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fonts/UnifrakturMaguntia-ttf: import UnifrakturMaguntia-ttf-0.20170319

UnifrakturMaguntia is a Unicode Fraktur Font.

UnifrakturMaguntia is based on Peter Wiegel's font Berthold Mainzer
Fraktur. The main differences from Peter Wiegel's font are the

* UnifrakturMaguntia uses OpenType for displaying the font's

* UnifrakturMaguntia is suitable for @font-face embedding on the
  Internet. It has a permissive license, the OFL, that explicitly
  allows font embedding.

* G. Ansmann has carefully redrawn all glyphs and significantly
  expanded the font.

For an extensive documentation created by G. Ansmann, see
UnifrakturMaguntia, Manual (with General Rules for Typesetting
Fraktur), or UnifrakturMaguntia, Manual (with General Rules for
Typesetting Fraktur).

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