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Revision 1.1, Sun Oct 9 16:12:17 2022 UTC (18 months ago) by pin
Branch: MAIN

editors/bred: import package

A simple binary file reader that dumps the output to stdout.

To use, simply input a file (stdin support coming soon), and add any desired
 --length option changes how many characters to print (not including any
   formatting like offsets and borders).
 --chunk option changes how large the buffer array should be; the bigger it is,
   the faster but uses more memory.
 --hex option simply prints the file in hexadecimal.
 --color option uses colors to differentiate between letters (\0 are gray,
   others indicate how large the character code is, and orange is non-ascii
   characters). Note, make sure you use a terminal emulator that supports ANSI
   256-color mode.
 --space option replaces all the spaces (0x20) with a green-colored _.
   This also affects the hex output.

# $NetBSD: cargo-depends.mk,v 1.1 2022/10/09 16:12:17 pin Exp $

CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	bitflags-1.3.2
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	clap_derive-4.0.10
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	clap_lex-0.3.0
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	hermit-abi-0.1.19
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	libc-0.2.134
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	once_cell-1.15.0
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	os_str_bytes-6.3.0
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	proc-macro-error-1.0.4
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	proc-macro-error-attr-1.0.4
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	proc-macro2-1.0.46
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	quote-1.0.21
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	strsim-0.10.0
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	termcolor-1.1.3
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	unicode-ident-1.0.4
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	version_check-0.9.4
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	winapi-0.3.9
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	winapi-i686-pc-windows-gnu-0.4.0
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	winapi-util-0.1.5
CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=	winapi-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu-0.4.0