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Revision 1.61, Wed May 10 18:09:25 2017 UTC (6 months, 1 week ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.60: +5 -5 lines

Git 2.13 Release Notes
Backward compatibility notes.

 * Use of an empty string as a pathspec element that is used for
   'everything matches' is still warned and Git asks users to use a
   more explicit '.' for that instead.  The hope is that existing
   users will not mind this change, and eventually the warning can be
   turned into a hard error, upgrading the deprecation into removal of
   this (mis)feature.  That is not scheduled to happen in the upcoming
   release (yet).

 * The historical argument order "git merge <msg> HEAD <commit>..."
   has been deprecated for quite some time, and is now removed.

 * The default location "~/.git-credential-cache/socket" for the
   socket used to communicate with the credential-cache daemon has
   been moved to "~/.cache/git/credential/socket".

 * Git now avoids blindly falling back to ".git" when the setup
   sequence said we are _not_ in Git repository.  A corner case that
   happens to work right now may be broken by a call to die("BUG").
   We've tried hard to locate such cases and fixed them, but there
   might still be cases that need to be addressed--bug reports are
   greatly appreciated.

Updates since v2.12
UI, Workflows & Features

 * "git describe" and "git name-rev" have been taught to take more
   than one refname patterns to restrict the set of refs to base their
   naming output on, and also learned to take negative patterns to
   name refs not to be used for naming via their "--exclude" option.

 * Deletion of a branch "foo/bar" could remove .git/refs/heads/foo
   once there no longer is any other branch whose name begins with
   "foo/", but we didn't do so so far.  Now we do.

 * When "git merge" detects a path that is renamed in one history
   while the other history deleted (or modified) it, it now reports
   both paths to help the user understand what is going on in the two
   histories being merged.

 * The <url> part in "http.<url>.<variable>" configuration variable
   can now be spelled with '*' that serves as wildcard.
   E.g. "http.https://*.example.com.proxy" can be used to specify the
   proxy used for https://a.example.com, https://b.example.com, etc.,
   i.e. any host in the example.com domain.

 * "git tag" did not leave useful message when adding a new entry to
   reflog; this was left unnoticed for a long time because refs/tags/*
   doesn't keep reflog by default.

 * The "negative" pathspec feature was somewhat more cumbersome to use
   than necessary in that its short-hand used "!" which needed to be
   escaped from shells, and it required "exclude from what?" specified.

 * The command line options for ssh invocation needs to be tweaked for
   some implementations of SSH (e.g. PuTTY plink wants "-P <port>"
   while OpenSSH wants "-p <port>" to specify port to connect to), and
   the variant was guessed when GIT_SSH environment variable is used
   to specify it.  The logic to guess now applies to the command
   specified by the newer GIT_SSH_COMMAND and also core.sshcommand
   configuration variable, and comes with an escape hatch for users to
   deal with misdetected cases.


$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.61 2017/05/10 18:09:25 adam Exp $

SHA1 (git-2.13.0.tar.xz) = c18782d17ce7dc3c40d0531d9cab593e8906f60a
RMD160 (git-2.13.0.tar.xz) = 2bd561eed1b8bece94d5630bcf160e35f9e86c5e
SHA512 (git-2.13.0.tar.xz) = 709e78ce1a7396c021af5802a89cd4a90802781c4ce4408af50ad8d11a5fc394a108ef24843fb901321e2e0597018111414443ce0d166ca5b1475db503246372
Size (git-2.13.0.tar.xz) = 4744388 bytes
SHA1 (patch-aa) = a58f3c2f45c1fbafd751d10b9ef34e6c9afc2c6f
SHA1 (patch-ac) = e5d2112d158fe493a89b244a10d2e4b998a23d98
SHA1 (patch-ae) = 9bc2e6c7f0a8fbc385b6ffda638d3245a62dc5ca
SHA1 (patch-af) = 06460f220b4703a1ff98809006ec1aed5017bb23
SHA1 (patch-ag) = 4f0b9a5745203ea7ef369c8272b3ea7c644762f0
SHA1 (patch-ah) = f22a2160631fb624e9e20616c68ad1a4aa2bebc7
SHA1 (patch-ai) = 56b63d4790a11f5eb128186ad5efdd1bcf102f2e
SHA1 (patch-config.mak.uname) = 5316873147acf5b6ef29e426946280bb6441c886
SHA1 (patch-wrapper.c) = 1fb629ec301d0431cb5bebd716b1c3a7ae45577f