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Revision 1.82, Sun Oct 2 12:15:09 2005 UTC (13 years, 5 months ago) by jmmv
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.81: +6 -6 lines

Update to 2.8.2:

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.8.1 to GLib 2.8.2
* Win32 changes
 - the g_spawn* functions now take their arguments
   in UTF-8 [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Avoid extra console windows in some situations
   [Tor Lillqvist]
* Bug fixes [Kjartan Maraas, Sebastian Wilhelmi,
  Mathias Hasselmann]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Mark Drago,
  Matthew F. Barnes, Behdad Esfahbod]
* Translation updates (bg,ca,cs,cy,da,de,el,en_CA,es,et,

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.8.0 to GLib 2.8.1
* Optimize single-character insertions in GString [Ross Burton]
* Fix build problems on OS X
* Fix build problems on Win32 [Tor Lillqvist, Hans Breuer]
* Other bug fixes [Matthew F. Barnes, Stepan Kasal]
* Documentation improvements [Tristan van Berkom, Behnam
  Esfahbod, Gustavo Carneiro, Stepan Kasal, Matthias]
* New and updated translations (ca,cy,ko,ro,uk)

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.7.7 to GLib 2.8.0
* Make g_value_transform() handle enum values
  correctly on ppc64.  [Michael Lorenz]
  (Third-party code accessing enumeration values
  in GValues should also be changed to access
  v_long, not v_int, in order to work on bigendian
  64bit machines.)
* Make g_flags_get_first_value() handle a value
  of 0 meaningfully. [Tim-Philipp Müller]

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.7.6 to GLib 2.7.7
* Make atomic operations on s390 work [Matthias]
* Fix C++ guards in gstdio.h [Tor Lillqvist]

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.7.5 to GLib 2.7.6
* Add native implementations of atomic operations
  on s390 [Matthias]
* Make atomic reference counting of closures
  work on s390 [Matthias]
* Avoid an infinite loop in g_convert_with_iconv().
  [Sebastian Bacher]
* Documentation improvements [Ross Burton]

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.7.4 to GLib 2.7.5
* Thread-related changes
 - Fix build issues on HP-UX [Paul Cornett]
 - Threadsafe access to flags stored in datasets [Tim Janik]
 - Fix several issues with atomic refcounting for
   closures, objects and paramspecs [Tim]
 - Improve tests for atomic refcounting changes [Tim]
* Fix handling of stateful encodings in g_convert_* [Matthias]
* Fix translation of GOption help output [Dan Winship]
* Catch format errors in translations. This may cause
  "make check" to fail when using older versions
  of gettext [Matthias]
* Win32 bug fixes [Tor Lillqvist]
* Documentation improvements [Ross Burton, Jochen Baier,
  Matthias, Tim]
* New and updated translations (de,fi,gu,pl,pt,tr,zh_TW)

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.7.3 to GLib 2.7.4
* Fix g_atomic_pointer_compare_and_exchange
  on Sparc64 [Gert Doering]
* Fix a hang in g_thread_pool_free. [Hong Jen Yee]
* Win32 bug fixes [Tor Lillquist]
* Other bug fixes [Benoit Dejean, Manish Singh]
* Documentation improvements [Bryan Silverthorn,
  Callum McKenzie]
* New and updated translations (de,lt,sq,zh_CN)

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.7.2 to GLib 2.7.3
* GOption
 - Allow callbacks with optional arguments [Pawel Sliwowski]
 - Allow to turn off the automatic long option name
   disambiguation  [Adam McLaurin]
 - Only allow printable ASCII as short option names [Matthias]
* Win32
 - Build fixes [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Rewrite iochannel socket implementation [Tor]
* GObject
 - Threadsafety improvements; in particular, refcounting
   of objects is done atomically now. [Wim Taymans, Tim Janik]
* Bug fixes [Morten Welinder, Matthias, Wim Taymans]
* Documentation improvements [Richard Laager, Matthias]
* New and improved translations (bf,cs,hu,nb,nl,no)

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.7.1 to GLib 2.7.2
* Win32 build fixes [Hans Breuer]
* Bug fixes [Mikael Magnusson]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias Clasen]
* New and updated translations (en_CA,es,et,ja,sr,sr@Latn,zh_TW)

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.7.0 to GLib 2.7.1
* GOption
 - Allow callback arguments without parameters [Dan Winship]
* GMappedFile: an mmap wrapper [David Schleef, Behdad Esfahbod]
* Misc new functions:
 - g_get_host_name [Tor Lillqvist]
 - g_mkdir_with_parents [Tor]
 - g_build_pathv, g_build_filenamev [Todd A. Fisher,
   Matthias Clasen]
* Bug fixes [Roger Leigh, Masatake YAMATO, Kjartan Maraas,
  Manish Singh, Tor, Murray Cumming, Kian Duffy, Morten Welinder]
* Documentation improvements [Hong Gang XU, Dan Winship, Matthias]
* New and updated translations (bg,cs,da,en_CA,es,et,nb,nl,no,

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.6.x to GLib 2.7.0
* GKeyFile
 - Add unit tests [Matthias Clasen, Suren A. Chilingaryan]
 - Accept \r\n as line end [Bastian Nocera]
 - Don't interpret leading zeros as octal numbers. [Matthias]
 - Make key and group removal work [David Hoover, Matthias Hasselmann]
* GOption
 - Improve formatting of --help output [Matthias, Noah Levitt]
 - Accept -? [Matthias]
 - Warn about duplicate main groups [Jeff Franks]
 - Treat '-' as non-option argument [Tim Musson, Thomas Leonard]
 - Report missing arguments as errors [Björn Lindqvist]
 - Add a boxed type for GDate [Tim-Philipp Müller]
* GTree
 - g_tree_remove() and g_tree_steal() return status information [Matthew F. Barnes]
* Stdio wrappers
 - Work regardless of large file support [Manish Singh]
 - Add g_access(), g_chmod(), g_creat(), g_chdir [Tor Lillqvist]
* GObject
 - Implement "toggle references" to help language bindings [Owen Taylor]
 - Allow to mark names, nicks and blurbs of pspecs as static [Ben Maurer, Matthias]
 - Make pspec lookup a bit faster [Morten Welinder]
* Add g_listenv() to list all set environment variables [Hans Petter Jansson]
* Add g_file_set_contents() to atomically write a file.  [Søren Sandmann,
  Sven Neumann, Manish, Alexis S. L. Carvalho]
* Add g_try_malloc(), g_try_new(), g_try_new0() and g_try_renew() [Stefan Kost]
* Add g_utf8_collate_key_for_filename() to sort filenames taking
  extensions and numeric suffixes into account.  [Ole Laursen, Alex Larsson]
* Add G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED to mark varargs function with
  NULL-terminated argument lists. [Marc Meissner]
* Win32 changes
 - Improved debugability [Ulf Lamping, Hans Breuer]
 - Make filename handling more robust [Tor, Billy Skaggs]
 - Improve g_get_system_data_dirs() [Tor]
 - Use more precise timers [Tor]
 - Build fixes [Kazuki Iwamoto, Hans, Tor, Robert gren]
* Other bug fixes [Roger Leigh, Owen, Matthias, Morten, Kjartan Maraas,
  Pawel Sakowski, Tor, Simon Budig, Ed Avis, Manish, Nicolas Laurent,
  Bastien, Fabrício Barros Cabral, Michael Banck, Daniel Atallah,
  J. Ali Harlow, Tim Janik, Hazael Maldonado Torres, Sven, Jon-Kare Hellan,
  Dave Benson, Tommi Komulainen, Benjamin Otte, Brian Cameron, Changwoo Ryu,
  Christian Biere, Noah, Benoît Carpentier]
* Documentation improvements [Vincent Untz, Matthias, Tim-Philipp Müller,
  Morten, Matthew, Federico Mena Quintero, Sebastian Bacher, Oliver Sessink,
  Stefan, Jared Lash, Tor, Owen, Daniel Vaillard, Mathieu Lacage]
* New and updated translations (ca,cs,da,el,en_CA,en_GB,es,et,eu,fa,fr,gl,

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.82 2005/10/02 12:15:09 jmmv Exp $

DISTNAME=		glib-2.8.2
PKGNAME=		${DISTNAME:S/glib/glib2/}
MASTER_SITES=		ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/gtk/v2.8/ \
			ftp://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/gimp/gtk/v2.8/ \
EXTRACT_SUFX=		.tar.bz2

MAINTAINER=		jmmv@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE=		http://www.gtk.org/docs/glib_toc.html
COMMENT=		Some useful routines for C programming (glib2)

PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPES=	overwrite pkgviews


USE_TOOLS+=		gmake perl:run pkg-config

PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE=	glib-2.0-uninstalled.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	glib-2.0.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gmodule-2.0-uninstalled.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gmodule-2.0.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gmodule-export-2.0.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gmodule-no-export-2.0-uninstalled.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gmodule-no-export-2.0.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gobject-2.0-uninstalled.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gobject-2.0.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gthread-2.0-uninstalled.pc.in
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE+=	gthread-2.0.pc.in

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--enable-gtk-doc=no
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--includedir=${PREFIX}/include/glib
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--with-html-dir=${PREFIX}/share/doc

CONFIGURE_ARGS.gnu-iconv=	--with-libiconv=gnu

# Avoid an ICE in gcc2 on sparc64


.include "../../mk/bsd.prefs.mk"


.if ${OPSYS} == "FreeBSD"

SUBST_STAGE.thr=	post-patch
SUBST_FILES.thr=	gthread/Makefile.in
.  if ${OS_VERSION:R} >= 5
SUBST_SED.thr=		-e "s|@G_THREAD_LIBS_FOR_GTHREAD@|-lpthread|g"
.  else
SUBST_SED.thr=		-e "s|@G_THREAD_LIBS_FOR_GTHREAD@|-Wc,-lc_r|g"
.  endif
SUBST_MESSAGE.thr=	"Fixing libgthread."


# Handle directories shared with devel/glib.
PRINT_PLIST_AWK+=	/^@dirrm include\/glib$$/ \
				{ print "@unexec $${RMDIR} %D/" $$2 \
				  " 2>/dev/null || $${TRUE}"; next; }

.include "../../converters/libiconv/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/gettext-lib/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/dlopen.buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/pthread.buildlink3.mk"

.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"