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Revision 1.6, Sat Aug 28 07:03:46 2021 UTC (8 weeks, 2 days ago) by mef
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2021Q3-base, pkgsrc-2021Q3, HEAD
Changes since 1.5: +4 -4 lines

(grapphics/R-ggplot2) Updated 3.3.3 to 3.3.5

# ggplot2 3.3.5
This is a very small release focusing on fixing a couple of untenable issues
that surfaced with the 3.3.4 release

* Revert changes made in #4434 (apply transform to intercept in `geom_abline()`)
  as it introduced undesirable issues far worse than the bug it fixed
  (@thomasp85, #4514)
* Fixes an issue in `ggsave()` when producing emf/wmf files (@yutannihilation,
* Warn when grDevices specific arguments are passed to ragg devices (@thomasp85,
* Fix an issue where `coord_sf()` was reporting that it is non-linear
  even when data is provided in projected coordinates (@clauswilke, #4527)

# ggplot2 3.3.4
This is a larger patch release fixing a huge number of bugs and introduces a
small selection of feature refinements.

## Features

* Alt-text can now be added to a plot using the `alt` label, i.e
  `+ labs(alt = ...)`. Currently this alt text is not automatically propagated,
  but we plan to integrate into Shiny, RMarkdown, and other tools in the future.
  (@thomasp85, #4477)

* Add support for the BrailleR package for creating descriptions of the plot
  when rendered (@thomasp85, #4459)

* `coord_sf()` now has an argument `default_crs` that specifies the coordinate
  reference system (CRS) for non-sf layers and scale/coord limits. This argument
  defaults to `NULL`, which means non-sf layers are assumed to be in projected
  coordinates, as in prior ggplot2 versions. Setting `default_crs = sf::st_crs(4326)`
  provides a simple way to interpret x and y positions as longitude and latitude,
  regardless of the CRS used by `coord_sf()`. Authors of extension packages
  implementing `stat_sf()`-like functionality are encouraged to look at the source
  code of `stat_sf()`'s `compute_group()` function to see how to provide scale-limit
  hints to `coord_sf()` (@clauswilke, #3659).

* `ggsave()` now uses ragg to render raster output if ragg is available. It also
  handles custom devices that sets a default unit (e.g. `ragg::agg_png`)
  correctly (@thomasp85, #4388)

* `ggsave()` now returns the saved file location invisibly (#3379, @eliocamp).
  Note that, as a side effect, an unofficial hack `<ggplot object> + ggsave()`
  no longer works (#4513).

* The scale arguments `limits`, `breaks`, `minor_breaks`, `labels`, `rescaler`
  and `oob` now accept purrr style lambda notation (@teunbrand, #4427). The same
  is true for `as_labeller()` (and therefore also `labeller()`)
  (@netique, #4188).

* Manual scales now allow named vectors passed to `values` to contain fewer
  elements than existing in the data. Elements not present in values will be set
  to `NA` (@thomasp85, #3451)

* Date and datetime position scales support out-of-bounds (oob) arguments to
  control how limits affect data outside those limits (@teunbrand, #4199).

## Fixes

* Fix a bug that `after_stat()` and `after_scale()` cannot refer to aesthetics
  if it's specified in the plot-global mapping (@yutannihilation, #4260).

* Fix bug in `annotate_logticks()` that would cause an error when used together
  with `coord_flip()` (@thomasp85, #3954)

* Fix a bug in `geom_abline()` that resulted in `intercept` not being subjected
  to the transformation of the y scale (@thomasp85, #3741)

* Extent the range of the line created by `geom_abline()` so that line ending
  is not visible for large linewidths (@thomasp85, #4024)

* Fix bug in `geom_dotplot()` where dots would be positioned wrong with
  `stackgroups = TRUE` (@thomasp85, #1745)

* Fix calculation of confidence interval for locfit smoothing in `geom_smooth()`
  (@topepo, #3806)

* Fix bug in `geom_text()` where `"outward"` and `"inward"` justification for
  some `angle` values was reversed (@aphalo, #4169, #4447)

* `ggsave()` now sets the default background to match the fill value of the
  `plot.background` theme element (@karawoo, #4057)

* It is now deprecated to specify `guides(<scale> = FALSE)` or
  `scale_*(guide = FALSE)` to remove a guide. Please use
  `guides(<scale> = "none")` or `scale_*(guide = "none")` instead
  (@yutannihilation, #4094).

* Fix a bug in `guide_bins()` where keys would disappear if the guide was
  reversed (@thomasp85, #4210)

* Fix bug in `guide_coloursteps()` that would repeat the terminal bins if the
  breaks coincided with the limits of the scale (@thomasp85, #4019)

* Make sure that default labels from default mappings doesn't overwrite default
  labels from explicit mappings (@thomasp85, #2406)

* Fix bug in `labeller()` where parsing was turned off if `.multiline = FALSE`
  (@thomasp85, #4084)

* Make sure `label_bquote()` has access to the calling environment when
  evaluating the labels (@thomasp85, #4141)

* Fix a bug in the layer implementation that introduced a new state after the
  first render which could lead to a different look when rendered the second
  time (@thomasp85, #4204)

* Fix a bug in legend justification where justification was lost of the legend
  dimensions exceeded the available size (@thomasp85, #3635)

* Fix a bug in `position_dodge2()` where `NA` values in thee data would cause an
  error (@thomasp85, #2905)

* Make sure `position_jitter()` creates the same jittering independent of
  whether it is called by name or with constructor (@thomasp85, #2507)

* Fix a bug in `position_jitter()` where different jitters would be applied to
  different position aesthetics of the same axis (@thomasp85, #2941)

* Fix a bug in `qplot()` when supplying `c(NA, NA)` as axis limits
  (@thomasp85, #4027)

* Remove cross-inheritance of default discrete colour/fill scales and check the
  type and aesthetic of function output if `type` is a function
  (@thomasp85, #4149)

* Fix bug in `scale_[x|y]_date()` where custom breaks functions that resulted in
  fracional dates would get misaligned (@thomasp85, #3965)

* Fix bug in `scale_[x|y]_datetime()` where a specified timezone would be
  ignored by the scale (@thomasp85, #4007)

* Fix issue in `sec_axis()` that would throw warnings in the absence of any
  secondary breaks (@thomasp85, #4368)

* `stat_bin()`'s computed variable `width` is now documented (#3522).

* `stat_count()` now computes width based on the full dataset instead of per
  group (@thomasp85, #2047)

* Extended `stat_ecdf()` to calculate the cdf from either x or y instead from y
  only (@jgjl, #4005)

* Fix a bug in `stat_summary_bin()` where one more than the requested number of
  bins would be created (@thomasp85, #3824)

* Only drop groups in `stat_ydensity()` when there are fewer than two data
  points and throw a warning (@andrewwbutler, #4111).

* Fixed a bug in strip assembly when theme has `strip.text = element_blank()`
  and plots are faceted with multi-layered strips (@teunbrand, #4384).

* Using `theme(aspect.ratio = ...)` together with free space in `facet_grid()`
  now crrectly throws an error (@thomasp85, #3834)

* Fixed a bug in `labeller()` so that `.default` is passed to `as_labeller()`
  when labellers are specified by naming faceting variables. (@waltersom, #4031)

* Updated style for example code (@rjake, #4092)

* ggplot2 now requires R >= 3.3 (#4247).

* ggplot2 now uses `rlang::check_installed()` to check if a suggested package is
  installed, which will offer to install the package before continuing (#4375,

* Improved error with hint when piping a `ggplot` object into a facet function
  (#4379, @mitchelloharawild).

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.6 2021/08/28 07:03:46 mef Exp $

R_PKGNAME=	ggplot2
R_PKGVER=	3.3.5
CATEGORIES=	graphics

MAINTAINER=	minskim@NetBSD.org
COMMENT=	Create elegant data visualisations using the grammar of graphics
LICENSE=	gnu-gpl-v2

DEPENDS+=	R-lazyeval>=0.2.2:../../devel/R-lazyeval
DEPENDS+=	R-rlang>=0.3.0:../../devel/R-rlang
DEPENDS+=	R-withr>=2.0.0:../../devel/R-withr
DEPENDS+=	R-scales>=0.5.0:../../graphics/R-scales
DEPENDS+=	R-viridisLite>=0.3.0:../../graphics/R-viridisLite
DEPENDS+=	R-gtable>=0.1.1:../../math/R-gtable
DEPENDS+=	R-plyr>=1.7.1:../../math/R-plyr
DEPENDS+=	R-reshape2>=1.4.3:../../math/R-reshape2
DEPENDS+=	R-tibble>=2.1.3:../../math/R-tibble
DEPENDS+=	R-digest>=0.6.20:../../security/R-digest
DEPENDS+=	R-isoband-[0-9]*:../../graphics/R-isoband

# Packages suggested but not available:
#   'ragg', 'ggplot2movies', 'Hmisc', 'interp', 'maptools', 'multcomp',
#   'profvis', 'quantreg', 'svglite', 'vdiffr'

TEST_DEPENDS+=	R-dplyr-[0-9]*:../../math/R-dplyr
TEST_DEPENDS+=	R-mapproj-[0-9]*:../../math/R-mapproj
TEST_DEPENDS+=	R-maps-[0-9]*:../../geography/R-maps
TEST_DEPENDS+=	R-rgeos-[0-9]*:../../geography/R-rgeos
TEST_DEPENDS+=	R-sf-[0-9]*:../../geography/R-sf


.include "../../math/R/Makefile.extension"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"