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Diff for /pkgsrc/devel/py-cursespanel/Makefile between version 1.14 and 1.30

version 1.14, 2008/04/26 15:33:17 version 1.30, 2017/09/03 08:36:53
Line 1 
Line 1 
 # $NetBSD$  # $NetBSD$
 PKGNAME=        ${PYPKGPREFIX}-cursespanel-0  PKGNAME=        ${PYPKGPREFIX}-cursespanel-${PY_DISTVERSION}
 CATEGORIES=     devel python  CATEGORIES=     devel python
 MAINTAINER=     tsarna@NetBSD.org  MAINTAINER=     pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org
 HOMEPAGE=       http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/module-curses.html  #HOMEPAGE=      http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/module-curses.html
 COMMENT=        Curses panel module for Python  COMMENT=        Curses panel module for Python
 USE_NCURSES=    # filter getsyx getwin has_key immedok mvwinsnstr mvwinsstr ...  DEPENDS+=       ${PYPKGPREFIX}-curses-[0-9]*:../../devel/py-curses
 # noqiflush pechochar putp putwin qiflush redrawwin setsyx syncok termattrs  
 # termname tigetflag tigetnum tigetstr tparm typeahead use_env wcursyncup  USE_CURSES=     getsyx
 # wechochar winsnstr winsstr wredrawln wsyncdown wsyncup  FAKE_NCURSES=   yes
 EXTRACT_ELEMENTS=       ${PYSUBDIR}/Modules/_curses_panel.c  EXTRACT_ELEMENTS=       ${PYSUBDIR}/Modules/_curses_panel.c
 PYBINMODULE=    yes  
   PYSETUPINSTALLARGS+=    --install-lib ${PREFIX}/${PYLIB}/lib-dynload
 # ignore errors due to missing files (EXTRACT_ELEMENTS!)  # ignore errors due to missing files (EXTRACT_ELEMENTS!)
 do-patch:  do-patch:
         (cd ${WRKSRC}; \          (cd ${WRKSRC}; \
         for f in ${PATCHDIR}/patch-*;do \          for f in ${PATCHDIR}/patch-*;do \
         ${PATCH} --batch <$$f || true; \          ${PATCH} --batch <$$f || ${TRUE}; \
         done)          done)
 .include "../../lang/python/extension.mk"  .include "../../lang/python/extension.mk"
 .include "../../lang/python/srcdist.mk"  .include "../../lang/python/srcdist.mk"
 .include "../../devel/py-curses/buildlink3.mk"  .include "../../mk/curses.buildlink3.mk"
 .include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"  .include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"

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