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Revision 1.10 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Jan 21 08:02:00 2024 UTC (4 weeks, 4 days ago) by triaxx
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.9: +22 -1 lines
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warzone2100: Update to 4.4.2

upstream changes:

Revision 1.9 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed May 17 03:50:54 2023 UTC (9 months, 1 week ago) by triaxx
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2023Q4-base, pkgsrc-2023Q4, pkgsrc-2023Q3-base, pkgsrc-2023Q3, pkgsrc-2023Q2-base, pkgsrc-2023Q2
Changes since 1.8: +40 -22 lines
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warzone2100: Update to 4.3.5

pkgsrc changes:
  * Fix build on Darwin but install to ${LOCALBASE}/Warzone The
    installation script should be patched for Darwin to install in common

upstream changes:

Revision 1.8 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Jan 5 08:50:28 2022 UTC (2 years, 1 month ago) by triaxx
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2023Q1-base, pkgsrc-2023Q1, pkgsrc-2022Q4-base, pkgsrc-2022Q4, pkgsrc-2022Q3-base, pkgsrc-2022Q3, pkgsrc-2022Q2-base, pkgsrc-2022Q2, pkgsrc-2022Q1-base, pkgsrc-2022Q1
Changes since 1.7: +3 -1 lines
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warzone2100: Update to 4.2.4

upstream changes:
2021-12-20: Version 4.2.4:
 * General:
   * Fix: Prebuilt ally gates not being passable (commit:428d0b70ff9af2a58a27bcfdade12ffe7fc062b4, #2484)
   * Fix: Cleanup old log files (commit:d5ed1a5164b50fadba5f0ef5bcf03c619aa2b62f, #2501)
   * Fix: Various crashes and resource leaks (too many commits, #2480, #2493, #2494, #2499, #2504, #2512)
 * Campaign:
   * Change: Ignore VTOLs when a campaign enemy group unit can't hit them (commit:d1fd63899890de6f9b43b4080581378acf631a89, #2475)
   * Change: Better target selections by sorting targets relative to group average coordinate (commit:b538fb562f55ffd3abd92eea1774ac0cfe98cc4f, #2475)
   * Change: Add a time range to cam3-1 launch / detonate sounds (commit:c64ca3afdc989a885d12b530647bbd308221c037, #2476)
   * Change: Make the winning requirements for Beta-end more clear (commit:d89391d05026d8e940bca5ccd507517349965153, #2491)
   * Change: Make Gamma 5 a little more hectic on Hard / Insane difficulty (commit:f467e476951b89dab56404e68913662734ba54e2, #2502)
 * Multiplayer:
   * Add: Additional lobby chat slash commands, cmdinterface event output (too many commits, #2500)
   * Change: Set default AI back to Nexus (commit:a4f7b6b6d678a25ef76d738779eed00bf8526d69, #2487)
   * Change: Make some AIs easier when using Easy difficulty (too many commits, #2486)
   * Change: Remove old Cobra Hard / Insane weapon perks (commit:9c245da200648745d17bee0dc3f200872b7d7b94, #2489)
   * Fix: Repeated game over message (commit:3e4a146bc6f8d52bddb98634aafc48e1be20b049, #2485)
   * Fix: Add campaign Collective and Nexus structures back into mp stats file, fixing old maps (commit:3c60e5f9428136de5f494ce5857d9be6008b7701, #2506)
 * Challenges:
   * Fix: Specify specific AIs for "Back to Basics" and "Hide Behind Me" (commit:f2e6edabb1fad7193c611800180145faedc60611, #2487)

Revision 1.7 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Aug 3 18:09:27 2021 UTC (2 years, 6 months ago) by triaxx
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2021Q4-base, pkgsrc-2021Q4, pkgsrc-2021Q3-base, pkgsrc-2021Q3
Changes since 1.6: +29 -5 lines
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warzone2100: Update to 4.1.2

upstream changes:

Revision 1.6 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Jul 20 20:21:26 2020 UTC (3 years, 7 months ago) by triaxx
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2021Q2-base, pkgsrc-2021Q2, pkgsrc-2021Q1-base, pkgsrc-2021Q1, pkgsrc-2020Q4-base, pkgsrc-2020Q4, pkgsrc-2020Q3-base, pkgsrc-2020Q3
Changes since 1.5: +5 -4 lines
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warzone2100: Update to 3.4.1

pkgsrc changes:
  * The project is now hosted on Github
  * Remove the patches: the fixes have been fixed upstream
  * The tool to generate documentation has been replaced from textproc/asciidoc
    to textproc/ruby-asciidoctor

upstream changes:
2020-07-19: Version 3.4.1
 * General:
   * Fix: Zoom speed tied to game speed (commit:22a7855b4ca5262f75b48625ea1a2fd14e6e3d2d, #939)
   * Fix: Chatbox text drawn over tooltips (commit:605969d3196d56d7fbcc9057b776d168630a9634, #965)
   * Fix: End game stat bars having an off by one error (commit:ef02b1256619e15b0b08a7d8fbe36b4a60994204, #973)
   * Fix: Improve keymap default logic (commit:79518b0b19396c48ffc607183353dbe252578291, commit:8d764e53c31909f12d46ab8194d64be460988618, #977)
   * Fix: Chatbox related softlock (commit:a12b1a9cf305054317630664492dc8816acefada, #978)
   * Fix: Fix simple keybinds not firing when a meta key is held down (commit:92979bab768e0fba7666c944883885017e8ddcc8, #993)
   * Fix: Refund factory power better with queued templates (commit:43b48a7a8552615787a07ee808a9693e0f8bf7b7, #990)
   * Fix: Minimized/occluded window causing a huge spike in CPU activity on macOS due to vsync issue (commit:17fb3cc2db07cd063886ef6d180a5b8be65e7654, #1020)
   * Fix: Prevent softlock when opening reticule menus while keymap is open in multiplayer (commit:7a268d18fbff99ff09eb639db2b6cb940fa33dd7, #1030)
 * Campaign:
   * Change: Victory condition "eliminate bases" now triggers a last attack from the AI like the other conditions do (commit:215f6f255621138b745ef364052d2890282f41f0, #988)
   * Fix: Failing at the start of cam3-c if no trucks were present at the end of the cam3-1 mission (commit:46fe92bfecbed112af1bef5f0ade117039650ff7, #1021)
 * Multiplayer:
   * Fix: Changing flag color should not reset ready status (commit:cd1c0be79a6698d8db6e2110a8899239e08e9a91, #966)
   * Fix: Fix map preview sticking to kicked players (commit:a411fddbc629829c7010503e0c85ca274006b98d, #974)
   * Fix: Player stat "played" not representing actual completed games played (commit:ca27273228e8f04df5e5c7e1bde45950b3be1e8f, #1013)
   * Fix: Reload palette file after mod downloads (commit:4a8f98d4b5f9a72b0dd09b4241a7d60646d69505, #1015)
   * Remove: Prevent ability to change to smaller maps after hosting has started (commit:c56ad15e34ed1cdd52d885b1b3b6d751a2c1a1ff, #1027)
 * AI:
   * Change: Improvements to BoneCrusher! AI (commit:e02323c2665da6f6ce09f7417c47f00e71439498, commit:9902035e1d4600c246b553f52e526f8a126bb2f6, commit:38a44a163ad2af9d628f0a8875f5eb8594d3ad95, #1007)
 * Balance:
   * Change: Make Scourge available at start in T3 (commit:ab9a5f3d5b861c84023df8cc3bc19ca548b61557, #999)
 * Other:
   * Add: Account for Repair/Demolish construction queue mid-way stopping (commit:588c84c9a42f9de8e841322468b9574c0d4a7811, #989)
   * Add: macOS: Video sequences app bundle packaging (commit:880352481ad60c61b120a3f59893b3d8c2668eec, #1018)
   * Change: Set new map zoom rate limits (commit:5d212ce31693585cae5f0c68331d7eae7e7f6dfb, #939)
   * Change: Point revisions use the same app configuration / save directory (commit:22dab1a7069bc86acf5a1c161bd3f18252d29c56, #976)
   * Fix: Damage calculation must always return at least 1 thus fixing Nexus Link damage against tracked units (commit: 7b41dd69c63cbdc3c5ef53b89a3ea717e06ad9c8, #981)

2020-06-24: Version 3.4.0
 * General:
   * Add: Frontend "continue last save" option (commit:54536b3bb2f919de5250698ea00317c0b174c797, #408)
   * Add: Shortcut to quit to main-menu after victory (commit:9beabb55a7444c5cb02ab9992f22dd51ded7fe43, #518)
   * Add: T4 technology level where all research is completed and addon.lev change (commit:c0f8f1ddef9e38948a9fed5aa300f9a4b5698a1d, commit:e50fac0423492ca8180e42507fe0db6c51c9a282, commit:1cfb90a05efc7f7135d5b659b434a6381aee71a8, #396)
   * Add: Option to enforce structure limits on maps and disable most research related to limited structures (commit:ba06ee18c99b04f3cd46a81e2eed1a251f2d05f3, commit:55d627faf623ec07663701165ab4efe3d8044408, #409)
   * Add: Quicksave feature (commit: d130d5cf8f510dbcf6a3680d5ef436b18d761669, #464)
   * Add: Way to change most game settings with the in-game pause menu (commit:905cc6ff2f659d6118ce13285f2ddd341a17c6cf, commit:e821f2ed15765f0f0a7fe64df335f646bf61e93b, #469, #565)
   * Add: Autosave feature where the save rate is moddable in rules.js (commit:bff9eb56db0b0883156eb14bcd8add2327bc0f7a, #536)
   * Add: Favorite build items menu shown as a heart icon (commit:8241df0042cfaac75b2e1b192ffb8c31b220ec4e, #556)
   * Add: Right-click AI slot to quickly copy it to all other AI slots (commit:e7ff1e1d5fb956aeaa1dc721f3950dd0f2f4de2b, #551)
   * Add: Randomization of game options button in skirmish/multiplayer games (commit:f49ff2b8bbbf9b43bf80dbb2402507cf770cef89, #539)
   * Add: Randomization of map and positions. Not available when hosting games (commit:e821f2ed15765f0f0a7fe64df335f646bf61e93b, commit:c4fb21e2dfd02b48c353e0b2491d87728770569b, #568, #596)
   * Add: Allow pressing enter/return key when connecting to password protected games (commit:81a1a3790662ba3508b888d47929bf0011a6bc4b, #579)
   * Add: Add support for changing map, game name, and hosting player's name after already hosting (too many commits, #526)
   * Add: Support configuration of OpenAL-HRTF mode (commit:33c4d81795f8f98c103b2af81d4c1575f0f4abb4, #675)
   * Add: Support in-game notification popups (commit:0d9a0e6736ee830b29811bf27eacf79f693f8ab5, #679)
   * Add: keybindings for camera pan added (commit:6fb19e8a053a9a5de2138fe6afa6c1ea6d7e0c6f, #739)
   * Add: Discord rich presence / join support (commit:9c59dd3b15a7d14b4a11244daecaf9fa45d7aac7, #876)
   * Add: Unit / kill count gui feature (commit:ff8c56612a1e3afd597f88fb6cd2ae56142e5206, #943)
   * Change: Challenge layout updates (commit:93db639e1f83ea1819139bf6b85f70b1287a094e, #524)
   * Change: Pressing the key 'M' now shows the key mappings (commit:0bc1b68c862f85146b0693e9c29509ddf63fd5ad, #661)
   * Change: Sort saved games so that recent ones appear first (commit:2d35022fd58193fe6995c6df7806bf6d1a77bd55, #902)
   * Change: Simplify technology level selection (commit:e448c8a4f3b865957aab58d8718f6da1c2bf87eb, #949)
   * Fix: Not initializing the random number generators at application start (commit:925cb7ca4614930ad40d0932c6d957e7986090ac, #539)
   * Fix: Enemy hover units turning invisible when over certain depths of water tiles trying to be seen by other hover units (commit:8242c25a2436b817fdf0662bf295ac467ecde59f, #576)
   * Fix: Fast-play should not create net logs (commit:e2f3dc9e40247cf0065fb20fd080a00a0dbd9946, #599)
   * Fix: Production queue was broken after loading saves (commit:25f2970f5f73128df9ed0d87c0bdf032f7a10aaa, #664, ticket:2983)
   * Fix: Units dropping out of the sky when produced from factories (commit:6b869f9e02fa21cbc7f0f0902d5d7ee9f6d77d2b, #719)
   * Fix: Game falls into infinite loop when you load a damaged save (commit:10ca85b2ebfb86ab7dcbf14b16b461e8f3490312, #906)
   * Fix: Tile burning flag is not restored on load (commit:384c7228621c0f0b98910ffb767425e541d7123d, #912)
   * Fix: Trucks should stop mid-way if structure becomes finished (commit:312c7869f908f00484d6184221fa6ab0d37f1832, #914)
   * Fix: Moduled building demolishing power return (commit:91ce267100564a1d7ec0edb54294bd46a14d938e, #940)
   * Fix: "Cannot build. Resource burning" will pop up for each selected truck (commit:ee555f790f9e2363f71e1199aa99b3e2f072f145, #907)
 * Graphics:
   * Add: Allow shadows with these feature objects: artifact, boulder, and vehicle (commit:0e502341f099f78f2a0d81b158e0c0d225a54cdf, #635)
   * Add: Interpolate frames in animation (commit:b399fc362dcb202e341d7ddb73ea9e782b64e79a, #748)
   * Add: Occlude terrain ambiently (commit:ba0b8ce41712c146cab142c771fc796838ac0a96, #764)
   * Change: Replace little cyborg walking animation with super cyborg walking animation (commit:98582506106a76e6a1d11c0f874ea84c25f2a712, #819)
   * Change: Allow transparency for structure bases (commit:7a5a14c43ad83ba0eb0da56fe3301b9d921496df, #883)
   * Fix: Atmospheric effects should respect game time slowdown (commit:41c72f127d9b130c4fe9df901519728a7a1634d0, #913)
 * Campaign:
   * Add: Make campaign use dark unexplored tiles like before 3.1.1 (commit:15a032e9de9179f678dd3063151a040bd9e362c3, commit:5dd63b5fcd8dbffaea5087b5c89f88551b655937, #447, #529)
   * Change: Slow down factory production timers on Alpha 12 (commit:9fa9b8ca09e257cb96cc86a4ad937c3f8a1adfe7, #678)
   * Change: Increase Bunker-Buster ROF (commit:f0998eaad700fa88881e13d999d37c2261e14b63, #707)
   * Fix: Alpha 11 (cam1-7) failing to allow the player to win if getting the artifact too fast (commit:cd6d345eef01abf6343d7dc762ba6dfd4ee5ac05, #574)
   * Fix: Gamma missions 3, 4s (pre-away mission), and 5 did not game-over because of trucks stored at the end of the Gamma 2 scenario (commit:e0fb35b5a9ee445e5555482d58b37a97e95ce6c8, #588)
   * Fix: Prevent the ability to select the campaign transporter on Alpha 9, Beta 1, and Gamma 1 (commit:9e6e5bfd0b716f8f496710d5304cd15dd72a8ad8, commit:7e8c5deed1ae9351bf143a7bae6dab4ba6a5ea9e, #651)
 * Modding:
   * Add: Basic upgrade support for repair turrets (commit:3ae3006f67beb2addf9b7149becde6d2c132188d, #658)
 * Multiplayer:
   * Add: Remembers the last server in the IP-connect box (commit: feb25267030a0bf079a848f3cc232db8255087bf, #433)
   * Change: Consistent upgrade values for some research (commit:112122b92f0370b60a0e379ca4e93187540eff5b, #557)
   * Change: Scavengers no longer affect score (commit:f0cbddfcdd8dcf237c05c2b00cb624ac995da6bd, #666)
   * Change: Starting technology is mostly different on T2/T3 and based on time (commit:f7f33be120633e2382a505279390cd7f26b2702e, #720)
   * Fix: Melting map player 4 owning a player 0 derrick (commit:07c4fdc24cfe85c5649048a2247a8ccdec796dd3, #546)
   * Fix: resetReadyStatus() now actually resets ready status buttons as it implies when host changes settings (commit:ce1b60c3e9e5c17faa8f45d80fcc9fea2d5870eb, commit:31295dfcbbbb4aae3c67095980fc6ba2ae56f02f, #572)
   * Fix: Do not allow the exit-click for Map Preview go to the invisible widgets (commit:91194316acc451e3f1e4cbbaa38849a7d57aae17, #585)
   * Fix: Protect the status of map-mods when previewing maps so a warning about hosts altering the code doesn't happen, or, the red icon showing when it should not (commit:8d4a8c243e74b7ab8323fb0ceeba56147a53ee76, #586)
   * Fix: Fix saved template availability when loading skirmish saves without a HQ built or when immediately removing the HQ on (advanced) bases (commit:78f312d3ed33163639ee867837496cceeba2127b, commit:23497d673c9905e01d2d34f73755127fe8af21fc, #630)
   * Fix: Drum spawn logic should no longer show an error in some cases (commit:da3fc1f58c5d2da72e698375cc80f3f78650b834, #657, ticket:4419)
   * Fix: Beacons will now remove themselves properly when dropping another with a save already having one (commit:5286fb434f74536a7e690b7367730bb7bccda1be, #707)
 * Scripting:
   * Add: Prints some game settings on skirmish/multiplayer game start (commit:a087c51b467ebffe7cb0edaca14e8ebe9d4411e7, #615)
   * Change: Ignores repeated orders issued from scripts (commit:b2eb7f4ef4087b20c9dde1e4156e390e17485be6, #487)
   * Fix: eventGameLoaded only fires when loading saves, as it was intended (commit:6bcd12ccdf9f8a739348ed2406274a0351025720, #550)
   * Fix: Functions isStructureAvailable(), addDroid(), makeTemplate(), and buildDroid() no longer return false if they encounter redundant components/structures (commit:eee8025fc1f4484327a4bf5c2bfe0aa25169f74e, #590)
   * Fix: Script debugger impacting performance after closing it (commit:aaaf3ae796106a40cb005ace87de7369179fb766, #611)
   * Fix: LASSAT stattype could not be used with function enumStruct() (commit:442b0b00c76b3044dfc1e8340dda007c69f25d46, #613)
   * Remove: WzScript (commit:05d7814e4d15e5c46311ab91410a52546e83a49c, #512)
 * AI:
   * Add: BoneCrusher! AI (commit:60a369044b6d5f5e306a1969dbc81ac4782f1ceb, #532)
   * Add: Cobra AI (commit: 42adc8de34c018c3fc809bfddb59f288059c94d3, #513)
   * Add: Nexus AI ported from original (commit: 5aa27ef4cbcfd62cb97454b60580323663300ec1, #513)
   * Change: Rename SemperFi-JS to SemperFi (commit:ed9f4d0c59a7689d9d26c9eb3538a84b596aa973, #513)
   * Fix: Division by zero if one AI is available to choose from in the AI chooser menu (commit:020586f6bb15a97949f7a8986889862639ca7db1, #523)
   * Fix: AI communication channels were switched off after loading saves from a fresh application start (commit:5171d00e34814b53a85ca2131c83625695eccecb, #660)
   * Remove: Classic Nexus AI (commit:3fbe32bb8257c3cba27d8244769ebe8420b6936b, #511)
   * Remove: Classic SemperFi AI (commit:2612c2bce9470ac6c0a8e51f44b55382842e0226, #511)
 * Other:
   * Add: Autohost from JSON settings file similar to automated challenges (commit:aa1ba903c99ffe5dc41b2da6e57fcc072c7e592a, #502)
   * Add: Timestamp chat messages (commit:a68d5389c913d5a36d1c66b9135b383202c8b41f, #680)
   * Add: Fade effect when starting games (commit:b328ea78b271f931853cfe67500280fcbc061601, #751)
   * Add: Vary initial derrick animation frame (commit:b00e9f15de144b1e3c10814a282d6500f06ac765, #747)
   * Add: Vary initial radar dish rotation (commit:63b7a2c4f11c3bec2c532636284dba3165c0d69a, #741)
   * Add: Give half-tracks propulsion sound (commit:5614099a6cc7d40e5adf0328165b09d703f94438, #870, ticket:4181)
   * Change: Huge titleUI refactor (too many commits, #540)
   * Change: Display "global" or "ally" on chat messages for the sending player (commit: ea97d3202c0f342c5287fffb5bdd8724d9e4daca, commit:e065469b1e8f667222eb5548e685a159a8815403, #519)
   * Change: Behavior of "select similar units" improved (commit:bc5597071f7814c50f89c28895b4db61fdb1d9ab, #669)
   * Change: Deprecate autotools toolchain (commit:eca70df4a21492bd27b14b6e993d20bcbb375429, #695)
   * Change: Smoother mouse rotation (commit:7316d8103dc2390cd34ca95fdaf201a1d68f90d1, #734)
   * Change: Smoother zooming (commit:8a943d9470b8538599006fd5c067237e6595cc50, commit:3314483a92b9e595299df0ff76c45e3160242f55, #733, #751)
   * Change: Redo the drag box pulse effect (commit:524271d5f49c4811850019c319d4c3e86f56dc73, #749)
   * Change: Adjust height tracking logic (too many commits, #892)
   * Fix: Map zoom config limits are now higher to prevent the camera starting too far zoomed in (commit:098d2eb74640cf87f54736967102681a02330bea, #537)
   * Fix: Derricks now emit sound again (commit:e307e88e97ff05ef7a54139922b2247aa9763143, #543, ticket:4766)
   * Fix: Scanlines config option is no longer switched off if a video can not by played with scanlines (commit:4d4f955f35776d27f997ea90fe2d00125969c145, #581)
   * Fix: Display of debug menu items (commit:c91d6e7715a09c7e0474ed8e75dcc1396ac27582, #598)
   * Fix: Better crash log handling on Windows (commit:16b420cfbec50b1fcb9f552eb084c72c8f326e36, commit:d52958a62926a67d595fdd527b22040dd60f98a4, commit:2edb62ed9a457ed06a3a8ee0f107c3b3fe32f2a3, #619)
   * Fix: Enable HiDPI support on all platforms supported by SDL (commit:5e3387a1f5850fa3a60d3ac6c92722c01c484495, #627)
   * Fix: Fix negative score overflow in debug menu (commit:01275997ad7a76a91aa1d9d68a57729cadcee16e, #667)
   * Fix: Improve info message when losing a unit (commit:2264ed975f35b6ab5ab05fbf7321882cb947b9a7, #668)
   * Fix: Prevent duplicate projectile IDs (commit:0861c922d8891be1f1b878da617c8544810cd80d, #769)
   * Fix: Prevent some graphical responses from the reticule buttons when the game is paused (commit:234fe01a0f12c178689e2b3bfcf8f5e84c12bac8, #792)
   * Fix: Fix radar jump rotation bug (commit:2d5c88b7b61492c2edc117b27ddc7c255caaeb4a, #856)
   * Fix: Crash when upgrading structures without upgraded models available (commit:f4350b9becd0128b5a272dd8692897300e39a18b, #887)
   * Fix: Prevent the radar viewing window staying green when switching from Gamma to skirmish/multiplayer games (commit:35505527dd8d0571beb809f484f571544b76b372, #891)
   * Fix: Reset scroll direction / speed on new game start (commit:4626a62fbca70e50f093b5884ea8963b68f11251, commit:ff527f66fbb03738b2a73376f09b8600437fe657, #898)
   * Remove: Disable cursor swapping when moving the camera via keys (commit:284a168a90dba3b1aab288f8c661ecbe71157b65, #772)
 * Balance:
   * Change: Increase multiplayer Bunker-Buster weapon ROFs to hopefully increase their usefulness, according to mp community players (commit:58449ecb36f0283e9c31a68c6d35b0aafc31caff, #531, ticket:4861)
   * Fix: HMG bunker not being affected by upgrades due to sharing same name with another structure (commit:f27ae30a370266e1a09ce1d088b5906cbf7eaf90, #508)
 * Translations:
   * Change: Moved to Crowdin (commit:5b446f5c21e58941b5528ace991eac512085799e, #700)
 * Documentation:
   * Add: Alliance type ALLIANCES_UNSHARED now documented for script global variable 'allianceType' (commit:e030c3d0b2894343912a489167ecfd2a27b66495, #601)
   * Remove: Doxygen support (commit:540ce1948e055e9937383c052616a5e4dd5fb0c9, #316)

Revision 1.5 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Jan 27 19:35:54 2020 UTC (4 years ago) by triaxx
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2020Q2-base, pkgsrc-2020Q2, pkgsrc-2020Q1-base, pkgsrc-2020Q1
Changes since 1.4: +12 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.4 (colored)

warzone2100: update to 3.3.0

pkgsrc changes:
  * migration from GNU configure to CMake
  * update of homepage using https

upstream changes:
2019-08-31: Version 3.3.0
 * General:
   * Add: Reinstated secondary orders Pursue, Guard, and Hold (commit:29d3696dd62f034d02d51b9caa7d834cc84e13d3, commit:4b974e5761eecf7fc375f50d954779e4ac800786, commit:2fb172792014d8886a7411a2547b15030ead0152, commit:274fab1fe4f5a7f443f42b35211d95f949cd63cb, commit:cfa8ca695079df3d716a6eb7a2ed2f5729320bea, commit:8f611fe0f6ffb906bee0afd5de702f8b2de9f1df, commit:ff5ec8ca927c2d3353f58f7ac0ca17f965252234, #263, ticket:4303)
   * Add: Reinstated range orders Optimum, Short, and Long range (too many commits, #314)
   * Change: Pressing Escape clears chatbox if it contains text and closes it otherwise (commit:809dd2abdfbf97a88d74519cd4323d06ce8395d2, #294)
   * Fix: Processing of radar input after disabling its widget (commit:39f083ed0f0c29f071f9f528c9eeef5544373fd7, ticket:4867)
   * Fix: Saving of challenge scores (commit:e1b3eac0faeb7c39b769fee59920d066373d5c49, ticket:4868)
   * Fix: Crashes caused by missing support for mipmap generation (commit:a850fb5c887eb54a50f3a3f0f15ef0f1b6591a98, #260)
   * Fix: Improved window resizing and display scaling (commit:aedc207367c03a105f0ec6475250cdf0b3908008, commit:39aeb5132197a87e0c4207ae36c461eca7909522, commit:e1e991ce3edf9c68f72f3572ab8357abb930f48c, commit:c89a299dcf581c9362bf2461f291a8388c70c0e3, commit:aaf79eda0356eb0be264be65c640f19c12a17327, commit:924b98272140677cfde4955af84aee930d7c4b0d, #319)
   * Fix: Support for more graphics driver workarounds and platform compatibility (commit:d517b62e394c42a2b1e0b831a0cdc26156faca80, #331)
   * Fix: Units shooting through walls to attack targets (commit: 4ed887ed1986840474281d8fd28fc0ea533c06aa, 5cbe6b9e93a0a9682996fc1edf3df43ee5f7096b, #271)
   * Fix: Very slow map/mod transfer when vertical sync is enabled (commit:1d1050f034e7c226d98e371598d2c2a105d24353, #392)
   * Fix: Do not try to attack jammed units before being in range (commit:b9cd1cd49eae103d4e95b3f14e84aed4492391b3)
 * Graphics:
   * Add: Hit-testing support for widgets (commit:405a59420918f903352c4a51be6822eb60d4066b, commit:9394cd5f6c5c1de666d34d56cc32a0d4dfbc83e9, #264)
   * Change: Increase click area for in-game options (commit:bb15fbaa10663d6ce540911d9890f733b75fd365, #266)
   * Change: Improved text width calculation (commit:f4a8c93c9012eb5424296604bd1a0fa56fa2bc06, commit:c27ad854669ee55834fef43f4a7b6fba0dc28b88, commit:0fcad70a72b44aaaf0b01fe425946cd0193f5216, commit:35e5a8d021dfcefa9b7bce7e846a7c2432a7a064, #287)
   * Change: Split challenge tooltips in challenge selection screen into multiple lines (commit:2cc667cbb8f3765a5b69e0c210ab5b1355db3ca6, #299)
   * Fix: Issue loading OpenGL on older Intel chipsets on Windows 10 (commit:8a755a5e6e4f0eb8c62cc51db121cc61c65da80b)
   * Fix: Flamer Bunker model (commit:400191c9c47a4e39aeb12240283f355a57e30290, ticket:4856)
   * Fix: Objects darkening when zooming out (commit:456a74edb1fa76e66bf8e0e2c888b54c0b5c6299, ticket:4375)
   * Fix: Layout calculation for unit orders panel (commit:67b64e6f4205b123e69d6973f2a524656a419c75, #261)
   * Fix: Layout calculation for mission timer (commit:d655de8573b8d781d748d5c53e7f46f39a402d82, #261)
   * Fix: Misplaced reticule area buttons (commit:6731c4ca5f1178e408d1cb22757793fe7ad1015f, #262)
   * Fix: Broken shadows with rotated structures (commit:b7e00616a5068ee0e3be03eb92df803044b2bb84, #285)
   * Fix: Horizontal offset of chatbox cursor (commit:8944aac22bdb43abb849302f158a2704bffb4dd5, #282, ticket:4796)
   * Fix: Alignment of right-justified small text buttons in main menu (commit:e6aa8792eac76c7c853df33ce8f5423f12cab4ff, #287)
   * Fix: Shader warning on some systems (commit:189b18dec1fc9ffe2381eeee1d89534112309601, #318)
   * Fix: Broken shadows with rotated features (commit:39021659101136e3cf4a26959daf7ea86335c13e, #368)
   * Fix: Broken shadows with corner walls (commit:33963b56adc0a7cfe29110c4cb6407b6ea069b29, #368)
   * Fix: Color cursor offset (commit:66322c966eb22c4ac65bfecf4e829e46a4cb4a17, #426)
   * Fix: Fix cyborg and scavenger leg animation bug (commit:123ded59aedc53dc2344be9807c321774613946f)
   * Remove: Flickering of blue/red laser beam when building/demolishing (commit:724750e92cb9884ab81ce565f4d007af817f16ca)
   * Remove: Disable PIE SHADERS directive support (commit:ca536c35fda80d23c3467e5d59f0fdb7debc3525, #380)
 * Campaign:
   * Add: Time conversion functions, for timers (commit:bfde3e18892345a39ad2a3e62f1af66ee17ee6bc, commit:b497b1fc06c9b3ec12eeefc9c2e9b44575f37ee0, #322, #411)
   * Change: Campaign scripts to automatically play the "reinforcements are available" sound (commit:33764ec247ad99ee7ea744ace0404cf16e40357c, #320)
   * Fix: Overlapping objects on maps (commit:f3a9b4d640bbf1662b3a297554083aecdd5401a1, ticket:4865)
   * Fix: Gamma 1 is instantly lost if first transporter drop contains no trucks (commit:e2dc5d7d50057e655c4d3e28411fd2d1b923a69a, #277)
   * Fix: Gamma 1 transporter drops being randomized after loading a save from end of Beta campaign (commit:58ac40f0a00c521eed5bad7cc55ba01a212ce4dd, #278, #280, ticket:3009)
   * Fix: Timeout missions not properly failing when player should be considered dead (commit:8042e44511b40b4821f4eccd993435479a4c08a3, #320)
   * Fix: End of Beta campaign requiring more than one transporter to start, unlike the original campaign (commit:9d1fc6fe7a51b0a17a6396d5e1d92546f6431b05, #320)
   * Fix: Laser satellite not firing at unfinished structures (commit:8b8653a82c8916783d9f8875b11f53250813cc25, #369)
   * Fix: Calculation of player power at start of Gamma 9 (commit:30fc938ae920eff5472a1578664f8539e2e2d625, #370)
   * Fix: Structures built in Gamma 2 save zone prematurely ending mission due to them being counted as units (commit:04a78c9fb676dd71594b6a6a68b4e8b4d9d8d064, #416)
   * Fix: Assert from destroying the Gamma 2 base during the nuke event if the player didn't destroy it themselves (commit:71b100563e6df04e690480ed267f46355ffd77c9, #416)
   * Fix: Alpha 1 area triggers potentially being triggered too early by the AI (commit:fdebdf51fba6fe8e0286bb9c8ef534fb629589b9, #454)
   * Remove: Ability to build MG tanks before having an HQ in Alpha 1 so as to stay consistent with the rest of the game (commit:cc6ea546e4e17800a1d29000689cadf92d9d13dc, #383)
   * Remove: Large power bonus given from starting Beta 1 on Insane difficulty (commit:3c7691cd4fd3113d42183532eeaa8160e2230b2b, #435)
 * Scripting:
   * Change: Function componentAvailable() returns true for redundant components (commit:0b535c8292ec70e113e1453ff472b79e07582be2, #321)
   * Fix: Group label ID and game object ID collision (commit:b63648f432c27043edcbe8af84613cc1e67a6b61, #304, #355)
   * Fix: Check for redundant templates with setDesign() (commit:370cfd6afa257065be4fbc41ac2bcdfe343bf5f6, #378)
 * AI:
   * Fix: NullBot gateway building function causing a good chunk of lag (commit:db51614e568660ef9f6704c385a98c316c4cd227, #313)
   * Fix: NullBot owned VTOLs attacking things they cannot hit (commit:43d5ee0ef8a7935390241536b63bf1acf0d22aa6, #313)
   * Fix: NullBot ordering non-sensors to observe objects rather than scout by driving towards them (commit:4b97f42aac1fc75b0956c6ab48d2c1212fe933a2, #313)
   * Fix: NullBot trying to assign a label to a dead unit in eventAttacked (commit:8fab71b2d37d58e9f98c36b7fabc83add1d8a140, #313)
   * Fix: SemperFi-JS not building its fourth research lab when it should (commit:6634148db34e21e4f05fc34291c596b0f76ba7f4, #429)
 * Other:
   * Add: Console message for missing Command Relay Center preventing Commander production (commit:c165d8c1d233b1c3051c21b19aaba669d9cd32e2, #327, #329)
   * Add: AI related tooltips and changes (too many commits, #419)
   * Change: Time and date representation to ISO 8601 (commit:224a92afc8a1848e13344f7104408ad2fcd1cc01, #343)
   * Change: Configuration directory of debug builds (commit:e9830ebdd1d359fa7197276ae2abb7a30f8f5c21, #335)
   * Change: AI descriptions and tooltips (commit:4b2c88fb84a92fd9733d73e72b6921b3314ed9a3, commit:c4b5f4d057d0ac48696ca5171322556dcec6510d, commit:a8cc35fe89b42ca055c00443f68633a993b9ea90, commit:db1a216fbc98e2ed7787e1dccb95c428075d48e9, #281, #419)
   * Change: Always initialize SDL before Qt which may solve some crashes on Linux systems (commit:ccb70cb68040976e6823dfc6483d5b89d0496aea, #401)
   * Fix: Truck getting stuck when picking up artifact in tutorial due to a cliff (commit:f4fa0a93e26103402e77e2072e3004b533029904, ticket:4866)
   * Fix: Throttling of production console messages (commit:3bb244b7a41237278a731bde7cc49626646a1107, #327, #329)
   * Fix: Undefined behavior (commit:41af29c6a58431042cd2649b8aa1984c8e53ef0a, commit:43a34a886c0c62f92065c0c9646bb3027d6b09b6, commit:fa02178faa1caefbbff63d82d9262ad5ba80703f, commit:070f0c8532007cc3f90d1124ed8d76ecf04d22be, #351, #353, #356, #436)
   * Fix: Tutorial issues (commit:18a0b6ab3f4053948534155b94acc02993e685b0, commit:d79c2a362451af725de5dce7a7cf7677041b9088, commit:f41f78a9cf7606286c4305d49ece5cfda583e1d4, commit:518b2563bf4c77a3391017523e9c401f33144c2c, #381)
   * Fix: Being able to use saved combat templates before building an HQ (commit:7d6210510ed6efc18694c352b00a66ebea1ccb5c, commit:9e22db301aa93182114d35bf298459ee31eec383, commit:15ec435836aa7fe906f77ed42e555b39789dc67b, #378, #394)
   * Fix: Debug menu crashing when trying to open it after loading a skirmish save (commit:f340d89f8b8ab3c978dc246a07210438da6e928f, #422)
   * Fix: Missing AI difficulty button when everyone is on the same team (commit:63c358c85b507c7382abc27785de3148578e41f8, #423)
   * Fix: Always make sure the default AI stays as the first list entry (commit:6b91d9e5019401eccbe1e23c2ed3d3321f2f0407, #419, ticket:4791)
   * Fix: "biffer baker" and "double up" cheats causing unintended behavior (commit:6f24a6ceb94ca4e2ec27d926b2c1f9bdfc5fcc4f, #438, ticket:4795)
   * Fix: Crash when loading a saved game of a challenge from commandline interface (commit:244fd2cbcb12465866191dcc7203aca7719fab8c, #439)
   * Remove: More Qt dependency from the source (commit:97cf508379fe7fb56ac8ecccbe3269783d3620f3, commit:ca9c1166e386f43ff76aa16d6971ca2ab2eb1303, commit:131e4f705888445aaa26643489d6a238a4fd3515, #276, #299)
 * Modding:
   * Fix: Desync when trying to use mods while hosting 3rd party maps (commit:7d6210510ed6efc18694c352b00a66ebea1ccb5c, #388)
   * Fix: Windows hosts crashing when clients connect and mod transfer is attempted (commit:2cddc2fc122ce531314bc7d47c6d279966d4ab04, commit:1b5fe86b6570a2454f189027bcf2fb65aa653db8, #441)
 * Balance:
   * Add: Restored multiplayer weapon range and accuracy stats of version 3.1, with small changes (commit:7f4c03ce5236611ba2c485b5a27f3a445ec47b48, commit:20345ce333248703a1198f84aaad974cf4c86c68, commit:b1d5f8e5885faa4acee9cc01191606818b7d3f03, #387)
   * Add: Restored campaign weapon range and accuracy stats of version 3.1, with small changes (commit:c8ecd75d7b426b325202f78ac30f9fa509f27b7e, commit:e6ebad0d3f62ff3d764a4922bb0ea39e82f20bce, #399)
   * Add: Accuracy research upgrades short range accuracy (commit:50a6d90a089c2bd1124b9ef3db7640a470e476e1, commit:1896ca1db6d2425d47e8703a540dab912af58164, #410)
   * Fix: Cyborg flamer and cyborg lancer not being affected by upgrades (commit:303b27f2ddf7eaf002145fdec7bc149c15ed26a3, #362, #363)
   * Fix: Weapons missing behind targets which caused higher accuracy than intended for all weapons (commit:44eb5e4201ba5fd63d1286bc0ea5a59030d1ec2b, #371)
 * Translation:
   * Add: Translation of structure limits screen title (commit:198215bbc09438e689db0eb2a4d0ed3de4a276f2, ticket:4871)
   * Add: Support a second line for translating the "AUDIO / ZOOM OPTIONS" message (commit:70739936939ad38f8df61bd3e7e56618406a4b23, #345, ticket:4629)
   * Add: Translation of commandline synopsis (commit:98cee005269cc03c9bc63e13ff62ff4c9537afe2, #425)
   * Change: Russian (too many commits, #239, #382)
   * Change: German (too many commits, #326, #328, #413, ticket:4845)
   * Change: Turkish (commit:b14f9bd574e36e0ec0db3d59ad14249c90747435, #259)
   * Change: Brazilian (commit:b00b17c5583c385a5518dcba412efab4765da888, commit:30a7855679645309bf290aad4780c80cdfa1c3df, #315, #402)
   * Change: Polish (commit:211574fdb0fa473a773d92969d654ae08d58c5a3, commit:40872630a98bf46253dbbc0651443f73bcca18f1, #339)
   * Change: Slovenian (commit:cac83e9e50d2adeea5b2b02dd0a6a0da5e23034a, commit:b33d1e3b9c8749e7d4546680369b2705f236350a, #357, #377)
   * Fix: Translation of research messages not being shown (commit:f1b170db3012f4fcd99335cd814180ea8d37e0d6, ticket:4843)
   * Fix: Mismatching format specifiers for singular and plural form of a translatable string (commit:db95329005c0e07329138c90a64a2cf43062c391, ticket:4872)
   * Fix: Version string being printed in the wrong language (commit:42368861607faf54af2acdeaea105533fd97a54b, #344)
   * Fix: Printing of commandline options for foreign languages (commit:9d3173613268214dd72e15aaedf33459d764c37b, #425)
 * Documentation:
   * Fix: PIE format documentation (commit:7a4fdb16de1558a86a48e1ef77df7e7c64155c91, commit:58e78a22f48375273f258e294ea8bc061fac7f48, #295, #325, #334)
   * Fix: Bug tracker URLs and wiki links (commit:06503bb0071eb781d4f33b1b9d234be40e612ac8, commit:d4af395eea5753319509744c63dc0d685976f9f6, #427)
 * Build systems:
   * Add: Folders to CMake builds to improve target organization in IDEs (commit:093aad3817dee2bd9b0090ec57adbbde1a56e827, #291)
   * Change: Disable 3rd-party dependency installation in CMake builds (commit:c40ff4b15996a59343b860827f49b2038c973866, #340)

2019-02-10: Version 3.3.0 beta1
 * General:
   * Add: Challenge "Two-Faced" (commit:2535b921a40afc0a760a54f9efe31494d95dcc7b)
   * Add: New save game file "main.json" (commit:6670ce187a559dbed0fcbd7a0b49ee61488801fb)
   * Add: Cheat "teach us" increases unit experience (commit:6670ce187a559dbed0fcbd7a0b49ee61488801fb)
   * Add: Cheat "showorders" for showing unit orders (commit:34383827cf7f2347b2545201e8947ffeededba84)
   * Change: C++11 modernization (commit:9d0f604d5ac7a5968d3b8582ed5934eb4117bee4, commit:8aa07d1939c8e66759828df7b524f9b4854cebb4, commit:4c4b2845f95901245d5d90153d55a5d3db7b3b80)
   * Change: Keymap format from INI to JSON (commit:a1721f37a5f79d195e44c4c9b361037f235ce138)
   * Change: Create all configuration folder subdirectories on program start (commit:2007f14910d36b4a05e1a308a0b2b720634d4c40, ticket:4664)
   * Change: Simpler minimap size calculation (commit:0752c2b00e1cd68256ba77e67178a7c0a0fa7a9a, commit:af9a96f042ce2067ce34f532280e4bb384dcf96c, commit:d3410d0b1bd20ebbe8f1910aded3c5cb68402ece, ticket:4689)
   * Change: Use custom WzString for string handling functionality (too many commits)
   * Change: Allocation of VTOLs to rearming pads (commit:e2a4e25aca48315af35f4156dcfd0759985e7547, ticket:4697)
   * Change: Location of configuration directory (commit:54901bcd1672c9e22db35c66741ec2eda123b491)
   * Change: Some messages are throttled (commit:5bd5c0aedbcc43746113f06cd95d14a5e8b747e7, commit:ab279747c2df87930109e277138e0412b016a7dc, commit:7729a2dc68e32e275204862fef058f3667ea7e92, ticket:4446, ticket:4448, ticket:4842)
   * Fix: Trying not to crash on loading unknown templates (commit:44a1e1085d4811a0ceeeac8406457098f190c4a3, ticket:4581)
   * Fix: Always show template designs (commit:20c70fd00a5f155a5ff465866841591e4a23946e, ticket:4440)
   * Fix: Being put in cheat mode on loading saves (commit:4b91398c86a8d3e1e9c05787768508ad5929dcbc, ticket:4612)
   * Fix: Player properties "name" and "ai" (commit:18ec97beb53fb5c0677e2ccaaec4686edca25fd1, ticket:4628)
   * Fix: Primary hold order working (commit:27460ef00625c9c2d8594892bd5263896f1afcfb, commit:561bbbc7653927d9326a43657648ccec9a2a34d7)
   * Fix: Try to store designs when they are created (commit:c693e7c11249692bd111c8d51acf024aa107c52e)
   * Fix: CB and VTOL sensor droids not letting attached units attack (commit:8cad813a7ff3421370d927942d2feba4ad7e0933, ticket:4657)
   * Fix: Missing CRC hash checks (commit:23b6efac541dbabee943c93a1dc27e3831650ed6, ticket:3794)
 * Graphics:
   * Add: IRC channel link to main menu (commit:6797cf4681ebe35f50785f08f54c4da8d42e432e)
   * Add: Texture object wrapper (commit:ac08585f245b1dd36bbd8d0a9f88b2352418f845)
   * Add: Configuration option to disable radar arrow pointing north (commit:c5db25a75ea34d263ce3243f04ba4110b936ac52, ticket:4638)
   * Add: Configuration option to quit a game without confirmation (commit:3c27440913dbd856b5aa3e98ec062b0e0a88ff19, commit:2e2c2a872ea85ff502aa1b160d5a0c955b4a27dd, ticket:4692)
   * Add: Configuration options to set default map size, map zoom rate, default minimap size, camera speed (replaces scroll speed), turn off camera acceleration, turn off delay when jumping to new location by clicking on minimap, functionality of the scroll wheel (too many commits, ticket:4629)
   * Add: Display scaling with new configuration option, live window resizing and high-DPI support (commit:619e84d56189f45138ff18b3aea733dc15d9ca0c, commit:e58b34a0ed5ca670bb8107343f8a01b96a5cfc59, commit:96b4866269ecd2c88bb260e282df830598642a0f, commit:aefd9c5b72c36f9ad78cf329b433e8cd083708a2, commit:f8cb54cdaa58dae77a2792875180b2f8e73dd75f, commit:a2e9cd19fa322f8bd4604a556693fe2983095541, commit:cbbf5f2a41b2929280d158035af245d14b0caac3, ticket:4720)
   * Add: Initial support for OpenGL 3.2 core profile (commit:37af8da9eb69ec042960324a24be03944c69d9ca, commit:b2f401ff1db1007897d78650534192b42ef38288, commit:80476d41d0919a0583124b4a06e8b7d120fcf160, commit:64576ba33cbcb9efd684c97e4b63b4d02d75bb5b, commit:886c94669d8acceed8f6068032f80a390e385c15)
   * Add: Wrap buffers (commit:a21b7f5695b28d4c2da0a8e51c3505594380797f)
   * Change: Improved debug menu (commit:19d37399c3fcb31fbb87cb1419125c6cb133aa16, commit:ec5c482bc03405506ff40ff0f36ce25eb8139b0b, commit:9765b31136f18f21eb11627a7a705260d3d70641, commit:c3ef25159a0e4eae0ba3bfa68d34d303b124d1a8, commit:ad70d31cb77212ec215b907bf8c46ff52b8fcc52)
   * Change: Clear information messages after game end (commit:9edf1e646ce99fd99a895b771b63678710d2378a, ticket:4621)
   * Change: Print console message when re-aligning direction (commit:e8718ea80464e8768c12261a06c277cf3d153dcf, ticket:4620)
   * Change: Address player as Commander in campaign and tutorials (commit:3a871f21d8bbc5a660d5ce996a56e65761905fe5, ticket:4612)
   * Change: Only scroll one tab when pressing Tab Scroll Left and Tab Scroll Right (commit:8bac137cf94252241e20f667b9e60639d19e5641, ticket:4643)
   * Change: Blurriness in minimaps (commit:d8b75113658a44a3489738429879c7c1a0a272e8, commit:4f6e988effdafc6de2f8c99c9e9c125842e83a9f, ticket:4690, ticket:4708)
   * Change: Increase default radar size to 32 (commit:a67a46ec55f5dafd069fda90a9d30848f0dee823, ticket:4699)
   * Change: Minimum map zoom distance to 0 (commit:b735b72bce093a8902878ad21ebf838cb1c945e4, ticket:4629)
   * Change: Reduce OpenGL state changes (commit:4d0dcae247c6d93b884adfbfc0046017b66d6abd)
   * Change: Stop forcing alpha on for structure base plates (commit:32568eb0eb597ef0831e5d0348207d9ef9fdabca)
   * Change: Reduce shadow CPU usage (commit:a928f6a286b624eff94dc94b0f8d18d042e8ea86)
   * Change: Repaint Jammer to same colour as Radar Detector and adjust the blurring effect it causes within its range (too many commits, ticket:4769)
   * Change: Icons for obsolete technology used in build and manufacture screens (commit:00de63c64ecd37183315f843b92d09b865c0e826, ticket:4770)
   * Change: Icons for teams with shared research used in host screen (commit:4028b46bd5bc0b467e24ede2354a192204fc84f6, ticket:4771)
   * Change: Icons for easy and medium AI difficulties used in host screen (commit:5d56aabf03536752c0b23568d61219c2fd617ce8, ticket:4772)
   * Change: Warn about setting antialiasing to a value > 16, which can cause crashes (commit:6c143786c0368ceec8053f78fd527a230da6ef17, ticket:4777)
   * Change: Only show confirmation dialog before quitting game if player is hosting a multiplayer game (commit:d41d0e31f3f3f49a9f7dd166567ab96bf22dcd94, ticket:4692)
   * Fix: Name conflict with shader variables shaders (commit:c1131be441afa534f9ec5be76baeb6137dc94844, ticket:4589)
   * Fix: Crash when texture is 1x1 (commit:d3b81130ae12006f54f7a8cd17846ff42ac01398)
   * Fix: Misaligned radar frustum after aligning camera North/East/South/West (commit:26fccd4c749c9ff11aba14bf277c9cecfa465337, ticket:4620)
   * Fix: Clicking on "Language" button in game options menu changes its value (commit:866e63b4dca2a9026b4b32cbb35f613ca7d54798)
   * Fix: Draw opaque models before shadows (commit:e7cb9372b2b8dfaa8736aee48aa5180c94db206d)
   * Fix: Superfluous pixels with the upgrade icons (commit:11fc00b329551893d88b8f837702c4af43d53240, ticket:4759)
   * Fix: Missing widget borders (commit:1a1b0750506b663055f71f856c1079ba576b8a14, commit:fedcb22aec21387ce4ea4c64bf9453e5183fc3ef, ticket:4722)
   * Fix: Inaccurate screenshots (commit:496581ae41c4357e787ff01babcb4b7c5b40f74d)
   * Fix: Flashing of button in manufacture screen (commit:996ffebdefa522e2fe76b57deab778fa4e3abde6, ticket:4721)
   * Fix: Misplaced crosshair cursor when targeting features and structures (commit:619cd66e4e2efbfb150f792f6902d34518e57ca3, ticket:4605)
   * Fix: Missing crosshair cursor when auto-targeting (commit:b817ab8781df8a65ba1753962ff4b9dccfd0b4e3, commit:fb354bd8c5d924c0a551de30af801f698508bda2, ticket:4656)
   * Fix: Show weapon stats for secondary and tertiary weapons (commit:d22da3db985d41069483dd78e748eeb0f7c4090f, ticket:4649)
   * Fix: Resolutions below 640x480 being shown in video options menu (commit:6000e5eac9e1de5d01c320568003d03eb130d1db, ticket:4623)
   * Fix: Terrain lighting direction (commit:ec8a386f1e65246de3807f15ec510236dd652597, ticket:4749)
   * Fix: Design shadow stat markers (commit:ae7b5cebe876293756386c87b82deb22beeb38f8, commit:4c57502708229ac58b90b8bda764a7fb25164b16, commit:7bed71112d2261e2d6683c54309459e2186e91aa, commit:d22da3db985d41069483dd78e748eeb0f7c4090f, ticket:4649)
   * Fix: Cyborg engineer and Cyborg mechanic having nothing but legs (commit:490b91d4420ba0985289955520229a1b8b022096, commit:a856dea5afb52fc4436304f66d1fa375293110e0, ticket:4521)
   * Fix: Radar map showing every object the player owned being red for a few seconds at game initialization (commit:ffb5b9bd3af2623b04a0e8434ab562527c73bb0f)
   * Fix: Challenge description not appearing (commit:64b7420366ed551777832b59c0e505ddd876b25e, ticket:4821)
   * Fix: Scavengers burning when hit by kinetic weapons (commit:eccff930100a5c4788883909a05cc6dd418ebd4d)
   * Fix: Scavenger firing animation (commit:dfde4a7664f75a6a7d99e9cbf90e1a09ed3e4420, ticket:4625)
   * Fix: Technology tree chart generator now works with the JSON research files (commit:e3be50a2ee8054a13aaf8bc4777835ac30c2497b)
   * Remove: Slight camera rotation at the start of every game (commit:c83236b788f3decae8843d3480f64ed91f14316e, ticket:4642)
   * Remove: Credits screen shown when exiting game (commit:cf1c3fbf4706f7a3657ba369db235af8b6f3e981, ticket:3322)
 * Campaign:
   * Add: Research file for transition missions (commit:aedca2d262e0d38d000089a4a831dd4638ec3059)
   * Add: The chosen difficulty for campaign has a much more profound effect on mission difficulty. Adds Insane difficulty (commit:cb19c7672fe915b95795e3af33c63c9d567faccc)
   * Add: Allow artifacts to give multiple research technologies (commit:6d3e99a809fa0389e0a0c3b996c8b9320b48a24f)
   * Add: Cheat "research available" to complete research (commit:a5a49fa4826751a5c8f941ffa4d136789bdd4ea8)
   * Change: Campaign mission scripts completely rewritten to JavaScript (too many commits)
   * Change: Do not store or load templates which are already saved in the save file anyway (commit:d935f57c26d48fd5b431075ac0b7c6bec1315da8)
   * Change: Research uses one file instead of three (commit:a696594896c9ec605d29bc58eb9b77af13e822f4)
   * Change: Enemy has more power in campaign (commit:3f94bb41dd40dea3b96371158d40337375f26fcb)
   * Change: Improved group tactics (commit:64081ec427a5c1aa825d87485444e4b874fdca18, commit:7e0baa0d793d1e443ccf00737ade363de2ca5638)
   * Change: Nexus uses more sounds in the home base defend mission (commit:acc508e0478558d0809d18f146b56d6f5a310ab6)
   * Change: Rename stats for scavenger weapons (commit:25de2991b2da64125c8c863aeaafe4bec50ad81d, ticket:4674)
   * Change: Transporter menu GUI (commit:6b7b1b68cd26fd0f59821a8e34ddf6a538be7557, commit:ccfbbc925ca96631603ccad70583bcb7b365f680, ticket:4652, ticket:4606, ticket:4653, ticket:4710)
   * Change: Map corrections for the sub-2-8 map (commit:8cc67d0c5ed0ed4b38d582fbb2a64abd3f95a2b6, commit:308bccdfc3352550b22310b754133fc65bd2074f, ticket:3772)
   * Change: Flamers and AA units can fire on the move, just like in multiplayer games (commit:4c06fe4bc12199a60df43eb21c12f47989329318, ticket:4832)
   * Fix: Overall script stability is much better than before (too many commits)
   * Fix: Being able to build Command Relay in off-world missions (commit:bb0ce5fd50a0a596e18895ef4955d31a0823d9d0)
   * Fix: Player units (that return in a later mission) lost when reloading saves after the Gamma 2 mission (commit:8125a4098d3e73990e69d8e8b0738e837d4ff2e1, ticket:4054)
   * Fix: Potential power exploit in Alpha 3 before building power module (commit:33bea183138c4836abd9342dc11dd03200ea2a45)
   * Fix: Missing player warning about incoming enemy transporter (commit:c39da0858ba7f1926b8633859e85ade8166610d9)
   * Fix: Enemy base walls exploding when loading a save (commit:1989e22d0ffdf4b179322981457693ab602ad1db)
   * Fix: New Paradigm plateau transporter not arriving if all LZ's occupied with droids (commit:bd752be52f1c4d8d755c7bad3c9953b4eac0af8b)
   * Fix: Scavengers in Beta campaign use the civilian texture again (commit:fa6e0cb16c7d2a1b08c3a94e25dcc191eb3e3c8d)
   * Fix: Do not use the Arizona sky texture in Beta and Gamma campaigns (commit:5f9aa021e8e719b1705f135b39042f22641b540c)
   * Fix: Mission backdrops (commit:9efc45a48b6ef906d628d80a2a57cae998d6f1e1, 860b59df982164911adbb6750e719d75b1099aad)
   * Fix: Do not share ally vision with player (commit:8c9e7260333d6388438a091aad493bd2e11a965e, commit:e36ebcf38e76a4992878dec18f040f7db41851c7, ticket:4673)
   * Fix: Show droid rank in transporter when not off-world (commit:4cfa002cecd071406a18dbf7046b9ebfd1466f83)
   * Fix: Droids placed in the corner of the home map when producing them and then loading a save off-world (commit:fc172d8338f16ca4ef79747c04625e5e2fb2751d, ticket:3907)
   * Fix: Potential temporary lockup on sudden vision field increases (commit:800c1b6df440670f45f595e49fb83ff7ee7f724d, ticket:4644)
   * Fix: Race condition with danger maps (commit:9f25071068dd2edefb0f9fc9e17873a7c5e7a230, ticket:4633)
   * Fix: Outro subtitle timing (commit:1e84aea6273d252b915bafbfc11d9ce2ed024dbe, ticket:4169)
   * Fix: Show correct options for mission fail in debug mode (commit:1595decca92330bd1c00b14bb884b23ae5c2b0d1, ticket:4687)
   * Fix: Broken "research all" cheat (commit:3484ea251d0a0aa250da6ef4811be7931faaab3b)
   * Fix: More visibility asserts (commit:530d67a8b74025187edf80139edbd40bbfc4293a, ticket:4743)
   * Fix: Scouting units getting stuck in infinite loops (commit:2c5fd8085352eadaaa55cbd1c12ada4d8d76da3a)
   * Fix: All features are now aligned (commit:185b9beb2132ebcb6e52851de33883a05cff34ee, ticket:4775)
   * Fix: Duplicate warehouses causes a warning on the map sub-2-7 (commit:820d5c64706cd5489c94fe4340f6d73bcf74efdf)
   * Fix: Incorrect tile texture rotation for the sub-2-7 map (commit:8ed8f44d54d0aa01261ef648e054b77cd7579714)
   * Fix: Droids built when on offworld missions not having the factory secondary orders set (commit:ce90222cc241edbca5dc0909ff2bc0524d8686bb, ticket:3334)
   * Fix: Transporters not removing their visibility when exiting maps (commit:dae53ba5af78a57c5f2204b14fadfdfb07c6b166, ticket:4670)
   * Remove: Unused mission sub3-x (commit:1a5b62296ee7946116db7c6ea09aa714f317c709, ticket:4776)
 * Multiplayer:
   * Change: Move technology level scripts to JavaScript (commit:d31f6a2c704ada8f46957a34279af78deafdeec7)
   * Change: Move structure limiting into structure.json (commit:924135c98d630d638fcee74b8ebf85d10af2dfa1)
   * Change: Increased maximum VTOL rearming pad limit to 99 (commit:be03e188ba4b2661e175b4875b2a0be9898c279f)
   * Fix: Do not replace cyborg flamer with thermite flamer for built droids (commit:8dca9a6bbabd0ff0923a088a9d0ee95d078d8ad3, ticket:4331)
   * Fix: Broken research dependencies for Heavy Machinegun Tower and Command Turrets (commit:64c1b8cd4b2ea1101cfa23fcd6012c57becf312a, ticket:3437)
   * Fix: Missing artifacts after destroying factories (commit:fce314d5ba58778daa80a3626098729c8488005c, ticket:4836)
   * Remove: Jammers (commit:6c5435de1fea4f4d3e5b2fdf2cadd7a0e6f623cf)
 * Scripting:
   * Add: Add a way for a script library to register a namespace (commit:19d37399c3fcb31fbb87cb1419125c6cb133aa16)
   * Add: Function useSafetyTransport() (commit:d511cad4d15ca7ae5ecefc678527bb0a253cafde, commit 969718b14de95849184e22b8325ccf605b9a71ab)
   * Add: Function cam_eventGameLoaded (commit:64081ec427a5c1aa825d87485444e4b874fdca18)
   * Add: Function restoreLimboMissionData() (commit:8109d46e619fd5ca5f1220a5858b513db4114d6c)
   * Add: Function setObjectFlag() (commit:6ea98200a90304a7dd54cdddb6a11910ad57cc39)
   * Add: Cheat "untouchable" to make objects unselectable (commit:6ea98200a90304a7dd54cdddb6a11910ad57cc39)
   * Add: Function camCountStructuresInArea() is now a library function (commit:e0f0a420dac828744c8f903dd4a85bfac7d6757b)
   * Add: Function fireWeaponAtLoc() (commit:3c907bd4e4cd6290b306e847c81c060656a45fcd, commit:1cdd7bdb91fd99c7a5c9db73333c29bb76e32ff5, commit 00731ba9762fffec94f292251650518a18f7d557)
   * Add: Function clearConsole() (commit:e26b9516d3e065527e41fe5006f9f94983653882)
   * Add: Functions hackPlayIngameAudio() and hackStopIngameAudio() (commit:e26b9516d3e065527e41fe5006f9f94983653882)
   * Add: Events eventDeliveryPointMoving() and eventDeliveryPointMoved() (commit:e26b9516d3e065527e41fe5006f9f94983653882)
   * Add: Function getMultiTechLevel() (commit:d31f6a2c704ada8f46957a34279af78deafdeec7)
   * Add: Function setReticuleFlash() (commit:2810c730e1733262b3ff27decfbb93c1db821a6a)
   * Add: A lot of events for menus (commit:629d43771b4ab621fcedb8403165f7557b235bdf, commit:b5f8a07af0f1cbad8379dfa11724ceacc9f50ce8)
   * Add: Events and functions for alliances (commit:3670bbdb5b193a8ff59342e171810fe44415d9bb)
   * Add: Function setCampaignNumber() (commit:b016f609d704ce4df022e3a89f4f70f6eaabbee7)
   * Add: New global variable modList (commit:6cca64d99609123f9248dadff3e8cd24152512dc)
   * Add: Function showReticuleWidget() (commit:42db8f72193b348ea16f942c8bda4a40cb11cb23)
   * Add: Function __camScanRange() (commit:6a6ce7449fe0ab6c69562f37a2ff4904bd5c9d79)
   * Add: Function camSetPropulsionTypeLimit() (commit:00fa4c34d31fe0c27c4a5f7a84925a825cec46c0)
   * Add: Function fireWeaponAtObj() (commit:9316f1c166c5c2e140e718cfc45aaec65e149641)
   * Add: eventStructureDemolish (commit:349e73fbbaca898ad7397adf33ba2cafec486df9)
   * Change: Function formAlliance() does not enable shared vision (commit:d4d0688678aa44c9cf93163bd7f073a6d9bec18a)
   * Change: Function setReticuleButton() (commit:2ce3d680b4914b2990567970a4292d4e527f199b )
   * Change: Convert fast-play demo to JavaScript (commit:04f2ffe87d50d5ce2a24091a4b4c7a89bf8180d6)
   * Change: Convert tutorial to JavaScript (commit:8ff03b8b2f232df6e2528a8badd58849b35488b9, commit:410869b15d5e57d8774be74b4b7e399fb968527e)
   * Change: Move weather scripts to JavaScript (commit:b016f609d704ce4df022e3a89f4f70f6eaabbee7, commit:d60d6559c8fd930963b66bb6c3929f703b5d70f6)
   * Change: Function __camPlayerDead() (commit:10d035d3ed3a41b74a3cedcf1c3c8060d21d9785)
   * Fix: Function removeTimer() (commit:4a24e8e2753d02775b6732d59c23a75a79b83f72)
   * Fix: Function visGetBlockingWall() (commit:f965d77200f1caf57a9be5deb284683792c1280c)
   * Fix: donateObject() typo preventing structure donation (commit:077090bb814c4c7e557a970b7792eca2d2f478a8, ticket:4816)
   * Fix: Function giftSingleStructure (commit:af176e9eb32e393b26be6ef9c3329f6fc9006ab9, ticket:4819)
   * Fix: Instant assert on passing objects to syncRequest (commit:9dca83bcf80b031da6dca838416ea4b25223effb)
   * Fix: Technology tree chart generator now works with the JSON research files (commit:e3be50a2ee8054a13aaf8bc4777835ac30c2497b)
   * Remove: Base game wzscript files (commit:2999513e057beae4940209a18de2b74cfa5026dc, commit:76ac44c84b7f89a860c743202bb002586d137e63, commit:88cb1b6123bbd5fd9d3a66ea6dfb0e5eca15e6c3)
   * Remove: Old cluster code used by wzscript (commit:f6d1c0a78350a9297ea24c5c31e49b7ac518075e)
 * AI:
   * Change: Improved SemperFi-JS (commit:7af101472e0d66c4a73e684f17edf79f8d52505c, commit:6ed849c61a927184095fe7cbf3faa039e1f78860, commit:5b0de613a973ba96faab14ccf7f19a96c10c6a61, commit:4acfc135083ce3406668aa402e7852a0b5712832, commit:f5d3eda6a4aae357fa1d90491ab2f84d6612a6d4, commit:e9b67a47a64553650fd9f2491f176db93696440b, commit:3eff268f6dd2158a00026df749cadd5e315fc8bb)
   * Change: Nullbot is default AI (commit:46efbc680b990900a54bda7a8ded972449538a27)
   * Change: Improved NullBot performance (commit:35b6a1a6c09547b0eeea2d6cf5e6f4ac67b698b6, ticket:4717)
   * Fix: Nullbot can research Super Pulse Laser cyborgs without asserting (commit:52db9416a8fbb7984165bbdc58b4b96efe872c33, ticket:4639)
   * Fix: Nullbot no longer ignores starting units that cannot build (commit:0737d3ac125ae368a1cc31615f4bf537643f501f, ticket:4834)
 * Other:
   * Add: Skirmish/multiplayer cheat "bettertogether" that increases experience of selected units (commit:e760917fef73e172f0149a632a7505303b25080b)
   * Change: Play music in intelligence screen (commit:92722cb9726b8a1eb094b217857fc0a14f430741, ticket:4632)
   * Change: Allow exiting the main menu "Campaign" with the escape key (commit:c64a9a3430b45aa6879241c53f42a62d4db084d7, ticket:4648)
   * Change: More detailed power stats (commit:3dbd5a3c832e7165c7d73920657e0ede504fee82)
   * Change: Ease changing of default map (commit:db81858f454276e642c36c5c41be001f34823366, commit:5807d38b51120e8782609f3b28d348624647f306, ticket:4848, ticket:4849)
   * Change: Factories being destroyed could cause annoying asserts. Now set to quiet warnings (commit:616f142c6a031fc36aceb05f8c40156c563225bb)
   * Fix: Position locking settings loaded from challenge files (commit:20d2e85d697a4ce9e604c5930b21244fd816fb10)
   * Fix: Do not assert on loading skirmish saves when the player has lost or won (commit:77f9e5cada8469948c66ca9c3851e6991f533142, ticket:4590, ticket:3928)
   * Fix: Do not desync when destroying droids with animations (commit:123ded59aedc53dc2344be9807c321774613946f)
   * Fix: Memory bug when donating trucks to allies (commit:0090a88cabd60b9e087c125003e06eb28d1a4def)
   * Fix: Logging or source code spelling corrections (commit:d0dd6cf6b801918cba042b65bdc56e183fb675fd, commit:88c1e9c9f3beb10f1e747f7854d384f076b8cf76, commit:2ce9492056d84846a07174770cfc2c46abf44e7b, ticket:4612, ticket:4617)
   * Fix: Do not try loading videos if none are available (commit:81bf12847181ce7ddc7b096f2049e2c8bb949e35, ticket:4631)
   * Fix: Score and kills not showing in skirmish (commit:a74041b99442caa1c7e14c0ff409fc120c20e666, ticket:3491)
   * Fix: Do not save showFPS configuration option twice (commit:55c77847e4137c219170fff80d0342a0742499dd, ticket:4645)
   * Fix: Crash when opening debug menu in tutorial (commit:c0c20ab39965f4c062dc51d34ad8367d0e2b88f3, ticket:4681)
   * Fix: Music not playing on save-load or not playing the right music in skirmish (commit:b016f609d704ce4df022e3a89f4f70f6eaabbee7, ticket:983)
   * Fix: Right-clicking confused with left-clicking in main menu option buttons (commit:e54e3d505cd787a3f9681ac8f6210529f805e128, ticket:4629)
   * Fix: Screenshot crash by not calling QCoreApplication::processEvents() in SDL backend builds for Windows/macOS (commit:aa086e372f83a386bcea251e5f6fa4f73a955ef0, ticket:4714)
   * Fix: Warcam started at distance < 0 no longer breaks zoom when stopped (commit:46b191aac5167ee3766b1c869aae08351ee89b94, ticket:4830)
   * Fix: Commander production limits (commit:7d0a91180b36a0a75efefaeb94fdcf4a3d7a3832, ticket:1661)
   * Remove: Unused sensor turret properties in design menu (commit:c6b628e2c0c815467f0799c6c65e2f88d31585d3, ticket:4619)
   * Remove: Alt + Middle mouse to move to right-click on minimap (commit:6ceea6304d92705117a2aa7def97f6a11b08c140, ticket:4629)
   * Remove: Alt + Ctrl + Scroll changing game speed (commit:d1cd0dc338ab5fac19e49a461114eb9bd46ccea1, ticket:4629)
   * Remove: Unused sensor "Nexus Link" (not the weapon with the same name!) (commit:aacde23588e8a596a9764df6821d2d6abeeabf6d, ticket:4768)
 * Modding:
   * Add: Reticule images (commit:22a691903c8066539027f64dd04a6bd6977230cf)
   * Add: Flag NoFriendlyFire to prevent friendly fire from splash damage (commit:d75ccdea67fb48f41b370a0c15cea3b6703f344e)
   * Change: Allow mods to use more than one HQ before removing the radar mini-map (commit:590434843c202e92d7ab7e5488f31de9e196ecfa, ticket:3465)
   * Change: Increase capacity of design, build and research screens (commit:c05e4f7851d7f6ab7631b11b81ee9c333cab58cd, commit:3a729d9568b1a06e733651efc08003e601b5846c, ticket:4677)
   * Fix: Mods not read properly on save-load (commit:bd2bac6a5a81205f131b2bbe6efb41b6129b0c4c, ticket:2918)
 * Balance:
   * Add: Technology "Command Turret Upgrade" to increase command limits of commanders (commit:e760917fef73e172f0149a632a7505303b25080b)
   * Change: Droid ranks are now a brain property and can be upgraded (commit:e760917fef73e172f0149a632a7505303b25080b)
   * Change: HitPoint handling in stats (commit:b1cb129247bca05fb35e50b15e8bedee2d6f4a8a)
   * Fix: Do not replace cyborg rocket with cyborg scourge missile and cyborg heavy gunner with cyborg hyper velocity cannon (commit:55f5998c52a0cb2e889aa60c92e79167fc6dc8ed)
   * Fix: Structures not having initial thermal armor (commit:3dd4cdbe548e64ad18c3e06ad427e90fd00c1aa8, ticket:4616)
   * Fix: Various sensor tower research being available before the turret (commit:7487247ead349a9a497ad75e74d634e080a0d58c, ticket:666)
 * Translation:
   * Add: Indonesian (commit:3c050b0cc0a909eaa73d540bffa5224f2631f149, commit:b148301708e32821e7da4ccda085238c04be8d39)
   * Fix: German translation updates (commit:e5d7e20d49a5737a69365bb5b5e96c959e03ac9d, commit:4bc390378c90e807b31775b5e59c845d0398789e, commit:6a2a8708e4a27a455a515ee664c3f7295844bc98, d6baee2b23f29dd65b9178a1d2952484723b5f9c, ticket:4597, ticket:4845)
   * Fix: Turkish translation update (commit:013f6a95415f61232d137cf415b93cb9c8652f93, ticket:4608)
   * Fix: Polish translation update (commit:64bd5a1c5b984e62ddca87d542d53f9ab909cfbf)
   * Fix: Greek translation updates (commit:0490eaa237b0fd8f3a0e8bac722fbb12ff67d5b2, commit:4bdf251e7cede51302da809f703e7ce321440297, ticket:3703)
   * Fix: Russian translation updates (commit:19b767af2354a69b1d21199763188f44689c548f, commit:314a90469f38b4391ac17671f323b4b32c91ce5f)
   * Fix: Chinese translation update (commit:600eff0af390810582c5362b8d29ce93b9cd1080)
   * Fix: Slovenian translation update (commit:7b23d84eea28f45239f8632e4a6f882371d719d7, ticket:4838)
   * Fix: French translation for "wyvern" (commit:def430e0bef132ea54c797b5f3b2d4251bd9352f, e824571700a0b09f1a9b5068644fd21c77546fd3, ticket:4841)
 * Documentation:
   * Add: Coding style guide (commit:1c9bd06cfa53861b3f7c195c3e3f81abf247d838)
   * Add: Debugging guide (commit:e4a1139918687a8da912e7a06d8c677731e07854, commit:4d6ff701c26694060366bd17a3c681586a765095)
   * Change: Update building instructions (commit:3d0bf003b736c0897358f269921c9b1d27f05286, commit:1f759a7afc8c0aa691a5bac60c5ebae7868421ec, commit:9a3da03cc7d39ada5ff0dc17f76dbbbd759673d6, commit:f8fd4477b07cfbccf485637d0c0607a09418d7ae,fd72db1a149a02b34ea508b6fcd1dbb1a498a347, commit:448ba854bf9bbc62431ec01fe710f29e5aa3a168, commit:a878e51291ef51225e04787f6c21f258811b9019)
   * Change: QtScript documentation to Markdown (commit:40cbef4930a61736c80c1e204eab8e3d59145edd)
   * Change: Improved docker documentation (commit:c98c9e64b567a2f3a61958d2a4c6bd2d9c24d858)
   * Change: Improve PIE format explanations (commit:e7f724ce27350ea27fe81809c0ff15ff6c70a742, commit:0182af54fef20fa7a1f5d3dbc67a7583a126f166)
   * Fix: Radar detector description (commit:bcfbe04434d7166be56b63ecb44ff9e59ea9fdea, ticket:1275)
   * Fix: Command Relay Centre description (commit:e69654ebeb4f27039d406ca0cc93af8febb3d15a, ticket:1661)
 * Build systems:
   * Add: Docker file for cross-compilation (commit:b866f11b48c9043a505a8444b295b1c22aeffb6c)
   * Add: Basic CMakeLists.txt structure (commit:fa0bde7ab818174ea09505d4fc6b560588522146, commit:ae921a9ca922434ce0ad445d1dfc52e36059ff39)
   * Add: Support for PhysFS 2.1+ (too many commits, ticket:4693)
   * Add: Autotools docker file for Ubuntu 18.04 (commit:1b700cc4f61cdb5f5a6ea95c12788000f40e1f21)
   * Add: Unicode normalization support with utf8proc (commit:a5954999dda540baea0c666b6fe34b6a9ad69b87)
   * Add: OARS information (commit:1a7b0ee73870b7c26f3322a9b1b9ea83762832bc, ticket:4571)
   * Add: Clang docker file for Ubuntu 18.04 (commit:1af65c7429e13118c7a39f45b37f65fa36e8aae9)
   * Add: Docker file for Fedora latest (commit:1c16dac26a7bfc0ef7f6e1c160bd2ea741dec07f)
   * Change: Use datarootdir as prefix for non game-specific system paths (commit:65152d8110d02357202941b21b819f047d2f1536, commit:88f1ece155e86ef884f28789723e5bf10dfc6f43, ticket:4578)
   * Change: Make shaders compile on more systems (commit:3ec60e361e6bab478af77b51f79ab88f1ceac6db, ticket:4584)
   * Change: Replace OpenSSL with micro-ECC and SHA2 libraries (commit:f1c474153f7c55b5b39a9fdb805a7a7a4c1819c8)
   * Change: Make zip file creation reproducible (commit:714399bfd5c9effa0a9b1bba8f26b625eadeb1da)
   * Change: CMake builds (too many commits)
   * Change: Travis-CI builds (too many commits)
   * Change: Improved Windows installers (too many commits, ticket:4748)
   * Fix: Clang builds (commit:3e224b79a8c2ea98603444ac9827670f55db8004, commit:7b022c5a6c359f4053b314b3ee750c2b5561c41f)
   * Fix: Graphics driver warning when building structures (commit:f2d71eea0e03a6c2f7afcc8698a3883796f09346, ticket:4592)
   * Fix: Spaces in folder names breaking autorevision (commit:178dd3f1f15e02ad7fe8e1266379448550eaf55f, ticket:4348)
   * Fix: Can create Mac builds again (commit:32d4fb46776bbf4f30b99f36f3534d06ea23477e, commit:e4491400c34902ee992adbe43fed95f0d401382f)
   * Fix: MSVC warnings (too many commits)
   * Fix: Warnings generated with documentation (too many commits, ticket:4751)
   * Fix: Warnings with distributor name (commit:5ed40f3153cad4b983a473add191fcb7724416a2, commit:f7f4334869eeaad243b734341908be50ddcba0a0, ticket:4752)
   * Fix: Attempt a workaround with Nvidia driver bug causing crashes (commit:5a898bd8f1a0c916811b266026173455bb87e1c8, commit:82d6f22f3a2ed7bb21525cda709de26eb43beca1)
   * Fix: Docker file for Ubuntu 16.04 (commit:f1b69981381de3c9b79caaed0af997d633560072)
   * Fix: GCC warnings (too many commits)

Revision 1.4 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Dec 14 17:27:01 2018 UTC (5 years, 2 months ago) by triaxx
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CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2019Q4-base, pkgsrc-2019Q4, pkgsrc-2019Q3-base, pkgsrc-2019Q3, pkgsrc-2019Q2-base, pkgsrc-2019Q2, pkgsrc-2019Q1-base, pkgsrc-2019Q1, pkgsrc-2018Q4-base, pkgsrc-2018Q4
Changes since 1.3: +61 -9 lines
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warzone2100: update to 3.2.3

A lot a things since 2.3.2!

Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Aug 16 21:21:51 2009 UTC (14 years, 6 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2018Q3-base, pkgsrc-2018Q3, pkgsrc-2018Q2-base, pkgsrc-2018Q2, pkgsrc-2018Q1-base, pkgsrc-2018Q1, pkgsrc-2017Q4-base, pkgsrc-2017Q4, pkgsrc-2017Q3-base, pkgsrc-2017Q3, pkgsrc-2017Q2-base, pkgsrc-2017Q2, pkgsrc-2017Q1-base, pkgsrc-2017Q1, pkgsrc-2016Q4-base, pkgsrc-2016Q4, pkgsrc-2016Q3-base, pkgsrc-2016Q3, pkgsrc-2016Q2-base, pkgsrc-2016Q2, pkgsrc-2016Q1-base, pkgsrc-2016Q1, pkgsrc-2015Q4-base, pkgsrc-2015Q4, pkgsrc-2015Q3-base, pkgsrc-2015Q3, pkgsrc-2015Q2-base, pkgsrc-2015Q2, pkgsrc-2015Q1-base, pkgsrc-2015Q1, pkgsrc-2014Q4-base, pkgsrc-2014Q4, pkgsrc-2014Q3-base, pkgsrc-2014Q3, pkgsrc-2014Q2-base, pkgsrc-2014Q2, pkgsrc-2014Q1-base, pkgsrc-2014Q1, pkgsrc-2013Q4-base, pkgsrc-2013Q4, pkgsrc-2013Q3-base, pkgsrc-2013Q3, pkgsrc-2013Q2-base, pkgsrc-2013Q2, pkgsrc-2013Q1-base, pkgsrc-2013Q1, pkgsrc-2012Q4-base, pkgsrc-2012Q4, pkgsrc-2012Q3-base, pkgsrc-2012Q3, pkgsrc-2012Q2-base, pkgsrc-2012Q2, pkgsrc-2012Q1-base, pkgsrc-2012Q1, pkgsrc-2011Q4-base, pkgsrc-2011Q4, pkgsrc-2011Q3-base, pkgsrc-2011Q3, pkgsrc-2011Q2-base, pkgsrc-2011Q2, pkgsrc-2011Q1-base, pkgsrc-2011Q1, pkgsrc-2010Q4-base, pkgsrc-2010Q4, pkgsrc-2010Q3-base, pkgsrc-2010Q3, pkgsrc-2010Q2-base, pkgsrc-2010Q2, pkgsrc-2010Q1-base, pkgsrc-2010Q1, pkgsrc-2009Q4-base, pkgsrc-2009Q4, pkgsrc-2009Q3-base, pkgsrc-2009Q3
Changes since 1.2: +10 -17 lines
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Update to 2.2.1.

2009-06-21: Version 2.2.1
 * General:
   * Change: No longer require space between rearm pads, allow dragging pad production with mouse, and droids may drive over inactive rearm pads (r7701, ticket:569)
   * Fix: Various crashes related to failing orders (r7699)
   * Fix: Show translations for finished research display (r7730)
   * Change: Add more information to the crash dump file (r7740, 7745)
   * Fix: Mac users can read in .wz files (r7754)
   * Fix: Experience speed adjustment happens after max speed limit; fix bug with speed calculation. (r7761)
   * Fix: Numerous issues with NTW mod (r7676-7677, r7713-7716)
   * Fix: fix to *never* control the transport in SP games. (really this time!) (r7776, ticket:568)
   * Change: Allow droids to grab artifacts and oil drums from up to 1 tile away (r7779)
   * Change: Bump up MAX_RESEARCH to 500 from 450. (r7774, ticket:599)
   * Fix: Make sure we take xOffset into account, we don't always start at 0 for the FMV text. (r7780, ticket:625)
   * Change: When host drops from the lobby, abort the game. (r7787 ticket:583)
   * Fix: Make sure either parameter isn't below the minimum screen res. that we support. (r7786)
   * Fix: Make sure we take xOffset into account, we don't always start at 0 for the FMV text. (r7780, ticket:625)
   * Fix: Clear the keyboard/mouse input on lost focus correctly. (r7797, ticket:515)
 * AI:
   * Fix: Resolve AI droid traffic jams by clearing orders and make jammed droids stop going for repair (r7700, ticket:597)
 * Campaign:
   * Fix: Flashing box around mission timer was too small, resulting in a graphics glitch. (r7672, ticket:596)
 * Translations:
   * Fix: Italian and Slovakian translations updated (r7769, ticket:621, r7772, ticket:615)
 * Build system:
   * Fix: Various build system issues (r7669, r7664, r7663, r7661, r7655, r7642, r7640)
 * Graphics:
   * Fix: No more ugly texture seams (r7718, r7724, r7757)

2009-05-31: Version 2.2.0
 * General:
   * Fix: Tells user if mod entered on the command line / shorcut is enabled, or is invalid. Output is to stdout or stderr. (r7586)
   * Fix: Launching the game from installer now works (r7568 ticket:364)
   * Fix: Angel missile no longer obsoletes long-range artillery, Ripple Rockets no longer autoupgrades to Archie, and Mortar Fast Loader requires Mortar Rapid Loader Mk3 (r7559, ticket:533, 292, 398)
   * New: Add a new translation:  zh_TW.po  by chtsau (r7561, ticket:239)
   * Change: Allow up to 36 savegame 'slots' (r7535)
   * Change: add 'mod/music' directory to be use for custom music. (r7557)
   * Fix: set the volume of the FMV based on the user's preferences (r7489, ticket:526)
   * Fix: Check if the unit has weapons, before trying to see what weapons they have. (r7488, ticket:523)
   * Change: remove 'autoload' handling.  (r7474)
   * Fix: Fix windows crash dump output (r7473)
   * Fix: Fix handling of limbo & expand missions (r7454)
   * Change: Let players save games with Num-Enter as well as Return - should make it easier on international keyboards (r7412)
   * Change: translation of ru.po by Maxim (r7444, ticket:347)
   * Fix: We now return the truncated string, instead of returning NULL if the string is too long. (r7426, ticket:493)
   * Fix: pl.po file by Makary (r7423, ticket:241)
   * New: Slovenian translation sl.po file by ThomasCarstein (r7422, ticket:392)
   * Fix: pt_BR.po update by Tucalipe (r7421 ticket:350)
   * Fix: Clear out old effects (prevents burning lasting between missions) (r7416)
   * Fix: Don't allow the transporter to be controlled in SP games.  (r7414)
   * Fix: Remember player number and tech level for map selection screen (r7400)
 * Gameplay:
   * Fix: Make AI ignore hostile structures for path-finding when armed. (r7579)
   * Fix: Allow Fog mode to be set based on user preferences for campaign games. (r7597, ticket:561)
   * Fix: Don't allow 2x the experience points in a campaign game, when this is reserved for MP games. (r7598, ticket:562)
 * Graphics:
   * Fix: Fix issue with radar / mini-map. (r7458, ticket:333)
   * Fix: Fix issue with radar / mini-map drawing objects outside its scope. (r7441)
   * Change: Better map previews (patch by Florian Schanda, color scheme by Zarel). (r7434)
 * Network:
   * Change: Increase timeout delay to 2500ms for dial-up modem users. (r7556, ticket:543)

2009-05-10: Version 2.2_rc1
 * General:
   * New: Windows installer has option to download and install videos (enabled by default). (r7328)
   * Change: Windows installer no longer has any license agreements, since they are not EULAs. (r7328)
   * Change: Flash the intel button when we get new intel. (r7317)
   * Fix: Don't count cheated games as multiplayer wins and losses. (r7228)
   * Fix: Windows installer doesn't redownload the music mod if it's already installed. (r7328)
   * Fix: Let's not underflow a unsigned variable. (r7335)
   * Change: Remove 'grim' mod, since it is broken for 2.2 (r7385, r7386, ticket:463)
   * Fix: NTW Mod 1.8.6b for 2.2 by Delphino (r7368, r7369)
 * Gameplay:
   * New: Repair facilities will repair nearby units if they don't have anything else to do. (r7234, patch #413)
   * Change: Multi-turret units have been removed due to graphics bugs. (r7274)
   * Fix: Trucks will never, ever, ever build on burning oil resources. Ever. Not even if you're an AI. (r7340)
   * Fix: Droids with Fire-At-Will will fire upon anything within range. (r7234, patch #413)
   * Fix: Pretty much every known bug involving repair facilities have been fixed. (r7234)
   * Fix: Trucks will not help enemies build structures. (r7234, patch #413)
   * Fix: Multi-turret units will always shoot with both weapons. (r7261)
   * Fix: Target prediction works correctly again. (r7279, r7383, ticket:374)
 * GUI:
   * Fix: Interface no longer disappears for a few seconds when someone changes team/color/location/readiness in multiplayer staging area. (r7259)
   * Change: Add new icons for when player leaves or gets disconnected.  Icons by Zarel.  (r7373, ticket:274)
 * Graphics:
   * Change: Do not use texture compression for interface textures. (r7348)
   * Change: Scale down textures used for 3D when they exceed the size specified with the textureSize option (r7347)
 * Network:
   * Fix / Change: Modify the server & client code to detect when the Host can't host a game, Change how 'addg' works + other enhancements (r7325)
   * Change: Use a more descriptive error message instead of the worthless SDLnet message. (r7344)

2009-05-01: Version 2.2_beta2
 * General:
   * New: Add radar detector turret. It will detect and target enemy sensors up to twice their range (r6955, ticket:340)
   * Fix: Crash when a person aborts multiplayer early then tries to start single-player (r6991)
   * Change: No longer requires the texture rectangle OpenGL extension to play video (r7022)
   * Change: F10 is now always the screenshot key (r6993)
   * Change: New config directory (r6995)
 * Network:
   * Add: Version checking added of connecting clients (r6992)
   * Change: Game now runs on port 2100, and lobby port is now 9990 (r6994)
   * Change: Games can now be password protected (r7078)

2009-04-01: Version 2.2_beta1
 * General:
   * New: Multi-threaded path-finding should make path-finding much faster (r5735, patch #1064)
   * New: Original sound tracks added (r5261)
   * New: Playing of Ogg Theora full motion videos are now supported (r6119, ticket:64, ticket:46)
   * New: Fonts are now configurable (r5841, patch #1095)
   * Fix: Clean up input stream after saving a save game, to prevent it from going into chat mode.
 * Graphics:
   * Change: The skybox texture is now more easily moddable.
   * Fix: The map is now properly capped on the edges.
   * Fix: The "deity" cheat now correctly shows the area that was cheated visible.
   * Fix: The background in the loading screen no longer flickers.
 * GUI:
   * New: Add mouse menu option.
   * New: Add ability to toggle between hardware (SDL) and software (colored) cursors, in new mouse menu option.
   * New: The radar minimap now shows the entire map, can be scaled and rotate to ease navigation (r5266, patch #969, r6410)
 * Commandline options:
   * New: Use --join <host> to join into a game lobby directly from the commandline.
   * New: Add a --host option (to compliment the --join option), so you can create games via an external program. It takes you directly to the host screen.
   * Fix: Difficulty now works when you start the campaign with the --game parameter.
   * Fix: --nosound works correctly with videos now.
 * Gameplay:
   * New: Make repair facilities that are close to each other share the workload if one is overloaded and others are out of work.
   * Change: Allow VTOLs to uncover fog of war and land-move to unseen areas in distance fog mode.
   * Change: Remove limitation that VTOLs cannot pass over tall cliffs, and allow that VTOLs to fly over anything to rearm.
   * Fix: Restrict direct fire to weapons range only instead of minimum of sensor range and weapon range.
 * AI:
   * Fix: Allow a droid to pick a new target while auto-repairing. (ticket:35, bug #12217)
   * Fix: Improve targetting AI so that it does not select bad targets, and make it use full weapon range instead of limited to sensor range. (ticket:97)
   * Fix: Fix AI bug that made it build on burning oil derricks (r5883, patch #1096)
 * Buildsystem:
   * Fix: Only compile the translations when $(TRANSLATION) is "yes". (ticket:130)
   * Change: Former "raw" Makefiles are now used for Windows only and thus named makefile.win32
 * Tools:
   * New: OBJ to PIE format converter (r5774)
 * Map:
   * New: 8c-cockate and 4c-cockpit by zydonk (r5567, r5566, r5286)
 * Engine:
   * New: Support for naval propulsion type (r5803)

2009-04-01: Version 2.1.3
 * General
   * Fix: Fixed issue that prevented information about enemy research to be shared between hosts. (r6915)
   * Fix: Fixed crashes in netlog code, path-finding, pregame chat, and burning scavengers (r6899, r6898, r6878, r6857)
 * Multiplayer:
   * Fix: Players no longer drop from game after too much data has been sent, usually happens in long games (r6890)
 * Maps:
   * New: New map 4c-Urban-Chaos (r6827)
   * Fix: Water tiles on little egypt map fixed (r6825, bug #9658)

2009-03-07: Version 2.1.2
 * General:
   * Fix: No longer crash if more than six players join a game (r6658, ticket:273)
   * Fix: Fix crash when too many maps are available (r6742)
   * Fix: Some other crash bugs may have been prevented (r6688, r6629, r6596, r6762, r6746, r6744)
 * Sound:
   * Fix: When sound isn't enabled (at runtime, unrelated to --disable-sound, e.g. when no sound device is available) do not attempt to set up an AUDIO_STREAM
 * Buildsystem:
   * Fix: If the target system to run on already provides strlcpy and/or strlcat, check whether they work as expected, and if they do, use them instead (r6556, r6557)
   * Change: Allow compiling without OpenAL and Vorbis when compiling with --disable-sound

Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Jun 14 17:56:57 2009 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by joerg
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Remove @dirrm entries from PLISTs

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Sun Feb 15 16:05:43 2009 UTC (15 years ago) by jmcneill
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Import warzone2100 version 2.1.1.

In Warzone 2100 you command the forces of "The Project" in a battle to rebuild
the world after mankind has almost been destroyed by nuclear missiles. The game
offers campaign, tutorial, multi-player and single-player skirmish modes. An
extensive tech tree with over 400 different technologies, combined with the
unit design system, allows for a wide variety of possible units and tactics.
Warzone 2100 was created by Pumpkin Studios, published by Eidos Interactive and
is currently developed by the Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project.

Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Feb 15 16:05:43 2009 UTC (15 years ago) by jmcneill
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Initial revision

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