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Revision 1.21, Thu Jan 24 08:29:39 2019 UTC (8 months, 4 weeks ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.20: +5 -5 lines

py-pip: updated to 19.0.1


Bug Fixes
- Fix a crash when using --no-cache-dir with PEP 517 distributions


Deprecations and Removals
- Deprecate support for Python 3.4
- Start printing a warning for Python 2.7 to warn of impending Python 2.7 End-of-life and
  prompt users to start migrating to Python 3.
- Remove the deprecated --process-dependency-links option.
- Remove the deprecated SVN editable detection based on dependency links
  during freeze.

- Implement PEP 517 (allow projects to specify a build backend via pyproject.toml).
- Implement manylinux2010 platform tag support.  manylinux2010 is the successor
  to manylinux1.  It allows carefully compiled binary wheels to be installed
  on compatible Linux platforms.
- Improve build isolation: handle .pth files, so namespace packages are correctly supported under Python 3.2 and earlier.
- Include the package name in a freeze warning if the package is not installed.
- Warn when dropping an --[extra-]index-url value that points to an existing local directory.
- Prefix pip's --log file lines with their timestamp.

Bug Fixes
- Avoid creating excessively long temporary paths when uninstalling packages.
- Redact the password from the URL in various log messages.
- Avoid creating excessively long temporary paths when uninstalling packages.
- Avoid printing a stack trace when given an invalid requirement.
- Present 401 warning if username/password do not work for URL
- Handle requests.exceptions.RetryError raised in PackageFinder that was causing pip to fail silently when some indexes were unreachable.
- Handle a broken stdout pipe more gracefully (e.g. when running pip list | head).
- Fix crash from setting PIP_NO_CACHE_DIR=yes.
- Fix crash from unparseable requirements when checking installed packages.
- Fix content type detection if a directory named like an archive is used as a package source.
- Fix listing of outdated packages that are not dependencies of installed packages in pip list --outdated --not-required
- Fix sorting TypeError in move_wheel_files() when installing some packages.
- Fix support for invoking pip using python src/pip ....
- Greatly reduce memory usage when installing wheels containing large files.
- Editable non-VCS installs now freeze as editable.
- Editable Git installs without a remote now freeze as editable.
- Canonicalize sdist file names so they can be matched to a canonicalized package name passed to pip install.
- Properly decode special characters in SVN URL credentials.
- Make PIP_NO_CACHE_DIR disable the cache also for truthy values like "true", "yes", "1", etc.

Vendored Libraries
- Include license text of vendored 3rd party libraries.
- Update certifi to 2018.11.29
- Update colorama to 0.4.1
- Update distlib to 0.2.8
- Update idna to 2.8
- Update packaging to 19.0
- Update pep517 to 0.5.0
- Update pkg_resources to 40.6.3 (via setuptools)
- Update pyparsing to 2.3.1
- Update pytoml to 0.1.20
- Update requests to 2.21.0
- Update six to 1.12.0
- Update urllib3 to 1.24.1

Improved Documentation
- Include the Vendoring Policy in the documentation.
- Add instructions for running pip from source to Development documentation.
- Remove references to removed #egg=<name>-<version> functionality
- Fix omission of command name in HTML usage documentation

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