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Revision 1.5, Mon Jul 9 05:52:14 2012 UTC (7 years, 8 months ago) by marino
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Changes since 1.4: +11 -8 lines

devel/florist: Upgrade from version 3.15p to GPL 2012

From its beginning, Florist required a gcc 3.x series Ada compiler to build,
and this compiler hasn't been building for most platforms for quite some
time.  With the recent import of lang/gcc-aux which accepts
USE_LANGUAGES+= ada, it's possible to build Florist again.

1) Update to Adacore-maintained version, GPL 2012
2) Update the license (GPLv3)

The time elapsed between versions is approximately 12 years, but no
Changelog exists to show what has been updated.

Florist was produced by students and faculty of the Florida State University
Department of Computer Science, under contract to the US Department of
Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency, as a product of the POSIX Ada
Real-Time (PART) Project. When the contract was completed, in 1999, FSU turned
maintenance of Florist over to Ada Core Technologies, Inc.). The latest and
most complete free version is available from <http://libre.adacore.com>.

FLORIST is an implementation of the IEEE Standards 1003.5: 1992,
IEEE STD 1003.5b: 1996, and parts of IEEE STD 1003.5c: 1998, also known as
the POSIX Ada Bindings.

Florist is written in Ada and requires an installed Ada compiler.