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Revision 1.7, Sat Sep 7 14:49:58 2019 UTC (2 years, 1 month ago) by nia
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.6: +5 -8 lines

fillets-ng*: Update to 1.0.1

Fish Fillets NG - 1.0.1
* Fixed a bug in the last levels. Fish were unable to swim to some places.
  It happened next to the room border. The bug was introduced in version 0.9.2.
  Big thanks Radek and Mirek Olsak for discovering it.

Fish Fillets NG - 1.0.0
* Dutch spoken dialogs (by Astrid de Wijn and friends).
* Disallowed a move, to be consistent with the original Fish Fillets.
  Pushing of partially supported objects is disallowed.
  The object has to be supported by a wall or by a fish
  who isn't directly under it.

  You could switch back to the less restrictive rules
  by using "strict_rules=0" config option.
  Thanks Brian Raiter for reporting the discrepancy.
* Provided music looping without fading (by Brian Raiter).

Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.3
* Fixed compilation with the newer fribidi-0.19.2.

Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.2
* Fixed undefined behavior in the last levels. The outgoing objects could be stopped by an obstacle (thanks Josef Peterka for pointing it out).
* Fixed strange background colors on the F10 and F1 screens. SDL-1.2.14 would fix these too.

Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.1
* Used sound frequency 44100 to prevent crackles (thanks to Josef Peterka).

Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.0
* Level 'linux' (by Mirek Olsak).
* Level 'electromagnet' (by Stephan Barth).
* Embedded intro video (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
* Faster undo (hold -) (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
* Redo (hold +).
* Czech spoken dialogs for level 'keys' (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
* Updated Bulgarian translation (by Damyan Ivanov).
* Updated Swedish translation (by Olov Gustavsson).
* Enhanced graphics for the NG levels (by Fank Skalicky).

Fish Fillets NG - 0.8.1
* Two extra levels (by Stephan Barth and Mirek Olsak).
* Added support for translated images (by Leonid Myravjev).
* Prevented music restart on undo.
* Fixed checking for solvable room before undo saving.
* Fixed checking for second dead fish.

Fish Fillets NG - 0.8.0
* Undo (on key '-')
* Five extra levels (by Mirek Olsak)
* Slovenian translation (by Marko Burjek)
* Brazilian Portuguese translation (by Ricardo Faria)
* Russian translation (by Leonid Myravjev, Maria Antropova, Gregory Bonik)

Fish Fillets NG - 0.7.4
* One extra level (by Mirek Olsak)
* Bulgarian translation (by Damyan Ivanov)
* Swedish translation (by Olov Gustavsson)
* Fixed table iterations for lua5.1

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