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Revision 1.47 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun May 31 15:22:21 2020 UTC (3 years, 3 months ago) by rillig
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2023Q2-base, pkgsrc-2023Q2, pkgsrc-2023Q1-base, pkgsrc-2023Q1, pkgsrc-2022Q4-base, pkgsrc-2022Q4, pkgsrc-2022Q3-base, pkgsrc-2022Q3, pkgsrc-2022Q2-base, pkgsrc-2022Q2, pkgsrc-2022Q1-base, pkgsrc-2022Q1, pkgsrc-2021Q4-base, pkgsrc-2021Q4, pkgsrc-2021Q3-base, pkgsrc-2021Q3, pkgsrc-2021Q2-base, pkgsrc-2021Q2, pkgsrc-2021Q1-base, pkgsrc-2021Q1, pkgsrc-2020Q4-base, pkgsrc-2020Q4, pkgsrc-2020Q3-base, pkgsrc-2020Q3, pkgsrc-2020Q2-base, pkgsrc-2020Q2, HEAD
Changes since 1.46: +1 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.46 (colored)

games/lbreakout2: remove unknown configure option

Revision 1.46 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu Mar 26 02:33:15 2020 UTC (3 years, 6 months ago) by joerg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2020Q1-base, pkgsrc-2020Q1
Changes since 1.45: +3 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.45 (colored)

Ignore portability when configure is already patched

Revision 1.45 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Mar 20 11:57:42 2020 UTC (3 years, 6 months ago) by nia
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.44: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.44 (colored)

*: Convert broken sourceforge HOMEPAGEs back to http

Revision 1.44 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Jan 18 23:32:03 2020 UTC (3 years, 8 months ago) by rillig
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.43: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.43 (colored)

all: migrate several HOMEPAGEs to https

pkglint --only "https instead of http" -r -F

With manual adjustments afterwards since pkglint 19.4.4 fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines.

This mainly affects projects hosted at SourceForce, as well as, CTAN and GNU.

Revision 1.43 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Sep 4 17:43:15 2019 UTC (4 years ago) by nia
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2019Q4-base, pkgsrc-2019Q4, pkgsrc-2019Q3-base, pkgsrc-2019Q3
Changes since 1.42: +3 -4 lines
Diff to previous 1.42 (colored)

lbreakout2: Update to 2.6.5


- in kids mode brick regeneration is four times slower (2015/10/17 MS)
- in kids mode bonuses last four times longer (2015/10/17 MS)
- division by zero crash fixed in server (2014/02/03 Colin Tuckley)
- added danish translation (2013/07/29 Joe Dalton)
- updated a number of levelsets from OFT (2013/03/20 MS)
- use $docdir for document path in configure (2012/08/15 MS)
- added a bunch of new levelsets, removed OldGames (2012/08/15 MS)

Revision 1.42 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Feb 18 04:57:05 2018 UTC (5 years, 7 months ago) by rillig
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2019Q2-base, pkgsrc-2019Q2, pkgsrc-2019Q1-base, pkgsrc-2019Q1, pkgsrc-2018Q4-base, pkgsrc-2018Q4, pkgsrc-2018Q3-base, pkgsrc-2018Q3, pkgsrc-2018Q2-base, pkgsrc-2018Q2, pkgsrc-2018Q1-base, pkgsrc-2018Q1
Changes since 1.41: +3 -3 lines
Diff to previous 1.41 (colored)

games/lbreakout2: move documentation to share/doc/lbreakout2

Revision 1.41 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Jan 14 15:26:47 2018 UTC (5 years, 8 months ago) by rillig
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.40: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.40 (colored)

pkgsrc doesn't support PREFIX with spaces or other special characters.
Therefore it is not necessary to add the :Q modifier to this variable
and several others.

pkglint -r -Wall --autofix --only :Q

Revision 1.40 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Apr 25 14:23:00 2015 UTC (8 years, 5 months ago) by tnn
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2017Q4-base, pkgsrc-2017Q4, pkgsrc-2017Q3-base, pkgsrc-2017Q3, pkgsrc-2017Q2-base, pkgsrc-2017Q2, pkgsrc-2017Q1-base, pkgsrc-2017Q1, pkgsrc-2016Q4-base, pkgsrc-2016Q4, pkgsrc-2016Q3-base, pkgsrc-2016Q3, pkgsrc-2016Q2-base, pkgsrc-2016Q2, pkgsrc-2016Q1-base, pkgsrc-2016Q1, pkgsrc-2015Q4-base, pkgsrc-2015Q4, pkgsrc-2015Q3-base, pkgsrc-2015Q3, pkgsrc-2015Q2-base, pkgsrc-2015Q2
Changes since 1.39: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.39 (colored)

Recursive revbump following MesaLib update, categories g through n.

Revision 1.39 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Feb 16 11:21:24 2013 UTC (10 years, 7 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2015Q1-base, pkgsrc-2015Q1, pkgsrc-2014Q4-base, pkgsrc-2014Q4, pkgsrc-2014Q3-base, pkgsrc-2014Q3, pkgsrc-2014Q2-base, pkgsrc-2014Q2, pkgsrc-2014Q1-base, pkgsrc-2014Q1, pkgsrc-2013Q4-base, pkgsrc-2013Q4, pkgsrc-2013Q3-base, pkgsrc-2013Q3, pkgsrc-2013Q2-base, pkgsrc-2013Q2, pkgsrc-2013Q1-base, pkgsrc-2013Q1
Changes since 1.38: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.38 (colored)

Recursive bump for png-1.6.

Revision 1.38 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Nov 10 08:53:28 2012 UTC (10 years, 10 months ago) by shattered
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2012Q4-base, pkgsrc-2012Q4
Changes since 1.37: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.37 (colored)

Update to 2.6.4.  Changes:

- fixed crash caused by long config path
- added a bunch of levelsets

Revision 1.37 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Oct 6 11:54:45 2012 UTC (10 years, 11 months ago) by asau
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.36: +1 -3 lines
Diff to previous 1.36 (colored)

Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.

Revision 1.36 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu Jun 9 17:06:16 2011 UTC (12 years, 3 months ago) by drochner
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2012Q3-base, pkgsrc-2012Q3, pkgsrc-2012Q2-base, pkgsrc-2012Q2, pkgsrc-2012Q1-base, pkgsrc-2012Q1, pkgsrc-2011Q4-base, pkgsrc-2011Q4, pkgsrc-2011Q3-base, pkgsrc-2011Q3, pkgsrc-2011Q2-base, pkgsrc-2011Q2
Changes since 1.35: +2 -3 lines
Diff to previous 1.35 (colored)

update to 2.6.3
-added level selection dialog
-translation update

Revision 1.35 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Apr 22 13:43:37 2011 UTC (12 years, 5 months ago) by obache
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.34: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.34 (colored)

recursive bump from gettext-lib shlib bump.

Revision 1.34 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu Jan 13 13:37:48 2011 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2011Q1-base, pkgsrc-2011Q1
Changes since 1.33: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.33 (colored)

png shlib name changed for png>=1.5.0, so bump PKGREVISIONs.

Revision 1.33 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Jan 11 20:20:53 2011 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by drochner
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.32: +4 -3 lines
Diff to previous 1.32 (colored)

update to 2.6.2
changes: many new levels, bugfixes, i18n...

Revision 1.32 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Jun 13 22:44:21 2010 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2010Q4-base, pkgsrc-2010Q4, pkgsrc-2010Q3-base, pkgsrc-2010Q3, pkgsrc-2010Q2-base, pkgsrc-2010Q2
Changes since 1.31: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.31 (colored)

Bump PKGREVISION for libpng shlib name change.
Also add some patches to remove use of deprecated symbols and fix other
problems when looking for or compiling against libpng-1.4.x.

Revision 1.31 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Feb 7 21:04:13 2010 UTC (13 years, 7 months ago) by heinz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2010Q1-base, pkgsrc-2010Q1
Changes since 1.30: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.30 (colored)

Fixed use of ROOT_USER in DESTDIR installations.

Revision 1.30 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Feb 7 21:02:16 2010 UTC (13 years, 7 months ago) by heinz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.29: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.29 (colored)

Added LICENSE information.

Revision 1.29 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu Sep 25 14:02:09 2008 UTC (15 years ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2009Q4-base, pkgsrc-2009Q4, pkgsrc-2009Q3-base, pkgsrc-2009Q3, pkgsrc-2009Q2-base, pkgsrc-2009Q2, pkgsrc-2009Q1-base, pkgsrc-2009Q1, pkgsrc-2008Q4-base, pkgsrc-2008Q4, pkgsrc-2008Q3-base, pkgsrc-2008Q3
Changes since 1.28: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.28 (colored)

Bump PKGREVISION for infrastructure fix affecting /dev/null as CONF_FILES

Revision 1.28 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Jul 14 12:56:04 2008 UTC (15 years, 2 months ago) by joerg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: cube-native-xorg-base, cube-native-xorg
Changes since 1.27: +3 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.27 (colored)

Mark as destdir ready.

Revision 1.27 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Jun 21 16:00:57 2006 UTC (17 years, 3 months ago) by joerg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2008Q2-base, pkgsrc-2008Q2, pkgsrc-2008Q1-base, pkgsrc-2008Q1, pkgsrc-2007Q4-base, pkgsrc-2007Q4, pkgsrc-2007Q3-base, pkgsrc-2007Q3, pkgsrc-2007Q2-base, pkgsrc-2007Q2, pkgsrc-2007Q1-base, pkgsrc-2007Q1, pkgsrc-2006Q4-base, pkgsrc-2006Q4, pkgsrc-2006Q3-base, pkgsrc-2006Q3, pkgsrc-2006Q2-base, pkgsrc-2006Q2, cwrapper
Changes since 1.26: +8 -4 lines
Diff to previous 1.26 (colored)

Honour VARBASE and use config file framework for the high score file.
Use INSTALL to inform the user of the changed location. Bump revision.
Discussed with jlam@

Revision 1.26 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Jun 12 16:28:09 2006 UTC (17 years, 3 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.25: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.25 (colored)

for SDL shlib changes.

Revision 1.25 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu May 18 11:29:19 2006 UTC (17 years, 4 months ago) by rillig
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.24: +10 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.24 (colored)

SunPro does not like "extern inline" functions.

Revision 1.24 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Apr 17 13:46:29 2006 UTC (17 years, 5 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.23: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.23 (colored)

Bump BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.png and PKGREVISION for png-1.2.9nb2 update.

Revision 1.23 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Mar 4 21:29:42 2006 UTC (17 years, 6 months ago) by jlam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2006Q1-base, pkgsrc-2006Q1
Changes since 1.22: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.22 (colored)

Point MAINTAINER to in the case where no
developer is officially maintaining the package.

The rationale for changing this from "tech-pkg" to "pkgsrc-users" is
that it implies that any user can try to maintain the package (by
submitting patches to the mailing list).  Since the folks most likely
to care about the package are the folks that want to use it or are
already using it, this would leverage the energy of users who aren't

Revision 1.22 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Feb 5 23:09:19 2006 UTC (17 years, 7 months ago) by joerg
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.21: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.21 (colored)

Recursive revision bump / recommended bump for gettext ABI change.

Revision 1.21 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Dec 11 09:40:42 2005 UTC (17 years, 9 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2005Q4-base, pkgsrc-2005Q4
Changes since 1.20: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.20 (colored)

Convert aalib to options framework, adding an 'x11' option, and remove
aalib-x11 and aview-x11.
SDL dependencies change, so bump PKGREVISION (and BUILDLINK_RECOMMENDED)
for affected packages.

Addresses PR 32046 by Leonard Schmidt.

Revision 1.20 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Sep 23 20:06:25 2005 UTC (18 years ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2005Q3-base, pkgsrc-2005Q3
Changes since 1.19: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.19 (colored)

Reset maintainer, email to xs at nitric dot net bounced.

Revision 1.19 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Jun 17 04:49:46 2005 UTC (18 years, 3 months ago) by jlam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2005Q2-base, pkgsrc-2005Q2
Changes since 1.18: +3 -3 lines
Diff to previous 1.18 (colored)

Fix inappropriate uses of ${LOCALBASE} or ${X11PREFIX} instead of

Revision 1.18 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Jun 1 18:02:51 2005 UTC (18 years, 3 months ago) by jlam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.17: +1 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.17 (colored)

Massive cleanup of and files in pkgsrc.
Several changes are involved since they are all interrelated.  These
changes affect about 1000 files.

The first major change is rewriting as well as all of
the files to follow the new example in
The loop to include all of the files needed by the package
is moved from and into
is now included by each of the individual files and provides
some common logic for all of the files.  Currently, this
includes the computation for whether the native or pkgsrc version of
the package is preferred.  This causes USE_BUILTIN.* to be correctly
set when one file includes another.

The second major change is teach the files to consider
files under ${LOCALBASE} to be from pkgsrc-controlled packages.  Most
of the files test for the presence of built-in software by
checking for the existence of certain files, e.g. <pthread.h>, and we
now assume that if that file is under ${LOCALBASE}, then it must be
from pkgsrc.  This modification is a nod toward LOCALBASE=/usr.  The
exceptions to this new check are the X11 distribution packages, which
are handled specially as noted below.

The third major change is providing and files
for each of the X11 distribution packages in pkgsrc.  The
file can detect whether the native X11 distribution is the same as
the one provided by pkgsrc, and the file computes the
version of the X11 distribution package, whether it's built-in or not.

The fourth major change is that the files for X11 packages
that install parts which are part of X11 distribution packages, e.g.
Xpm, Xcursor, etc., now use imake to query the X11 distribution for
whether the software is already provided by the X11 distribution.
This is more accurate than grepping for a symbol name in the imake
config files.  Using imake required sprinkling various
helper files into pkgsrc directories.  These files are used as input
to imake since imake can't use stdin for that purpose.

The fifth major change is in how packages note that they use X11.
Instead of setting USE_X11, package Makefiles should now include instead.  This causes the X11 package buildlink3
and builtin logic to be executed at the correct place for
and files that previously set USE_X11, and fixes packages
that relied on files to implicitly note that X11 is
needed.  Package should also include
when linking against the package libraries requires also linking
against the X11 libraries.  Where it was obvious, redundant inclusions
of have been removed.

Revision 1.17 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Apr 11 21:45:51 2005 UTC (18 years, 5 months ago) by tv
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.16: +1 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.16 (colored)

Remove USE_BUILDLINK3 and NO_BUILDLINK; these are no longer used.

Revision 1.16 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Mar 27 15:43:35 2005 UTC (18 years, 6 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.15: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.15 (colored)

PKGREVISION bump for glut dependency removal (SDL/

Revision 1.15 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Jan 14 08:51:06 2005 UTC (18 years, 8 months ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2005Q1-base, pkgsrc-2005Q1
Changes since 1.14: +6 -8 lines
Diff to previous 1.14 (colored)

Changes 2.5.2:
- added a different sound for balls reflected from the paddle
  (05/01/13 M.S.)
- bugfix: acceleration of balls by middle mouse button now works in
  the testing mode of the editor (previously the balls got stuck in
  mid-air) (05/01/13 M.S.)
- the game will be paused if the input focus is lost or the
  application is iconfied (05/01/13 M.S.)
- when the 'sticky' bonus runs out, all attached balls will be
  detached (05/01/13 M.S.)
- when pressing either left or right shift, the name and score of
  the first chart entry of this set will be displayed at the upper
  right-hand side display of the frame instead of your name and
  score (05/01/12 M.S.)
- if a paddle is frozen and the mouse is moved, the paddle will no
  longer jump after thawing (05/01/12 M.S.)
- when a paddle turns invisible due to the 'ghost paddle'-malus, all
  attached balls will be detached (05/01/12 M.S.)
- re-implemented explosion animation for bricks directly hit by an
  explosive ball (05/01/12 M.S.)

Revision 1.14 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Nov 17 16:16:30 2004 UTC (18 years, 10 months ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2004Q4-base, pkgsrc-2004Q4
Changes since 1.13: +3 -5 lines
Diff to previous 1.13 (colored)

Changes 2.5.1:
- only levelsets from the install directory are used for
- order of Freakout levels is saved
- bugfix: balls will not start in next level with max speed when
  the middle mouse button was pressed while clearing the last
  brick of a level
- bonus floor uses proper brick image (blue energy wall instead
  of normal wall)
- replaced chaos bricks in level 7 of N_Snapshots with normal
  wall bricks
- to continue when viewing final network stats only SPACE is
- re-added continue option for single player mode, however
  with 100% score loss this time

Changes 2.5:
- added additional network support via SDL_net for portability
- bug fixed: game crashed when quitting testing mode in the
- removed 5000 points bonus for completing a level. instead
  the score of the remaining destructible bricks is substracted
  as a penalty when warping to the next level
- generation of bug message is disabled
- sounds are played stereo in a local game and partially stereo
  in a network game

Revision 1.13 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Oct 3 00:14:45 2004 UTC (18 years, 11 months ago) by tv
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.12: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.12 (colored)

Libtool fix for PR pkg/26633, and other issues.  Update libtool to 1.5.10
in the process.  (More information on tech-pkg.)

Bump PKGREVISION and BUILDLINK_DEPENDS of all packages using libtool and
installing .la files.

Bump PKGREVISION (only) of all packages depending directly on the above
via a buildlink3 include.

Revision 1.12 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Mar 7 07:12:56 2004 UTC (19 years, 6 months ago) by snj
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2004Q3-base, pkgsrc-2004Q3, pkgsrc-2004Q2-base, pkgsrc-2004Q2, pkgsrc-2004Q1-base, pkgsrc-2004Q1
Changes since 1.11: +6 -10 lines
Diff to previous 1.11 (colored)

Use bl3 and simplify by using LDFLAGS.SunOS.

Revision 1.11 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Dec 8 14:41:39 2003 UTC (19 years, 9 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.10: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.10 (colored)

Bump PKGREVISION for libogg (or, in 5 cases, libao) updates.

Revision 1.10 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Jul 30 17:23:59 2003 UTC (20 years, 2 months ago) by grant
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2003Q4-base, pkgsrc-2003Q4
Changes since 1.9: +7 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.9 (colored)

link against libsocket and libnsl on Solaris.

from Jonathan Perkin in PR pkg/22295.

Revision 1.9 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Jul 26 21:41:18 2003 UTC (20 years, 2 months ago) by jmmv
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.8: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.8 (colored)

Bump revision due to SDL update, and sync versions in buildlink files where
needed.  This is required because esound has been droped as a dependancy.

Revision 1.8 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Jul 21 16:49:54 2003 UTC (20 years, 2 months ago) by martti
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.7: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.7 (colored)

COMMENT should start with a capital letter.

Revision 1.7 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Jul 13 13:51:51 2003 UTC (20 years, 2 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.6: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.6 (colored)

PKGREVISION bump for libiconv update.

Revision 1.6 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri May 2 11:55:01 2003 UTC (20 years, 4 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.5: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.5 (colored)

Dependency bumps, needed because of devel/pth's major bump, and related
dependency bumps.

Revision 1.5 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu Apr 3 08:25:35 2003 UTC (20 years, 5 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.4: +3 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.4 (colored)

User SDL_mixer/SDL_image instead of SDL-mixer/SDL-image.

Revision 1.4 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Mar 23 04:50:35 2003 UTC (20 years, 6 months ago) by rh
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.3: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.3 (colored)

Update lbreakout to 2.4.1.  Provided in PR pkg/20674 by Quentin Garnier.

Changes include:

- unlimited number of backgrounds for themes (03/03/08 M.S.)
- if a levelset is selected its highscore chart is shown (03/02/27 M.S.)
- the warp icon gets static after it blinked four times (03/02/27 M.S.)
- the official levelsets 'Original', 'AddOn-1' and 'AddOn-2' became the
  first entries in the levelset list (03/02/27 M.S.)
- default warp limit is now 80% of bricks (03/02/27 M.S.)
- scores are displayed while player changes (03/02/23 M.S.)
- loading themes from installation path no longer restricted to the
  default ones (03/02/23 M.C.)
- added an explanation of the 'Warp' feature to the documenation
  (03/02/07 M.S.)

- fixed a bug were balls could get caught within the paddle if the
  'bonus floor' was active and the paddle wasn't moved (02/12/16 M.S.)
- extra balls of upper paddle (multiplayer) are created at proper position
  (02/12/16 M.S.)
- shadows of extras are clipped to the playing field (02/12/15 M.S.)
- lost/gained lives are refreshed correctly (02/12/15 M.S.)
- decreased corner sensitivity and improved corner reflection (no longer
  reflected at 45° but at the real perpendicular which makes it much
  easier for balls to enter narrow passages) (02/12/14 M.S.)
- simplified range check for ball velocity vector (02/12/14 M.S.)
- the frame's shadow is not drawn twice (thus darker) when a brick close to
  the frame is removed (02/12/13 M.S.)
- difficulty 'Hard' gives 30% score bonus (02/12/13 M.S.)
- increased ball speed for 'Medium' and 'Hard' (02/12/13 M.S.)
- added a missing check concering the reset position of reflected balls
  to the target computation (without this they could get into bricks which
  resulted in a corrupted next target) (02/12/13 M.S.)
- extra balls (random initial direction) can no longer move straight up
  (when they did so they simply left the screen as no target could be computed
  for them) (02/12/13 M.S.)
- reduced number of get_target() calls for balls and shots (02/12/11 M.S.)
- improved handling of scrollbars (02/12/11 M.S.)
- fixed color key bugs occuring at depth >=24 (02/12/10 M.S.)
- when bricks regenerate they are refreshed correctly (02/12/08 M.S.)
- player can disintegrate single bricks by pressing 'd' and spending
  5% of his/her score (02/12/08 M.S.)

- continues always cost 50% of the current score but fully restore the
  initial amount of lives (02/12/07 M.S.)
- fixed a bug in the 'restart' code that could accidently cause the
  game to quit if you hadn't paid the continue cost twice (02/12/07 M.S.)
- updated Jurgen De Backers theme AbsoluteB (02/12/07 M.S.)
- shadow creation for surfaces with no color key now works correctly
  (02/12/07 M.S.)

- fixed security holes created by improper use of sprintf (02/11/24 D.B.)

- added a quick help for network game (02/11/03 M.S.)
- optimized drawing of balls/extras/shots/shrapnells (02/11/01 M.S.)
- removed config option shadow (is always enabled) (02/11/01 M.S.)
- 'paddle.png' may provide an additional paddle set for a different
  upper paddle (02/11/01 M.S.)
- audio buffer size became config option (02/11/01 M.S.)
- network statistics are sent in one go after game is finished
  (02/10/30 M.S.)
- code clean-ups in establishing direct connection (02/10/30 M.S.)
- in the highscore chart the level index is no longer 0 after
  completing a levelset (02/10/29 M.S.)
- levelset transfer improved (02/10/27 M.S.)
- fading time decreased (02/10/26 M.S.)
- SDL >= 1.1.5 is now required (02/10/25 M.S.)
- invalid users are properly removed from server (02/10/25 M.S.)
- code clean-ups and performance enhancements (02/10/21 M.S.)
- improved chatroom GUI (02/10/19 M.S.)
- fixed a network leak that caused 500% more latency in 'Deathmatch'
  and 900% more latency in 'Normal Multiplayer' (02/10/08 M.S.)

- added pseudo levelset !FREAKOUT! that lets you play all levels (~600)
  in a random order (02/09/21 M.S.)
- moved 'Select Theme' option from 'Advanced Options' to 'Graphics'
  (02/09/21 M.S.)
- bonus stack is cleared at beginning of new level (02/09/21 M.S.)
- replaced 'wontgiveup.wav' with 'verygood.wav' (02/09/20 M.S.)
- implemented 'warp' option to switch to next level before all bricks
  where cleared (02/09/19 M.S.)
- bricks/bonuses/maluses may have transparency (02/09/17 M.S.)
- optional bonus floor graphic (02/09/17 M.S.)

- fixed a crash in 'Classic' theme (02/09/12 M.S.)

Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Sep 11 10:16:19 2002 UTC (21 years ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: netbsd-1-6-1-base, netbsd-1-6-1
Changes since 1.2: +3 -3 lines
Diff to previous 1.2 (colored)

Update to 2.3.3.
- added winning themes AbsoluteB, Oz, Moiree from theming contest and
  the previous default theme has been renamed to Classic (02/09/10 M.S.)
- fixed a bug that crashed LBreakout when there where two alternating
  players left in the last level and one finished it (02/09/05 M.S.)
- modifications to make LBreakout run on FreeBSD (02/09/05 S.M.)
- option to display balls above debris and explosions (02/09/05 J.S.)
- input bug fixes for win32 (02/09/05 L.R.)
- blinking cursor for editable menu items to distinguish them from
  switches (02/09/05 L.R.)

- added all existing levelsets (27 sets, ~440 levels) (02/08/16 L.R.)
- quick help can be opened in game by pressing F1 or 'h' (02/08/16 M.S.)
- the 'select theme' hint bubble will show information on a theme (author,
  version, description) if it provides an ABOUT file (02/08/16 M.S.)
- menu graphics and sounds are now themeable (02/08/16 M.S.)
- added information about version and author of levelset to the hint
  bubble in the menu (02/08/16 M.S.)
- menu item added to modify challengers game port (02/08/16 M.S.)
- ip buffers resized to cover AF_INET6 addresses (02/08/16 M.S.)
- bugfix in net talk (02/08/15 M.S.)
- levelsets MP_Arenas and MP_Snapshots now have the correct contents
  (02/08/14 M.S.)

- multiplayer levelsets MP_Arenas and MP_Snapshots are now installed
  correctly (02/08/14 M.S.)
- configure option --disable-network now works correctly (02/08/14 M.S.)
- if your challenge is invalid an error message is displayed
  (02/08/14 M.S.)

- no warnings when loading a theme (02/08/13 M.S.)
- two network levelsets MP_Arenas (deathmatch) and MP_Snapshots (normal)
  added (02/08/13 M.S.)
- added version for levelsets (02/08/13 M.S.)
- added commands '/version', '/idletime' and '/userlimit (02/08/12 M.S.)
- 'turbo' key that temporarily doubles the paddle speed added
  (02/08/10 D.B.)
- command '/transfer' implemented (02/08/10 M.S.)
- bonus info displayed at the right side of the screen is now optional
  (02/08/10 M.S.)
- chatroom commands implemented (02/08/09 M.S.)
- chatroom channels implemented (02/08/08 M.S.)
- added configure option --disable-network (02/08/06 M.S.)
- network statistics implemented (02/08/06 M.S.)
- bugfix for networked weapon fire (02/08/06 M.S.)
- PNG loading routine updated (02/08/06 M.S.)
- fixed an aweful lot of bugs in normal network game (02/08/05 M.S.)
- implemented info about running games to chatroom (02/08/05 M.S.)
- users are properly unlinked after playing a network game (02/08/05 M.S.)
- pause chatroom implemented (02/08/04 M.S.)
- normal networking implemented /02/08/04 M.S.)
- network bugfixes (02/08/03 M.S.)
- screen is grayed for paused games (02/08/02 M.S.)
- deathmatch networking implemented (02/08/02 M.S.)
- bugfix for shooting bricks (02/08/02 M.S.)
- welcome message when entering chatroom and the user name is colored white
  (02/08/02 M.S.)
- score modification for difficulty level is directly added (02/07/31 M.S.)
- each level gets a background assigned instead of simply changing
  the background when the player changes (02/07/31 M.S.)
- plain text config (02/07/31 M.S.)
- restored compatibility with old layout (02/07/31 M.S.)
- for win32: (02/07/18 L.R.)
  - edit bug fixed
  - installation details added to README
  - muched improved installation system
  - files are always opened in binary mode
- added missing screen.jpg in the docs (02/07/18 L.R.)
- implemented network enviroment with chatroom
- implemented second fire key
- added check for libz to configure as this is required for PNG
- option to modify audio buffer size to fix sound problems

Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Aug 27 19:00:20 2002 UTC (21 years, 1 month ago) by jlam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +7 -6 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

buildlink1 -> buildlink2

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Sun May 5 22:13:38 2002 UTC (21 years, 4 months ago) by rh
Branch: TNF
CVS Tags: pkgviews-base, pkgviews, pkgsrc-base, netbsd-1-6-RELEASE-base, netbsd-1-6, buildlink2-base, buildlink2
Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

Initial import of lbreakout2-2.2.2, a polished successor to lbreakout (a
"breakout" style arcade game).  Provided by <>, thanks!
This closes PR pkg/16666.

Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun May 5 22:13:38 2002 UTC (21 years, 4 months ago) by rh
Branch: MAIN

Initial revision

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