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Revision (vendor branch), Mon Jan 23 21:39:32 2012 UTC (7 years, 5 months ago) by pettai
Branch: TNF
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-base, pkgsrc-2012Q1-base, pkgsrc-2012Q1
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pip is a replacement for easy_install. It uses mostly the same
techniques for finding packages, so packages that were made
easy_installable should be pip-installable as well.

pip is meant to improve on easy_install. Some of the improvements:
    * All packages are downloaded before installation.
Partially-completed installation doesn't occur as a result.
    * Care is taken to present useful output on the console.
    * The reasons for actions are kept track of. For instance, if
a package is being installed, pip keeps track of why that package
was required.
    * Error messages should be useful.
    * The code is relatively concise and cohesive, making it easier
to use programmatically.
    * Packages don't have to be installed as egg archives, they can
be installed flat (while keeping the egg metadata).
    * Native support for other version control systems (Git, Mercurial
and Bazaar)
    * Uninstallation of packages.
    * Simple to define fixed sets of requirements and reliably
reproduce a set of packages.

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 2012/01/23 21:39:32 pettai Exp $

SHA1 (pip-1.0.2.tar.gz) = bb137ac723389651e6cf56c0c95af0a6547443b6
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