid lines: either line count or line spacing can be specified. Line
  counts are independent of image size. G-key toggles grid on/off.
+ New function: Warp Image (linear): an alternative way to compensate
  for perspective distortions. Change line slopes without curving them.
+ Pixel edit now works within a selected area. This makes it easy to paint
  inside an area using an opaque or transparent color and a large brush.
+ Select Area by Color: optional "firewall" mode: already-selected pixels
  become a barrier to the propagation of newly-selected pixels.
+ Buttons in Select Area dialog were made available as menu functions
  with their own F1 help topics (a small convenience improvement).
+ Dialog boxes now open near the upper right corner of the main window
  instead of the middle (a small convenience improvement).
+ File > Save As: retain the same current file and image set if saving
  to a different directory. Otherwise make the new file the current file
  and add it to the current image set (directory or tag search results)
  (a small convenience improvement).
+ New function: File > Open Previous: go back to the previous file,
  also if in another directory (a small convenience improvement).
  (File > Open Recent is unchanged: choose from last 30 files).
+ Bugfix: missing or corrupted parameters file could cause a crash.

2010.10.16  v.10.10.2 and 10.10.3
+ Bugfix: restored lost F1 links to user guide.
+ Bugfix: trim button [invert] did not work. [gold] ratio was inverted.
+ The Dutch translation was updated.
+ Edit EXIF User Comments and Annotate Image (write text on image) were
  made into separate functions. The old interface was confusing.
+ Annotate on slow (Atom) processors now works acceptably fast.
+ Grid lines dialog revised to use line spacing instead of line counts.
+ Trim ratio buttons are customized with a GUI instead of a text file.
+ Window repaint speed (expose event) was doubled (no impact on edits).

2010.10.02  v.10.10.1
+ Bugfix: Annotate function was missing the translation capability.
+ Annotate on slow (Atom) processors was made faster, but still slow.
+ The Italian translation was updated.

2010.10.01  v.10.10
+ New function Annotate Image: Text can be edited and viewed in a live
  window updated with each image opened, or written directly on the
  image using any font, size and rotation.
+ New function E-mail: select multiple images, downsize within specified
  limits, and e-mail using the preferred e-mail program.
+ A small improvement was made in the visibility of grid lines.
+ Max. working threads was raised to 6 (newest CPUs have up to 6 cores).
+ Image trim (crop): the preset aspect ratio buttons can be customized
  by editing a parameters file.
+ More parameters are saved and restored across sessions: trim size,
  grid lines, e-mail size, edit resize, batch resize.
+ The word "mass" in menus and help text was replaced with "batch".

2010.09.10  v.10.9.1
+ Chinese translation was updated.
+ Bugfix: save-as: file names like xxx.yyy.jpg got truncated to xxx.jpg.
+ Usability improvement: A set of files generated by searching tags is no
  longer discarded if a member file is opened, saved, renamed, or trashed.

2010.09.01  v.10.9
+ The Portuguese translation was updated.
+ New: Stack function: combine multiple images of the same subject for
  noise reduction. Use mean or median pixel RGB values and optionally
  discard the most extreme RGB values (noisiest) from the mix.
+ New: make a B/W or color negative, or make a positive from a negative.
+ New: delete or replace a tag for selected or all images.
+ The brightness/contrast curve edit function was revised to better
  preserve detail in the brightest image areas.
+ The Retouch curve edit functions are generally 30% faster.
+ The interplay between the main window and gallery window was revised.
  The gallery window overlays the main window, with the current image in
  the top row. When an image is clicked in the gallery, the main window
  overlays the gallery window, showing the selected image. Both windows
  are still present and can be dragged apart if wanted. The perception
  is that they both alternately occupy the same window.
+ The functions Burn CD/DVD, Mass Add/Delete Tags, and Mass Resize can
  now be used together with Search Tags: use Search Tags to establish a
  set of images from which the files to mass-process can be selected.
+ Select Area dialog: buttons added: [enable] [disable] [invert].
  This makes editing areas a bit faster than using separate menus.
+ A small improvement was made in the Select Area follow-edge algorithm.
+ Default extensions for "Save As" were changed from .jpeg and .tiff to
  .jpg and .tif because some programs don't recognize the longer forms.
+ "Save As" sets the current file to the newly saved file instead of
  remaining at the prior file. This makes fotoxx work more like other
  apps. Use the "recent file" menu to go back if wanted. Any edits are
  still active and can be undone or further edited and saved again.
+ HDR/HDF: auto-trim the edges where all input images do not overlap.
+ Curve editing was generally revised not to truncate curves beyond the
  first and last anchor points. Curves are projected to the graph limits.
+ Internal cleanup: generalize the saving and restoring parameters across
  sessions. Add mass-resize width/height to the saved parameters.
+ Bugfix: Sharpen: gradient method: threshold did not work correctly.
+ Bugfix: rounding error in HDF was causing 1-pixel alignment errors.
+ Bugfix: gtk function call within a thread was causing a (rare) crash.
+ Bugfix: huge tag in iptc:keywords caused a loop in tag editing.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.12 2011/05/11 01:27:03 ryoon Exp $

DISTNAME=	fotoxx-11.05.1
CATEGORIES=	graphics
MASTER_SITES=	http://kornelix.squarespace.com/storage/downloads/

MAINTAINER=	pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE=	http://kornelix.squarespace.com/fotoxx/
COMMENT=	Program for editing image files from a digital camera


DEPENDS+=	xdg-utils-[0-9]*:../../misc/xdg-utils
DEPENDS+=	p5-Image-ExifTool-[0-9]*:../../graphics/p5-Image-ExifTool
DEPENDS+=	gimp-ufraw-[0-9]*:../../graphics/gimp-ufraw

#WRKSRC=		${WRKDIR}/fotoxx
USE_TOOLS+=	gmake pkg-config


.include "../../graphics/tiff/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/gtk2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"