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Revision 1.5 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Jan 1 22:29:25 2018 UTC (5 years, 11 months ago) by rillig
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Sort PLIST files.

Unsorted entries in PLIST files have generated a pkglint warning for at
least 12 years. Somewhat more recently, pkglint has learned to sort
PLIST files automatically. Since pkglint 5.4.23, the sorting is only
done in obvious, simple cases. These have been applied by running:

  pkglint -Cnone,PLIST -Wnone,plist-sort -r -F

Revision 1.4 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Sep 3 14:26:51 2013 UTC (10 years, 3 months ago) by joerg
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Fix handling of info page. Bump revision.

Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun May 19 03:30:44 2013 UTC (10 years, 6 months ago) by ryoon
Branch: MAIN
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Update to 3.9.0

* Use gmake.
* MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=yes (at least, with MAKE_JOBS=5)

NEWS for GNU RCS (Revision Control System)
See the end for copying conditions.

- 5.9.0 | 2013-05-06

  - distribution now .tar.lz and .tar.xz

	If you have GNU tar, you can use "tar xf" and it will DTRT.
	If not, you can use "lzip -dc TARBALL | tar xf -" to unpack
	the .tar.lz, or "xz -dc TARBALL | tar xf -" for the .tar.xz.

  - planned retirement

    - configure option -enable-compat2
	This option enables reading of files written by RCS 2.x (before
	RCS was GNU, even), but the file format became obsolete in 1982.
	Support for it WILL BE REMOVED in a near future GNU RCS release.

    - common option V
	This option is obsoleted by -version(since 5.8, 2011-08-30).
	Support for it WILL BE REMOVED in some future GNU RCS release.
	Its use now produces a warning to stderr.

	Please note that VN(N {3,4,5}) is a separate issue.

  - bugs fixed

    - csmerge --helpmentions A E e
	These options are accepted and internally passed to diff3(1).

    - dent -VNand erge -VNnow signal error

	For these commands, the argument to Vhas no meaning.
	Previously, such invocations would display version info,
	ignoring the arg.  Now they signal a "bad option" error.

  - new features

    - ident(1) recognizes Subversion "fixed-width keyword syntax"

	In addition to the normal keyword pattern, for Subversion 1.2
	(and later) compatability, ident(1) also recognizes patterns
	having one of the forms:

	;; two colons and space after keyword
	;; space before ending $

	;; two colons and space after keyword
	;; hash before ending $

    - new co(1) option Sfor "self-same" mode

	In this mode, the owner of a lock is unimportant, just that it
	exists.  Effectively, this prevents you from checking out the
	same revision twice.

	$ whoami

	$ co -l -f z
	  RCS/z,v  -->  z
	  revision 1.1 (locked)

	$ co -S -l -f z
	  RCS/z,v  -->  z
	  co: RCS/z,v: Revision 1.1 is already locked by ttn.

    - several RCS commands "internalized" into rcs(1)

	As part of an ongoing effort to modernize the command-line
	interface of GNU RCS, the previously standalone programs:

	  ci, co, rcs, rcsclean, rcsdiff, rcsmerge, rlog

	can now be invoked as "rcs PROGRAM".  In this case, we call
	PROGRAM a "command", and also provide some aliases.  E.g., you
	can type "rcs diff" in addition to "rcs rcsdiff" (and "rcsdiff",
	of course).  We plan to support standalone (w/o "rcs" prefix)
	invocation from the shell at least through the 5.x series of
	releases -- not indefinitely, but for a good while, yet.

	The rcs(1) program itself now supports -commandsto list all
	the commands, -aliasesto list their aliases, as well as
	-help COMAMNDto show the help for COMMAND.

	Note that programs ident(1) and merge(1) remain standalone.

	Lastly, in the manual, section "Invoking rcs" now describes both
	"modern" and "legacy" usages.  Also, the internalized commands
	invocations mentions both "rcs COMMAND" and "PROGRAM" styles.

    - -helpoutput includes a one-line description

	E.g., "merge --help" says: "Three-way file merge".

    - most long options can be recognized if partially specified

	With the exception of "rcs --help COMMAND", where "--help" must
	be spelled out in full, all long options can now be recognized
	even if partially specified.  For example, "rcs --al" is
	recognized as "rcs --aliases".

    - updated portability

	Several more Gnulib ( modules
	are now in use.

    - new cross-compilation support

	The configure script now assigns "pessimistic defaults" when
	cross-compiling.  See new section "cross-compilation" in README.

    - effects of VN(N {3,4,5}) documented

	See (info "(rcs) Misc common options").

  - maintenance tools updated
    - gnulib-tool (GNU gnulib 2013-05-01 06:14:19) 0.0.7913-5191

- 5.8.2 | 2013-04-04

  - Bugs fixed

    - Wrong symbolic name dereference

	RCS 5.8 introduced a bug whereby commands would incorrectly
	dereference a symbolic name (into a numerical revision number)
	in the presence of multiple symbolic names that share a common
	prefix.  See tests/t803.

    - ntegrityvalue syntax better specified

	The ntegrityvalue (if present) is a string composed of a
	system part followed by an optional user part, with formfeed
	(^L, U+0C) separating the two.  Unlike other string values, the
	ntegritystring (either part) must NOT contain '@' (U+40).
	If it does, RCS displays a "spurious '@' in `integrity' value"
	error message and exits failurefully.

	This change restores interop play-space for third-party tools
	that was stricken w/ the RCS 5.8 top-level grammar freeze.  Left
	unspecified is how such tools should divvy up the user part.

  - New manual chapter: RCS file format

	This documents the RCS file format grammar and particulars,
	adapted from rcsfile(5).

  - Manpages refer to info documentation

	They now recommend using "info rcs" for full documentation.

  - Script to trim "junk at end of file" posted

	The "junk at end of file" error occurs for some files due to RCS
	5.8 being more strict about the syntax it accepts.  You can use
	rimrcsby Warren Jones:

	to remedy such files while we figure out how best to move such
	functionality into RCS proper.

  - Maintenance tools updated
    - automake (GNU Automake) 1.13.1
    - gnulib-tool (GNU gnulib 2013-03-19 16:08:47) 0.0.7899-34f84
    - makeinfo (GNU Texinfo) 5.1

- 5.8.1 | 2012-06-05

  - Bugs fixed

    - Debug output removed

	Due to an oversight, release 5.8 rlog included code to write
	debugging output to stderr for invocations using the doption
	and a date range (e.g., log -d 2010<2012.

    - Criteria for avoiding read-only checks refined

	For "make check", some test cases are inhibited if the user
	running the test is not effectively blocked from writing a
	purportedly read-only file, such as when "make check" is run by
	the super user, or for certain (weird) NFS situations.

	Previously, to determine this condition, we considered only the
	operating system type, a very crude (and incomplete) proxy.
	Now, we explicitly check with a shell sequence comprising the
	umask(1) and test(1) commands, plus output-redirection.

    - Regression in zLThandling

	On a 64-bit x86 system, RCS 5.8 introduced a regression whereby:

	 rlog -zLT -d>2011-05-04

	would select the correct entry but display its date always with
	default (01) month and day, i.e., YYYY-01-01.  This is now fixed
	(see also tests/t320).

    - Regression in i -d -Thandling

	RCS 5.8 introduced a regression whereby:

	  ci -l -d -T FILE

	would set the mtime of RCS/FILE,v (the comma-v file) to the
	epoch.  This is now fixed (see also tests/t810).

  - Use iff --labelinstead of iff -L
	Previously, RCS used GNU diff's Loption.  According to Paul
	Eggert (a GNU diffutils maintainer):

	  That option has been undocumented since diffutils 2.8
	  (released in March 2002) and the option is intended to
	  be replaced sometime soon with a different meaning.

	Now, RCS uses iff --label thus immune to the planned change.

  - Miscellaneous changes
    - Make help extraction noisy (on failure)
    - Silence some compiler warnings
    - Increase coverage of "make check"

  - Documentation improvements

    - Manpage rcsintro(1) dropped

	This manpage is redundant, and (arguably) should not have been
	in section 1 in the first place.

    - Use "Invoking COMMAND" instead of "COMMAND" as node names

	This makes it easier for nfo --usage COMMANDto DTRT, and
	makes GNU (info "(standards) Manual Structure Details") happy.

    - explicitly UTF-8

	This is to prepare for a (future) GNU Texinfo release that
	renders @code in a more pretty way when the encoding is UTF-8.
	If you're reading this (from the future) with such a Texinfo at
	hand, feel free to regenerate the docs in doc/ prior to install.

    - CVS is not GNU

	Previously, we incorrectly said "GNU CVS", succumbing to a
	common misunderstanding.  Now we know better.

  - TAGS file no longer distributed

	To create, configure normally and do "make TAGS".

  - New configure script option -enable-coverage
	Specifying -enable-coveragecauses Exitto be an alias for
	xitand CFLAGS to append -coverageif the compiler is GCC.
	This is needed because the coverage machinery writes the .gcda
	files only on xit

	This option is for maintainers; most people can ignore it.

  - Portability improvements
    - Use more gnulib modules
    - Use portable Makefile subst-ref variable syntax
    - Use portable shell command-output interpolation syntax
  - Maintenance tools upgraded
    - GNU Automake 1.12
    - GNU Autoconf 2.69
    - gnulib-tool (GNU gnulib 2012-06-03 16:29:00) 0.0.7432-f6c24-modified

- 5.8 | 2011-08-30

  - License now GPLv3+ (see COPYING)

  - Change in terminology: from "path" to "file name" (or "file-name")

	However, if "path" intends "search path", we say so explicitly.

  - Changes to the RCS package

    - New documentation in Info format

	On "make install", is installed in $(infodir), with
	title "GNU RCS <VERSION>" in dircategory "Version control".
	The doc source is texinfo (released under GNU FDL 1.3), so you
	can easily create output in HTML, PDF, etc.

    - Dropped configure option: --with-diffutils

	To specify non-GNU diffutils programs diff(1) and diff3(1), name
	them using variables on the configure command-line.  See README.

    - Configuration more strict in some ways, more lax in others.

	Before, part of the configuration was done at compile time.
	Now, all of it is done by the configure script.  Here are the
	set of conditions which will cause the configure script to fail
	(with a "could not find..." message):

	 - for --enable-mailer=PROG, ϱROGnot absolute;
	 - for diff(1), value of env var ϥIFFnot absolute;
	 - diff(1) not GNU diffutils compatible;
	 - for diff3(1), value of env var ϥIFF3not absolute;
	 - for ed(1), value of env var ϦDnot absolute;
	 - no C99-capable compiler.

	Here, "absolute" means "specified as an absolute filename".
	On the flip side, configuration no longer checks for some
	situations such as igactionyes, but ϴA_SIGINFOno.

	Most of the portability duties are now handled by gnulib.

    - New configure option: --enable-suid[=setreuid]

	This builds RCS with setuid support (the default).  Optional
	arg etreuidmeans use setreuid(2) instead of seteuid(2).

    - New configure option: --disable-mmap

	This builds RCS without mmap(2), even if available.  See README.

    - New configure option: --enable-mailer=PROG

	The feature whereby ci(1) sends mail when breaking a lock is now
	disabled by default.  To enable, specify -enable-mailer=PROG	to the configure script.  See README.

    - New configure option: --enable-compat2

	This preponderantly unlikely to be used option allows RCS
	commands to read RCS files written by RCS 2.  See README.

    - You can "make check" prior to "make install".

	Doing "make check" automatically prepends to the ϱATHenv var
	the value of (abs_top_builddir)/src so that the programs
	co, rcsdiff, and rcsmerge can find their peers (co and merge).

	Likewise, "make installcheck" prepends (DESTDIR)$(bindir)

	Previously, you had to "make install" first and then arrange
	for (DESTDIR)$(bindir)to be on ϱATH"manually".

	See tests/README for more info on the test suite.

  - Bug fixes

    - Remove all edit info when removing all revisions.

	Previously, "rcs -o" (outdating) all revisions failed to
	leave the RCS file in a consistent state; edit info (i.e.,
	log message + diff(1) output) remained for the deleted revisions.

	For example, this sequence of commands:
	  echo foo > foo
	  ci -q -i -t-desc -mHELLO foo
	  rcs -q -o1.1: foo
	  grep '@H' foo,v
	used to display "@HELLO" to stdout.

	Now, all revisions are completely removed.

    - Code no longer uses mktemp(3).

	Using mktemp(3) is a security risk.  We use mkstemp(3) now.
	Likewise, now uses mktemp(1).

    - Misc manpage tweaks / fixes.

	Document log -q fix small merge.1 omission; add branch
	labels in rcsfile.5; say "GNU RCS <VERSION>" in footer.

  - Other changes

    - All commands accept -helpand -version

	The help output includes an email address for bug reports.
	For continuity, option Vis now a synonym for -version

	Relatedly, commands no longer display usage info if given
	a bad or malformed option.  You can use -helpfor that.

    - A string of all digits is now valid for author, state.

	This means you can set the author or state to, for example,
	"000000" or "42".  Previously, these would have caused a
	"invalid identifier" or "invalid symbol" error.

    - Env var RCS_MEM_LIMIT controls stdio threshold.

	For speed, RCS uses memory-based routines for files up to
	256 kilobytes, and stream-based (stdio) routines otherwise.
	You can change this threshold value by setting the environment
	variable ϳCS_MEM_LIMITto a non-negative integer, measured in
	kilobytes.  An empty ϳCS_MEM_LIMITvalue is silently ignored.

    - RCS can now work with files larger than 2 gigabytes.

	RCS now uses large file offsets (#define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64).

    - Pass-through for RCS file ommitid SYMBOLnow builtin.

	Due to GNU CVS (Concurrent Versions System) using a compatible
	file format as RCS for the RCS file, you can use RCS commands
	to view and manipulate its contents.  (Note, however, the next
	NEWS item.)

	This works well enough except for a small annoyance: CVS adds a
	per-revision field called the "commitid" with an opaque (to RCS)
	symbolic value.  Previously, RCS commands would emit a warning
	"unrecognized phrases" (unless given qon the command-line).

	RCS commands now automatically support pass-through handling of
	ommitid SYMBOL(so qis no longer necessary).

    - RCS file top-level grammar frozen.

	The RCS file top-level grammar is now frozen; RCS no longer
	supports pass-through operation of unrecognized key/data pairs
	(called "newphrases" in the RCS 5.7 rcsfile(5) manpage).

	To avoid painting ourselves into a corner, the grammar now
	includes a new key ntegritywith @-string value, whose
	sub-grammar is not yet specified.  (We intend to keep checksums
	and other compacted redundancies in this field, for manipulation
	by the commands in a future RCS 5.x release.)  For upward
	compatability, the commands in this release do not change this
	field, although they silently read and write it (pass-through),
	if present.

    - RCS file syntax-validated earlier, completely.

	Previously, RCS file syntax was validated lazily, and trailing
	garbage was not detected (see bugfix above).  Now, a top-level
	validation is done on each access.

    - Possible to specify an empty log message with ci -m, rcs -m.

	The commands "ci -m" and "rcs -m" no longer error on an
	empty log message.  Their non-interactive behavior is now
	consistent with the interactive invocation.

	was: ci -m file < /dev/null   # use stdin to avoid error
	now: ci -m file               # works fine, like so

	Note that these commands actually store as the log message
	the string: "*** empty log message ***".

    - Date option accepts some more date-only formats

	Date format ϺYYY-DDDspecifies a year and a day (1-366),
	while format ϺYYY-wWW-Dspecifies a year, an ISO week number
	(0-53, 0 is a GNU RCS extension), and a day number (1-7, for
	Monday through Sunday).

    - Changes to rcsdiff

      - New handling for option: -U N

	This arranges to output N lines of unified-diff context.
	Relatedly, the list of possible options passed to the underlying
	diff(1) appears in both "rcsdiff --help" and in the manual.

      - Refined "same-revision don't call diff" optimization

	Normally, if the two revisions specified are the same, we avoid
	calling the underlying diff(1) on the theory that it will
	produce no output.  This does not hold generally for y	(--side-by-side) and D(--ifdef), such as when the revision
	specified is by different symbolic names, so for those options
	the optimization is disabled.

Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed May 25 11:46:44 2005 UTC (18 years, 6 months ago) by wiz
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