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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] Makefile-example  1.17   10 years  abs   Document OWNER
[TXT] HOWTO-pbulk  1.6   10 years  joerg   Fix speling.
[TXT] CHANGES-1997  1.1   16 years  lukem   move doc/pkg-CHANGES* -> pkgsrc/doc/CHANGES* move pkgsrc/TODO -> pkgsrc/doc/TODO...
[TXT] BRANCHES  1.3   12 years  martti   Remove trailing spaces and tabs.
[TXT] CHANGES-2006  1.2083   11 years  obache   Updated databases/qdbm to 1.8.74 by obache in 2006-11-03! Copy and paste, fogott...
[TXT] TODO  1.7379   10 years  rhaen   updated graphics/p5-RRDTool-OO
[TXT] RESPONSIBLE  1.15   10 years  rillig   I don't have access to IRIX anymore.
[TXT] NEWS  1.5   10 years  tnn   Add a NEWS blob about PLIST_VARS.
[TXT] CHANGES-2008  1.1470   10 years  tonnerre   Updated time/wyrd to 1.4.1nb1.
[TXT] pkgsrc.html  1.113   10 years  weinem   regen
[TXT] pkgsrc.txt  1.114   10 years  weinem   regen
[TXT] CHANGES-1998  1.3   11 years  wiz   The first esound version committed was 0.2.4, not 0.3.
[TXT] CHANGES-1999  1.2   12 years  wiz   "Updated foo to version x.y" -> "Updated foo to x.y" for consistency.
[TXT] CHANGES-2000  1.4   12 years  wiz   Fix typo in old entry.
[TXT] CHANGES-2001  1.3   13 years  wiz   Add xmms-gdancer entry.
[TXT] CHANGES-2002  1.13   11 years  wiz   Fix typo in version number.
[TXT] CHANGES-2003  1.7   12 years  wiz   Fix PKGNAME in entry.
[TXT] CHANGES-2004  1.20   12 years  wiz   Fix version number in entry.
[TXT] CHANGES-2005  1.11   11 years  wiz   Fix typo in version number.
[TXT] CHANGES-2007  1.2727   10 years  wiz   Belatedly add entry for rarian (hi drochner!).

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