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Revision 1.24081, Thu Feb 22 11:56:44 2024 UTC (12 hours, 17 minutes ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.24080: +1 -2 lines

Updated net/grpc, net/py-grpcio, net/py-grpcio-testing, net/py-grpcio-tools

$NetBSD: TODO,v 1.24081 2024/02/22 11:56:44 adam Exp $

Suggested new packages

	Any unresolved PRs (if you have commit access)

	Any complete, polished packages in pkgsrc-wip (ditto)

	Any interesting packages in FreeBSD's ports.

	Any interesting packages in OpenBSD's ports.

	Scripts used to help create rescue boot CDs for bare metal
	restores with Bacula.  Scripts exist for Linux, Solaris, and
	FreeBSD.  Hopefully the FreeBSD one could be adapted to create
	a NetBSD one, or perhaps it could be turned into a *BSD script.

	SquirrelMail plugins
	SquirrelMail has a plugin feature and several plugins exist.

	Mozilla Firefox extension which helps you learn Japanese

	Amstrad PCW emulator

	Attal: Lords of Doom
	Turn based strategy game

	Speaker-independent, continuous speech recognition system.

	Version 3 of the Scala compiler

	FreeType font list displayer.

	Utility for browsing, previewing and selecting a X11 font.

	Python library that will disassemble X86.

	PDF manipulation tool for merging, splitting, decrypting,
	encrypting, and more.
	[use Java classes in C++ program]

	GUI for Pdftk for PDF manipulation

	Professional music production and creation software

	Major version 2 of ices-mp3
	Maintainer reply:
	    The ices-mp3 package is for ices0.  There is no MP3 support
	    in ices2.  This is why I called the package "ices-mp3" when
	    I initially created it.  (kim@)

	cricket 1.0.5
	Monitoring & graphing system based on RRDtool

	Webware for Python
	Suite of software components for developing object-oriented,
	web-based applications.

	A 2D car racing action game with untypical racing game features
	such as shooting at other players.

	The Open Racing Car Simulator [pkgsrc-wip]
	TORCS is a 3D racing cars simulator using OpenGL. The goal
	is to have programmed robots drivers racing against each
	others.  You can also drive yourself with either a wheel or
	keyboard or mouse.

	CarWorld driving simulator
	A small driving simulator/demo.

	Road Fighter remake
	Unofficial remake of Konami's ROAD FIGHTER which was
	originally released in 1985 for the MSX home computer
	systems.  In Road Fighter you drive a car in a death
	race between you and a group of crazy  drivers.

	Clone of the classic Rally X arcade game using basic Xlib
	and Xpm. You control a blue (good) car, that has to collect
	yellow flags around a maze-like map, while avoiding the
	red (bad) cars.

	Simple SMTP mail server and client.

	Command-line label, business card printing program.

	VirtualBox [pkgsrc-wip]
	Fast x86 emulator

	rename photos by date to support merged albums from different sources

	Fast lightweight SNMPv1 daemon

	BSNMP [pkgsrc-wip]
	Mini SNMP daemon

	Builds nice looking statistics reports for output from www/analog

	mime-support [pkg/28529]
	Support commands for manipulating files using MIME and mailcap

	Compiler of the AGFL formalis [pkg/28946]
	formalism for the syntactic description of Natural Languages

	BitTorrent client written in Java

	Webfwlog Firewall Log Analyzer [pkg/30110]
	Web-Based Firewall Log Analysis and Reporting

	FreeVRRPd [pkg/30113]
	VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) implementation daemon

	SystemC class library [pkg/30707]
	SystemC is a C++ class collection for modelling systems.

	crm114 [pkg/31969]
	Controllable Regex Mutilator

	Raster3D [pkg/34225]

	Cross-platform game development suite (fork of Fenix Project).

	Skins for XMMS [pkg/35666]

	Berkeley automounter suite of utilities [pkg/35668]

	Javascript major mode for Emacs [pkg/35669]

	THEAMA [pkg/35896]
	curses-based version of the famous HangMan game.

	sharatype [pkg/36217]
	Cyrillic fonts for a2ps (a part of sharatype project)

	ioquake3-demo [pkg/36367]

	OTR localhost AIM proxy [pkg/37397]
	Off-the-Record Messaging Proxy

	M+ FONTS [pkg/37614]
	Small and neat Japanese bitmap fonts

	tkimg [pkg/38026]
	Add support for several image formats to Tk

	flyback [pkgsrc-wip]
	Backup software inspired by Apple's Time Machine

	SpiralSynthModular (spiralmodular)
	Obsoletes audio/spiralloops and audio/spiralsynth, which are
	no longer supported.

	Scheme system. "STklos is the next generation of STklos using
	GTK," obsoletes lang/STk.

	Open-source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab.

	xl2tpd [pkg/47898]
	xl2tpd is an improved version of l2tpd, the L2TP protocol daemon.

	Open source batch jobs resource manager, successor to OpenPBS.
	(Check me when taking on it - asau.)

	VPN packages, aiming to be a better replacement for openvpn

	de-duplicating archiver for Unix.

	Secure Video Calls and Chat

	Decentralized social-networking/filesharing blend.

	Simple and powerful geometry application

	Gitlab [pkgsrc-wip]
	Git repository management tool with code review and tracker/wiki

	Distributed social networking

	Visual database applications creator

	Tor BSD Diversity Project
	Various tools that are useful for privacy and/or tor

	IP address management and data center infrastructure management tool

	Self-hosted file/code/media sharing website

	Video editor

	MLT-based video editor

	Shotcut [pkgsrc-wip]
	MLT-based video editor

	Aquaria [pkgsrc-wip]
	Open source release of the successful indie game

	Sokoban game/2D platformer with physics-based gameplay and dozens of levels.

	Rhythm game

	0 A.D. [pkgsrc-wip]
	A free, open-source game of ancient warfare

	Strategy game similar to Worms

	Barbie Seahorse Adventures
	You're a seahorse - and you want to go to the moon!

	Greenbone Vulnerability Management
	Network security scanner and management tools, successor to OpenVAS.
	Some notes in PR 56687.

	Bootstrap post-collapse technology
	Toolchain to build AVR, running on old chips, cross-built from POSIX.

	LilyPond sheet music text editor

	BASIC environment with a REPL, a web interface, a graphical
	console, and RPi support written in Rust

	NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast

        MongoDB compatibility layer for PostgreSQL

	Missing xorg packages
	app: constype, intel-gpu-tools
	driver: xf86-input-aiptek, xf86-input-calcomp, xf86-input-citron,
	xf86-input-digitaledge, xf86-input-dmc, xf86-input-dynapro,
	xf86-input-elo2300, xf86-input-evdev, xf86-input-jamstudio,
	xf86-input-libinput, xf86-input-magellan, xf86-input-magictouch,
	xf86-input-microtouch, xf86-input-palmax,
	xf86-input-spaceorb, xf86-input-summa, xf86-input-synaptics [pkg/47082],
	xf86-input-tek4957, xf86-input-ur98, xf86-video-amd, xf86-video-dummy,
	xf86-video-freedreno, xf86-video-geode [wip], xf86-video-glide, xf86-video-impact,
	xf86-video-omap, xf86-video-sisusb (Linux-only), xf86-video-sunbw2,
	xf86-video-v4l, xf86-video-vermilion,
	lib: liboldX
	test: xorg-gtest, xts
	util: gccmakedep, lndir
	xcb: xcb-demo, xpyb
	non-xorg: xf86-input-wacom, xinput_calibrator

	Missing libretro core packages
	Computer system emulators: libretro-px68k (wip), libretro-hatari,
	libretro-atari800, libretro-dosbox, libretro-uae?, libretro-vice,
	Video game system emulators: libretro-citra, libretro-beetle-pcfx,
	libretro-beetle-lynx (or Handy, too buggy?), libretro-kronos
	Standalone games: libretro-dinothawr, libretro-mrboom,
	libretro-thepowdertoy, libretro-openlara, libretro-gw,
	libretro-tyrquake (wip), libretro-prboom (wip), libretro-easyrpg,
	libretro-scummvm, libretro-stonesoup, libretro-cannonball,

	Missing components for modern DEs

Suggested package updates
For possible Perl packages updates, see http://www.NetBSD.org/~wiz/perl.html

	o Chinput-3.0.1
	o DarwinStreamingServer-6.0.3
	o FlightCrew-0.9.1
	o GMT-5.1.1
	o HElib-2.1.0
	o JBidwatcher-2.5.6 [wants launch4j]
	o LPRng-core-3.8.35
	o MesaLib-24.0.1
	o OdfConverter-4.0
	o PACK-0.0.4
	o QuantLib-1.22
	o R-GRASS-0.3.9
	o R-RSQLite-2.6
	o R-fBasics-3042.89.1
	o R-labeling-0.4.2
	o R-mapproj-3
	o R-ncdf-1.6.9
	o SOGo5-5.9.1 [wip]
	o SOPE5-5.9.1 [wip]
	o SQLiteCpp-2.5.0
	o TiffIO-140a
	o aarch64-none-elf-binutils-2.36.1
	o aarch64-none-elf-gcc-9.3.0
	o abcl-1.8.0
	o accountsservice-23.13.9 [switched to meson]
	o admesh-0.98.2
	o adms-2.3.6
	o adocman-0.13
	o adodb-5.20.19 [security]
	o adom-3.3.3 (also see PR 40725)
	o advi-2.0.0
	o aegis-4.25
	o aewm++-1.1.5
	o afbinit-1.0.1
	o afl++-4.00c
	o aide-0.16
	o album-4.17
	o alevt-1.6.2
	o alex-
	o alsa-plugins-
	o amanda-3.5.2
	o amavis-perl-0.3.12 [called just amavis]
	o ampache-4.2.5
	o anope-2.0.9
	o antiright-8.6
	o ap-Embperl-1.3.6
	o ap-auth-mellon-0.14.2
	o ap-auth-pam-1.1.1
	o ap-dtcl-1.0.0
	o ap-layout-3.4
	o ap-mp3-0.40
	o ap-scgi-1.15
	o ap-xslt-1.4.3
	o ap2-auth-ldap-3.11
	o ap2-jk-1.2.48
	o ap2-transform-0.6.0
	o apache-ant19-1.9.15
	o apache-cassandra-3.11.10
	o apache-cassandra2-2.2.19
	o apache-tomcat85-8.5.65
	o apache-tomcat9-9.0.45
	o apollo-1.7
	o ardour-8.0
	o argtable-2.9
	o argus-20121202
	o aribas-1.64
	o arirang-1.70
	o arm-none-eabi-binutils-2.36.1
	o arm-none-eabi-gcc-9.3.0
	o arm-none-eabi-gdb-10.1
	o arm-trusted-firmware-fiptool-2.4
	o arm-trusted-firmware-rk3328-2.4
	o arm-trusted-firmware-rk3399-2.4
	o arm-trusted-firmware-sun50i_a64-2.4
	o arti-1.1.13
	o asapm-3.1
	o asn1c-0.9.28
	o asp2php-2008-08-13
	o aspell-nb-2.0.10
	o asunder-2.9.7
	o audacity-3.4
	o authelia-4.28.0
	o autoconvert-0.3.16
	o autosetup-0.7.0
	o avidemux-2.8
	o avl-2.0.3 [2.x is not source and binary compatible with 1.x]
	o avr-gdb-10.1
	o baci-20040415
	o baloo-21.04.0
	o basket-2.11b
	o bbcim-1.0
	o bbsload-0.2.8
	o bbweather-0.6.3
	o bc-gh-4.0.1
	o beats-7.12.0
	o benchfft-3.1
	o bfg-1.14.0
	o bfs-1.5.2
	o bibclean-3.04
	o bibparse-1.11
	o bibtex2html-1.99
	o bibtool-2.68
	o bin86-0.16.21
	o bing-1.3.5
	o binkd-104
	o binutils-2.42
	o binutils-mips-current-2.36.1
	o bioperl-1.7.8
	o bird-2.0.8
	o bird6-2.0.8
	o bliz++-0.10
	o blur6ex-0.3.462
	o boolean-7.1
	o bos-2.5
	o botan-3.0.0
	o bottlerocket-0.05b3
	o bugzilla3-3.6.13
	o byobu-5.133
	o cacti-1.2.19
	o cacti-spine-1.2.16
	o calc-
	o calcoo-2.1.0
	o calibre-7.4.0 [requires py-qt6/py-qt6-webengine]
	o calligra-3.0.1 [in wip; koffice successor]
	o camlp4-4.12
	o carbons-purple-0.2.3
	o cardboard-schedule-1.14c [at http://www.bright-green.com/downloads/]
	o cddbd-1.5.2
	o cdrdao-1.2.5
	o cdrkit-1.1.10
	o ce-doc-4.8
	o ce-x11-4.8
	o cgen-20180601
	o cgic-207
	o cgiirc-0.5.13
	o cherokee-1.2.103 [pkg/48268]
	o chimera-1.30a
	o chrpath-0.16
	o cim-5.1
	o cjk-lyx-1.4.4
	o clamav-1.2.0
	o classpath-0.99
	o classpath-gui-0.99
	o clusterssh-4.16
	o coccigrep-1.20
	o colord-1.4.5
	o colortail-0.3.3
	o commit-patch-2.6
	o compiz-
	o cone-0.92
	o conserver8-8.2.6
	o consul-1.9.5
	o cook-2.31
	o coordgenlibs-2.0.3
	o cross-binutils-2.36.1
	o cross-h8300-hms-binutils-2.17
	o csound6-6.18.1
	o csvkit-1.0.5
	o ctemplate-2.4
	o cups-filters-1.28.17
	o cutter-1.2.7
	o cvs2svn-2.5.0
	o cvs-fast-export-1.56
	o cxref-1.6e
	o cygwin_lib-
	o cyrus-imapd-3.4.3
	o dap-3.10
	o dcc-2.3.167
	o dd_rescue-1.46
	o dd_rhelp-0.3.0
	o ddd-3.4.0
	o dega-1.12
	o delegate-9.9.13
	o denemo-2.6
	o desklaunch-1.1.7
	o deskmenu-1.4.5
	o diction-1.14
	o diffuse-0.8.2
	o dikt-2s1
	o direvent-5.2
	o distcc-pump-3.3.5
	o distccmon-gnome-3.3.5
	o distccmon-gtk-3.3.5
	o dmalloc-5.6.5
	o dnsbl-milter-6.78
	o doclifter-2.19
	o drawpile-2.1.20
	o drivel-3.0.5
	o drupal-10.0.5
	o drupal-9.5.5
	o dwdiff-2.1.4
	o eagle-8.1.0
	o easymenu-0.7.2p1
	o ec2-ami-tools-1.5.7
	o eclipse-3.2.0
	o ede-2.0
	o edonkeyclc-1.0.2 [replaces net/edonkey2k]
	o ekiga-4.0.1
	o electric-9.07
	o electricfence-2.4.16
	o elf-0.11
	o elfsh-0.65 [pkg/33959]
	o elfsh-0.78
	o elm-me-2.4.127
	o elscreen-1.5.3
	o emerillon-0.1.90
	o endless-sky-0.10.2
	o enigma-1.30
	o enlightenment-0.26
	o eog-plugins-3.6.1
	o epic4-2.10.6
	o epiphany-extensions-3.2.0
	o epubcheck-4.0.2
	o epstool-3.0.9
	o eric5-5.4.6
	o es-0.83
	o esh-0.8.5
	o ess-18.10.2
	o etach-1.4.1
	o evas-buffer-1.7.10
	o evas-edb-1.7.10
	o evas-eet-1.7.10
	o evas-gif-1.7.10
	o evas-jpeg-1.7.10
	o evas-pmaps-1.7.10
	o evas-png-1.7.10
	o evas-software-x11-1.7.10
	o evas-tiff-1.7.10
	o evas-xpm-1.7.10
	o evolution-couchdb-0.4.5
	o evolution-exchange-3.5.2
	o evolution-mapi-0.32.2
	o ex-20050325
	o exmh-2.8.0
	o faces-1.7.7
	o facter-2.4.5
	o fakeroot-1.6.5
	o fd-3.01j
	o felt-3.07 [wip]
	o fet-6.0.1
	o filerunner-
	o flashplayer-0.4.13
	o flatbuffers-1.12.0
	o flow-tools-0.411
	o fluent-bit-1.7.4
	o fop-2.6
	o fortunes-calvin-0.3
	o fortunes-de-0.34
	o fplll-5.4.0
	o freecell-solver-6.2.0
	o freemint-binutils-2.30
	o freemint-gcc-7.1.0
	o freenet-0.7
	o freerdp-3.0
	o freesci-0.6.4
	o freeswitch-1.2.3
	o freetds-1.4.2
	o freetype-lib-1.5.20050518
	o freetype-utils-1.5.20050518
	o freewais-sf-2.2.14
	o fricas-1.3.8
	o frink-2.3.1a2
	o ftplibpp-2.0.2
	o fuse-unionfs-2.1
	o fvwm2-themes-0.7.0
	o fwknop-2.6.11
	o gajim-1.7.3
	o gallery3-3.0.9
	o gammu-1.42.0
	o ganglia-3.7.5
	o ganglia-webfrontend-3.7.5
	o gap-4r4p9
	o gbrainy-2.43
	o gcal-4.1
	o gcc-mips-current-7.1.0
	o gcin-1.5.5
	o gcombust-0.1.55
	o gdb-14.1
	o gdb7-7.12
	o geneweb-7.0.0
	o gens-2.15.5
	o gfract-0.33
	o ghc-9.8.1
	o gimp-docs-de-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-en-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-es-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-fr-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-it-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-ja-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-ko-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-nl-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-nn-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-pl-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-ru-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-sv-2.10.0
	o gimp-docs-zh_CN-2.10.0
	o gjs-1.70.1
	o gkrellm-2.3.11
	o gkrellm-multiping-2.0.13
	o gkrellm-server-2.3.11
	o gkrellm-share-2.3.11
	o gkrellm-snmp-1.0
	o gkrellm-weather-2.0.8 [pkg/51463]
	o gli2-2.70.0
	o gli2-tools-2.70.0
	o gliv-1.9.7
	o global-6.6.5
	o glom-1.14.2
	o gnet1-1.1.9
	o gnetman-20050429
	o gnome-45.0
	o gnome-applets-3.14.0
	o gnome-bluetooth-2.30.0
	o gnome-chess-3.12.3
	o gnome-color-manager-2.32.0
	o gnome-commander-1.6.4
	o gnome-devel-docs-2.30.0
	o gnome-disk-utility-2.32.0
	o gnome-media-3.4.0
	o gnome-menus-3.8.0
	o gnome-packagekit-3.2.1
	o gnome-panel-3.14.0
	o gnome-pilot-2.32.1
	o gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1
	o gnome-power-manager-3.4.0
	o gnome-shell-44
	o gnome-subtitles-1.3
	o gnome-user-share-2.30.2
	o gnopernicus-1.1.2
	o gnu-crypto-2.1.0
	o gnucap-20210107
	o gnutime-1.9
	o go-ffuf-1.3.0
	o go-fsnotify-1.4.9
	o go-ldap-3.3.0
	o go-logrus-1.8.1
	o go-siphash-1.2.2
	o gobby-0.6.0
	o gok-2.30.1
	o golem-0.0.6
	o goocanvas-2.0.2
	o gossip-0.31
	o gourmet-0.13.3
	o gperiodic-3.0.3
	o gpick-0.3 [wip]
	o gprolog-1.5.0 [adds arm64 support]
	o gps-17.0
	o gradle-7.0
	o grafx2-2.8.3137
	o grantlee-5.0.0
	o greed-4.2
	o gromacs-2021.1
	o gss-1.0.3
	o gst-plugins1-omx-1.10.0
	o gtklevel9-5.1
	o gtklife-5.2
	o gtkmagnetic-23
	o gtkmm-documentation-2.16.0
	o gtl-3.6
	o guacamole-server-1.3.0
	o guile-gtk-2.1
	o gummi-0.8.1
	o gvfs-1.52.1
	o gworkspace-0.9.4
	o gxmessage-3.4.3
	o h323plus-1.24.0 [replaces openh323, from http://www.h323plus.org/]
	o h5utils-1.13.1
	o h8300-elf-binutils-2.36.1
	o h8300-elf-gcc-7.1.0
	o hamster-applet-2.32.1
	o handbrake-1.7.0
	o hanzim-3.5
	o harminv-1.4.1
	o hashcash-1.23
	o haskell-mode-13.20
	o herisvm-0.8.2
	o hesiod-3.2.1
	o heyu-2.9.0
	o hiawatha-10.8.1
	o hivex-1.3.19
	o hmmer-3.1b2
	o honggfuzz-2.5
	o horde-5.2.9
	o howm-1.4.7
	o hplip-3.22.2
	o html2wml-0.4.11
	o http_load-20140814
	o hyperscan-5.4.0
	o i3lock-2.13
	o ibus-hangul-1.5.4
	o icdprog-0.5
	o icedtea-web-1.6.2
	o ices-mp3-2.0.2
	o icewm-3.4.0
	o icinga-base-2.12.3
	o idzebra-2.2.2
	o ike-2.0.1 [pkg/37032]
	o imp-6.2.12
	o inadyn-2.8.1
	o influxdb-2.0.4
	o inform-6.34
	o ingo-3.2.8
	o input-pad-1.4.2
	o ipe-7.2.24
	o ipopt-3.12.12
	o ipv6-toolkit-2.0
	o ipv6calc-3.0.2
	o ipw-firmware-1.3
	o iroffer-1.4b01
	o irrtoolset5-5.1.3
	o ispell-de-20161207
	o ispell-ga-4.6
	o ispell-ru-0.99g5
	o ispell-ru-io-0.99g5
	o iverilog-10.3
	o ivykis-0.42.4
	o iwi-firmware3-3.1
	o iwn-firmware-
	o ja-sed-4.2.2
	o ja-vflib-lib-3.6.10
	o ja-vflib-utils-2.25.6
	o ja-vfxdvik-22.40y1
	o java-db3-3.87
	o jcabc2ps-20181112
	o jchkmail-2.6.2
	o jdbc-mysql5-5.1.36
	o jdom-2.0.6
	o jed-0.99-18
	o jetty7-7.6.17
	o jetty9-9.3.7
	o jools-1.0
	o jpilot-syncmal-0.81
	o jrep-1.1.1
	o kactivities-5.81.0
	o kaffe-1.1.9
	o kapooka-0.3
	o kbool-2.1 [kbool_2_1, next to boolean-7.1]
	o kcron-21.04.0
	o kdenetwork-filesharing-20.12.3
	o kdesdk-kioslaves-20.08.0
	o kdesdk-thumbnailers-20.08.0
	o kdevelop4-4.7.2
	o kdevplatform-1.7.1
	o kdsoap-1.10.0
	o keybinder-0.3.2
	o kfilemetadata-5.81.0
	o kgb-bot-1.55
	o kismet-2011.03r2 [pkg/45692]
	o kismet-2016.07R1
	o kitty-0.30.1 [wip]
	o knot-resolver-1.1.1
	o kodi-16.1
	o kqtquickcharts4-20.12.3
	o krita-5.1.3
	o kronolith-4.2.14
	o ktorrent3-3.3.4
	o lastpass-cli-1.3.3
	o latexmk-472b
	o lbdb-49
	o lcc-4.2
	o ldapsdk-6.0.7
	o ldb-2.9.0 [wait for samba 4.20]
	o lgeneral-1.3.1
	o libbaloo4-21.04.0
	o libbpg-0.9.8
	o libburn-1.5.4
	o libcap-2.49
	o libcarddav-14.0.13
	o libcec-6.0.2
	o libcups-2.4.7
	o libdevq-0.0.4
	o libdsk-1.5.19
	o libflash-0.4.13
	o libgfshare-2.0.0
	o libgiigic-1.1.2
	o libgnomekbd-
	o libgtop-2.40 [blocking update of mate-system-monitor]
	o libisoburn-1.5.4
	o libisofs-1.5.4
	o libixp-0.5 [breaks wmii-3.6, wait for compatible version; see also wmii+ixp entry]
	o libjit-1.0.2
	o libkactivities4-5.81.0
	o liblzo-2.10
	o libmcs-0.7.2
	o libmilter-8.16.1
	o libmtag-0.3.6
	o libobjc2-2.1
	o liboobs-2.32.0
	o liboop-1.0.1
	o libpgm-5.2.122
	o libquantum-1.1.0 [pkg/43728, development release]
	o librdkafka-1.6.1
	o librelp-1.10.0
	o libretro-core-info-1.9.1
	o libslang-2.2.4
	o libslang2-2.3.2
	o libthai-0.2.2
	o libtrace-4.0.16
	o libvirt-10.0
	o libxdg-basedir-1.2.3
	o libzookeeper-3.7.0
	o lincvs-2.1.4 [now called CrossVC]
	o linpsk-1.2 [ld: cannot find -lqt-mt with qt4]
	o liquidwar-
	o lirc-0.9.3
	o llvm-17.0.6 [wip]
	o lmbench-3
	o log4cxx-0.11.0
	o lohit-fonts-2.4.2
	o lq-sp-
	o lsh-2.1
	o lua-cov-0.15.0
	o lua-keybinder-0.3.2
	o lua-language-server-3.7.0
	o lua-sql-mysql-2.4.0
	o lua-sql-postgres-2.4.0
	o lua-sql-sqlite3-2.4.0
	o lumina-1.6.2
	o mDNSResponder-1310.80.1
	o mDNSResponder-nss-1310.80.1
	o maelstrom-sdl-3.0.7
	o magento-2.4.1
	o magic-8.3.309
	o mailutis-2.2 [wip]
	o maketool-0.8.4
	o makeztxt-1.60
	o man-pages-5.11
	o manedit-1.2.1
	o mapserver-7.6.2
	o matcha-sns-1.3.8
	o matchbox-panel-0.9.3
	o mate-system-monitor-1.26.0
	o materia-gtk-theme-20210322
	o mbuf-20141227
	o mbuffer-20210328
	o mcollective-2.3.2
	o mcsim-6.2.0
	o md-whois-5.5.9
	o mecab-ipadic-
	o memached-1.5.6
	o memtestplus-7.0
	o mercury-22.01.8
	o merkaator-0.18.3
	o mesure-0.7.2
	o metacity-3.14.2
	o metis-5.1.0
	o mftrace-1.2.20
	o mgetty+sendfax-1.2.1
	o milter-regex-2.0
	o mingw-binutils-2.36.1
	o mini_sendmail-1.3.9
	o miniircd-2.1
	o mipsel-none-elf-binutils-2.36.1
	o mipsel-none-elf-gcc-9.3.0
	o mit-scheme-bin-9.2
	o modular-xorg-xwayland-23.2.4
	o mono-nat-1.1.0
	o monocypher-3.1.2
	o mopher-0.6.0
	o moserial-2.30.0
	o mserv-devel-0.41
	o mtail-1.2.0
	o multitail-6.4.2
	o mumble-1.4.287
	o munge-0.5.14
	o mupdf-1.23.10
	o muse-0.9.2
	o musescore-4.2 [now has a fixed ALSA dependency, and some features were removed]
	o mypaint-2.0.1
	o mysql-workbench-8.0.23
	o naev-0.8.2
	o nagios-ncsa-2.10.0
	o nagios-plugin-dnsrbl-0.5
	o nagios-plugin-dumpdates-0.4
	o nagstamon-3.12.0
	o nant-0.92
	o nap-1.5.3
	o nas-auscope-1.9.4
	o ncdu2-2.3
	o ncview-2.1.8
	o nedit-5.7
	o netramet-50
	o netsurf-3.11
	o newmail-1.0.2
	o nicotine-plus-3.2.9
	o nios2-binutils-2.36.1
	o ns-3.14.1
	o ns-plugger-common-5.1.3
	o ntop-5.0
	o nts-82
	o nuitka-
	o nut-20.1
	o nvidia-texture-tools-2.1.1
	o nxtvepg-2.8.1
	o objc-3.3.24
	o obs-studio-30.0.1
	o ocaml-5.1.1
	o ocaml-cppo-1.6.9
	o ocaml-encore-0.8
	o ocaml-eqaf-0.7
	o ocaml-expat-1.1.0
	o ocaml-mtime-1.2.0
	o ocaml-parsexp-0.14.0
	o ocaml-resource-pooling-1.2
	o ocaml-safepass-3.1
	o ocaml-zip-110
	o ocamlbuild-4.02.3
	o ocrad-0.25
	o odbc-postgresql-9.06.0500
	o ogre-2.3
	o olvwm-4.5
	o oo2c-2.1.7
	o opal-3.16.2
	o open-vm-tools-12.3.0 [security fix: CVE-2023-20900]
	o opencl-3.0.12
	o opencpn-plugin-draw-
	o opencsg-1.4.2
	o opencv-4.9.0
	o opendnssec-2.1.8
	o opengrok-1.7.1
	o openh323-1.19.1
	o openmortal-0.7.1
	o openslp-2.0.0
	o openssl-3.2.1
	o openxenmanager-0.83
	o opera-26
	o opus-1.4
	o or1k-none-elf-binutils-2.36.1
	o or1k-none-elf-gcc-9.3.0
	o ordCalc-0.3.2
	o oroborus-2.0.18
	o ortp-0.27.0
	o oto-0.5
	o owncloudclient-2.10.1
	o p0f-3.09b
	o p5-Authen-Simple-0.6
	o p5-Class-DBI-Plugin-1.04
	o p5-Clipboard-0.28
	o p5-DBD-DB2-1.86
	o p5-DBD-Oracle-1.80
	o p5-DBD-Sybase-1.16
	o p5-Data-MessagePack-1.05
	o p5-Dumbbench-0.501
	o p5-ExtUtils-F77-1.26
	o p5-Fsdb-2.71
	o p5-GitLab-API-v3-1.06
	o p5-Mac-AppleScript-Glue-0.06
	o p5-Mac-SystemDirectory-0.13
	o p5-Math-Bezier-0.02
	o p5-Module-Path-0.33
	o p5-MooseX-Types-DateTime-0.16
	o p5-Net-INET6Glue-0.604
	o p5-Net-Jabber-2.1.7
	o p5-Publican-4.3.2
	o p5-RT-Authen-ExternalAuth-0.27
	o p5-Rose-DB-0.819
	o p5-SMS-Send-1.08
	o p5-Search-QueryParser-0.95
	o p5-Spreadsheet-ReadSXC-0.34
	o p5-sybperl-2.20
	o p5-Sys-Filesystem-1.408
	o p5-Test-TempDir-0.018
	o p5-Text-xSV-0.23
	o p5-Tk-804.036
	o p5-Weather-PurpleAir-API-0.08
	o p5-perl-ldap-0.68
	o packagekit-0.5.3
	o pam-krb5-4.10
	o pam-passwdqc-2.0.2
	o papirus-folders-1.8.0
	o paprefs-1.1
	o parrot-8.1.0
	o pcc-1.1.0 [can't be updated on x86_64 NetBSD! pcc-lib 1.1.0 as a requirement does not support x86_64 on NetBSD]
	o pdf-redact-tools-0.1.2
	o pdfpc-4.4.1
	o pdmenu-1.2.87
	o pdsh-2.32
	o pear-SOAP-0.14.0
	o pgadmin4-6.11
	o pgbouncer-1.15.0
	o pgbuildfarm-12
	o pgpdump-0.33
	o phoronix-9.2.1
	o phoronix-test-suite-10.8
	o php-basercms-5.0.8
	o php-concretecms-9.2.4 [successor of php-concrete5]
	o php-excel-1.8.2 [PHPSpreadsheet is sucessor]
	o php-jpgraph-4.4.2
	o php-memcached-3.2.0
	o php-mongo-1.6.16
	o php-mongodb-1.17.2
	o php-mrbs-1.11.4
	o php-phrasea2-4.1.7
	o php-piwigo-14.2.0
	o php-psr-1.2.0
	o php-pthreads-3.2.0 [repository archived]
	o php-rrd-2.0.3
	o php-soycms-3.0.2
	o php-tiki-24.6 [replacing php-tiki6]
	o php-tt-rss-17.4
	o php-tt-rss-fever-plugin-1.4.7
	o phraseanet-4.1.7
	o phraseanet-indexer-3.8.6
	o pick-4.0.0
	o picocom-3.0
	o picp-0.6.8
	o picprg-3.01
	o pidgin-icb-20100207
	o pidof-2.99
	o pim6dd-20040819a
	o pim6sd-20050715a
	o pinfo-0.6.10
	o pks-0.9.6
	o plan-1.10.1
	o plasma-5.27
	o ploticus-examples-230
	o ply-3.11
	o poco-1.12.4
	o podcastdl-0.3.3
	o policyd-weight-
	o poppass-4.0.14
	o posh-0.14.1
	o postal-0.72
	o postfix-3.8.5
	o pound-3.0d
	o povray-
	o powerdns-recursor-5.0.2
	o powerpc-none-elf-binutils-2.36.1
	o powerpc-none-elf-gcc-9.3.0
	o powwow-1.2.22
	o ppmd-9.2
	o pppd-2.4.7
	o predict-2.2.7
	o privoxy-3.0.33
	o procmail-3.24
	o profit-2.5.3
	o proj-9.2.0
	o ps2eps-1.70
	o psmisc-22.20
	o pspp-1.4.1
	o ptlib-2.16.2
	o pvs-6.0
	o pwlib-1.11.1
	o pxp-1.2.9
	o py-HappyDoc-3.0
	o py-MyHDL-0.11
	o py-OTXv2-1.5.2
	o py-cairocffi-1.6.1
	o py-cassa-1.11.0
	o py-configparser-5.0.0 [drops python-2.x support; pkgsrc only needs this package for python 2.x]
	o py-ephem3-
	o py-fecon235-6.18.1203
	o py-filebytes-0.10.2
	o py-foolscap-23.3.0
	o py-gammu-3.1
	o py-gcovr-6.0
	o py-gsutil-5.6
	o py-hgview-1.9.0
	o py-hyperscan-0.2.0
	o py-input-pad-1.4.2
	o py-keybinder-0.3.2
	o py-mock-5.0.2
	o py-musicbrainz-0.7.4
	o py-musicbrainz-ngs-0.7.1
	o py-newt-0.52.21
	o py-obspy-1.4.0
	o py-octoprint-1.9.3
	o py-omniORBpy-3.7
	o py-onionbalance-0.2.2
	o py-pdf-parser-0.7.4
	o py-postgresql-5.1.2
	o py-ptt-1.10.2
	o py-pymc3-3.8
	o py-pytz_deprecation_shim-0.1.0.post0
	o py-qtgraph-qt5-0.12.1
	o py-quixote-3.3
	o py-sbws-1.1.0
	o py-scgi-2.0
	o py-simpletal-5.1
	o py-sybase-0.37
	o py-syslog-ng-3.31.2
	o py-terminator-2.1.1
	o py-tokyocabinet-0.6
	o py-uliweb-0.6
	o py-vdirsyncer-0.19.2 [https://github.com/pimutils/vdirsyncer/issues/1015]
	o py-yubiauth-0.3.10
	o pythontidy-1.23
	o q5go-2.1.1
	o qalculate-gtk-3.18.0
	o qca2-2.3.2
	o qca2-gnupg-2.3.2
	o qca2-ossl-2.3.2
	o qconf-2.5
	o qtcreator-12.0
	o quazip-1.1
	o qutebrowser-2.2.0
	o radiance-5.3
	o rails-6.1.0
	o raine-0.96.4
	o rasmol-
	o rat-4.2.25
	o rav1e-0.7.0
	o razor-qt-0.5.2
	o rcs-5.10.0
	o rdp-1.6
	o regionset-0.2
	o remind-3.03.06
	o rep-gtk-
	o reposurgeon-4.26
	o resize_image-0.7
	o rexx-regina-3.9.0
	o riemann-client-
	o rio500-0.8.1
	o rmtrash-1.14
	o root-tail-1.2
	o ropper-1.13.6
	o rosegarden-21.12 [updating wip; audio/rosegarden -> rosegarden-x11]
	o rox-session-0.29
	o roxirc-2.0
	o rp-l2tp-0.4
	o rp-pppoe-3.11
	o rpc2-2.14
	o rsyslog-8.2204.1
	o rt4-4.4.4
	o rtty-4.0 [at ftp://ftp.isc.org/isc/rtty/]
	o rubber-1.5.1
	o rvault-0.4
	o rvm-1.20
	o sabayon-2.30.1
	o sablecc-3.7
	o sarg-2.4.0
	o sasm-3.12.1
	o scamper-20210324
	o scew-1.1.7
	o scidavis-2.9.0
	o scilab-5.5.2
	o scm-5f3 [dholland has a partial update]
	o scm-blackbox-2.0.0
	o scripts-1.0.1
	o scrollz-2.3
	o scsh-1.3.0
	o sdl12-compat-1.2.68
	o sdop-0.90
	o seccure-0.5a
	o send-pr-4.0
	o sendfile-20010424
	o sendmail-cidrexpand-
	o sendmail-qtool-
	o ser-0.9.6
	o sgb-20090810
	o sge-8.1.8
	o shairport-sync-4.1.1
	o sharity-3.7
	o shc-3.8.9b
	o shotwell-0.30.10
	o showfont-1.0.4 [wip]
	o sigscheme-0.9.1
	o silc-1.1.11
	o silc-client-1.1.11
	o silc-server-1.1.19
	o sitescooper-3.1.2
	o sjeng-11.2
	o skf-2.10.14
	o skhd-0.3.5
	o skktools-1.3.4
	o skype-4.3
	o smproxy-1.0.3
	o snd-21.3
	o snobol-2.1.5
	o snoopy-2.4.14
	o snort-
	o socket-1.2
	o softhsm-2.6.1
	o sparsehash-2.0.4
	o spcaview-20060501
	o speech-dispatcher-0.11.5
	o spiped-1.6.1b
	o spl-1.0pre6
	o squeak-5.0
	o squeak-vm-
	o squidclamav-7.2
	o ssh-askpass-
	o stalin-0.11
	o stan-math-2.26.1
	o statist-1.3.0
	o stgit-2.2.3 [pkg/57417]
	o strace-4.23
	o stratagus-
	o streamtuner-2.2.0
	o sup-0.4
	o swapd-1.0.5
	o swi-prolog-8.3.22
	o swi-prolog-jpl-8.3.22
	o swi-prolog-lite-8.3.22
	o swi-prolog-packages-8.3.22
	o swift-4.0.3
	o syft-0.68.1
	o sympa-6.2.72
	o sysinfo-4.2.2
	o system-tools-backends-2.10.1
	o systrace-1.6e
	o tacacs-
	o tacacs-shrubbery-
	o tads-3.0.16
	o taplo-lsp-0.7.0
	o tc-hasida-table-0.8 [wip]
	o tcl-tDOM-0.9.2
	o tcpdpriv-0.9
	o tcpdstat-0.9
	o tcpillust-1.00b
	o tcpslice-1.3
	o tct-1.19
	o tdir-1.73
	o tds-1.6.2
	o teem-1.10.0
	o telegram-purple-1.4.7
	o telepathy-haze-0.8.1
	o telepathy-idle-0.2.2
	o telepathy-logger-0.8.2
	o telepathy-mission-control5-5.16.6
	o telepathy-qt-0.9.8
	o terraform-0.15.1 [wait for https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/issues/25813]
	o terraform-1.0
	o terraform-provider-aws-3.37.0
	o terraform-provider-kubernetes-2.1.0
	o terraform-provider-local-2.1.0
	o terraform-provider-null-3.1.0
	o terraform-provider-random-3.1.0
	o tetrinetx-1.40c
	o texworks-0.6.6
	o tfmxplay-1.1.6
	o tightvnc-2.7.10
	o tile-0.7.4
	o tkcon-2.7.3
	o tkhylafax-3.2
	o tkinfo-2.11
	o tkpasman-2.2b
	o tn5250-0.17.3 [at http://tn5250.sourceforge.net/]
	o tob-0.26
	o tomboy-1.10.2
	o top-3.8beta1
	o topgit-0.19.13 (at https://github.com/mackyle/topgit)
	o tor-browser-11.0.9 [wip]
	o tor-browser-13.0.10
	o torrentzip-2.1.0
	o trafficserver-9.0.1
	o translate-toolkit-3.3.4
	o transmission-4.0.4
	o trimmomatic-0.39
	o tripwire-2.3.1 [see also pkg/22362]
	o trojita-0.6
	o ttftot42-0.4.1
	o turba-4.2.12
	o tyrquake-0.66
	o uae-0.8.29
	o ubs-0.20
	o ucview-0.33
	o udpcast-20200328
	o udunits-2.2.28
	o ufoai-2.5
	o unicode-screensaver-0.5.2
	o unifont-15.0.05
	o units-2.21
	o upower-0.99.20 [switches to build with meson]
	o uriparser-0.9.7
	o urlgrabber-3.10.2
	o userppp-030706
	o userspace-rcu-0.12.2
	o utilisp-1.14
	o vault-1.7.4
	o vbetool-1.1
	o vera-1.24
	o verifast-21.04
	o verilator-4.204
	o vfu-4.09
	o vicq-0.4.2
	o vim-9.1
	o vinagre-3.16.1
	o vino-3.16.0
	o virt-manager-3.2.0
	o virt-viewer-9.0
	o virt-what-1.21
	o virtinst-0.600.4
	o virtuoso-7.2.0p1
	o visual-regexp-3.1
	o vms-empire-1.16
	o vnc-4.0 [http://www.realvnc.com/download.html|pkgsrc-wip]
	o vnstat-2.14
	o wMosaic-3.8.22
	o wandio-4.2.3
	o wap-utils-1.4.1
	o wbm-virtual-server-6.16
	o wcalc-2.4
	o webkit-gtk-2.38.5 [wip]
	o webkit-gtk-2.42.5
	o webmin-2.0
	o websvn-2.6.0
	o wgetpaste-2.30
	o whowatch-1.8.5
	o widelands-1.1
	o windowlab-1.40
	o wine-9.0
	o wine-devel-3.7
	o wiredtiger-10.0.0
	o wkhtmltopdf-0.12.6
	o wmi-11
	o wordwarvi-1.0.4
	o worker-4.8.0
	o wxRemind-101
	o x2vnc-1.31
	o xaric-0.13.9
	o xcoral-3.14
	o xcursor-capitaine-4
	o xerces-j-2.4.0 [pkg/21725]
	o xerces-j-2.9.0
	o xfce4-indicator-plugin-2.4.2 [needs libayatana-indicator]
	o xfpt-0.11
	o xfractint-20.04p16
	o xfs-1.1.1 [wip]
	o xfsprogs-4.3.0
	o xfstt-1.11
	o xhippo-3.5
	o xjadeo-0.8.10
	o xjman-0.7
	o xkbset-0.6
	o xli-2006.11.10
	o xmake-2.0.5
	o xmcd-3.3.2
	o xml2-0.5
	o xmltoman-0.6
	o xmltooling-2.6.0
	o xmms-crossfade-0.3.14
	o xmms-musepack-1.8.0 [http://dl.slik.org/musepack/xmms-musepack-1.8.0.tar.gz]
	o xorp-1.8.5
	o xpad-5.4.0
	o xpmroot-2.7.0
	o xrmap-base-2.33.1
	o xrmap-factbook_html-2008
	o xrmap-factbook_text-2008
	o xrmap-flags-2.9
	o xrmap-hymns-1.4
	o xsc-1.6
	o xteddy-2.2
	o xtermcontrol-3.7
	o xtrace-1.4.0
	o xtraceroute-0.9.1
	o xtux-20030306
	o xu4-1.4
	o xview-
	o xwrits-2.26
	o xye-0.12.2
	o yacas-1.6.1
	o yafc-1.1
	o yahttp-0.2.1
	o yarn-3.2.4
	o yaz-5.30.3
	o yed-3.17.1
	o yices2-2.6.2
	o yodl-4.03.03
	o yorick-2.1.05
	o yubikey-manager-5.1.1
	o yudit-3.0.7
	o z-push-2.6.1
	o z80-asm-2.4
	o zabbix-6.4.1
	o zabbix-frontend-6.4.1
	o zabbix-proxy-6.4.1
	o zabbix-server-6.4.1
	o zabbix-agent-6.4.1
	o zenicb-1.31 [needs merge with lots of local changes]
	o zeroconf-ioslave-20.12.3
	o zile-2.6.1
	o zoneminder-1.36.33
	o zookeeper-3.8.0
	o zopeedit-0.8

Licenses of packages

[This section contains discussion of enhancements needed to the
licensing framework.]

	o Documentation sometimes refers to a user "accepting a
	  license".  This wording makes it sound like pkgsrc
	  operations give rise to contracts, and pkgsrc should be as
	  neutral as possible as such issues.  The documentation
	  should be adjusted to instead refer to the user instructing
	  pkgsrc not to refrain from building packages with such a
	  license tag.  This is awkward, so a shorter phrase is needed
	  which does not give the impression of a contract.

Suggested pkgsrc enhancements

	o Make pkgsrc work on more operating systems.

	o Permit cross-building of packages which are capable of
	  doing so (e.g. ones that use GNU autoconf properly).

	o Man page handling in PLIST for pkgs which install catman or
	  man pages depending on OS (typically imake).

	o Add an optional check to buildlink to verify that the contents
	  of CFLAGS, LDFLAGS etc are present when the compiler/linker is
	  called. To be used as a means to detect packages which ignore
	  such environment variables.

	o Add framework to generate messages (lines) for email to send
	  to PKGSRC_MESSAGE_RECIPIENTS after pkg install/deinstall, for
	  purposes including:
		- MESSAGE files
		- msgprint() messages
		- CONF_FILES*, SUPPORT_FILES* installation/customization
		- OWN_DIRS* messages (from PKG_CONFIG=NO)
		- User/group changes (PKG_CREATE_USERGROUP=YES)
		- /etc/shells changes (PKG_REGISTER_SHELLS=YES)
		- pkg-specific rc.d script instructions
	  (Consider renaming PKGSRC_MESSAGE_RECIPIENTS as well.)

	o Add a facility to execute a makefile fragment if a variable
	  is or is not a member of a list (e.g., ${OPSYS} in a list of
	  Open Source OSes).

	o Consider defining a list of Open Source operating systems,
	  to be used for packages like x11/openmotif that set
	  NO_*_ON_* for non-open-source systems.

	o Make "pkg_install -u" clear the unsafe_depends* and rebuild
	  tags, and set unsafe_depends* on depending packages,
	  following the behavior of make replace.

	o Figure out a way to have "pkg_install -u", probably with a
	  flag, preserve the value of the automatic tag.  We do not
	  have consensus on the right behavior.

	  o Haskell packages should print a PLIST with the PLIST
	    variables already filled in.

Suggested other platform enhancements

	o Platform independent bulk build infrastructure

	o Update the binary bootstrap kits in

Suggested cleanups in pkgsrc

	o Review bulk build reports and fix packages broken on any
	  platform. Ideally, successful build counts would be similar
	  across supported platforms.

	o Make packages install their configuration files under the
	  examples hierarchy, using bsd.pkg.install.mk to copy them
	  to the PKG_SYSCONFDIR directory when necessary.

	o Make packages install honour PKGLOCALEDIR by setting
	  USE_PKGLOCALEDIR=YES where appropriate (for eg. Solaris).
	  Affects: cross/h8300-hms-binutils, cross/h8300-hms-gcc,
	  sysutils/apcupsd, sysutils/gnometoaster,
	  sysutils/mtoolsfm, sysutils/xnc

	o Convert packages to use mk/curses.buildlink3.mk instead of
	  devel/ncurses/buildlink3.mk and devel/ncursesw/buildlink3.mk,
	  test with NetBSD curses.

	o Convert packages to use OPSYS_VERSION and numeric comparisons
	  instead of OS_VERSION and string-based comparisons.

	o Convert packages to use VARBASE instead of hardcoding /var.

	o Convert packages to use bsd.options.mk instead of various
	  FOO_USE_* variables.

	o Convert packages to use generic install scripts where possible
	  (for example, mail/majordomo).

	o Remove the redundancy of builtin.mk files by factoring out the
	  most commonly used cases into a well-documented file. For
	  example, x11/kbproto/builtin.mk and x11/libXrender/builtin.mk
	  almost look the same.

	o Make the use of mktexlsr in the install and deinstall
	  scripts for tex-* packages more efficient.  If you install
	  or deinstall many tex-* packages, you should be able to run
	  mktexlsr once at the end of the entire operation, not once per

	o Run pkglint recursively against the whole tree and fix any
	  issues identified.

	o Remove introspection option from packages still using it.

	o Fix all haskell packages to use the correct PLIST variables.