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Revision 1.155, Sun Jan 26 09:05:19 2020 UTC (5 months, 1 week ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.154: +5 -5 lines

sqlite3: updated to 3.31.0

SQLite Release 3.31.0:

Add support for generated columns.
Add the sqlite3_hard_heap_limit64() interface and the corresponding PRAGMA hard_heap_limit command.
Enhance the function_list pragma to show the number of arguments on each function, the type of function (scalar, aggregate, window), and the function property flags SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC, SQLITE_DIRECTONLY, SQLITE_INNOCUOUS, and/or SQLITE_SUBTYPE.
Add the aggregated mode feature to the DBSTAT virtual table.
Add the SQLITE_OPEN_NOFOLLOW option to sqlite3_open_v2() that prevents SQLite from opening symbolic links.
Added the "#-N" array notation for JSON function path arguments.
Added the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_TRUSTED_SCHEMA connection setting which is also controllable via the new trusted_schema pragma and at compile-time using the -DSQLITE_TRUSTED_SCHEMA compile-time option.
Added APIs sqlite3_filename_database(), sqlite3_filename_journal(), and sqlite3_filename_wal() which are useful for specialized extensions.
Add the sqlite3_uri_key() interface.
Upgraded the sqlite3_uri_parameter() function so that it works with the rollback journal or WAL filename in addition to the database filename.
Provide the ability to tag application-defined SQL functions with new properties SQLITE_INNOCUOUS or SQLITE_DIRECTONLY.
Add new verbs to sqlite3_vtab_config() so that the xConnect method of virtual tables can declare the virtual table as SQLITE_VTAB_INNOCUOUS or SQLITE_VTAB_DIRECTONLY.
Faster response to sqlite3_interrupt().
Added the uuid.c extension module implementing functions for processing RFC-4122 UUIDs.
The lookaside memory allocator is enhanced to support two separate memory pools with different sized allocations in each pool. This allows more memory allocations to be covered by lookaside while at the same time reducing the heap memory usage to 48KB per connection, down from 120KB.
The legacy_file_format pragma is deactivated. It is now a no-op. In its place, the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_LEGACY_FILE_FORMAT option to sqlite3_db_config() is provided. The legacy_file_format pragma is deactivated because (1) it is rarely useful and (2) it is incompatible with VACUUM in schemas that have tables with both generated columns and descending indexes.

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