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Revision 1.3, Wed Jul 8 11:58:33 2015 UTC (4 years, 4 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +4 -1 lines

Update to 2.2.2:

2.2.2 - 2014/08/31

- Public header cleanup and documentation update.
- Update Doxygen config.
- Bug #73058: Add missing include for MacOS.
- Bug #72810: Fix typo in date test in MP3 handler.
- Bug #83313: Fix crash on invalid Exif (from Samsung)
- Fix valgrind testing for xmpcore.sh
- Fix delete / delete[] mismatch in ID3_Support.hpp

2.2.1 - 2013/06/29

- Bug #54011: Use POSIX API for files on MacOS. (Misty De Meo)
- Bug #58175: Replace OS X FlatCarbon headers. (Misty De Meo)
- Added a manpage for exempi(1).
- Added the -n option to the command line for arbitrary namespaces.

2.2.0 - 2012/02/21

- New 'exempi' command line tool.
- Upgrade XMPCore to Adobe XMP 5.1.2
  - Quicktime support now works without Quicktime.
  - Reconciliation with ID3v2.
  - "Blessed" 64-bits support (we already had it in exempi).
  - Slight change in the way XMP are written for MWG compliance.
  - Fixed a serious bug with RIFF.
  - Change in the way local text encoding is dealt with.
  - Alternative languages behave slightly differently by changing
    how the default language property is managed.
  - Probably a bunch of bugs fixed that I don't know about.
- Update unit tests.
  - Refactor the fixtures.
- Use automake silent rules instead of shave. (build only)
- "make dist" generate a bzip2 archive as well. (build only)
- Remove some obsolete warning flags. (build only)
- Build xmpcommandtool
- New: API xmp_files_get_format_info().
- New: API xmp_files_check_file_format().
- New: API xmp_files_get_file_info().
- New: C++ helpers in xmp++.hpp.

Bug fixes:

- Bug #37747: mismatch delete/delete[] and new/new[] (from Meego

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