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Revision 1.37, Wed Mar 13 20:28:48 2013 UTC (6 years, 8 months ago) by ryoon
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2013Q3-base, pkgsrc-2013Q3, pkgsrc-2013Q2-base, pkgsrc-2013Q2, pkgsrc-2013Q1-base, pkgsrc-2013Q1
Changes since 1.36: +4 -5 lines

Update to 2.66a

Bug fix update

Over 80 bugs fixed since 2.66 release:


    Fix #34357: Image editor scope and clip editor track preview did not resize properly with different DPI settings. (r54760)
    Fix #33466: Alt+MouseWheel changes frame as well as buttons (r54929)
    Fix UI/DPI: user preferences window size now takes into account DPI, otherwise the buttons don't fit properly. (r54945)
    Fix soft shadow at top edge incorrectly drawn (r54954)
    Fix #34418: Screencast could be started twice (r54961)
    Fix #34509: Panel color were not updated from old files properly (r54996)
    Allow trackpad and magic mouse swipes to control brush size for circle select. (r55027)
    Fix (regression) #34391: Window position not saving correctly for next start-up (r54879)
    Fix #34390: quicktime video codec menu showing blank (r54942)


    Fix #34378: GLSL materials using multiple UV layers fail in editmode (r54783)
    Fix #34347: View3D Mini-Axis drawing in error with overlay (r54789)
    Fix #34426: Manipulator handles drawn incorrectly by depth (r54923)
    Fix glitch rotating the camera in camera mode drawing helper-line in random locations (r54928)


    Fix zoom for graph-editor (and other editors) (r54910)


    Fix #34439: Strip modifier - Mask multiply failure (r54901)
    Fix #34453: Added RGBA|RGB channels toggle to sequencer preview (r54904)
    Fix sequencer crash when pasteing strips after creating new file (r54935)


    Fix #34356: Inputs list in file output doesn't appear properly. (r54754)
    Fix #34359: Crash when using image output node (r54746)
    Fix #34474: "Record Composite" image op segfaults in compositor code (r54948)
    Fix #34461: Inconsistent behavior of "Color Mix Node" and "Alpha Over Node" (r54960)
    Fix #34507: Adding reroute node into invalid links would crash the compositor (r55047)


    Fix memory leak when loading multilayer EXR as movie clip (r54934)
    Fix for incorrect subpixel precision of marker when using track offset (r55028)


    Fix #34351: Displacement map Bake margin does not work (r54748)
    Fix #34436: Node editor delete texture crash (r54908)
    Fix #34493: Image Sequence texture didn't allow "Offset" with fcurves. (r55012)
    Fix #34475: Weird noise bug with Texture nodes (r55021)
    Fix for texture preview render with show alpha enabled (r55026)
    Fix image transparency backwards compatibility. Now the texture datablock has a 'Use Alpha' option again. (r55022)

Render (Cycles)

    Fix #34421: viewport render stuck with no objects in the scene. (r54885)
    Fix #34480: hair render in dupligroup did hide the emitter properly in some cases. (r54959)


    Fix #34358: Shrinkwrap modifier project along normal did not work correctly (r54793)
    Fix #34369: applying screw modifier turns object to black (r55004)


    Fix #34384: Border select in UV Image window crashed (r54816)
    Fix for weight paint using values over 1.0 when blending (r54833)
    Fix for regression in 'object.shape_key_transfer' operator since BMesh merge (r54834)
    Fix #34415: Edge slide results in segmentation fault on certain mesh (r54875)
    Fix #34455: Origin to Center of Mass is missing in menu Object > Transform (r54891)
    Fix selecting linked faces (r54920 r54921)
    Fix #34366: mesh.select_mode operator could not be configure the use_extend and use_expand properly. (r54944)
    fix #34486: Selection of bones in armature edit mode only toggles between two bones (r54969)
    Fix #34534: Copy/Paste objects hangs (r55051)
    Fix (regression) #34438: Solidify crease error (r54882)
    Fix missing select menu for weight, vertex, texture paint modes. (r54883)
    Fix joining meshes could loose crease/bevel weights (r54899)
    Fix (regression) #34449: Edge toggline bevel failed (r54900)


    Fix #34370: Collapse-Edges crash in dyntopo (r54827)
    Fix #34431: Crash when dyntopo enabled and using view plane mode (r54971)
    Fix #34473: Blender Crashes on toggling modes, dynatopo sculpt/object mode. (r55007)

Game Engine

    Fix projection clipping (r54733)
    Fix #34349: Character walkDirection ADD mode -#INF error. (r54738)
    Fix #18967: Enable alpha buffer (useful for TV broadcasting). (r54745)
    Fix #34353: Ray cast on Triangle mesh bounded Rigid Body Object crashes (r54757)
    Fix #34219: Webcam support under Linux in Standalone broken (r54764)
    Fix #34330: Action Actuator "caching" the previous ran actions (r54766 r54767 r54769)
    Fix error using actions with multiple scenes (r54767)
    Fix object color channels can now be animated separately without zeroing out the other channels (r54772)
    Fix error using uninitialized variables for rendering (r54776 r54781)
    Fix #34377: Game-Engine - Multi UV mesh's materials not backwards compatible (r54780)
    Fix Game-Engine crashing when on material conversions (r54837)
    Fix #34440: Motion blur (2d filter) not working in osx (r54912)
    Fix #34428 #20856 #20281: converting multi-uv layers. (r54972)
    Fix #34523: 2D-Filter produces render error (r55010)
    Fix #34517: 2D-Filter causes mouselook script drifting effect (r55011)

Rigid Body

    Fix motion paths calculation being incorrect for rigid bodies (r54799)
    Allow rigidbody collision groups to be animated (r54818)
    Fix #34410: Planes with Rigid Body always keep distance to colliding objects (r54855)
    Fix #34420: Rigid objects not resetting original properly after running a simulation. (r54862)
    Fix inconsistency with world rebuilding with the start frame (r54990)

Text Editor

    Fix Fix text editor bug: ctrl+F is not configurable (r54878)
    Fix #54907: freeze when turning on syntax highlight (r54907)
    Fix crash when overwriting ascii character with multibyte character (r54917)


    Fix Python console bug: "autocomplete" doesn't advance cursor properly when completion includes UTF8 characters (r54824)
    Fix #34423: foreach_get crash for any non existant attribute (r54865 r54866)
    Fix #34372: mesh.verts.foreach_set not working with normals (r54943)
    Fix for python exception getting the ID from an operator button (r54835)


    Fix freeing all bakes in particle mode (r54822)
    Fix file with packed images crashes on load (r54790)
    Fix image alpha version patch with library linked files (r54794)
    Fix #34427: Collada export crash with armature (r54856)
    Fix X3D import error loading UV's (r4325)
    Fix X3D import for images (r4327)
    Rigify fixes (r4321 r4334 r4335)

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.37 2013/03/13 20:28:48 ryoon Exp $

SHA1 (blender-2.66a.tar.gz) = f48555f3840f6ebde78603919d686672163c36ea
RMD160 (blender-2.66a.tar.gz) = b0251067f6a6273ba1889cefafa7f8dd283e622e
Size (blender-2.66a.tar.gz) = 36911037 bytes
SHA1 (patch-SConstruct) = 4e3e81d3f4d8bf53a26102cb489ad507d14dd086
SHA1 (patch-ab) = 5669f269c922f9bd521d15fdb1b21ba1e58ac7f6
SHA1 (patch-am) = d023b35fe2355e2e53e11a3c91730ebe21da6de8
SHA1 (patch-build__files_scons_config_netbsd6-config.py) = 520fa968b4f1f9f10adb1055803e05dafc96f0fe
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SHA1 (patch-doc_python__api_sphinx__doc__gen.sh) = 273c88e258ca49f29367a1f3246c25df800b920a
SHA1 (patch-extern_libmv_libmv_numeric_numeric.h) = fe674deb97e1ff8604b7fe505c715621b9fee5ee
SHA1 (patch-extern_libmv_libmv_tracking_brute__region__tracker.cc) = 3d09eb0821a628c15e898b6fa432fe1d787f0eb8
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SHA1 (patch-intern_opennl_superlu_superlu__sys__types.h) = 99fa9ffa655914067173481d5fe6c498ad069717
SHA1 (patch-user-config.py) = a3cf1a22185496f13b068a31d4b9638c8821f941