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Revision 1.22, Mon Mar 29 03:11:03 2004 UTC (15 years, 8 months ago) by grant
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.21: +4 -56 lines

Updated sqsh to 2.1.

pkg related changes: honour PKG_SYSCONFDIR for sqshrc.

Major changes since 1.7:

    * New build system/directory structure. Should build against ASE
      12.0 and FreeTDS now.
    * Added support for varchar2() and varbinary2() for ASE 12.5 (I
      don't have a 12.5 instance to test against yet though).
    * Added \if command to perform conditional execution. Please read
      the manual carefully on how expressions work.
    * Added \while command to perform basic looping conditional
    * Added \break command to break out of current loop
    * Added \for command to perform basic iteration.
    * Added \do command to allow the exection of a sqsh script block
      once per row returned from statement. Also new #[0-9] variables
      may be used to refer to column names in result set. Also note
      that \do allows flags -U, -S, -P for execution of statements on
      other server or as other users.
    * Added \func command to create a sqsh function for later
      execution. Also, now ${[0-9]} now refer to the parameters to
      this function when it is called. Note that by passing -x to
      \func, the function will be exported as a full sqsh command, and
      can be called directly without calling \call.
    * Added \return to return from current function.
    * Obviously, added \call to call sqsh function.
    * New variable $? contains: - Return status of command executed on
      pipe '|' - Return status of expression evaluated for \while or
      \if. - Last server error number of severity > 10 (@@error). This
      is useful for flow-of-control using the new conditional
    * Added a directory of handy filter scripts.
    * Fixed \rpc command with @variable names.
    * \exit now exits sqsh, no matter how many \loop nesting levels
      you are in.
    * The user will now be re-prompted to enter a password if a "Login
      failed." message is received from the server. This may be
      disabled using the new $password_retry variable.
    * Got rid of error message about ct_exit() not being called.
    * Created new 'make distrib' option to build a self-contained sqsh
      binary distribution.
    * $rcfile and $SQSHRC may now be colon delimited lists of sqshrc
      files. This allows for system-wide rc files to be loaded first
      before local files. Also, the default $SQSHRC setting is now
      "/usr/local/etc/sqshrc:$HOME/.sqshrc" (the /usr/local will be
      automatically replaced by the contents of --prefix when passed
      to configure).
    * Fixed -C.
    * $SQSHRC no longer needs to be writable.
    * sqsh no longer pays attention to quotes inside of comments
      during variable expansion.
    * Fixed bcp'ing of results from stored procedures.
    * libsybtcl will now be chosen if available.
    * 'exact' mode keyword expansion should now work better (thanks to
      Sean Woolcock.
    * Added $bcp_colsep and $bcp_rowsep configuration variables to
      control the separators used during "go -m bcp".
    * Added $bcp_trim to configure whether or not trailing spaces are
      trimmed in the bcp output.
    * Fixed segfault in "pretty" display mode.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.22 2004/03/29 03:11:03 grant Exp $

PKGNAME=	sqsh-2.1

CONFLICTS+=	sqsh-x11-[0-9]*

.include "Makefile.common"