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Revision 1.67, Sat Jun 22 13:29:19 2019 UTC (7 months ago) by nia
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2019Q2-base, pkgsrc-2019Q2
Changes since 1.66: +7 -9 lines

bzflag: Update to 2.4.18

Switched to SDL2.

BZFlag 2.4.19

* Add new bz_ePlayerDeathFinalizedEvent API event - Vladimir Jimenez
* Output correct error when loading a nonexistent bzfs plugin - Vladimir Jimenez
* Remove obsolete bzfs option from Start Server menu on Windows - Scott Wichser

BZFlag 2.4.18  "Do You Hear What I Hear?" (2018-10-18)

* Fix DirectSound initialization order so that sound on Windows works again
    - Scott Wichser

BZFlag 2.4.16  "Reduce, Reuse, Replay" (2018-09-23)

* Send MsgFlagGrab before API event is called - Jeff Myers, Vladimir Jimenez
* Correctly unmuted when paused and killed by server - Alfredo Tupone
* Format codebase to allman style - Jeff Myers, Scott Wichser
* Use GLEW for obtaining OpenGL entry points and checking for extensions
    - Alfredo Tupone
* Revert a80ab87 (truncation warning fix) as that generated broken replay file
    headers. Detect and work around that bad header.
    - Joshua Bodine, Vladimir Jimenez, Scott Wichser
* Use pkg-config, if available, to detect ncurses
    - Scott Wichser, Joshua Bodine, Alfredo Tupone

BZFlag 2.4.14  "Hello Motto" (2018-05-02)

* Add new bz_eAllowServerShotFiredEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Fix antialiasing when starting the client windowed - Joshua Bodine
* Update the Windows icon file to include larger icons - Scott Wichser
* Treat the number pad keys uniquely for key mapping with SDL2 - Scott Wichser
* Better cpu selection for x86_64 - Alfredo Tupone
* Fix build with enable-profile - Alfredo Tupone
* Add safety check when getting flags (bzfs) - Alfredo Tupone
* Add min/../max to drawTime - Alfredo Tupone
* Fix the -configdir option for the client - Scott Wichser
* Upgrade Windows projects to Visual Studio 2017 - Scott Wichser, Jeff Myers
* Improve support for custom BZDB vars in plug-ins - Vladimir Jimenez
* Fix truncation warnings - Jeff Makey, Alfredo Tupone
* Add new bz_ePermissionModificationEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Introduce new 'showMotto' permission - Vladimir Jimenez
* Fix gcc warnings and code formatting - Jeff Myers, Scott Wichser
* Remove old BitmapFont renderer - Scott Wichser
* Add new bz_eServerShotFiredEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Revamp the world weapon API entirely - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add PLAYER-MOTTO output to logDetail plugin - Scott Wichser
* Display remaining ban time when a banned player connects - Vladimir Jimenez
* Punitive messages no longer display admin callsigns - Vladimir Jimenez
* Slash commands in the API now know destination channel - Jeff Myers
* Allow building with lcc compiler on e2k-alt-linux - Joshua Bodine
* Fix ability to bind a key with a modifier through menu - Joshua Bodine
* Disallow -helpmsg from world files - Vladimir Jimenez

BZFlag 2.4.12  "Silence is Golden" (2017-10-29)

* Allow API to trigger CTF capture event - Vladimir Jimenez
* Allow setting default values for BZDB from API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add bzu_getTeamFromFlag() convenience function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add new functions to the bz_APIStringList - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add string utility functions to the API and TextUtils - Vladimir Jimenez
* Fixed an issue with ASCII characters from modified non-ASCII keys in SDL 2
    - Joshua Bodine
* Fixed compilation on macOS when using autotools/gcc - Mike Miller
* Don't send client queries on behalf of players - Vladimir Jimenez
* Removed pollSet as a default perm in bzfs - Vladimir Jimenez
* Player records canSpawn value no longer always returns true - Vladimir Jimenez
* bz_addURLJob() now supports setting HTTP headers - Vladimir Jimenez
* Made multisampling work on all platforms with SDL 1.2/2 - Joshua Bodine
* Add bz_eMuteEvent and bz_eUnmuteEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add configure --disable-server option - Jeff Makey
* Add bz_isPlayerAutoPilot() to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add bz_eAutoPilotEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add bz_getServerOwner() API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* The _maxFlagGrabs BZDB setting is no longer a random number - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add API access for the handicap system - Jeff Myers, Vladimir Jimenez
* Remove Xcode references to deployment targets except for main project
    - Joshua Bodine
* Allow silencing unregistered players in the client - Scott Wichser
* Fix the /silence and /unsilence client commands - Scott Wichser

BZFlag 2.4.10  "This is How We Roll" (2017-03-12)

* Fix high DPI handling on Windows (again) - Scott Wichser
* Custom slash commands respect double quotes when tokenizing - Vladimir Jimenez
* Make /help page names case-insensitive - Vladimir Jimenez
* Extend bz_ePlayerDieEventData to v2 to hold flag held when killed - Jeff Myers
* Add bzfs API hooks for polls and allow custom poll types - Vladimir Jimenez
* Reduce DNS cache time of list server hostname - Scott Wichser
* Fix bz_addURLJob() to correctly handle default NULL handler - Vladimir Jimenez
* TextUtils::url_encode and TextUtils::url_decode now use cURL's functions; this
    change fixes a crash bug with bz_urlEncode() - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add bz_reloadBadwords() to API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add ability to reload badwords list with '/reload badwords' - Vladimir Jimenez
* Source code now dual licensed under the MPL 2.0 or LGPL 2.1 - Tim Riker
* Added an option to invert one or both joystick axes - Joshua Bodine
* Multisampling support under SDL 2 on macOS - Joshua Bodine

BZFlag 2.4.8  "Sixteen" (2016-10-10)

* Add Russian transliteration - Ruslan Hihin, Aleksandr Lahin
* Fix a regression in 2.4.6 where the client would not reduce CPU usage when
    minimized on Windows - Scott Wichser
* On autotools platforms, try to use SDL2, then SDL1, and then fall back to
    native platform code. Allow specifying an SDL version as well.
    - Scott Wichser
* Prevent some more bzfs options from being specified in a world file
    - Scott Wichser
* Cleaned up some GCC6 warnings - Scott Wichser
* Spawn all players on base when a timed game starts - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Add indicator for -noTeamKill servers on server list - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Send a notification to admins when a BZDB variable is reset
    - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Increase the range of the volume slider - Konstantinos Kanavouras

BZFlag 2.4.6  "Eight, Our Codebase is Overweight" (2016-06-26)

* regFlag plugin now uses bz_eAllowFlagGrab event - Scott Wichser
* RogueGenocide plugin defaults to ignoring rogue self-kills - Scott Wichser
* Standardize and update the documentation for bundled plugins - Scott Wichser
* Add bz_getRandomPoint to API - Vladimir Jimenez
* Correctly handle the keypad keys with SDL2 - Jeff Makey, Scott Wichser
* Implement SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH spec in our autoconf system to work towards
  reproducible builds - Scott Wichser, Jeff Makey
* Include a timestamp in the /savemsgs output filename - Scott Wichser
* Added -t option to /savemsgs to add timestamps to messages - Scott Wichser
* Added a GUI option to show timestamps on the messages - Scott Wichser
* For SDL2, restore the original gamma on exit and reapply desired gamma on
    window recreation - Scott Wichser
* Use SDL2 on Windows for the window/display management - Scott Wichser
* Remove hiddenAdmin plugin - Vladimir Jimenez
* Add a cycleRadar and cyclePanel key binding command - Joshua Bodine

BZFlag 2.4.4  "Be My Valentank" (2016-02-14)

* Correctly exit the game when closing from the Windows 10 taskbar
    - Scott Wichser
* Update the player status when a gameover event occurs - Scott Wichser
* Fix fullscreen window toggling on Mac OS X - Joshua Bodine
* Fix crash on exit with Windows bzfs - Scott Wichser
* Fix crash on exit with Mac OS X bzfs - Joshua Bodine
* Fix buffer overrun that caused a crash on exit and other strange behavior on
    Windows and Linux - Scott Wichser
* On Windows, reload textures after initializing the context - Scott Wichser
* Add a menu to edit server list quick filters - Scott Wichser
* Tell Windows that we are DPI aware - Scott Wichser
* Time functions in the bzfs API use doubles instead of int - Vladimir Jimenez
* Fix issue on Windows that allowed mouse to get stuck off-screen when switching
    to windowed mode - Scott Wichser
* Replace NaN with zero in nboUnpackFloat() - Jeff Makey
* Add a bz_ChatEventData_V2 that contains message type - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Show recipient/sender for private action messages in BZAadmin
    - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Server list filter: remove "cached" boolean filter, rename "flags" to "ffa",
    "teams" to "ctf", and add "offa" - Scott Wichser
* Add server list filter help pages - Scott Wichser
* Add config option to control shot brightness - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Don't show a running countdown to a player who joins a paused game
    - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Allow RGB values in ANSI color codes to allow custom colors
    - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Vastly improved support for changing tank and radar colors
    - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Fix rendering of TK warning symbol - Joshua Bodine
* Remove third-party libraries from our source tree - Scott Wichser
* Fix search field losing focus while loading server list - Joshua Bodine
* Do not count observers when sorting the server list - Scott Wichser
* Randomize the order of servers with identical player counts - Scott Wichser
* Mouse grab/confine fixes - Joshua Bodine, Scott Wichser
* Improvements to flagStay and rabidRabbit plugin - Vladimir Jimenez
* Joystick hat fixes - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Update shot stats live - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Track shot stats for all flag types, even custom flags
    - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Filter messages before MsgEnter - Jeff Myers
* Require a player have spawned to be added to rejoin wait list - Jeff Makey
* Validate the player ID in MsgPlayerUpdate and MsgPlayerUpdateShort
    - Scott Wichser
* Fix usage of privateMessage permission - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Properly prevent multiple MsgEnter messages - Jeff Myers
* Refactor and extend the shot API - Jeff Myers
* Autokick on unknown packet type - Vladimir Jimenez
* Block whitespace-only message and kick for garbage characters - Scott Wichser
* Validate teleporter index in client and server - Scott Wichser
* Limit half-joined player connection duration - Scott Wichser
* Add various checks for invalid player actions - Jeff Makey
* Show coordinates of target tank instead of observer camera location
    - Jeff Makey
* Allow shot API event to cancel broadcasting shot to other clients - Jeff Myers
* Store a list of how many times each player was killed by other players and
    expose it to the API - Jeff Myers
* Allow plugins delay adding players to allow for remote data lookups
    - Jeff Myers
* Add API event triggered when authentication is complete - Jeff Myers
* Added bz_GetPlayerMottoData_V2 - Jeff Myers
* Relicense the SAMPLE_PLUGIN to BSD 2 clause license - Jeff Myers, Tim Riker
* Update joystick axis list when changing joystick device
    - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* List server communication now uses HTTPS - Scott Wichser
* Added bz_setPlayerSpawnAtBase and bz_getPlayerSpawnAtBase API functions
    - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added configure --enable-custom-plugins and --enable-custom-plugins-file
    options - Jeff Makey
* Introduce bz_AllowSpawnData_V2 - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_setPlayerSpawnable and bz_isPlayerSpawnable API functions
    - Vladimir Jimenez
* Removed GLEW as a dependency - Joshua Bodine, Scott Wichser
* Made text at top of HUD use sans-serif font and removed serif font
    - Joshua Bodine
* Player scores are now factors in auto team assignment - Joshua Bodine
* New font rendering tool and new font textures up to 64pt - Joshua Bodine
* Added bz_getPlayerBySlotOrCallsign API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Have custom permissions show in /showperms and /groupperms - Vladimir Jimenez
* Start adding unit tests with CppUTest - Scott Wichser
* CIDR ban support - Scott Wichser
* Radar size and panel size are now set individually  - Joshua Bodine
* Added bz_incrementTeamLosses and bz_incrementTeamWins API functions
    - Vladimir Jimenez
* Vertical sync support under SDL - Joshua Bodine, Jeff Makey
* SDL 2 support - Alfredo Tupone, Joshua Bodine
* Do not flash GAME OVER for observers - Jeff Makey
* Validate the teleporter indexes in MsgTeleport - Scott Wichser
* Correctly validate an offered admin password - Jeff Makey
* Added "showAdmin" permission - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added countdown pause/resume API events - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_getCountdownRemaining API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_getPausedTime API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_isCountDownPaused API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_getIdleTime API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_getPlayerFlagID API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_isAutoTeamEnabled API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_cancelCountdown API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_pollActive API function - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_CustomZoneObject API class - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added CustomZoneSample plugin - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added permission for /listplugins - Vladimir Jimenez
* Allow API to overload built-in slash commands - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added "report" permission - Vladimir Jimenez
* Added bz_eGameResumeEvent and bz_eGamePauseEvent to the API
    - Vladimir Jimenez
* Don't allow muted players with ADMINMESSAGESEND to send PMs to hidden admins
    - Konstantinos Kanavouras, Vladimir Jimenez
* Add [Reverse Score] scoreboard sort option - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Track number of self-kills on the scoreboard - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Added menu option to pause chat window scrolling - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Added "noteam" option for "/flag reset" command - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Added option to bz_resetFlags to skip team flags - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Implemented "/poll kill" command - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Added "/countdown cancel" command - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Added serverSidePlayerSample plugin - Jeff Myers
* Fix fancy radar tank when zoomed - Kyle Mills
* Added /handicap command - Frank Thilo
* Reverted to traditional handicap calculation - Frank Thilo
* Add bzfscron plugin to execute commands on time intervals
    - Daniel Remenak, Scott Wichser
* Server-side players can send slash commands - Scott Wichser
* Added server side shot tracking - Jeff Myers
* Added clientQuery permission - Konstantinos Kanavouras
* Added superUser plugin - Jeff Myers
* Added bz_getPlayerCount API function - Jeff Myers
* Added bz_incrementPlayerWins API function - Jeff Myers
* Added bz_incrementPlayerLosses API function - Jeff Myers
* Added bz_incrementPlayerTKs API function - Jeff Myers
* Make players respawn on bases after countdown ends - Lee Marshall
* Countdown now resets player scores as well as team scores - Lee Marshall
* Fully integrated Xcode project file - Joshua Bodine

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.67 2019/06/22 13:29:19 nia Exp $

DISTNAME=	bzflag-2.4.18
CATEGORIES=	games x11
MASTER_SITES=	https://download.bzflag.org/bzflag/source/${PKGVERSION_NOREV}/

MAINTAINER=	blymn@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE=	https://www.bzflag.org/
COMMENT=	OpenGL tank game
LICENSE=	gnu-lgpl-v2.1

USE_TOOLS+=	gmake perl pkg-config
FAKE_NCURSES=	yes	# They assume non ncurses is Solaris
USE_CURSES=	resizeterm

.include "../../mk/bsd.prefs.mk"

.if ${OPSYS} !=  "Linux"
SUBST_STAGE.fixme=	pre-configure
SUBST_FILES.fixme=	src/platform/Makefile.in
SUBST_SED.fixme=	-e "s|@LINUX_TRUE@||g"
SUBST_SED.fixme+=	-e "s|@LINUX_FALSE@|\#|g"


.include "../../devel/SDL2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/zlib/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/MesaLib/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/glew/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/glu/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../net/libcares/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../www/curl/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/libX11/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/libXxf86vm/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/libXext/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/curses.buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/pthread.buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"