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Revision 1.2, Sun Feb 20 15:07:40 2011 UTC (10 years, 9 months ago) by jmmv
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.1: +7 -1 lines

TOOLS_NOOP is not enough to catch all calls to glib-compile-schemas because
some packages deduce the full name to the tool instead of relying on the

Attempt to do better by setting the GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS variable to
a non-absolute name during the build, hoping that such packages do define
this Makefile variable.

This should fix the build of evince as reported in PR pkg/44589.

# $NetBSD: schemas.mk,v 1.2 2011/02/20 15:07:40 jmmv Exp $
# This Makefile fragment is intended to be included by packages that install
# GSettings schemas.  It takes care of rebuilding the corresponding databases
# at (de)installation time.

.if !defined(GLIB_SCHEMAS_MK)
GLIB_SCHEMAS_MK=	# defined

GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS=	${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.glib2}/bin/glib-compile-schemas

INSTALL_TEMPLATES+=	../../devel/glib2/files/schemas.tmpl
DEINSTALL_TEMPLATES+=	../../devel/glib2/files/schemas.tmpl

TOOLS_NOOP+=		glib-compile-schemas
# Adding glib-compile-schemas to TOOLS_NOOP is not enough to mock out all
# calls to this tool.  Some packages do 'pkg-config --variable
# glib_compile_schemas gio-2.0' to get the path to the binary.  Do a best
# effort here by overriding the possibly-defined GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS
# variable in the offending Makefiles.
MAKE_FLAGS+=		GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS=glib-compile-schemas

.include "../../devel/glib2/buildlink3.mk"

.endif			# GLIB_SCHEMAS_MK