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 UnifrakturMaguntia is a Unicode Fraktur Font.  UnifrakturMaguntia has been created by j. 'mach' wust, Gerrit Ansmann and Georg
   Duffner. It is a modification of Peter Wiegel's font Berthold Mainzer Fraktur,
   is in turn based on a 1901 typeface by Carl Albert Fahrenwaldt.
 UnifrakturMaguntia is based on Peter Wiegel's font Berthold Mainzer  UnifrakturMaguntia has been created in order to provide a Fraktur typeface that
 Fraktur. The main differences from Peter Wiegel's font are the  may be embedded on websites. It is in accordance with the Unicode standard. It
 following:  has suitable font licenses (GPL with font exception and OFL).
 * UnifrakturMaguntia uses OpenType for displaying the font's  By now, Gerrit Ansmann has redrawn all of Wiegel's original letters up to the
   ligatures.  very last special character.
 * UnifrakturMaguntia is suitable for @font-face embedding on the  
   Internet. It has a permissive license, the OFL, that explicitly  
   allows font embedding.  
 * G. Ansmann has carefully redrawn all glyphs and significantly  
   expanded the font.  
 For an extensive documentation created by G. Ansmann, see  
 UnifrakturMaguntia, Manual (with General Rules for Typesetting  
 Fraktur), or UnifrakturMaguntia, Manual (with General Rules for  
 Typesetting Fraktur).  

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