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Revision 1.39, Mon Feb 28 15:21:54 2011 UTC (9 years, 10 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Remove references to retired developers.

$NetBSD: STATUS,v 1.39 2011/02/28 15:21:54 wiz Exp $

Below is a list of packages known to build on various non-NetBSD
platforms.  Currently, there are three categories.  If all packages in a given
category build, install, run and uninstall without any problems, then that
platform satisfies the conditions for this category and may be labeled

'supported' means that pkgsrc on this platform is more than just
experimental and can actually be used to provide a reliable environment
for the average user.  Note that by their requirements, these packages pull in
virtually all _essential_ packages that are not explicitly mentioned.

A 'fully supported' platform supports virtually all packages (if
available for that platform) and can reliably be used in a production

'yowza' finally adds a handful of packages that are known to be very
complex and may not even be fully functional under NetBSD on platforms
other than i386.

You are strongly encouraged to add leaf packages which are known to
build on certain platforms.

Some packages need only minor modifications to build on non-NetBSD
platforms. Please attempt to fix any packages which are broken, or
submit PRs if you are unable to.

Please add/correct entries as appropriate.

Y	-	Builds and installs perfectly
N	-	Fails to configure, build or link
X	-	Builds successfully but has installation or PLIST problems
N/A	-	Not applicable (package not available for that platform)
blank	-	Unknown
[nnn]	-	associated pkg PR number
*	-	see footnote

Package                 Darwin   FreeBSD   IRIX   Linux   OpenBSD   Solaris
audio/mpg123               Y*       Y        Y      Y                  Y
devel/cvs                  Y        Y        Y      Y        Y         Y
devel/gettext              Y        Y        Y      Y        Y         Y
devel/libtool              Y        Y        Y      Y        Y         Y
devel/ncurses              Y        Y        Y      Y        X*        Y
editors/vim                Y        Y        Y      Y                  Y
editors/xemacs             Y                        Y
editors/emacs                                Y      Y
graphics/xfig              Y                        Y
graphics/xv                Y                        Y
lang/perl5                 Y        Y        Y      Y        Y         Y
mail/mutt                  Y        Y        Y      Y                  Y
meta-pkgs/XFree86	            Y		    Y
misc/screen                Y        Y        Y      Y                  Y
net/wget                   Y        Y        Y      Y
news/slrn                  Y        Y        Y      Y        Y
print/gv                   Y                 Y      Y
print/teTeX                Y                        Y
print/xpdf                 Y                        Y
security/openssh           Y                 Y      Y                  Y
security/openssl           Y                 Y      Y        N         Y
shells/tcsh                Y        Y        Y      Y        Y         Y
wm/blackbox                Y        Y        Y      Y
www/apache                 Y        Y        Y      Y        Y         Y
www/firefox-gtk2		    Y		    Y
www/links                  Y        Y        Y      Y                  Y
www/lynx                   Y        Y        N*     Y                  Y
'supported'                                         Y

Darwin/mpg123: no darwin support in mpg123, but mpg123-esound works
OpenBSD/ncurses: does not install a shared libncurses++ library.
IRIX/lynx: only builds without "--enable-nls"

Package                 Darwin   FreeBSD   IRIX   Linux   OpenBSD   Solaris
audio/xmms                          Y               Y                  Y
devel/gdb                                    Y      Y                  Y
graphics/mplayer                    Y               Y                  N
lang/gcc                N/A                         Y                  Y
lang/gcc3               N/A                  Y      Y                  Y
lang/ruby                                    Y      Y
lang/sun-j*                                         Y
meta-pkgs/XFree86		    Y               Y
meta-pkgs/xorg			    Y		    Y
www/mozilla 			    Y               Y                  Y
www/opera7							       Y*
'fully supported'

Solaris/mplayer: depends on cdparanoia.
Solaris/mozilla: depends on net/ORBit (broken buildlink3/libtool libpthread
Solaris/opera7: spell checking with textproc/aspell not tested

Package                 Darwin   FreeBSD   IRIX   Linux   OpenBSD   Solaris