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Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Oct 19 16:44:15 2018 UTC (21 months, 3 weeks ago) by leot
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2020Q2-base, pkgsrc-2020Q2, pkgsrc-2020Q1-base, pkgsrc-2020Q1, pkgsrc-2019Q4-base, pkgsrc-2019Q4, pkgsrc-2019Q3-base, pkgsrc-2019Q3, pkgsrc-2019Q2-base, pkgsrc-2019Q2, pkgsrc-2019Q1-base, pkgsrc-2019Q1, pkgsrc-2018Q4-base, pkgsrc-2018Q4, HEAD
Changes since 1.2: +9 -16 lines
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glib2: Fix GCredentials support for NetBSD

The GCredentials support for NetBSD missed a

Due that the client sent credentials but the server was not able
to receive them.

support probably logic for LOCAL_CREDS should be added but on NetBSD
before 8.0 sc_pid field is not present making that probably not
suitable to use as GCredentials mechanism (since 8.0 this will
probably work).


Discussed with <prlw1>, thanks!

Revision 1.2, Tue Oct 7 23:18:36 2014 UTC (5 years, 10 months ago) by prlw1
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +1 -1 lines

Update glib to 2.42.0

Patches removed:
- patch-ba
    Fixed in 4f775b7b and 369c8bd5 (Bug 583330)
- patch-gio_gcredentials.c
    Fixed in 3428bba1 and e763d934 (Bugs 728256 735819)
- patch-glib_gmessages.c
    Fixed in ab9f63fa (Bug 720708)

Patches changed:
- patch-gio_gioenums.h
    Still need 45344f36 (Bug 728256)
- patch-ak (=> patch-aa)
    Hunk 9 fixed in 74ec9470

Highlights from the release notes:

* GApplication now has binding-friendly API to handle
  commandline options: g_application_add_main_option


* g_clear_pointer and g_clear_object no longer use atomics

* The Unicode support has been updated to version 7.0
  of the Unicode standard

* GNotification now supports priorities for notifications

* GCredentials has gained NetBSD support

* GMutex now uses a faster, native implementation on Linux

* Many bugfixes found by static analysis, including potential fd leaks
  and NULL pointer dereferences.

* Increased use of (nullable) attribute on out values and return types
  now that it is supported (mostly from porting Vala metadata).

* use XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP for OnlyShowIn/NotShowIn handling of desktop
  files, deprecating g_desktop_app_info_set_desktop_env()

* add support for g_desktop_app_info_get_implementations() to find
  desktop files that have an Implements= line for a given interface

* GHmac has gained SHA-512 support

* support the new mimeapps specification (most notably, moving the
  assoications/defaults configuration to ~/.config/mimeapps.list).

* libgobject is now linked -Wl,-z,nodelete when possible to avoid errors
  when gobject is used from a module for a program that does not itself
  use gobject and that module is unloaded/reloaded

* ... and many other bug fixes.

* Many translations updated.

For full details see:

Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Sep 5 20:49:55 2014 UTC (5 years, 11 months ago) by prlw1
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2014Q3-base, pkgsrc-2014Q3

Update glib2 to 2.40.0

Patches removed:
- patch-ai
    Fixed in e3fa9c9a (Bug 583321)
- patch-cj
    Fixed in c58a7b8c (Bugs 641350 711047)
- patch-gio_gdbusmessage.c
    Fixed in 0167c334
- patch-gio_gfile.c
    Fixed in 091e4660 (Bug 721034)
- patch-gio_glocalfile.c
    Fixed in 7eb1e5fc (Bug 708860)
- patch-ap and
- patch-aq
    Credentials have changed, see below
Patches changed:
- patch-aa
    Second chunk fixed in 838b49ea (Bug 711600)
- patch-ba
    Third chunk fixed in 7cf221aa
    Reworked Bug 583330
Patches added:
- patch-glib_gmessages.c
    Closes PR pkg/48318, fixed in 7328089e (Bug 720708)
- patch-gio_gcredentials.c
- patch-gio_gcredentialsprivate.h
- patch-gio_gioenums.h
- patch-gio_gsocket.c
- patch-gio_gunixcredentialsmessage.c
- patch-gio_tests_credentials.c
    Attempt at gcredential support for NetBSD (Bug 728256)

Highlights from changes:

 * Disable IPv6 testcases on machines without IPv6
 * Document that it is a bad idea to match on generic error codes
 * This release introduces a hard dependency on present and functioning
   clock_gettime() and CLOCK_MONOTONIC.  It also introduces a
   dependency on pthread_condattr_setclock() unless your system
   happens to have pthread_cond_timedwait_relative_np() (as do Mac
   OS and Android).  This release is known to be broken with at
   least GNU/Hurd, pending addition of working
   pthread_condattr_setclock(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) there.
 * New API: g_str_to_ascii()
 * fix a crasher in code from gdbus-codegen
 * improvements to gobject gdb helper script
 * Portability:
   - fix a deadlock issue with kqueue on FreeBSD
   - work around a quirk in the sunstudio compiler
   - rename a variable to avoid clashing with a macro definition of
     'environ' on some platforms (like mingw)
   - use POSIX-specified <poll.h> over <sys/poll.h>
   - many improvements to Visual Studio projects and and some build
     fixes for Windows
 * tests
   - a very large number of improvements in test coverage
   - don't report skipped tests as failures
   - return 77 if we skip all tests in an executable
   - improve gtest documentation and fix some minor issues
   - fix g_test_trap_reached_timeout() return value
   - remove some dead code uncovered during test coverage expansion
   - Use tap mode for installed tests too, when using tap
 * fix races in unix signal handling
 * make our GVariant-based commandline tools (glib-compile-schemas,
   gdbus, gapplication) print out GVariant parse errors in context
 * GApplication now has a --gapplication-service command line switch to
   turn any GApplication into a service
 * improve compatibility of GApplication and GOptionContext
 * fix gsettings.m4 wrt. builddir != srcdir with non-recursive make
 * use a directory monitor in GKeyfileSettingsBackend
 * improve robustness of some GIcon classes
 * Portability
   - Remove alleged support for OS/2
   - Remove alleged support for BeOS
   - Remove alleged support for last-millennium Unixes
   - Require C90 compliance
   - Require POSIX.1 (1990) compliance on Unix
   - Require GNU make
 * GSettings fixes/improvements
   - GSettingsSchema API is now more powerful and consistent
   - new GSettingsSchemaKey API allows accessing metadata for keys:
     type, default value, range and the long-awaited support for summary
     and description
   - GSettingsSchemaSource gains support for listing schemas within a
     source.  Deprecate the global API that did this for the default
   - 'gsettings list-schemas' now works properly with --schemadir
   - deprecate a bunch of now-redundant functionality on GSettings
   - add API to GSettings for getting the default value of a key (as set
     by the sysadmin)
   - add API to GSettings for determining if the user has assigned a
     particular value to a key (ie: we are not just reading the default)
   - ignore qualified tags and attributes appearing in schema files
 * Applications/Actions
   - make GSimpleAction a bit more strict with respect to state changes
     that would violate the interface (ie: by changing the state type
     after construction)
   - throw an error when attempting to 'Describe' a non-existent action
     via D-Bus instead of returning a bogus description
   - throw an error when attempting to invoke unsupported methods on an
     Application (eg: 'Open' on an app that doesn't HANDLES_OPEN)
     instead of emitting a g_critical() in context of the app (which is
     not itself at fault for the errant call)
 * Appinfo
   - substantially rework GDesktopAppInfo to reduce the amount of disk
     accesses that are performed in common situations
   - add a new class: GAppInfoMonitor for discovering when applications
     are installed/removed
   - add a new g_desktop_app_info_search() API for searching for
     installed applications by name, keywords, etc.
 * GMarkup: add new G_MARKUP_IGNORE_QUALIFIED flag for skipping over
   "qualified" tags and attributes (those with a colon in the name, such
   as 'my:tag')
 * GDBus
   - ignore qualified tags, as above
   - GTestDBus: unset all D-Bus addresses (such as STARTER) to ensure
     that test programs don't pick them up
   - add new session_bus_run() convenience in the tests and use it
 * GRand: use real random data as a seed on win32 and use the
   timestamp/pid/uid fallback only on UNIX machines where we can't open
   '/dev/urandom'.  This may cause issues with older mingw32 releases
   due to a missing prototype for the rand_s() API.
 * Many win32 (and particularly MSVC) portability fixes.  Many
   additional tests are now runnable when building with MSVC.
 * Due to early testing of the (soon to land) GCleanup framework, a very
   large number of memory errors have been found and fixed (mostly in
   the testcases, but some in glib itself).
 * GIO:
   - some more seeking cleanups: particularly on GLocalFileInputStream
   - don't leave a .trashinfo file around if trashing a file fails
   - Add a request_certificate virtual method to GTlsInteraction
 * GNotification
   - new API for sending persistent notifications via the desktop shell
   - notifications persist when the application has quit and clicking on
     them can restart the application with an action (via
 * GSubprocess
   - new API for launching subprocesses
   - nice GIO integration like async functions, cancellability, etc.
   - a convenient communicate() API inspired by the same API in Python
   - related: the gspawn API now has a CLOEXEC flag for the created
     pipes for stdin/stdout/stderr
 * New gapplication(1) commandline tool
   - intended to be used with DBusActivatable apps
   - can be used for launching apps, opening files, invoking application
     actions and listing apps and actions
   - bash tab completion is supported
 * GDesktopAppInfo changes:
   - g_file_get_path() can implicitly cause a FUSE mount so don't call
     it until we know we need it (for an app that doesn't support URIs)
   - don't crash when trying to load from a keyfile with
   - remove some dead code, refactor the search path handling a bit and
     do a large-scale whitespace cleanup (prep work for the pending
     desktop file index)
 * File monitors
   - fix broken handling of mount point monitoring
   - remove some strange use of GObject::constructor() from the base
     class and inotify backend
   - fix GFileMonitor to work in the non-default main context even when
     the main context is not running (or is blocked)
   - add internal private API for easily creating a file monitor in the
     GLib worker thread
 * GSettings
   - g_settings_list_children: only list viable schemas.  This fixes a
     longstanding issue where 'gsettings list-recursively' will crash
     when there are invalid schemas installed
   - don't accept invalid paths on g_settings_new_with_path, etc.
 * GIO
   - GFile now has a thumbnail::is-valid attribute to check if the
     thumbnail in thumbnail::path needs to be regenerated
   - GDBusProxy now has a flag to control autostarting of services at
     construction time
   - for GSeekable, properly introduce the concept of "resizable" vs.
     "fixed-sized" streams in the docs, explaining the expected
     semantics of the interface in each case
   - fix some cases in GMemoryOutputStream that were violating the above
     expectations (which may cause a slight API incompatibility)
   - clean up GCredentials code and add support for Hurd and Solaris
   - improve splicing by using different codepaths for the case where we
     have real _read_async() and _write_async() implementations on the
     stream vs. the case where they are internally emulated (via
     dispatching the sync variant of the call in a thread)
 * GKeyFile
   - fix a leak in g_key_file_get_(u)int64 when we fail to parse the
     value as an integer
   - add long-requested API g_key_file_save_to_file()
 * Portability improvements
   - avoid using O_DIRECTORY on platforms that don't have it
   - be careful about systems that define SOCK_CLOEXEC but don't
     actually support it (like Hurd)
   - only use SA_RESTART if it exists
 * Other small API changes/additions
   - a pair of functions to support matching strings for the type of
     search functionality that you'd expect to have with things like
     GtkSearchBar.  This will also be used by the desktop file index.
   - g_str_is_ascii() with obvious purpose
   - g_test_expect_message() no longer appears to allow you to catch
     G_LOG_ERROR messages
 * GMainContext/GSource
   - fix handling of overflowing the 'next source id' counter
   - g_source_remove() will now throw a critical in the case that you
     try to remove a non-existent source.  We expect that there is some
     code in the wild that will fall afoul of this new critical but
     considering that we now reuse source IDs, this code is already
     broken and should probably be fixed.
   - simplify handling of the 'current dispatching source' to not
     require use of a linked list
 * GObject
   - the long-broken (and leaky) pattern of destroying a just-allocated
     object from inside of a custom GObject::constructor is now
     officially completely illegal and will abort the program
 * Unicode: update to 6.3.0
 * Many bug fixes
 * Many translation updates

For full details see:

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