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Revision 1.851, Thu Oct 3 14:42:59 2019 UTC (6 weeks, 1 day ago) by nia
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.850: +2 -1 lines

Add graphics/gst-plugins1-gdk_pixbuf.

GStreamer is a library that allows the construction of graphs of
media-handling components, ranging from simple mp3 playback to complex
audio (mixing) and video (non-linear editing) processing.

Applications can take advantage of advances in codec and filter technology
transparently.  Developers can add new codecs and filters by writing a
simple plugin with a clean, generic interface.

This package provides the gdk-pixbuf2 plugin for GStreamer, which allows
encoding and decoding images.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.851 2019/10/03 14:42:59 nia Exp $

COMMENT=	Graphics tools and libraries

SUBDIR+=	AfterShotPro
SUBDIR+=	Cenon
SUBDIR+=	GraphicsMagick
SUBDIR+=	ImageMagick
SUBDIR+=	ImageMagick6
SUBDIR+=	ImageViewer
SUBDIR+=	MesaDemos
SUBDIR+=	MesaLib
SUBDIR+=	Ngraph
SUBDIR+=	PanoTools
SUBDIR+=	R-Cairo
SUBDIR+=	R-colorspace
SUBDIR+=	R-colourpicker
SUBDIR+=	R-dichromat
SUBDIR+=	R-effects
SUBDIR+=	R-ggExtra
SUBDIR+=	R-ggplot2
SUBDIR+=	R-ggtern
SUBDIR+=	R-gridExtra
SUBDIR+=	R-labeling
SUBDIR+=	R-latex2exp
SUBDIR+=	R-latticeExtra
SUBDIR+=	R-munsell
SUBDIR+=	R-scales
SUBDIR+=	R-viridis
SUBDIR+=	R-viridisLite
SUBDIR+=	SDL2_image
SUBDIR+=	SDL_image
SUBDIR+=	aalib
SUBDIR+=	adapta-gtk-theme
SUBDIR+=	adaptagrams
SUBDIR+=	adwaita-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	agg
SUBDIR+=	ansilove
SUBDIR+=	aqsis
SUBDIR+=	arc-theme
SUBDIR+=	artist
SUBDIR+=	asymptote
SUBDIR+=	autopano-sift-C
SUBDIR+=	autotrace
SUBDIR+=	aview
SUBDIR+=	babl
SUBDIR+=	barcode
SUBDIR+=	bktr2jpeg
SUBDIR+=	blender
SUBDIR+=	blinkenthemes
SUBDIR+=	blinkentools
SUBDIR+=	breeze-icons
SUBDIR+=	cairo
SUBDIR+=	cairo-gobject
SUBDIR+=	cairomm
SUBDIR+=	cal3d
SUBDIR+=	cal3d-examples
SUBDIR+=	cambevao
SUBDIR+=	camediaplay
SUBDIR+=	camlimages
SUBDIR+=	cdlabelgen
SUBDIR+=	cheese
SUBDIR+=	cinepaint
SUBDIR+=	circos
SUBDIR+=	claraocr
SUBDIR+=	clutter
SUBDIR+=	clutter-box2d
SUBDIR+=	clutter-gtk
SUBDIR+=	clutter-gtk0.10
SUBDIR+=	clutter-mx
SUBDIR+=	cnxtview
SUBDIR+=	cogl
SUBDIR+=	colord
SUBDIR+=	comix
SUBDIR+=	compface
SUBDIR+=	cpia2view
SUBDIR+=	cqcam
SUBDIR+=	darktable
SUBDIR+=	dcraw
SUBDIR+=	deforaos-camera
SUBDIR+=	deforaos-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	denemo
SUBDIR+=	dia
SUBDIR+=	dia-python
SUBDIR+=	digikam
SUBDIR+=	djview4
SUBDIR+=	djvulibre-lib
SUBDIR+=	djvulibre-tools
SUBDIR+=	dvipng
SUBDIR+=	dxsamples
SUBDIR+=	edje
SUBDIR+=	elementary-xfce-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	enblend-enfuse
SUBDIR+=	eog3
SUBDIR+=	eom
SUBDIR+=	epeg
SUBDIR+=	erlang-eimp
SUBDIR+=	evas
SUBDIR+=	evas-buffer
SUBDIR+=	evas-edb
SUBDIR+=	evas-eet
SUBDIR+=	evas-gif
SUBDIR+=	evas-jpeg
SUBDIR+=	evas-pmaps
SUBDIR+=	evas-png
SUBDIR+=	evas-software-x11
SUBDIR+=	evas-tiff
SUBDIR+=	evas-xpm
SUBDIR+=	ewipe
SUBDIR+=	exif
SUBDIR+=	exifprobe
SUBDIR+=	exiftags
SUBDIR+=	exiv2
SUBDIR+=	extrema
SUBDIR+=	f-spot
SUBDIR+=	fbm
SUBDIR+=	feh
SUBDIR+=	flickrnet
SUBDIR+=	fly
SUBDIR+=	fnlib
SUBDIR+=	fotoxx
SUBDIR+=	frameworks
SUBDIR+=	freeglut
SUBDIR+=	freeimage
SUBDIR+=	freeimageplus
SUBDIR+=	freetype
SUBDIR+=	freetype-lib
SUBDIR+=	freetype-utils
SUBDIR+=	freetype2
SUBDIR+=	ftgl
SUBDIR+=	fujiplay
SUBDIR+=	gdchart
SUBDIR+=	gdk-pixbuf2
SUBDIR+=	gdk-pixbuf2-xlib
SUBDIR+=	geeqie
SUBDIR+=	gegl
SUBDIR+=	geomview
SUBDIR+=	get_ds7
SUBDIR+=	gexiv2
SUBDIR+=	gfract
SUBDIR+=	gif2png
SUBDIR+=	gif320
SUBDIR+=	giflib
SUBDIR+=	giflib-util
SUBDIR+=	gifsicle
SUBDIR+=	giftrans
SUBDIR+=	gimmage
SUBDIR+=	gimp
SUBDIR+=	gimp-color-manager
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-de
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-en
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-es
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-fr
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-it
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-ja
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-ko
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-nl
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-nn
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-pl
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-ru
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-sv
SUBDIR+=	gimp-docs-zh_CN
SUBDIR+=	gimp-exif-browser
SUBDIR+=	gimp-fix-ca
SUBDIR+=	gimp-high-pass-filter
SUBDIR+=	gimp-jxr
SUBDIR+=	gimp-liquid-rescale
SUBDIR+=	gimp-rawphoto
SUBDIR+=	gimp-refocus-it
SUBDIR+=	gimp-resynthesizer
SUBDIR+=	gimp-ufraw
SUBDIR+=	gimp-warp-sharp
SUBDIR+=	gimp-webp
SUBDIR+=	gimp2-wideangle
SUBDIR+=	giram
SUBDIR+=	girara
SUBDIR+=	gle
SUBDIR+=	glew
SUBDIR+=	glfw
SUBDIR+=	glitz
SUBDIR+=	gliv
SUBDIR+=	glm
SUBDIR+=	glpng
SUBDIR+=	glu
SUBDIR+=	glw
SUBDIR+=	glx-utils
SUBDIR+=	gmic
SUBDIR+=	gmngview
SUBDIR+=	gnome-backgrounds
SUBDIR+=	gnome-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	gnome-icon-theme-extras
SUBDIR+=	gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
SUBDIR+=	gnome-themes-standard
SUBDIR+=	gnuplot
SUBDIR+=	go-image
SUBDIR+=	go-imaging
SUBDIR+=	go-resize
SUBDIR+=	go-smartcrop
SUBDIR+=	gocr
SUBDIR+=	goocanvas
SUBDIR+=	goocanvas2
SUBDIR+=	goocanvasmm
SUBDIR+=	gource
SUBDIR+=	gphoto2
SUBDIR+=	gpick
SUBDIR+=	gpicview
SUBDIR+=	gqview
SUBDIR+=	gqview-devel
SUBDIR+=	grafx2
SUBDIR+=	grap
SUBDIR+=	graphite2
SUBDIR+=	graphviz
SUBDIR+=	graphviz-dot-mode
SUBDIR+=	gri
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins0.10-cairo
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins0.10-jpeg
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins0.10-png
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins1-cairo
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins1-gdk_pixbuf
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins1-jpeg
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins1-png
SUBDIR+=	gthumb
SUBDIR+=	gthumb3
SUBDIR+=	gtkam
SUBDIR+=	gtkglext
SUBDIR+=	gtkimageview
SUBDIR+=	gtksee
SUBDIR+=	gts
SUBDIR+=	guetzli
SUBDIR+=	guile-cairo
SUBDIR+=	gwenview
SUBDIR+=	h5utils
SUBDIR+=	hermes
SUBDIR+=	hicolor-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	hp2xx
SUBDIR+=	hugin
SUBDIR+=	icon-naming-utils
SUBDIR+=	icoutils
SUBDIR+=	ilmbase
SUBDIR+=	imlib
SUBDIR+=	imlib-gtk
SUBDIR+=	imlib2
SUBDIR+=	impress
SUBDIR+=	inkscape
SUBDIR+=	ipe
SUBDIR+=	irrlicht
SUBDIR+=	ivtools
SUBDIR+=	jasper
SUBDIR+=	jbig2dec
SUBDIR+=	jbig2enc
SUBDIR+=	jbigkit
SUBDIR+=	jhead
SUBDIR+=	jpeg
SUBDIR+=	jpeg2ps
SUBDIR+=	jpeg_ls
SUBDIR+=	jpeginfo
SUBDIR+=	jpegoptim
SUBDIR+=	jpegpixi
SUBDIR+=	jpegquality
SUBDIR+=	jxrlib
SUBDIR+=	kamera
SUBDIR+=	kcolorchooser
SUBDIR+=	kde-base-artwork
SUBDIR+=	kdegraphics-mobipocket
SUBDIR+=	kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer
SUBDIR+=	kdegraphics-thumbnailers
SUBDIR+=	kgamma
SUBDIR+=	kiconthemes
SUBDIR+=	kimageformats
SUBDIR+=	kipi-plugins
SUBDIR+=	kolourpaint
SUBDIR+=	koverartist
SUBDIR+=	kplotting
SUBDIR+=	kqtquickcharts4
SUBDIR+=	krita
SUBDIR+=	kruler
SUBDIR+=	ksaneplugin
SUBDIR+=	ksnapshot
SUBDIR+=	lasem
SUBDIR+=	lcms
SUBDIR+=	lcms2
SUBDIR+=	lensfun
SUBDIR+=	lepton
SUBDIR+=	leptonica
SUBDIR+=	lib3ds
SUBDIR+=	libansilove
SUBDIR+=	libart
SUBDIR+=	libbpg
SUBDIR+=	libcaca
SUBDIR+=	libdmtx
SUBDIR+=	libepoxy
SUBDIR+=	libexif
SUBDIR+=	libexif-gtk
SUBDIR+=	libfpx
SUBDIR+=	libgdiplus
SUBDIR+=	libggi
SUBDIR+=	libggigcp
SUBDIR+=	libggimisc
SUBDIR+=	libggiwmh
SUBDIR+=	libgii
SUBDIR+=	libgiigic
SUBDIR+=	libgltf
SUBDIR+=	libglvnd
SUBDIR+=	libgnomecanvas
SUBDIR+=	libgnomecanvasmm
SUBDIR+=	libimagequant
SUBDIR+=	libiptcdata
SUBDIR+=	libjpeg-turbo
SUBDIR+=	libkdcraw
SUBDIR+=	libkexiv2
SUBDIR+=	libkface
SUBDIR+=	libkipi
SUBDIR+=	libksane
SUBDIR+=	liblqr
SUBDIR+=	libmypaint
SUBDIR+=	libotf
SUBDIR+=	libpano13
SUBDIR+=	libpgf
SUBDIR+=	libpuzzle
SUBDIR+=	libraw
SUBDIR+=	libraw013
SUBDIR+=	librsvg
SUBDIR+=	librsvg-c
SUBDIR+=	libscigraphica
SUBDIR+=	libsixel
SUBDIR+=	libspiro
SUBDIR+=	libv4l
SUBDIR+=	libvideogfx
SUBDIR+=	libwebp
SUBDIR+=	libwmf
SUBDIR+=	libxmi
SUBDIR+=	ljpeg
SUBDIR+=	luminance-hdr
SUBDIR+=	lxde-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	magicpoint
SUBDIR+=	mandelbulber
SUBDIR+=	mate-backgrounds
SUBDIR+=	mate-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	mate-icon-theme-faenza
SUBDIR+=	mate-themes
SUBDIR+=	materia-gtk-theme
SUBDIR+=	metacam
SUBDIR+=	mgl
SUBDIR+=	mng
SUBDIR+=	mpeg2codec
SUBDIR+=	mpgtx
SUBDIR+=	mscgen
SUBDIR+=	mygui
SUBDIR+=	mypaint
SUBDIR+=	mypaint-brushes
SUBDIR+=	ncview
SUBDIR+=	netpbm
SUBDIR+=	ns-cult3d
SUBDIR+=	numix-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	numix-icon-theme-circle
SUBDIR+=	nvidia-texture-tools
SUBDIR+=	nvtv
SUBDIR+=	ocrad
SUBDIR+=	opencolorio
SUBDIR+=	opencsg
SUBDIR+=	opencv
SUBDIR+=	opencv-contrib-face
SUBDIR+=	opendis
SUBDIR+=	openexr
SUBDIR+=	openimageio
SUBDIR+=	openjpeg
SUBDIR+=	optipng
SUBDIR+=	osg
SUBDIR+=	oxygen-icons
SUBDIR+=	p5-Barcode-Code128
SUBDIR+=	p5-Chart
SUBDIR+=	p5-Chart-ThreeD
SUBDIR+=	p5-GD-Barcode
SUBDIR+=	p5-GD-Graph-sparklines
SUBDIR+=	p5-GD-Graph3d
SUBDIR+=	p5-GD-SecurityImage
SUBDIR+=	p5-GDGraph
SUBDIR+=	p5-GDGraph-boxplot
SUBDIR+=	p5-GDTextUtil
SUBDIR+=	p5-GIFgraph
SUBDIR+=	p5-Gnome2-Canvas
SUBDIR+=	p5-Graph-Easy
SUBDIR+=	p5-GraphViz
SUBDIR+=	p5-GraphViz2
SUBDIR+=	p5-GraphicsMagick
SUBDIR+=	p5-Image-BMP
SUBDIR+=	p5-Image-ExifTool
SUBDIR+=	p5-Image-Imlib2
SUBDIR+=	p5-Image-Info
SUBDIR+=	p5-Image-JpegTran-AutoRotate
SUBDIR+=	p5-Image-Size
SUBDIR+=	p5-PerlMagick
SUBDIR+=	p5-SVG-Graph
SUBDIR+=	p5-SWF-File
SUBDIR+=	p5-Template-GD
SUBDIR+=	p5-cairo
SUBDIR+=	p5-cairo-gobject
SUBDIR+=	p5-clutter
SUBDIR+=	panomatic
SUBDIR+=	paper-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	papirus-folders
SUBDIR+=	papirus-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	pdiff
SUBDIR+=	pear-Image_Canvas
SUBDIR+=	pear-Image_Color
SUBDIR+=	pear-Image_Graph
SUBDIR+=	pfstools
SUBDIR+=	pgraf
SUBDIR+=	photopc
SUBDIR+=	php-exif
SUBDIR+=	php-gd
SUBDIR+=	php-imagick
SUBDIR+=	php-jpgraph
SUBDIR+=	pixmap
SUBDIR+=	ploticus
SUBDIR+=	ploticus-examples
SUBDIR+=	plotmtv
SUBDIR+=	plotutils
SUBDIR+=	png
SUBDIR+=	png2html
SUBDIR+=	pngcheck
SUBDIR+=	pngcrush
SUBDIR+=	pngquant
SUBDIR+=	potrace
SUBDIR+=	povray
SUBDIR+=	prag
SUBDIR+=	prison
SUBDIR+=	ps2eps
SUBDIR+=	pstoedit
SUBDIR+=	ptex
SUBDIR+=	py-OpenGL
SUBDIR+=	py-Pillow
SUBDIR+=	py-aafigure
SUBDIR+=	py-actdiag
SUBDIR+=	py-altgraph
SUBDIR+=	py-biggles
SUBDIR+=	py-blockdiag
SUBDIR+=	py-brewer2mpl
SUBDIR+=	py-cairo
SUBDIR+=	py-cairocffi
SUBDIR+=	py-chart
SUBDIR+=	py-cycler
SUBDIR+=	py-dot
SUBDIR+=	py-exifread
SUBDIR+=	py-fits
SUBDIR+=	py-gdchart
SUBDIR+=	py-gdmodule
SUBDIR+=	py-ggplot
SUBDIR+=	py-gnuplot
SUBDIR+=	py-goocanvas
SUBDIR+=	py-graphviz
SUBDIR+=	py-gtkglext
SUBDIR+=	py-imageio
SUBDIR+=	py-imagesize
SUBDIR+=	py-imaging
SUBDIR+=	py-leather
SUBDIR+=	py-matplotlib
SUBDIR+=	py-mcomix
SUBDIR+=	py-nwdiag
SUBDIR+=	py-objgraph
SUBDIR+=	py-openexr
SUBDIR+=	py-piddle
SUBDIR+=	py-piexif
SUBDIR+=	py-pycha
SUBDIR+=	py-pygal
SUBDIR+=	py-pygraphviz
SUBDIR+=	py-qrcode
SUBDIR+=	py-seaborn
SUBDIR+=	py-seqdiag
SUBDIR+=	py-sk1libs
SUBDIR+=	py-strich
SUBDIR+=	py-uniconvertor
SUBDIR+=	qcomicbook
SUBDIR+=	qimageblitz
SUBDIR+=	qiv
SUBDIR+=	qiviewer
SUBDIR+=	qore-glut-module
SUBDIR+=	qore-opengl-module
SUBDIR+=	quesoglc
SUBDIR+=	qvplay
SUBDIR+=	rabbit
SUBDIR+=	radiance
SUBDIR+=	rawtherapee
SUBDIR+=	rayshade
SUBDIR+=	refocus-it
SUBDIR+=	resize_image
SUBDIR+=	ristretto
SUBDIR+=	ruby-RMagick
SUBDIR+=	ruby-cairo
SUBDIR+=	ruby-cairo-gobject
SUBDIR+=	ruby-chunky_png
SUBDIR+=	ruby-clutter
SUBDIR+=	ruby-clutter-gdk
SUBDIR+=	ruby-clutter-gtk
SUBDIR+=	ruby-color
SUBDIR+=	ruby-color-japanese
SUBDIR+=	ruby-color-tools
SUBDIR+=	ruby-gd
SUBDIR+=	ruby-gdk3
SUBDIR+=	ruby-gdk_pixbuf2
SUBDIR+=	ruby-gnuplot
SUBDIR+=	ruby-image_size
SUBDIR+=	ruby-imlib2
SUBDIR+=	ruby-mini-magick
SUBDIR+=	ruby-oily_png
SUBDIR+=	ruby-opengl
SUBDIR+=	ruby-rsvg2
SUBDIR+=	ruby-screengif
SUBDIR+=	s10sh
SUBDIR+=	sane-backends
SUBDIR+=	sane-frontends
SUBDIR+=	scidavis
SUBDIR+=	scigraphica
SUBDIR+=	scrot
SUBDIR+=	shotwell
SUBDIR+=	silgraphite
SUBDIR+=	silgraphite-ft
SUBDIR+=	silgraphite-xft
SUBDIR+=	simage
SUBDIR+=	skencil
SUBDIR+=	slim-themes
SUBDIR+=	spcaview
SUBDIR+=	svgpart
SUBDIR+=	sxiv
SUBDIR+=	tango-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	tesseract
SUBDIR+=	tex-a2ping
SUBDIR+=	tex-a2ping-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-animate
SUBDIR+=	tex-animate-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-asyfig
SUBDIR+=	tex-asyfig-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-auto-pst-pdf
SUBDIR+=	tex-auto-pst-pdf-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-automata
SUBDIR+=	tex-automata-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-bbcard
SUBDIR+=	tex-bbcard-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-bclogo
SUBDIR+=	tex-bclogo-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-blockdraw_mp
SUBDIR+=	tex-blockdraw_mp-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-bpolynomial
SUBDIR+=	tex-bpolynomial-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-chemfig
SUBDIR+=	tex-chemfig-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-circuitikz
SUBDIR+=	tex-circuitikz-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-cmarrows
SUBDIR+=	tex-cmarrows-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-contour
SUBDIR+=	tex-contour-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-drv
SUBDIR+=	tex-drv-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-dviincl
SUBDIR+=	tex-dviincl-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-dvipng-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-eepic
SUBDIR+=	tex-eepic-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-ellipse
SUBDIR+=	tex-ellipse-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-emp
SUBDIR+=	tex-emp-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-epsincl
SUBDIR+=	tex-epsincl-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-epstopdf
SUBDIR+=	tex-epstopdf-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-expressg
SUBDIR+=	tex-expressg-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-exteps
SUBDIR+=	tex-exteps-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-featpost
SUBDIR+=	tex-featpost-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-feynmf
SUBDIR+=	tex-feynmf-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-feynmp-auto
SUBDIR+=	tex-feynmp-auto-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-fiziko
SUBDIR+=	tex-fiziko-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-garrigues
SUBDIR+=	tex-garrigues-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-gmp
SUBDIR+=	tex-gmp-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-graphics-pln
SUBDIR+=	tex-graphics-pln-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-hatching
SUBDIR+=	tex-hatching-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-incgraph
SUBDIR+=	tex-incgraph-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-latexmp
SUBDIR+=	tex-latexmp-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mcf2graph
SUBDIR+=	tex-mcf2graph-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-metago
SUBDIR+=	tex-metago-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-metaobj
SUBDIR+=	tex-metaobj-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-metaplot
SUBDIR+=	tex-metaplot-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-metapost
SUBDIR+=	tex-metapost-colorbrewer
SUBDIR+=	tex-metapost-colorbrewer-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-metapost-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-metauml
SUBDIR+=	tex-metauml-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mfpic
SUBDIR+=	tex-mfpic-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mfpic4ode
SUBDIR+=	tex-mfpic4ode-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mp3d
SUBDIR+=	tex-mp3d-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mparrows
SUBDIR+=	tex-mparrows-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mpattern
SUBDIR+=	tex-mpattern-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mpcolornames
SUBDIR+=	tex-mpcolornames-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mpgraphics
SUBDIR+=	tex-mpgraphics-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mptopdf
SUBDIR+=	tex-mptopdf-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-mptrees
SUBDIR+=	tex-mptrees-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pdfcrop
SUBDIR+=	tex-pdfcrop-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pgf-umlsd
SUBDIR+=	tex-pgf-umlsd-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pgfgantt
SUBDIR+=	tex-pgfgantt-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pictex
SUBDIR+=	tex-pictex-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-piechartmp
SUBDIR+=	tex-piechartmp-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-psgo
SUBDIR+=	tex-psgo-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-2dplot
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-2dplot-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-3d
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-3d-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-3dplot
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-3dplot-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-barcode
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-barcode-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-blur
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-blur-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-circ
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-circ-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-coil
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-coil-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-eps
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-eps-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-fill
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-fill-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-ghsb
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-ghsb-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-gr3d
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-gr3d-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-grad
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-grad-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-lens
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-lens-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-math
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-math-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-node
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-node-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-osci
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-osci-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-ovl
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-ovl-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-pdf
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-pdf-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-plot
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-plot-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-poly
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-poly-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-slpe
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-slpe-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-text
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-text-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-tools
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-tools-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-tree
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-tree-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-vue3d
SUBDIR+=	tex-pst-vue3d-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pstools
SUBDIR+=	tex-pstools-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pstricks
SUBDIR+=	tex-pstricks-add
SUBDIR+=	tex-pstricks-add-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-pstricks-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-repere
SUBDIR+=	tex-repere-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-roex
SUBDIR+=	tex-roundrect
SUBDIR+=	tex-roundrect-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-shapes
SUBDIR+=	tex-shapes-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-slideshow
SUBDIR+=	tex-slideshow-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-splines
SUBDIR+=	tex-splines-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-suanpan
SUBDIR+=	tex-suanpan-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tex-ps
SUBDIR+=	tex-tex-ps-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-texdraw
SUBDIR+=	tex-texdraw-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-textpath
SUBDIR+=	tex-textpath-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-threeddice
SUBDIR+=	tex-threeddice-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikz-3dplot
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikz-3dplot-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikz-cd
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikz-cd-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikz-feynhand
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikz-feynhand-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzinclude
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzinclude-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzmark
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzmark-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzorbital
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzorbital-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzpagenodes
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzpagenodes-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzpfeile
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzpfeile-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzposter
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzposter-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzscale
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzscale-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzsymbols
SUBDIR+=	tex-tikzsymbols-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tkz-base
SUBDIR+=	tex-tkz-base-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-tkz-fct
SUBDIR+=	tex-tkz-fct-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-venndiagram
SUBDIR+=	tex-venndiagram-doc
SUBDIR+=	tex-xypic
SUBDIR+=	tex-xypic-doc
SUBDIR+=	tgif
SUBDIR+=	tiff
SUBDIR+=	tkpiechart
SUBDIR+=	tuxpaint
SUBDIR+=	tuxpaint-config
SUBDIR+=	tuxpaint-stamps
SUBDIR+=	ucview
SUBDIR+=	unicap
SUBDIR+=	urt
SUBDIR+=	vcg
SUBDIR+=	veusz
SUBDIR+=	vid
SUBDIR+=	viewfax
SUBDIR+=	viewnior
SUBDIR+=	vigra
SUBDIR+=	vnc2swf
SUBDIR+=	vtk
SUBDIR+=	vtk-data
SUBDIR+=	vtk-docs
SUBDIR+=	wm-icons
SUBDIR+=	wmphoto
SUBDIR+=	wxsvg
SUBDIR+=	x11rec
SUBDIR+=	xart
SUBDIR+=	xbmbrowser
SUBDIR+=	xdot
SUBDIR+=	xdvipresent
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	xfig
SUBDIR+=	xgc
SUBDIR+=	xgraph
SUBDIR+=	xli
SUBDIR+=	xmorph
SUBDIR+=	xpaint
SUBDIR+=	xplot
SUBDIR+=	xplot-devel
SUBDIR+=	xsane
SUBDIR+=	xzgv
SUBDIR+=	zathura-cb
SUBDIR+=	zathura-djvu
SUBDIR+=	zphoto

.include "../mk/misc/category.mk"