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Revision 1.43 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Jun 8 13:39:39 2013 UTC (6 years, 4 months ago) by ryoon
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2013Q2-base, pkgsrc-2013Q2
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Update to 13.06.1

* Use devel/libexecinfo.

2013 Jun 05  v.13.06.1
The Spanish and Catalan translations were updated.

2013 Jun 03  v.13.06.1
Bugfix: Select Area Finish during an active edit causes a crash.

2013 Jun 01  v.13.06
Fotoxx v.13.06 has several small enhancements and bug fixes.
+ Popup menus, tips, and information blocks are a little more friendly.
+ Pano, HDR, etc. have greater latitude to warp images for better fit.
+ Warp Area: area can be pulled outside its initial boundary.
+ Quickstart page is an HTML file instead of a PNG image.
+ Area Finish was made much faster.
+ Add Text: (write text on image) optional drop shadows were added.
+ Slide Show pause/resume: resume is immediate (no wait for timer).
+ Slide Show: B key toggles image and blank screen and pauses the show.
+ Bugfix: fix pan/scroll jerkiness with large image (bug from v.13.03).
+ Bugfix: Trim/Crop: do not limit width/height to prior width/height -1.
+ Bugfix: thumbnail generation: stop non-RAW files passed to dcraw.
+ Bugfix: gallery display was ignoring symlinks to other directories.
+ Bugfix: (Fedora) some popup tips were white text on white background.

2013 May 07  v.13.05.2
+ Spanish and Portuguese translation update.

2013 May 04  v.13.05.1
+ Geocoding web service changed to open and free MapQuest Open.

2013 May 01  v.13.05
+ The Fotoxx user guide is now available in Spanish.
+ Directory navigation was simplified for multiple top image directories.
+ A Quick Start guide is shown at first startup (also Help > Quick Start).
+ The menu names and groupings for edit functions are more conventional.
+ User Guide addition: use an ImageMagick function as a Fotoxx function.
+ New user setting: pan/scroll method: with or against mouse, 1x or zoomed.
+ New user setting: interpolation method used for image display.
+ An anti-alias function was added (suppress pixelation or "jaggies").
+ The Leverage Edits function was expanded to include contrast as a lever.
+ The popup window for auto file sync goes away by itself (stop irritant).
+ Workaround to ignore Unity KB shortcuts being sent to the active window.
+ New Fotoxx releases are now automatically notified at the next startup.
+ Slide Show: compensate jerky transitions introduced with Ubuntu 13.04.
+ Edit Geotags: Yahoo web lookup died. Now using MapQuest.

2013 Apr 10  v.13.04.1
+ Translation updates for Catalan, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese,
  Russian, Spanish.

2013 Apr 01  v.13.04
+ Most edit functions can be more rapidly applied to a bunch of images
  (e.g. the initial processing of fresh images from a camera).
+ Ubuntu launcher options: blank, last image, gallery of recent images.
+ Rotate +90 and -90 can have user-defined keyboard shortcuts.
+ The escape key can be used to cancel dialogs.
+ The parameter "jpeq quality" is adjustable and saved across sessions.
+ "installed size" in the debian control file was made more accurate.
+ Bugfix: crash if [Next] button is clicked rapidly with View Metadata.
+ Bugfix: search index was not always updated when an edited image file
  was saved back to itself.

2013 Mar 09  v.13.03.1
+ Translations for Spanish and Catalan were updated.
+ Bugfix: add automatic change to tab F when the favorites menu is used.
+ Bugfix: arrow keys for previous/next image work more consistently.

2013 Mar 01  v.13.03
+ Reduce Noise: better user interface, easier to combine methods.
+ Warp Area: better mouse warp algorithm, easier to get desired result.
+ Warp Curved: the radius of mouse/warp influence was made adjustable.
+ Custom keyboard shortcuts: replace text file with a proper dialog.
+ Bookmarks: save gallery positions, jump to a saved position.
+ Write Text: rendering was improved and huge font sizes can be used.
+ Edit Translation: ease of use: keep dialog open after each update.
+ Improve detection and notification of slowdown from memory shortage.
+ Menu rationalization: better naming and grouping of edit functions.
+ Synchronize Files: progress monitor added, 50 files per dot.
+ Bugfix: Rotate and Warp funcs: loss of custom grid settings.
+ Bugfix: Geotags: detect outdated geolocations file and notify user.
+ Bugfix: Small flaws in cutouts saved to a file and later pasted.
+ Bugfix: Write Text: transparency altered when [apply] was clicked.
+ Bugfix: Directory names containing quotes (") could not be opened.

2013 Feb 11  v.13.02.1
+ Italian translation updated.
+ Bugfix: crash when switching tabs G to F (hopefully rare).

2013 Feb 01  v.13.02
+ New: color space conversion via LCMS (e.g. Adobe RGB <--> sRGB).
+ New: flatten a photo of a book page, stretching the print where needed.
+ New art function: transform a photo into a cartoon-like drawing.
+ Image date/time in the search index has 1 second resolution instead of
  1 day (index re-synch is required, which may need some time).
+ Gallery view can be sorted by file name, file mod date, or photo date
  (from EXIF). Displayed date is determined by the sort.
+ RAW files converted to tiff/png/jpeg retain all available metadata.
+ Brightness distribution graph allows selection of the colors to show,
  and reflects only the visible area of a zoomed image.
+ First startup after installing a new release shows the release notes
  in a popup window, and keyboard shortcut differences are notified.
+ The edit function summary table and other small help files can be
  viewed in the locale language if translations are available.
+ The GUI translation method was slightly simplified, and the guide
  document "translations" was revised accordingly.
+ Small popup texts ("tips") go away by themselves after a few seconds.
+ Bugfix: PNG images with 16-bit color were being written with the bytes
  swapped, making them incompatible with Gimp and other editors.
+ Bugfix: geotag search for city/country was not working if latitude
  and longitude were left at "null" (i.e. values never input).
+ Bugfix: Open RAW from a gallery thumbnail left popup permanently open.
+ Bugfix: Window width sometimes impossible to reduce without restart.

2013.01.11  v.13.01.2
+ The Dutch translation was updated.
+ Bugfix: If file sync is cancelled it may be impossible to quit.

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