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Revision 1.277, Sat Nov 21 11:30:49 2020 UTC (2 months ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.276: +5 -5 lines

gdbus-codegen glib2 glib2-tools: updated to 2.66.3

Overview of changes in GLib 2.66.3

* Fix awkward bug with `GPollFD` handling in some situations (work by Claudio
  Saavedra and Eugene M)

* Fix sending FDs attached to very large D-Bus messages (work by Simon McVittie
  and Giovanni Campagna)

* Bugs fixed:
 - Main loop ignores GPollFD sources when there is at least one source ready with priority higher than default one
 - Backport !1718 „ŗ◊»trace: Add G_GNUC_PRINTF annotation„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1713 „ŗ◊»main: g_main_context_check() can skip updating polled FD sources„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1711 „ŗ◊ßix race in socketclient-slow test„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1725 „ŗ◊»dbus: Cope with sending fds in a message that takes multiple writes„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1734 „ŗ◊»localfileinfo: Use a single timeout source at a time for hidden file cache„ŗto glib-2-66

Overview of changes in GLib 2.66.2

* Important and time-critical fix to DST transitions which will happen in Europe
  on 2020-10-25 on distributions which use the „ŗŌ‘lim„ŗtzdata format (which is
  now the default in tzdata/tzcode 2020b) (work by Claudi M., LRN)

* Further timezone handling changes to restore support for changing the timezone
  when `/etc/localtime/` changes (work by António Fernandes, Sebastian Keller)

* Fix deadlock on Windows when `G_SLICE` is set in the environment (diagnosis by
  Christoph Reiter)

* Fix UTF-8 validation when escaping URI components (thanks to Marc-André Lureau) (!1680)

* Bugs fixed:
 - fstatat is available only on macOS 10.10+
 - top bar time is incorrect, timezone map in control center is broken
 - Setting G_SLICE makes Windows programs hang since 2.66
 - Backport !1680 ◊»uri: Fix UTF-8 validation when escaping URI components„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1684 „ŗ◊»localfileinfo: Fix use of fstatat() on macOS < 10.10„ŗto glib-2-66
 - uri: add missing (not)nullable annotations
 - Backport !1691 „ŗ◊»main: Fix possible locking issue in source unref„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1692 „ŗ◊»signal: Plug g_signal_connect_object leak„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1661 „ŗ◊≠ookup fallback time zones in the cache to improve performance„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1698 „ŗ◊»slice: Inline win32 implementation of g_getenv() to avoid deadlock„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1683 „ŗ◊ßix the 6-days-until-the-end-of-the-month bug„ŗto glib-2-66
 - Backport !1706 „ŗ◊Ędd various missing nullable annotations„ŗto glib-2-66

* Translation updates:
 - Chinese (Taiwan)
 - Portuguese
 - Slovak

Overview of changes in GLib 2.66.1

* A performance problem where timezones were reloaded from disk every time a
  `GTimeZone` was created has been fixed
  `/etc/localtime` will not take effect until a process restarts; future changes
  in a subsequent 2.66.x release will improve this

* Security fix for incorrect scope/zone ID parsing in URIs (!1669)

* Bugs fixed:
 - Invalid Pointer Arithmetic in g_path_get_basename
 - GDBus DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 mechanism may use too old a key
 - gtk3/glib crash on gimp
 - Time zone cache is constantly invalidated if TZ is NULL
 - gthreadedresolver: faulty logic in parse_res_txt
 - Define G_MSVC_SYMBOL_PREFIX correctly for ARM
 - Minor Coverity fixes
 - Fix various signedness warnings
 - glocalfile: Never require G_LOCAL_FILE_STAT_FIELD_ATIME
 - trash portal: Handle portal failures
 - gio-tool-trash: Prevent recursion to speed up emptying trash
 - glist: Clarify that g_list_free() and friends only free an entire list
 - utils: Limit the scope of the variable `max`
 - Fix g_module_symbol() under Windows sometimes not succeeding
 - guri: Fix URI scope parsing
 - gdatetime: Avoid integer overflow creating dates too far in the past

* Translation updates:
 - Danish
 - Greek, Modern (1453-)
 - Hebrew
 - Latvian
 - Portuguese
 - Russian

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.277 2020/11/21 11:30:49 adam Exp $

SHA1 (glib-2.66.3.tar.xz) = 423bb3d0f42b6dd7923b30f48eafb510eb6b0321
RMD160 (glib-2.66.3.tar.xz) = b5bf02802897c38f8694f3651f9416b9a71ce96d
SHA512 (glib-2.66.3.tar.xz) = ab2670ae4eeb3b561c0e71ff9153908f450e430cd43771bfee09233a65826dc16462537ec64bdfcced867f4c8663341b6b9d17af5ba0fab8564b8f21b04a45d7
Size (glib-2.66.3.tar.xz) = 4837796 bytes
SHA1 (patch-gio_gcredentialsprivate.h) = 6547edb518a98c3aca53acc1f98bde83e71b14cb
SHA1 (patch-gio_gdbus-2.0_codegen_meson.build) = ec8ce89da08059ebf953d84a1dca5a2b380349f4
SHA1 (patch-gio_giomodule.c) = d704699b2f457a08fff9219fe697e5fd2cc582ed
SHA1 (patch-gio_glib-compile-schemas.c) = 4fc8e8ba62bef01762007ebf21569053374808d0
SHA1 (patch-gio_gresource-tool.c) = ad0e59f48f5f98ea66be568dbe2e5a5d1ac602fc
SHA1 (patch-gio_gunixcredentialsmessage.c) = c13119ddd6262db7c03e53857e987f0c495d3312
SHA1 (patch-gio_gunixmounts.c) = 13af07fffe898457edd0d8db4296a60fccba913d
SHA1 (patch-gio_inotify_inotify-kernel.c) = 78544b4c32ef3b44e8721b1c07407f46a9e8c8a4
SHA1 (patch-gio_meson.build) = c2bda4943f8580706ec45760604ed1bdf63d1c6f
SHA1 (patch-gio_tests_gdbus-export.c) = 59d85ca079d02b52e33153c7d2ac1cc48c26707a
SHA1 (patch-gio_tests_meson.build) = 38fbe56f310545163623c5dbd9ba1f8a25e4d928
SHA1 (patch-glib_gatomic.c) = deb2e74010523ad41ce141aa2f49b807ba2672e6
SHA1 (patch-glib_gatomic.h) = d1c39c3594a5c89d196349e5eafb5512795f55f8
SHA1 (patch-glib_genviron.c) = dd25be36536d56dfe933225d785eb65f753c4a97
SHA1 (patch-glib_gspawn.c) = 8f833edd594168fe62c5d0e161ebaafdebda2294
SHA1 (patch-glib_meson.build) = 65cbe6e3bd650f8f2c37f003a48ef183700a6ef9
SHA1 (patch-glib_tests_hash.c) = a7e19ca55fcbbc0b188c34755cae5b6b65b67f1a
SHA1 (patch-glib_tests_include.c) = 12d98caebfb87c1146821d518c37c45f97fc7be0
SHA1 (patch-glib_tests_meson.build) = d012ede92bd3202bde4e8fab9cf4c0ee9ca8d3d4
SHA1 (patch-gobject_glib-mkenums.in) = c177cf9b1ea81542665240678f47f68351a3760d
SHA1 (patch-gobject_meson.build) = 412b65558aa4cf9648ee84a57ad6dfcc988b1a1d
SHA1 (patch-meson.build) = 4a1b813970d9cd4dc5a4bfff6d6be5dd0f2830e8
SHA1 (patch-meson_options.txt) = 7f633fbbfa9d9b2d958365891ffb9e4094d7dd54