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Revision 1.4, Mon Dec 10 20:08:01 2018 UTC (5 years, 2 months ago) by tm
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.3: +9 -7 lines

awesome-ttf: update to 5.5.0

* Holiday category
* Winter category
* A nice selection of the top requested icons from the Font Awesome Leaderboard
* Sponsored icon horse-head
* Brand icons adobe, artstation, atlassian, centos, confluence, dhl, diaspora,
  fedex, fedora, figma, intercom, invision, jira, mendeley, raspberry-pi,
  redhat, sketch, sourcetree, suse, ubuntu, ups, usps, and yarn
* The Canadian Maple Leaf (Aboot time, eh. You hosers.)

* Added more icons to Buildings, Hands, Spinners, Users & People, and Vehicles categories
* Added indicators whether an icon was added to Font Awesome through community voting

* Missing metadata for holly-berry

* Politics category
* Weather category (volume 1 and 2)
* Brand icon reacteurope
* Sponsorship of briefcase by WorkRails

* Alignment centered for larger icons when using the CSS stacks feature

* Brand icon think-peaks

* Updated rocketchat brand icon
* Adding vr-cardboard and d-and-d-beyond to Free version
* Replacing rendact with wpressr brand icon
* Changing the version 4 shim for commenting icon to solid style to better match version 4

* Path issues with tombstone-alt icon in Regular and Light styles

* Separate wand and wand-magic into unique icons
* Corrected the alignment of linkedin-in
* Renamed categories "Holiday" to "Halloween" and "Seasonal" to "Autumn"

* New Tabletop Gaming, Holiday, Seasonal category
* 7 tabletop gaming brands (acquisitions-incorporated, critical-role, d-and-d, d-and-d-beyond, fantasy-flight-games, penny-arcade, wizards-of-the-coast)
* 25 new animals (and all of them are real you Disbelievers)
* Sponsorship of volume-mute by Pulse-Eight
* creative-commons-zero added to Free version
* DEV brand icon
* Search terms "positive" and "negative" added to applicable icons
* Sponsorship of chess-knight by Inspira bvba
* Sponsorship of blender-phone by Joe Emison
* Icons chair, chair-office, file-csv, hammer, head-side, head-vr, house-damage, hryvnia, network-wired, running, slash, user-injured, and vr-cardboard

* Using masks with SVG and JavaScript now use nanoid generated IDs instead of a simple counter
* Updated speakap brand icon
* Revised menorah icon and added hanukiah

* Slight distortion in book-heart
* Bad search terms for folder icon
* Set license for @fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icons NPM package

* Updating icons in the Status category

* sponsors.yml listed icon prayer instead of pray
* Removed Pro icons that accidentally made it into Free

* New Religion, and Marketing category
* New icons in the Mathematics, and Business category
* New stats for signal, volume, and wifi icons
* New brand icon for the-red-yeti and alipay

* Adding ethereum to Currency category
* Adding bitcoin and btc to Payments & Shopping

* Incorrect name for layer-minus and layer-plus in sponsors.yml
* Reversing route-highway and route-interstate
* Correct version identifier in OTF and web font files
* CSS keyframe names are not minified (and renamed) to prevent conflict with user or app specific names
* Sass placeholder selector added for %fa-icon to fix CSS precendence issue with font-weight

* New education and automotive categories
* More icons in the medical and maps categories
* Top requested brands ello, hackerrank, kaggle, markdown, neos, and zhihu

* Additional search terms for various icons FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#13429

* Marked the font-awesome-logo-full as a "private" icon
* Consistently named and minified CSS and JS files in the CDN, npm packages, and zip files

* Removed "fa-" prefix from Less and Sass style bundles filenames
* Unable to use brand icons with pseudo-elements and SVG with JS
* Adding icons explicitly using the library were not available when using pseudo-elements and SVG with JS
* smile-plus search terms in icons.yml incorrectly formatted
* kiss and grin-wink icons having incorrect weight / style FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#13361 FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#13363
* Missing underscore in filenames in the less/v4-shims.less FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#13415
* Light style for code-commit
* Including rev brand icon in the Font Awesome Free version

**Minor version upgrade notice: there are some backward-incompatible changes to this release. See the
[UPGRADING.md guidefor more

* New Emoji, Design, and Travel category pack
* Another group of requested and commissioned icons
* Version 4 shim for Web Fonts with CSS
* New simplified download and NPM packages
* @fortawesome/fontawesome-free and @fortawesome/fontawesome-pro NPM packages that match what's available in the CDN and .ZIP files
* Brand icons rev, nimblr, megaport, mailchimp, hornbill, wix, weebly, themeco, squarespace, aws, shopware
* API method toHtml() for converting abstract objects to HTML
* API method counter() to generate Layers Counters
* API method watch() to configure MutationObserver and watch DOM for icon changes and additions

* Relocating sponsor data to a separate sponsors.yml
* Updated teamspeak brand icon
* No more default exports in the CommonJS/ES packages (anything installed from NPM)
* Greatly improved performance and rendering of CSS pseudo-elements with SVG and JavaScript
* Configuration of SVG with JavaScript can now be done with attributes on the script tag
* SVG with JavaScript pseudo-elements now match syntax (font-family, font-weight) of Web Fonts with CSS

* Tree shaking of all NPM packages by default
* Alignment of the book-open and dice-six icon
* Correcting creative-commons
* Incorrect license on the fontawesome-common-types package
* Improve ligatures that share a base name with another ligature
* Correcting solid style of the digital-tachograph icon
* Prevent duplicating classes in some scenarios with SVG with JavaScript
* Duplicate insertion of CSS when insertCss() method was called
* Missing TypeScript definitions for the free-brands-svg-icons package

* 68 icons to Free and 165 to Pro of the most requested icons in Font Awesome

* A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away some icons were added

* Renamed the r brand to r-project to prevent ligature collision with the "r" glyph

* 16 new user icons
* Full set of Creative Commons symbols
* Regular style comment-dots used for v4 comment-alt in shim
* Top 6 brand icons: r, ebay, mastodon, researchgate, keybase, teamspeak

* Revised slider icons FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#11872
* Make desktop typeface easier to find in apps that support ligature previews

* Remove errant XML entity from the lastfm-square icon FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12847
* Correcting paths in cloud icons FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#920

* New java brand icon FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#386

* Updating depth of dna icon
* Updating pied-piper, adding pied-piper-hat

* Correcting path errors on readme icon FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12754
* Light style of lamp icon FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12725

* New Chat icon pack and category
* New Charity icon pack and category
* New Moving icon pack and category
* New icons hands and hand-holding

* Updated flipboard, readme, and houzz brand icon
* Making all solid icons in the medical icon pack free
* Updated hand-holding-box and hand-receiving in the Light style

* Missing box-sizing CSS property for fa-layers-counter

* OTF font files missing ligatures for Pro styles FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12486 FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#1034

* New Logistics category
* New Medical category
* Individual SVG files available from the Font Awesome CDN
* Additional search terms

* Apple brand icon update FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12337
* Disable mutation observers with fontawesome.noAuto() is called
* License information now references https URL scheme

* Missing TypeScript names FortAwesome/react-fontawesome#83
* Adding categories metadata FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12034
* TypeScript improvement for fontawesome.layer()
* Correcting a melting, wobbling, weird-looking whistle

* @fortawesome/fontawesome-pro-light missing submodules

* New Sports category
* New Chess category
* Added brand icons for flipboard, php, quinscape, and hips

* Sass and Less mixin fa-icon() now uses ems instead of percentage
* Corrected misspelling of "Alternate" in category labels
* Improved TypeScript definitions for @fortawesome/fontawesome
* Server-side rendering was failing due to DOM-specific object access
* SVG attributes "data-fa-processed" renamed to "data-fa-i2svg", only applies if rendered with i2svg() method

* Updating all NPM package READMEs

* Improving TypeScript exports and fixing some incorrect definitions
* TypeScript error when importing entire style Fort-Awesome/Font-Awesome#12072
* Pseudo-elements erasing text contents in parent container Fort-Awesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#11995
* fa-layers-text misalignment when using Bootstrap Fort-Awesome/Font-Awesome#11871

* Adding elementor, youtube-square brand icons
* Adding window-minimize to the Free subset
* TypeScript support for all NPM packages

* Corrected uneven spacing in university, address-book, address-card, id-badge, id-card, mouse-pointer, phone-volume, portrait, user-alt, user-circle, user-md, user-plus, user-times, user , users
* Corrected uneven spacing in brand icons behance-square, dashcube, discourse, ember, erlang, fort-awesome, js-square, laravel, mix, patreon, palfed, phoenix-framework, node-js, skyatlas, stack-exchange, stripe, viber, weixin, yahoo , yoast

* Adding amazon-pay, cc-amazon-pay, korvue, ethereum brand icons
* Adding stopwatch to Free version

* Ligatures now support capital case, all caps, and title case

* NPM packages now behave the same way as CDN and browser-specific packages FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#727 FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#896 FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#891
* Icon doesn't change when pseudo-element content changes FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#839
* Invalid XML in sprites FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#927
* Incorrect version in Sass and Less variable files

* Adding font-awesome-flag, lock-open, redo-alt, sync-alt, undo-alt to the Free version
* New NPM packages `fontawesome-free-webfonts` and `fontawesome-pro-webfonts`
* Adding old icon names to search terms for renamed icons
* Extensive metadata added to the `advanced-options` directory
* Adding stripe-s brand icon
* Adding typo3 brand icon

* Updated dropbox brand icon to match new branding guidelines
* Updated firefox brand icon
* Updated strava brand icon
* OTF font file now include a space character

* OTF font file now supports different styles in Windows
* OTF font file "j" character now has correct space on the right
* Modifying the `class` attribute on an existing `<svg>` allows you to change the icon

* License information

* CSS vertical-align now "em"-based instead of percentage making it more consistent
* fa-ul width now closer to default browser size

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.4 2018/12/10 20:08:01 tm Exp $

VERSION=	5.5.0
DISTNAME=	fontawesome-free-${VERSION}-web
PKGNAME=	awesome-ttf-${VERSION}
MASTER_SITES=	https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v${VERSION}/

MAINTAINER=	tm@core.io
HOMEPAGE=	https://fontawesome.com/
COMMENT=	The iconic font and CSS toolkit
LICENSE=	ofl-v1.1


FONTS_DIRS.ttf=	share/fonts/X11/TTF


	${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/webfonts/*.ttf ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/${FONTS_DIRS.ttf}

.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"