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Revision 1.10, Thu Oct 1 23:11:41 2015 UTC (4 years ago) by rodent
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.9: +4 -4 lines

Update to 7.1.2. Previous version was having some difficulty with certain TLS
connections. Issue is resolved in this version.

Release Notes

7.1.2 (2015-08-22)

    Don't raise an error if pip is not installed when checking for the latest pip version.

7.1.1 (2015-08-20)

    Check that the wheel cache directory is writable before we attempt to write cached files to them.
    Move the pip version check until after any installs have been performed, thus removing the extraenous warning when upgrading pip.
    Added debug logging when using a cached wheel.
    Respect platlib by default on platforms that have it separated from purlib.
    Upgrade packaging to 15.3.
        Normalize post-release spellings for rev/r prefixes.
    Upgrade distlib to 0.2.1.
        Updated launchers to decode shebangs using UTF-8. This allows non-ASCII pathnames to be correctly handled.
        Ensured that the executable written to shebangs is normcased.
        Changed ScriptMaker to work better under Jython.
    Upgrade ipaddress to 1.0.13.

7.1.0 (2015-06-30)

    Allow constraining versions globally without having to know exactly what will be installed by the pip command. #2731.
    Accept --no-binary and --only-binary via pip.conf. #2867.
    Allow --allow-all-external within a requirements file.
    Fixed an issue where --user could not be used when --prefix was used in a distutils configuration file.
    Fixed an issue where the SOABI tags were not correctly being generated on Python 3.5.
    Fixed an issue where we were advising windows users to upgrade by directly executing pip, when that would always fail on Windows.
    Allow ~ to be expanded within a cache directory in all situations.

7.0.3 (2015-06-01)

    Fixed a regression where --no-cache-dir would raise an exception, fixes #2855.

7.0.2 (2015-06-01)

    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Revert the change (released in v7.0.0) that required quoting in requirements files around specifiers containing environment markers. (PR #2841)
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Revert the accidental introduction of support for options interleaved with requirements, version specifiers etc in requirements files. (PR #2841)
    Expand ~ in the cache directory when caching wheels, fixes #2816.
    Use python -m pip instead of pip when recommending an upgrade command to Windows users.

7.0.1 (2015-05-22)

    Don't build and cache wheels for non-editable installations from VCSs.
    Allow --allow-all-external inside of a requirements.txt file, fixing a regression in 7.0.

7.0.0 (2015-05-21)

    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the deprecated --mirror, --use-mirrors, and -M options.
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the deprecated zip and unzip commands.
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the deprecated --no-install and --no-download options.
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE No longer implicitly support an insecure origin origin, and instead require insecure origins be explicitly trusted with the --trusted-host option.
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the deprecated link scraping that attempted to parse HTML comments for a specially formatted comment.
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Requirements in requirements files containing markers must now be quoted due to parser changes from (PR #2697) and (PR #2725). For example, use "SomeProject; python_version < '2.7'", not simply SomeProject; python_version < '2.7'
    Ignores bz2 archives if Python wasn't compiled with bz2 support. Fixes #497
    Support --install-option and --global-option per requirement in requirement files (PR #2537)
    Build Wheels prior to installing from sdist, caching them in the pip cache directory to speed up subsequent installs. (PR #2618)
    Allow fine grained control over the use of wheels and source builds. (PR #2699)
    --no-use-wheel and --use-wheel are deprecated in favour of new options --no-binary and --only-binary. The equivalent of --no-use-wheel is --no-binary=:all:. (PR #2699)
    The use of --install-option, --global-option or --build-option disable the use of wheels, and the autobuilding of wheels. (PR #2711) Fixes #2677
    Improve logging when a requirement marker doesn't match your environment (PR #2735)
    Removed the temporary modifications (that began in pip v1.4 when distribute and setuptools merged) that allowed distribute to be considered a conflict to setuptools. pip install -U setuptools will no longer upgrade "distribute" to "setuptools". Instead, use pip install -U distribute (PR #2767).
    Only display a warning to upgrade pip when the newest version is a final release and it is not a post release of the version we already have installed (PR #2766).
    Display a warning when attempting to access a repository that uses HTTPS when we don't have Python compiled with SSL support (PR #2761).
    Allowing using extras when installing from a file path without requiring the use of an editable (PR #2785).
    Fix an infinite loop when the cache directory is stored on a file system which does not support hard links (PR #2796).
    Remove the implicit debug log that was written on every invocation, instead users will need to use --log if they wish to have one (PR #2798).

6.1.1 (2015-04-07)

    No longer ignore dependencies which have been added to the standard library, instead continue to install them.

6.1.0 (2015-04-07)

    Fixes #2502. Upgrades were failing when no potential links were found for dependencies other than the current installation. (PR #2538)
    Use a smoother progress bar when the terminal is capable of handling it, otherwise fallback to the original ASCII based progress bar.
    Display much less output when pip install succeeds, because on success, users probably don't care about all the nitty gritty details of compiling and installing. When pip install fails, display the failed install output once instead of twice, because once is enough. (PR #2487)
    Upgrade the bundled copy of requests to 2.6.0, fixing CVE-2015-2296.
    Display format of latest package when using pip list --outdated. (PR #2475)
    Don't use pywin32 as ctypes should always be available on Windows, using pywin32 prevented uninstallation of pywin32 on Windows. (PR #2467)
    Normalize the --wheel-dir option, expanding out constructs such as ~ when used (PR #2441).
    Display a warning when an undefined extra has been requested. (PR #2142)
    Speed up installing a directory in certain cases by creating a sdist instead of copying the entire directory. (PR #2535)
    Don't follow symlinks when uninstalling files (PR #2552)
    Upgrade the bundled copy of cachecontrol from 0.11.1 to 0.11.2. Fixes #2481 (PR #2595)
    Attempt to more smartly choose the order of installation to try and install dependencies before the projects that depend on them. (PR #2616)
    Skip trying to install libraries which are part of the standard library. (PR #2636, PR #2602)
    Support arch specific wheels that are not tied to a specific Python ABI. (PR #2561)
    Output warnings and errors to stderr instead of stdout. (PR #2543)
    Adjust the cache dir file checks to only check ownership if the effective user is root. (PR #2396)
    Install headers into a per project name directory instead of all of them into the root directory when inside of a virtual environment. (PR #2421)

6.0.8 (2015-02-04)

    Fix an issue where the --download flag would cause pip to no longer use randomized build directories.
    Fix an issue where pip did not properly unquote quoted URLs which contain characters like PEP 440's epoch separator (!).
    Fix an issue where distutils installed projects were not actually uninstalled and deprecate attempting to uninstall them altogether.
    Retry deleting directories incase a process like an antivirus is holding the directory open temporarily.
    Fix an issue where pip would hide the cursor on Windows but would not reshow it.

6.0.7 (2015-01-28)

    Fix a regression where Numpy requires a build path without symlinks to properly build.
    Fix a broken log message when running pip wheel without a requirement.
    Don't mask network errors while downloading the file as a hash failure.
    Properly create the state file for the pip version check so it only happens once a week.
    Fix an issue where switching between Python 3 and Python 2 would evict cached items.
    Fix a regression where pip would be unable to successfully uninstall a project without a normalized version.

6.0.6 (2015-01-03)

    Continue the regression fix from 6.0.5 which was not a complete fix.

6.0.5 (2015-01-03)

    Fix a regression with 6.0.4 under Windows where most commands would raise an exception due to Windows not having the os.geteuid() function.

6.0.4 (2015-01-03)

    Fix an issue where ANSI escape codes would be used on Windows even though the Windows shell does not support them, causing odd characters to appear with the progress bar.
    Fix an issue where using -v would cause an exception saying TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting.
    Fix an issue where using -v with dependency links would cause an exception saying TypeError: 'InstallationCandidate' object is not iterable.
    Fix an issue where upgrading distribute would cause an exception saying TypeError: expected string or buffer.
    Show a warning and disable the use of the cache directory when the cache directory is not owned by the current user, commonly caused by using sudo without the -H flag.
    Update PEP 440 support to handle the latest changes to PEP 440, particularly the changes to >V and <V so that they no longer imply !=V.*.
    Document the default cache directories for each operating system.
    Create the cache directory when the pip version check needs to save to it instead of silently logging an error.
    Fix a regression where the -q flag would not properly suppress the display of the progress bars.

6.0.3 (2014-12-23)

    Fix an issue where the implicit version check new in pip 6.0 could cause pip to block for up to 75 seconds if PyPI was not accessible.
    Make --no-index imply --disable-pip-version-check.

6.0.2 (2014-12-23)

    Fix an issue where the output saying that a package was installed would report the old version instead of the new version during an upgrade.
    Fix left over merge conflict markers in the documentation.
    Document the backwards incompatible PEP 440 change in the 6.0.0 changelog.

6.0.1 (2014-12-22)

    Fix executable file permissions for Wheel files when using the distutils scripts option.
    Fix a confusing error message when an exceptions was raised at certain points in pip's execution.
    Fix the missing list of versions when a version cannot be found that matches the specifiers.
    Add a warning about the possibly problematic use of > when the given specifier doesn't match anything.
    Fix an issue where installing from a directory would not copy over certain directories which were being excluded, however some build systems rely on them.

6.0 (2014-12-22)

    PROCESS Version numbers are now simply X.Y where the leading 1 has been dropped.
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Dropped support for Python 3.1.
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Removed the bundle support which was deprecated in 1.4. (PR #1806)
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE File lists generated by pip show -f are now rooted at the location reported by show, rather than one (unstated) directory lower. (PR #1933)
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE The ability to install files over the FTP protocol was accidently lost in pip 1.5 and it has now been decided to not restore that ability.
    BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE PEP 440 is now fully implemented, this means that in some cases versions will sort differently or version specifiers will be interpreted differently than previously. The common cases should all function similarly to before.
    DEPRECATION pip install --download-cache and pip wheel --download-cache command line flags have been deprecated and the functionality removed. Since pip now automatically configures and uses it's internal HTTP cache which supplants the --download-cache the existing options have been made non functional but will still be accepted until their removal in pip v8.0. For more information please see https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/reference/pip_install.html#caching
    DEPRECATION pip install --build and pip install --no-clean are now NOT deprecated. This reverses the deprecation that occurred in v1.5.3. See #906 for discussion.
    DEPRECATION Implicitly accessing URLs which point to an origin which is not a secure origin, instead requiring an opt-in for each host using the new --trusted-host flag (pip install --trusted-host example.com foo).
    Allow the new --trusted-host flag to also disable TLS verification for a particular hostname.
    Added a --user flag to pip freeze and pip list to check the user site directory only.
    Fixed #1873. Silence byte compile errors when installation succeed.
    Added a virtualenv-specific configuration file. (PR #1364)
    Added site-wide configuation files. (PR #1978)
    Added an automatic check to warn if there is an updated version of pip available (PR #2049).
    wsgiref and argparse (for >py26) are now excluded from pip list and pip freeze (PR #1606, PR #1369)
    Fixed #1424. Add --client-cert option for SSL client certificates.
    Fixed #1484. pip show --files was broken for wheel installs. (PR #1635)
    Fixed #1641. install_lib should take precedence when reading distutils config. (PR #1642)
    Send Accept-Encoding: identity when downloading files in an attempt to convince some servers who double compress the downloaded file to stop doing so. (PR #1688)
    Fixed #1559. Stop breaking when given pip commands in uppercase (PR #1725)
    Fixed #1618. Pip no longer adds duplicate logging consumers, so it won't create duplicate output when being called multiple times. (PR #1723)
    Fixed #1769. pip wheel now returns an error code if any wheels fail to build.
    Fixed #1775. pip wheel wasn't building wheels for dependencies of editable requirements.
    Allow the use of --no-use-wheel within a requirements file. (PR #1859)
    Fixed #1680. Attempt to locate system TLS certificates to use instead of the included CA Bundle if possible. (PR #1866)
    Fixed #1319. Allow use of Zip64 extension in Wheels and other zip files. (PR #1868)
    Fixed #1101. Properly handle an index or --find-links target which has a <base> without a href attribute. (PR #1869)
    Fixed #1885. Properly handle extras when a project is installed via Wheel. (PR #1896)
    Fixed #1180. Added support to respect proxies in pip search. It also fixes #932 and #1104. (PR #1902)
    Fixed #798 and #1060. pip install --download works with vcs links. (PR #1926)
    Fixed #1456. Disabled warning about insecure index host when using localhost. Based off of Guy Rozendorn's work in PR #1718. (PR #1967)
    Allow the use of OS standard user configuration files instead of ones simply based around $HOME. (PR #2021)
    Fixed #1825. When installing directly from wheel paths or urls, previous versions were not uninstalled. This also fixes #804 specifically for the case of wheel archives. (PR #1838)
    Fixed #2075, detect the location of the .egg-info directory by looking for any file located inside of it instead of relying on the record file listing a directory. (PR #2076)
    Fixed #1964, #1935, #676, Use a randomized and secure default build directory when possible. (PR #2122, CVE-2014-8991)
    Fixed #1433. Support environment markers in requirements.txt files. (PR #2134)
    Automatically retry failed HTTP requests by default. (PR #1444, PR #2147)
    Fixed #1100 - Handle HTML Encoding better using a method that is more similar to how browsers handle it. (PR #1874)
    Reduce the verbosity of the pip command by default. (PR #2175, PR #2177, PR #2178)
    Fixed #2031 - Respect sys.executable on OSX when installing from Wheels.
    Display the entire URL of the file that is being downloaded when downloading from a non PyPI repository (PR #2183).
    Support setuptools style environment markers in a source distribution (PR #2153).

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