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Revision 1.15 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu Jul 14 08:15:35 2011 UTC (8 years, 3 months ago) by ryoon
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CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2011Q3-base, pkgsrc-2011Q3
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Update to 11.7

2011.07.01  v.11.07
+ The main retouch functions can now be used in parallel
  (i.e. multiple edit dialogs can be active at the same time).
+ The last position of the main window and most dialog windows is saved
  and restored within a session and across sessions.
+ New function Match Colors: take a spot color sample from two images.
  The colors of the 2nd image are changed to match the first.
+ New function Revise RGB: select up to 9 control pixels on an image and
  adjust their RGB values. All image pixels are adjusted to match, using
  weights based on distances from the control pixels. Use this function
  to make complex color adjustments that vary across the image.
+ Brightness Ramp was revised to handle RGB colors. This is an alternative
  method to remove a color caste that varies across an image or image area.
+ Tools > Show RGB: EV and OD units are output in addition to RGB values.
  Up to five points are shown, updated live as the image is edited.
+ The Brightness/Color curves now have a range of +/-2 EV (F-stops) and
  the step-adjust buttons ([+++] etc.) are calibrated in 0.1 EV steps.
  Steps 1/3 this size can also be used. Use this function in conjunction
  with Show RGB to make calibrated color adjustments.
+ Numeric feedback was added to the sliders in retouch edit functions.
+ Missing gallery thumbnails are generated 2-3x faster (on multi-core
  processors) using multiple threads working ahead of need (usually).
+ Clone (new window) now has two variants: share desktop 50/50 or open
  a new window of the same size, slightly offset for visibility.
+ Open File now has two variants: use the same window or open a new
  window in a parallel instance of Fotoxx.
+ New toolbar button: save file as a new version (immediate, no dialog).
  The current image and its edit history remain unchanged.
+ Save-As menu and toolbar: new checkbox option to switch the current
  file to the saved file. The edit trail (undo/redo) is also retained.
+ New command line parameters:
    -prev     open the last file viewed in the previous session.
    -recent   start with a gallery of recent files (most recent at top).
  (-prev used to be default but this is no longer the case).
+ If the [undo] or [redo] button is pressed with the shift-key, they
  become "undo all" and "redo all". This makes it easier to compare
  an image having multiple edits with the original image.
+ Select Area [Unfinish] button: put a finished area back in edit mode.
+ Pixel Edit was moved from the Art menu to the Retouch menu.
+ Hourglass cursor was replaced with a BUSY sign at bottom of the window.
+ Toolbar help is a topic help like F1. Menu help opens the user guide.
+ Bugfix: warp functions were infrequently putting artifacts in the image.
+ Bugfix: Edit Collections could crash if adds and deletes were mixed.
+ Bugfix: Select Area Edge Calculation: if killed by user, the area was
  left in a half finished condition.

2011.06.13  v.11.06.2
  Bugfix: Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit: was moved to a really different
  location: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ This caused a misleading
  diagnostic when building from source, so the check and diagnostic was
  simply eliminated. The packages are not affected.

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