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Revision 1.52, Wed Jul 3 10:21:08 2019 UTC (6 months, 2 weeks ago) by markd
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.51: +2 -1 lines

blender: fix build with gcc-9

GCC 9 started implementing the OpenMP 4.0 and later behavior. When not using
default clause or when using default(shared), this makes no difference, but
if using default(none), previously the choice was not specify the const
qualified variables on the construct at all, or specify in firstprivate
clause. In GCC 9 as well as for OpenMP 4.0 compliance, those variables need
to be specified on constructs in which they are used, either in shared or
in firstprivate clause. Specifying them in firstprivate clause is one way to
achieve compatibility with both older GCC versions and GCC 9,
another option is to drop the default(none) clause.

This patch thus drops the default(none) clause.

See https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-9/porting_to.html#ompdatasharing

patch from fedora.

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.52 2019/07/03 10:21:08 markd Exp $

SHA1 (blender-2.79b.tar.gz) = 4fd307ccfd1d6df5cc1898009712d4b1ae35430f
RMD160 (blender-2.79b.tar.gz) = 787fc2ee718157aa95ffcced4935355d3086ca0d
SHA512 (blender-2.79b.tar.gz) = 2db21ace446168dd683cdb5aad9dec001f8888ae4e9603a04ddb44fb78489ded827deb07e83712b0f1118a0e7bf66f2a5d935dc4ebb3a6703d72672ff414367f
Size (blender-2.79b.tar.gz) = 50204270 bytes
SHA1 (patch-doc_python__api_sphinx__doc__gen.sh) = 5300936c1f675346dbcd76bbd640dd3266065297
SHA1 (patch-extern_glog_src_base_mutex.h) = 34a20264581a093a1686f1d13a6fccbd5cd9e674
SHA1 (patch-extern_glog_src_config.h) = 9666c5d925cfeebeef2f178418c9fc2403831da1
SHA1 (patch-extern_glog_src_config__netbsd.h) = be4727135b8fe1ddbcb5ad52f8230aec51a1a909
SHA1 (patch-extern_glog_src_utilities.h) = c78ef191ab6ec7e65837b88468a7e1b8eaf325d3
SHA1 (patch-intern_cycles_util_util_sseb.h) = 5d5bf8d71a443b63959ec79072e458f1a43cde94
SHA1 (patch-intern_elbeem_intern_solver_main.cpp) = 2dca2892e5f71742785fc34c20738c6b61dbfa8b
SHA1 (patch-intern_guardedalloc_intern_mallocn__intern.h) = c7bc89af1c03b50ae0bd8af5aacc25cd82dfcbfc
SHA1 (patch-intern_itasc_kdl_tree.hpp) = b0c6640853ace08c07b443ff8f18290367f1d8da
SHA1 (patch-source_blender_imbuf_intern_dds_DirectDrawSurface.cpp) = b38f61900aa30b02479c7397062d71d295932847
SHA1 (patch-source_blender_python_intern_bpy_rna.c) = e287c41e0196bfa3650bfaa5d4263f5862467b80